Thursdays before the BB live show are usually quiet, and today has been even quieter than usual, with very little conversation between the HGs, and very little of that of any significance.

There are just a few instances of game talk. Around 1:50 pm tells Nat/Kevin that Michele is the biggest threat in the house and they should evict Michele before Jeff…Right after this, Nat goes to J/J and lies that Michele just told Russell that she wants to keep Jeff/Jordan to the F3 because she (Michele) can beat them at comps because they are stupid at questions…..Also, about 3:25, Russ, very excited, tries to sell Kevin on a last-minute plan for Kevin and Michele to vote to keep Russ. Kevin is not impressed and asks if Russ has gotten Michele to agree with this. Russ says he still has an hour and a half before the show to talk to Michele, but as of the time that the feeds go to trivia at 4:00 pm BBT, hadn’t talked to Michele directly, but, while Michele was in the kitchen, Russ says out loud (but not talking directly to Michele, who is avoiding him) that Jeff has a plan with Jordan/Nat to evict Michele. After that, the feeds went to trivia, so we don’t know if Russ got to work his plan any more.

Thus, unless something unexpected happens, it appears that the plan to evict Russ will be carried out tonight on the live show. Also, earlier, BB told the HG to just wear “regular clothes” for the live show (that is, not clothes for an endurance comp.)


10:00 am BBT…..BB wakes up the HGs at 10:00…All of them were sleeping-no early risers this mornig….It’s the usual morning routine…J/J seem to be the first up, while Nat/Kev stay in bed for awhile longer.

Sometime after 10:30 am, the HGs are called to the HOH room for their usual Thurs lockdown…Jeff/Jordan/Nat are in the bed, the others are scattered around the room…As is typical for the Thurs. morning lockdown, the HGs are very quiet, almost no talking, some of them dozing.

11:00 am BBT….The HOH lockdown continues through the 11:00 hour. Still very quiet.


The lockdown ends about 12:20 pm…Just as soon as the lockdown is over, Jeff yells, “Everyone to the living room,” and we get FISH…..When the feeds return a few minutes later, the HGs are talking about “picking numbers,” and that BB told them the HOH comp would not be endurance, and they should just wear regular clothes….In picking numbers, Nat got #1, Russell got #2, Jordan got #3, Michele got #4, and Kevin got #5.

1:00 pm BBT…At the 1:00 hour, the HGs are scattered around the house. The conversation is chit chat, not game…Jeff/Jordan/Kevin/Nat are in the Red Room…Jeff kids about his “Johnnny Depp” facial hair. Jordan says she’d bang Johnny Depp, and Jeff reminds Jordan that Jordan’s mother said about “potty mouth” on TV. (He appears to be kidding with Jordan.)…Michele had been in the kitchen making coffee and the HGs decide to make tacos for lunch…Nat asks Michele if Russ is still in the shower…Russ is in the WC, but he’s shaving his head….The guests continue chit chat, mainly about TV shows….Russ goes to the kitchen for a bit then returns to the WC to take a shower.

Around 1:50 Russ is talking to Nat and Kevin (not sure where they are—possibly the GR)…Russ tells Nat/Kevin that Michele is the biggest threat in the house and they should evict Michele before Jeff…The three of then hug it out and then Russell leaves….Alone in the GR, Nat says that Russell is right because Jeff is stupid at questions and Michele is better overall.

Soon after this Nat runs to Jeff/Jordan in the WC, and lies that Michele just told Russell that she wants to keep Jeff/Jordan to the F3 because she (Michele) can beat them at comps because they are stupid at questions. Jeff is noncommittal and brushes it off. Nat says it makes sense to her way of thinking.

2:00 pm BBT—About 2:15 the feeds go to triva.

3:00 PM BBT—About 3:20, the feeds come back until 4:00 pm….We see Jeff/Jor/Michele sleeping or just sitting quietly in the Green Room. No talk. Nat is showering…Michele whispers something to Jordan about competitions and voting, but it’s too low to understand.

About 3:25, Russ comes into the Red Room where Kevin has apparently been napping, very excited about a last minute plan to get Kevin and Michele to vote for him. Russ says that if Kevin votes for him, Russ will put something in his speech to put the blame on Michele….Kevin isn’t sold on the idea—hard to tell how much of that is because he doesn’t like it, or the fact that Kevin isn’t really awake….Kevin asks Russ if he has talked to Michele yet, and Russ says that he will talk to her-there is still an hour and a half before the show…Russ will tell Michele that she is a “third wheel” and Jeff will get Michele out at first chance…Kevin is still not buying it. Kevin doesn’t want to stick out his neck too far, and wants J/J to trust him….Kevin thinks that Russ needs to “work” Michele to give her a reason to vote to keep Russ, because Michele is convinced that J/J are on her side….Russ/Kevin sit quietly in the Red Room for a bit, with Russ waiting for his chance to talk to Michele.

The GR group split up, to get ready for the show, and Michele goes into the kitchen alone, makes food for herself, and sits at the counter, giving Russ a chance to talk to her. Russ comes into the kitchen, plays with the food, looks into the fridge, but Michele ignores him…Russ goes to lie on the purple LR couch for a bit, watching Michele….Then Russ goes up to the memory wall and says out loud (pointing to pictures) that he (Jeff) made a deal with these two (Jordan, Nat) to get out this person (points at Michele’s picture)…Then Russ leaves the kitchen area….Michele also leaves and goes to the WC couch to finish eating….The rest is just the various HGs getting ready, very little talk between them until the feeds go to triva right at 4:00 pm BBT.

4:00 pm BBT—The feeds remain on trivia. Based on past weeks, there is a possibility that the feeds will come back on for another 10-15 minutes just before the show, showing the HGs making final preparations. But, even when we get the last minute feeds, they rarely show us anything significant.