Recap of last episode.....

Chris' departure, Ramsatan is very unforgiving, if you talk the talk, you better walk the walk, or you walk.

Jessica and Elsie share a moment. Elsie is happy she gets to stay. Ramsatan expects more from those with experience. Ralph is just stunned, because he realizes he might be vulnerable.

Challenge, identifying flavors. They must taste four foods and identify them, since a chef must have a good palette.

Jimmy and Andrew tie at one each out of four, Elsie gets three of four, Jessica gets one of four, Ralph misses first one as does Mike, Ralph looses is for the blue team, red team wins! Blue team has to wash all the pots and pans from the previous night.

The red team sits outside and discusses how bad they feel for the blue team... NOT. They go on a wine tasting with Ramsatan. They toast the blue team. The blue team whines more than my kids did when they were two years old and having a tantrum. Jimmy gets schooled in how to taste wine.

The blue team continues to whine. Jimmy gets a call from Ramsatan, tells them to report to the dining room. Ramsatan announces that tomorrow night in Hell's Kitchen....the menu is theirs, they must make up the menu for tomorrow night. Menu's go head to head, customers decide which to eat from.

The red team works to come up with a menu that reflects each of them. Ralph dominates the menu of the blue team. The teams seem very focused in doing their prep. The number of orders and the response from the customers will determine the winners.

Second part of the punishment for the blue team is that their storeroom gets locked. They have to remember the combination. Andrew tries to use masking tape to hold the lock open. The Souse chef busts him and makes him remove the tape. They have to unlock it each time they need something from the storeroom.

Jimmy puts the first plate up with an undercooked scallop. The blue team is having trouble due to the storeroom. Blue team has a hair reported in one of their dishes. My satellite goes insane for a few minutes now..... Jimmy is falling behind so Mike jumps in to help out.

Blue main courses coming up quickly, but the plates are stone cold. Which if you have ever cooked is a no-no, because hot food should always be served on hot plates. This means they have to redo those dishes again.

Andrew is now yelling at Jessica because he is behind. Jessica is telling him to be cool and he snaps at her again. Blue team has won the numbers game, but it also comes down to quality and speed. The halibut of the blue team was all over cooked and has no flavor.

Red team food is going over good. Elsie made paella and finally got an order for it. Sadly it seems to be fairly tasteless. A table that has ordered from both menus, has the red team food but the blue team food is running behind.

Jimmy's penne is tasteless, needs salt, but thankfully it is caught before it goes out. Ralph starts flirting with girls out in the dining room and gets busted by Ramsatan. Mike is getting annoyed with Jimmy. They were very close to putting out all orders but the starters from Jimmy were so slow they get shut down before it happens.

More customers chose to eat from the blue team menu, the customers said their menu seemed more appealing. The red team wins, because the blue team had halibut that kept getting returned. Jessica has to nominate one person for elimination.

Andrew whines because Ralph didn't step up and take responsibility for the halibut fiasco, since it was his idea. Jessica tells Ralph she is not nominating him tonight. Andrew continues to whine. The red team faces Ramsatan and Jessica has to nominate someone so she nominates Andrew for elimination.

Ramsatan chooses to have Ralph step forward as well, next to Andrew. Despite arguing back and forth between Andrew and Ralph, Andrew ends up being sent home. They are all sent off to bed. Mike considers Ralph is biggest competition. The final five are Ralph, Jessica, Mike, Jimmy and Elsie.

Second Episode -

Recap of the episode we just watched..... last words were "Ralph, you're not untouchable".

Elsie seems ready to be back home. She is getting a bit worn down by it all. At the morning meeting, the final five are called together and it is announced they are competing head to head. They are given black jackets and each individual has to stand or fall on their own merits.

They are told to go change into their new jackets. First individual challenge. Table side challenge. They must recreate Ramsatan’s flambé dessert with mango, peaches and bananas. They must each create the dish. They must load ingredients onto the cart, then come back and create the dish.

Jimmy is knocking things over, Jessica burns her sugar. At the end of time he tastes each one. The choice comes down to Jimmy and Elsie and Jimmy wins!! Wow, Jimmy who has been known for little more than having dirty bowls pulls out a win on the first individual challenge. He has to choose someone to go with him for the reward,

Jimmy chooses.... commercials... geez this show has way to many commercials. I will take this moment to say that I think he should either take Elsie, because hers was the other dessert Ramsatan said was best or Michael for all his patience with Jimmy but this is Jimmy so who knows what he will do.

Finally back and Jimmy chooses Michael, which annoys Elsie. Jessica, Ralph and Elsie have to clean the restaurant. Jimmy, Mike and Ramsatan go on a helicopter tour of Los Angeles. They land atop a building for champagne and caviar.

Elsie has joined the whiners club back at the restaurant. Jimmy and Mike come back and tell the others what they did. Ralph feels the reward was a waste on Jimmy and Mike, but he's not jealous like Elsie...rrriiiight.

The menus the chefs created are combined and fancied up a bit to make the new menu for tonight. Jimmy has to choose who will do the tableside service tonight for the Caesar salad and flambé. Jimmy says "Jesus" and Ramsatan says "No", Ralph adds "He didn't make the final five."

Jimmy chooses Elsie to serve tableside. Ramsatan schools her on how to do the Caesar salad tableside. She pays attention and hopefully does well, yes I like Elsie and want her to do well. The Souse chefs are dismissed and the chefs have to sink or swim on their own. Elsie forgets the bowl for tossing but her salad is a hit with the customers.

The Souse chefs out in the dining room notice there is a lot of smoke coming from the kitchen. The lights go out, Ramsatan orders candles for the tables. Lights back on and the customers all applaud. Jessica is on the meat station and floundering a bit as Jimmy tends the fish station and needs to beef up his attention span. He accidentally through out his lobster while trying to clean up his station.

Jean Phillipe is checking on how the customers are enjoying her salads. All seemed pleased except one man who wanted his lettuce cut up in small pieces. Jessica has lost the filets and Ramsatan is not happy. He says he has something like 27 of them ordered and she only has two, this is not good. Of course, Jessica has only looked in one place instead of checking in other coolers, she just tosses up her hands.

Michael goes in search of them and while Jessica argues with Ramsatan Michael shows up with the meat. Jessica whines for help, Michael offers to help her, there is an implication that Michael had something to do with the missing filets. Jessica gets upset because Elsie won't go fetch her pans. Ralph is working along side Ramsatan and Michael has taken over the meat station.

Jimmy is messing up yet again, with Risotto no where near ready. Ramsatan is yelling continuously. Elsie is doing great on the flambé, the customers all seem very pleased with the dessert. Back to Jimmy getting yelled at, Ramsatan tells him to come here and Jimmy says "No", he makes me think of one of my kids when they knew they were in trouble and didn't want to come see what I wanted.

Jimmy yells back at Ramsatan. Ramsatan makes it clear he won't tolerate that. Ramsatan is pissed and shuts it down early. He is not happy with Jessica and Jimmy. Ralph did well working at Ramsatan's side so he gets to nominate two people for elimination.

Elsie tells Ralph to nominate her because she feels she is to slow and won't be able to keep up as the competition progresses. Jessica feels Ralph should not put her up since she did not nominate him. Ralph nominates Jimmy because he folded under pressure, costing them valuable time and Jessica because she lost the beef.

Jimmy uses his time to apologize to Ramsatan for his outburst. Ramsatan chooses to send Jimmy home. Ramsatan says he should be proud for getting as far as he did. This nicest elimination we have seen so far. They are sent off to bed. Ralph seems very sure of himself but we shall see if he has what it takes.