The houseguests played hard last night and let their hair down for a while. Will there be fallout and hangovers today? Let’s find out…

7:30 AM
Boogie seems unaffected. He’s up early and gets his work out in.

10:30 AM
Joe and Frank have been up for a bit, but the rest take full advantage of a little extra sleep until BB finally gets them up and the house comes to life.

Boogie informs Frank that Joe wants to stay two more weeks and then he’ll self-evict.

There is lots of chit chat about last night’s antics this morning, but not much game.

Any guesses who she is looking at?

1:00 PM
Janelle mentions she checked with her doctor before she went into the house about the effect it would have on her daughter. The doctor said before 18 months the child has no memory of it, so it’s ok, but after that it’s traumatic. She says she wants to have more children so she doesn’t plan to do the show again.

Afternoon antics:

Ashley was able to outlast Frank in a contest of floating on the Beach Balls.

Now everyone is in the pool to see how long they can keep the ball in the air.

Frank gets stuck in a big metal ball.

Frank asks Shane if the DR has asked him about the 3 Amigos (A Shane, Danielle, Frank final 3)

4:00 PM – The dance begins…

Joe, Ashley, Wil and Janelle try to figure out how to offer angles to get Frank nominated. Ashley floats an idea to get Ian up as a replacement nominee.

Janelle wants Frank on the block. He called her a whiny face at the pool earlier and that upset her. She coaches Joe to act like he's resigned to going home this week.

Meanwhile Shane tells Danielle he thinks they are at a disadvantage now. Danielle said, “Not with Frank on our side”. They agree the coaches aren't coming in the game.

Joe meets with Shane and tells him how loyal he will be if saved. He would even vote to evict Wil if Shane and Wil were on the block together. Joe continues to make a case for Frank to go up. Joe wants to be in the game longer for his kids. (ed. So does this mean Joe just wants to give his kids more of a break from Dad? Don’t quite get the logic there, Joe).
Shane agrees Boogie’s team would be weakened with just Ian and Jenn left.

Janelle and Ashley pump Danielle for info, but she doesn’t give out much.

Dan meets with Shane. Shane repeatedly asks Dan what he should do. Dan keeps dancing around the question. His main advice to Shane if he decides to backdoor Frank is not to let Boogie find out before it happens.
Britney joins them and starts making a case that Frank should stay. She’s worried about fallout if Frank goes up and ends up staying.

6:30 PM
Wil joins Dan, Frank, and Shane. Shane mentions that he was in the DR when the fight with Joe and Willie went down. He heard BB say for Willie and Joe to separate and then he was rushed out of the DR (ed. Well that answers that question!)

7:00 PM
Wil, Shane and Britney are joined by Janelle in the HOH. They let her stay a few minutes, and then ask her to leave. Wil says Frank and Shane would not be his targets. He thinks Ian is his biggest threat.

7:30 PM
Now Ashley gets time with Shane and Britney. She wants to work with Shane. She thinks Wil is trustworthy. She’s not happy with Janelle as a coach. During this conversation Britney says, "If we all sat in a circle to tell each other the stories Joe has told everyone, he would implode."

8:15 PM
They all take a break for fried chicken tenders that Dan made.

9:00 PM
Janelle is back at it with Britney in the HOH. She is very certain that the coaches will enter the game this Thursday.

Boogie and Frank go to the HOH room to talk game but Janelle requests more time.

Later Janelle is heard saying to Joe that she will talk to Britney all night long if she has to. She’s 90% sure she can save Joe.

11:15 PM
Shane talks to Ashley in the arcade room. They agree they trust Frank more than Wil. Ashley pitches the idea that they can get rid of Joe easily after they get rid of Ian.

Back in the HOH, Dan tells Danielle not to kiss Shane anymore because she gets weird. While they are deciding what’s best strategically, Britney joins and informs them that Frank should not go up.

12:30 AM
The HOH Room now contains Britney, Danielle, Shane and Ashley. Britney thinks Wil is working with Frank and they wouldn’t have the votes to get Frank out this week (ed. The exact opposite of what Wil wanted when he let them believe that.)

Things get a little heated with Ashley pushing hard in the HOH for Frank to go and Britney is pushing hard for Frank to stay.

1:00 AM
Ashley gets upset and starts to cry. She goes down and tells Janelle that Britney is not on board with back-dooring Frank now.

Danielle is seen leaving the HOH just as Wil enters. Wil is pushing the ‘back-door Frank plan’ to Shane and Britney. Britney's worried about Wil’s vote. Wil assures her he would vote out Frank.
Danielle joins them in time to hear Britney say, “Let’s just get rid of [Frank]”.
Ashley also joins the HOH crew and they tell her about taking her off and putting Frank up.

Shane goes down to tell Joe of the plan to get Frank out. Joe looks up and lets out a sigh of relief.

3:00 AM
Wil tells Janelle he was convinced Shane, Frank, and Britney had an alliance. Janelle says, "They did. We just broke it up."

3:30 AM
Danielle lying in bed with Shane says he better not have a last minute change to keep Frank again and Shane says there won't be.
With that the house goes quiet.

Notes from tonight’s show:
The HOH room reveal revealed some awkward silence.
Shane hosted the coaches competition which was just plain awkward.
Britney was eliminated first and won the right to pick two have-nots for the week. Ian volunteered and she then picked Joe.
Boogie went out next and won $10k that he had to split. He took $6k and gave $3k to Ian who was moved to tears, leaving $1k that he gave to Jenn.
Dan lost the last round but won a sushi party for him and 5 people of his choice. He went with the coaches, the HOH and his last remaining player.
Janelle won the competition and chose to keep Wil safe for the week.
At the nominations, Shane surprised many by putting up Joe and Ashley (not Frank). He wanted Janelle and her people to feel what it was like.

Will Boogie and Frank figure out things are afoot? Can they flip it back around? Or, can Shane follow through with using the Veto to back door Frank? How fun would it be to be in the DR until the Veto meeting? And would it make sense to just install a revolving door to the HOH?

Updaters take a bow. It was a fun day!