It's a new day in the big brother house. We start to feel like big brother is going to let the house-guests sleep all day. Finally they slowly rise for the day.

1:00 pm
Michele is feeling a little insecure with her alliance and the lies she has been telling to Jeff & Jordan. She tells Russell their seems to be a lot of tension with Jeff & Jordan. She tells him that they (michele & russell) need to go up to the hoh room and Russell needs to admit that he voted Jessie to stay. Russell agrees that they will definite get the 4 of them together today to clear the air and make sure everyone is on the same page.

1:30 pm
Jeff wants big brother to give him some vitamins that don't make him fart. There seems to be an obsession about farting in the big brother house these days.

In the red room, Natalie is telling Kevin that she told Jeff & Jordan last night that she would not put them up if she got hoh. She said she just said that to stay safe and would in fact put Jeff & Michele on the block and if one of them comes down then she would replace them with Jordan.

Nat promises Kevin he is the only one in the house that she has any real deals with and that she is taking him to final 2. She also gave her promise she would vote for Kevin to stay if he was on the block with Lydia. Kevin also said if he won POV he would take Nat off & not Lydia.

2:00 to 3:00 pm
House-guests lounge around the house and chit chat about dating, families & food. We learn that Russell wants to have children but not until he's around 30 and more established. We learn that Lydia's family owns a couple of Gold's Gyms.

HOH pictures are taken. Russell is in the pool. Lydia is posing with him and acting like she is saving Russell in the pool. Russ reaches up, removes her mic and pulls her into the pool. Jordan hates her pictures because she thinks she's fat. She keeps having them do retakes of her.

3:30 pm
Michele & Jordan are in the HOH room. Michele is throwing Russell under the bus once again.

Michele: Russell is being weird and psycho about his ex-girlfriend stories.
(not sure what she is talking about. Russell said earlier that the women he dated were all strong women)

Michele tells Jordan that Russell told her not to talk to Jeff & Jordan.

Jordan: Why
Michele: I don't know. I think it's because he knows we all talk about him in private. He's always asking me what we all talk about up here in the hoh. He was bashing Kevin and making fun of him.
(russell did tell her to stay away because jeff was angry he didn't get any alone time with jordan because michele was always up her butt)

Jordan: I want to keep my distance from Russell
Michele: He's driving me nutso. He's becoming my shadow

3:42 pm
Jeff comes up to the HOH room and immediately Michele starts throwing Russell under the bus some more.

Michele: Russell got really angry with Natalie last night. (while playing cards)
Jeff: I noticed
[Jordan is in the shower]
Jeff: I don't get Russell. He must have a boner for me. He's an idiot and could have stuck to he final 4 deal and made it with us but he had to go run his mouth instead of biting his tongue and playing with us. (he's talking about the Natalie lie)
Michele: Russ makes me uncomfortable when he tells me this stuff

Jordan is now out of the shower and joins the conversation

Jordan: If one of us wins POV should we use it?
Michele: We should have a meeting with Russell and see if he's on our side.
Jeff: Russell is no longer on our side if he's saying this stuff. It makes no sense why he would flip. We had the numbers.
Michele: Russ said no to talk to you guys. Anytime I'm with you guys Russell goes crazy.
Jordan: Do you think they need to get rid of him now?
Michele: We all need to talk
Jordan: I need to know what to do for the live show tomorrow

Jeff tells Michele they are trying to smooth things over with Nat, trying to swing her over to their side. Says if Russ wins veto and the nominations stay the same, vote out Lydia so Nat stays to help get Russ out later and Kevin would have no choice to fall on their side.

Michele: Russell wants to put up Kevin next week instead of Jeff (she told them yesterday that russ was going to put jeff up)
Jordan: I don't think having a meeting with Russell will accomplish anything. Russ will deny it and the other side will see us fighting and get excited.
Jeff: I agree, I just hope Michele isn't lying to me about all this.
Michele: I'm not lying (she's lying)

4:00 pm
Jeff is grilling Michele in the HOH room about Russell so he can get the time line down.

Jeff: It doesn't make sense that Russell was saved and then he would go against us like this by trying to take someone who was close to us from the beginning. (he's talking about russell making the f2 deal with michele)
Jordan: Why does Russell want to break up the four of us?
Michele: Russ talks about getting them out after next week and not doing the final 4. He's a paranoid psycho. (she's lying)

Michele tells Jeff that she suggested taking a final four picture with Jordan's hoh camera but Russell didn't want to. (she's lying)
Jeff says again he just doesn't understand why Russ would say that.

4:30 pm
Jeff, Jordan & Michele all agree that if POV is used, they are going to back-door Russell. If it's not used they are going to vote out Lydia and keep Natalie. (nat has vowed to her alliance she is gunning after jeff)

Jordan: But the stuff Nat was saying too...
Jeff: That's the same exact sh*t Kevin told
Jordan: Unless they all planned out this plot and we're so dumb we fell for it (ding ding ding)
Jeff: Then we got got

Jordan: Nat's not really known to be a liar. She's straight forward. (lol)
Jeff: I hope we are making the right decision about Russell. I think we are because Russell isn't on our side.

Jeff said the DR has told him again Russ is on their team. Next time he's going to tell them to save it.

Russell has had enough of walking around the house on egg shells. He knows something is up because Jordan is always acting mad, Jeff is not talking to him like before and now is the time to deal with it so he heads up to HOH with Michele quickly on his heals. He enters the room, does some general chit chat then dives right in.

Russell: Do you all have any concerns or questions for me. I believe you have been talking to Natalie a lot and if she's saying anything about me then I deserve the chance to give my side. Ask me anything because if she's there to tell her side of the story, I want to be able to tell min.

At first Jeff & Jordan are really responsive with Russell. Jeff tells Russ that Nat was talking about only Russell's past in the house, not the present issues.

Russell: I didn't vote against Jessie because I gave him my word that I would never vote against him & never put him up. My word is all I have in this house to prove myself to anyone. Everyone lies in this game. I have only given my word to a few people.
Jeff: I don't get it though, why would you honor that with a dude that was on his way out the door? What if Kevin had voted him to stay? Then I'd be f*cked right now and going home.
Russell: I knew Kevin was not going to keep Jessie. They had a big fight the night before. Kevin couldn't stand Jessie.
Jessie: The way I see it is the only thing good about giving Jessie your vote is to get his in the final two.
Russell: You're right, it was a bad decision and it was not for a final two vote. I gave my word. Yes Jessie scum bagged me but it had nothing to do with him. When this game is over and someone throws it in my face about about not keeping my word, I can say I did.

Russell asks Jordan, who has been laying on the bed during this conversation with her back to Russ, if she had anything she wanted to ask. At first she stays quiet, then she opens up the flood gates.

Jordan: I heard that you were coming after Jeff & me next week. That you were going to put Jeff and me on the block. I heard that you had a final 2 deal with Michele. I heard that you are going to break your word to Jeff if there is an endurance and not give it to him. I heard that you think me & Jeff are deal weight.

Russell: That makes no sense. They are saying anything they can to get you guys mad at me. This is their final plea because their backs are to the wall. It makes no sense for me to turn on you all. I have no one, how am I suppose to survive in the game if I turn on you all. I don't even talk game to the other side. I've told you before and I'll say it again. I am down with the final 4. I would be sick if one of them were in the final 2 because they don't deserve it. If one of you three are there I will be very happy.
Jeff: Yea, I was hearing all that too and thought it didn't make any sense, that it would be a stupid move for you to try and get rid of us.
Russell: To their credit (nat, kevin, lydia) they are still playing. They're downstairs and they know they have a 1 in 7 shot at HOH.
Michele has been staying very quiet though all this. Jordan says she's PMSing

Michele: Russell I have a question. Did you say that you regretted putting Ronnie on the block and that you should have put me up instead?
Russell: Yes I did. I was being told that you were coming after me. I was told by Jessie & Natalie that your plan all along was to tell me what I wanted to hear then put me on the block. I was thinking, wow, why is she doing this to me. Then I find out this was all a big plan to try and keep Ronnie in the game because Jessie and Ronnie had a final 2 deal.
Michele: ok
Russell: I realized that I was at the bottom of all the alliances with the other side and that's why they all told you (michele) not to talk to me. I didn't realize at that time that Ronnie had an alliance with both Jessie and Chima.

Jeff: Did you know all that last week, that they didn't give a f*ck that you're on the bottom? Why would you keep allegiance to Jessie?
Russ: Because then I could say in this game at least I kept my word
Jeff: That the same thing as going to shake the hand of the guy who just hanged you.

Jeff is aggravated that Russell voted for Jessie to stay and repeats he just doesn't understand why Russ did that. That it puts up red flags to him.
Jeff: This is a game, and your word as a man doesn't matter in here. As a person, yes, but not in this game.
Russell: If I look back, would I have done it differently? Yeah. It wasn't a smart move but in no way was it a slap in your face.

Jeff: have you been having conversations with Michele in the SS room?
Russ: no
Jeff: well that's a lie cuz you & Michele sleep in there.
Michele: Russell we have talked in that room
Russ: Yea we "talk" but have I ever said I wanted to vote Jeff out?
Michele: No. well, we did say a lot of stuff
Russ: Unless I know that you (jeff) and Jordan are coming after me then I want to go to the final 4 with you guys.
Jeff: did you make a final 2 deal with Michele?
Russ: Yes I did. I don't have anyone in this game. You have Jordan. I am playing the game, but in no way did I ever say I was coming after you.
Jeff: did you say you were going to take me out before final 4?
Russ: That makes no sense. How would that benefit me? I did say at final 4 you had to go, there it is, my whole game is out there, but no way would I f*ck myself by breaking up my alliance and giving the other side the power.
Jeff: Yea, that didn't make sense to me either and I do understand needing to take me out at final 4, that's fine. That's the game. We all are gunning for each other at that point. I'm glad your being honest with me.
Jordan: I still feel like someone is lying here. I would be pissed if you (russ) won hoh and put me or Jeff on the block. If you did that I would find a knife and stab you. (lol)

Jordan tried to get Michele to say something to Russell, to call him out on all the things Michele has been telling Jeff & Jordan that Russ is supposedly saying about them.

Jordan: Michele do you have anything to to say?
Michele: No, just that people have been trying to turn me against you and Jeff and from now on I'm just going to plug my ears.

Jordan looks frustrated that Michele is staying quiet

6:00 pm
Jeff goes outside to talk to Kevin. He asks him to repeat what he told him (the nat lie) He wants details. Something that he can catch Russell in a lie about what Russell said in the SS room to Michele about getting Jeff out.

Jeff talks to Jordan alone in the hoh and they think that maybe Michele & Russell are working together against them. Jordan believes Kevin & Natalie and would trust them over Russell & Michele.

Jordan: It would be stupid for Russell to turn on us now
Jeff: yea I agree

They are saying Michele is sneaky. They think she is playing all sides.
Talk shifts to getting Michele out. They also think the other side will take Michele out for them.

6:10 pm
Jeff and Jordan decide it was time to confront Russel & Michele. They want to out Michele in front of Russell because he is thinking all the stuff being said about him is coming from the other side, when it has been mainly coming from Michele. Jeff says, "there is no going back".
Jordan finds Michele and tells her they are getting ready to confront Russell

Jordan finds Russell laying in the hammock. She tells him that all the information has been coming from Michele. The final 2 deal, getting Jeff out next, Jeff & Jordan were dead weight to him, etc.

Russell is remaining very calm through all this. He reiterating his promises to Jeff. Russell said he never said he would put up Jeff or Jordan if he won hoh before final four.

Jeff goes inside and gets Natalie. He asks Nat in front of Russell what she heard. Nat said she was listening at the door to the SS room and heard Russ make a final 2 deal with Michele and that he mentioned wanting to take Jeff out. Kevin then is brought outside and he says the same thing but he at first had said he didn't want any part of this. He quickly goes back inside.

Nat, Lydia & Kevin are laughing inside that their plan to throw Russell under the bus is working. They start dancing around in the red room.

Outside, Jeff asks Michele is Russ said he was going to take Jeff out next week. Michele said she can't remember. Jeff gets made and said you remembered when you told me the other day! Michele said again she doesn't have a good memory. Jeff is getting mad and saying she's lying. He asks her when this conversation took place. She again said she doesn't remember.

Russell tells Jeff that he did say after final 4 he would go after Jeff.
Jeff tells Russ he believes him and is sorry he doubted him. Jordan is angry and calling Michele out on what she has been saying about Russell getting them out next week. Michele keeps saying she doesn't remember what was said.

Michele does get mad and says that Russell said he could break Jeff down by working out with him and making him sore. Russell said, dude, he could have out lasted me in that last endurance. We made a deal & that's the only reason he came down.

Russell: I have no reason to take you out Jeff. That would hurt my game. I need you.
Jeff: Yea and we need you.

Jeff turns to Michele and tells her to pinpoint the story to him. He said I've called him out and he's admitted to stuff. I need to know what he's lying about. Pinpoint a story he's told to me cuz your making this hard for me me to confront Russell.

Jordan to Michele: If you had never come upstairs four times a day and told us stuff, we wouldn't be having this conversation and we'd be final 4.

Jordan: Michele, are the stories you tell us about Russ maybe you misunderstanding what he is saying and maybe you are thinking he is serious when he might be joking around?
Michele is real flustered.
Jeff: How about the SS room, do you remember that or not?
Michele: I don't remember

Every question to Michele is being followed by "I don't remember" except for the work out question. She is angry that Russ said he could be Jeff in endurance and break him down. She says it was mean.

Jeff: But Michele, you told me that Russell wanted me out next week, not final 4! It seems that when you don't remember things in this game, that you are really lying. I don't want to throw this guy under the bus if he didn't do anything.
Michele: I did pinpoint something. The workout comment
Jordan: That doesn't matter
Michele: Yes it does
Russell: I did say I wanted to try and get Jeff out after final four
Jeff and Jordan both say, "duh" and laugh
Russ: I can't win against you (jeff)
Jeff: I understand you can't squeeze four people into two.
Jeff to Michele: Let me tell you something and this isn't going to make you look good, you said Russell wants me out next week. You say you don't remember that, then you do remember it, then it's not me it's Kevin he wants out. Do you remember it now?
Michele: I was stressed and not sleeping and the whole Chima thing.
Jeff: That makes you sound so guilty. Come up with another plan Michele!
Russ: I never wanted to put you guys up til final four.
Jeff & Jordan: That's understandable
Jeff: Let's just patch things up right now because we need each other and no one gets back-doored.
Jordan: Right now we all need each other until final four. At final four we can all start stabbing each other and killing each other (lol)

7:00 pm
Jeff, Jordan, Russell & Michele hug and make their final 4 agreement solid by each swearing on a different person. Jordan swore on her family, Jeff on his boss, Russell on his Pops, Michele refused then agreed to swear on her dogs.

Talk switches to who they want to get out. Jeff said Lydia, Russ said his honest opinion is Kevin but if noms stay the same then Nat is the stronger player that Lydia. They point out that Lydia has almost won several competitions. They all agree that Lydia is the one to take out this week.

8:00 pm
Jeff tells Nat that he feels Russ & Michele are both lying but he feels he found out exactly what he needed to know. He told her that Russ admitted that he had a F2 deal with Mich & that he did say he would go after Jeff after F4 just like they all would do each other and he's fine with that.

Nat asks him if he trust Russ & he says he found out what he needed to know.

He tells Nat that she is safe.
She said if she wins hoh she will repay him and asks if he wants her to take out Russell. He tells her to do what she wants.

Nat goes to the red room where Kevin & Lydia are. She whispers to them that she thinks they failed in their attempt to switch the votes. She said she made a deal that she wouldn't put up Jeff, Jordan or Michele but if she wins hoh she will put them up. Kevin doesn't understand how their plan didn't work. He is worried that it will backfire and he will be the one getting back-doored. They all realize if they have any chance of all three staying in the game, one of them has to win POV. They still believe Russell will be back-doored if one comes down.

9:40 pm
Big Brother gives the house-guests tie dye tee-shirt supplies and instructs what they can and cannot do with them. No shout-outs. They can't wear them on the live show. Maybe they are to be worn in the HOH competition. Lydia is excited and said she is an expert at making the shirts. Jeff wants to make is really cool, Russell asks Lydia if she would make his. She's excited to make anyone's.

This keeps the house-guests busy and they all are getting along. Lots of laughing and joking around, shooting pool, teasing about who's shirts are the best. You'd never know they all hate each other. lol

Everyone finishes their shirts and slowly head off to bed. Jeff & Jordan are the last in bed in the hoh room where they laugh about DR session they had that day about each other. Sounds like they were asked about everything from farting to pooping. It will be fun to see what their DR sessions are really about. lol

Get ready for a wild and crazy day tomorrow.
Will they flip again on who will go or will the 4 really stand by their final four agreement. Stay tuned.............