Big Brother 13 Daily Recap
A trial begins, Jeff puts his foot in his mouth and the Have Nots Eat!

Shelly up and sitting outside. “Good morning, Houseguests - It’s time to get up for the day” is heard over the loud speaker.
Cassi is rehashing her discussion with Porsche last night to Shelly. Adam is sitting with them. Cassi saying she shouldn't have opened her mouth, she just told Porsche what she thought, she wasn’t being ugly. Porsche said she doesn’t have anything against Cassi, but Cassi says she doesn’t trust Porsche.
Brendon mentions his talk to Rachel about her behaviour last night. Adam goes inside. Brendon says Rachel should have fun, but not get to the point where you are obnoxious. They talk about how Rachel/Porsche were chatting it up last night.

Brendon continues to talk about how other people will view their relationship as a joke, that she should remember they are on live feeds. and be a little more respectful. She still needs to grow up some. Shelly tells him he can help with that because he has a good head on his shoulders (ed note: HA!). He says he needs to craft his words carefully, Shelly tells him he’s doing great.
Shelly and Adam back outside, she complains about having to take a cold shower. Adam reminds her it’s the last day of that for the Have Nots, can’t believe it has been a week already.

Adam wants to know if it is definite that they are getting rid of Porsche. Shelly says she doesn’t know, she thinks that is what everyone is doing, but isn’t sure.

Brendon says Adam called Cassi out on bumming cigarettes from the other smokers. Shelly agrees. Brendon said no one on Big Brother should try to quit during your time in the house. Shelly wonders when the late nights will catch up with the night crew, particularly for comps. Brendon says he makes sure he gets rest. Shelly strokes Brendon’s ego about the rope competition from last year.

Other houseguests starting to show signs of life.

Brendon and Rachel discussing their fight last night again. Brendon telling her she was drunk, she says she didn’t do anything wrong. Brendon doesn’t like Rachel calling him ‘Bookie’, it makes their relationship look like a joke, and she hurt his feelings. He is trying to prevent her from looking poorly on television.

Cassi steps outside to tell Brendon and Rachel about the tiff with Porsche. All four feeds on Brendon, Rachel and Porsche in the BY. She says that she feels like an idiot for even talking about it, Porsche just kept going on and on, she said she doesn’t hate Porsche, she is indifferent. Rachel takes the opportunity to confirm there is no issues between herself and Cassi, Cassi says “no, we’re good”. Brendon says it is better to get along, and not pretend that you are friends.

Brendon says he might end up just throwing the HOH, so they get put up and he can get sent home. Rachel gets upset about hearing this. She says she came out this morning not to rehash last night, but for Brendon to apologize and tell him she loves him. He isn’t happy to hear that. Rachel says why are we talking about this over and over, he does things that bother her too, things at home. Brendon says that she is about to make a big mistake - Rachel says “I don’t need a Dad” and Brendon says “Well, I don’t need a f*****g kid!”.
Shelly joins them outside and Rachel gets off of Brendon and they discuss them hiding the Diet Coke for her. They start game talk and Shelly wants confirmation that they are still voting out “the big K”.
Shelly says Dominic told her that he had a deal with Brendon and Rachel to not put them up. Brendon and Rachel confirm that deal was made.

Feeds return to the BY and Brendon is providing us with an interview with the outside camera requesting viewers to write in for the return of the Franklin (Day two plea). Brendon still moaning on and on about Franklin. Jeff comes up with the idea of having a mock courtroom tonight after Rachel is accused by Brendon of secretly destroying Franklin. Brendon starts to throw Shelly in the mix of possible suspects. Dani lets Shelly know about the trial they will hold tonight. Porsche, Adam, Rachel, Cassi and Dom are in the BY talking about framing Lawon to be the killer of Franklin. Brendon and Lawon in the kitchen. Brendon lets him know about the trial tonight. Brendon tries to hang his necklace around his key on the memory wall. Brendon goes to the DR to ask about Franklin. Brendon returns and states that production informs him that they will see what they can do. Brendon continues to search places in the house accusing any and everyone. Outside the conversation is still on the upcoming trial. Brendon and Dani try on some glasses to see if they appear smarter for the trial. Rachel and Dom come in from outside and Rachel sees the key on Brendon’s picture. She removes the key and puts it on Dani’s picture. Brendon retrieves it and places it around his neck. Rachel, Dominic and Cassi plan to target Dani in the trial. They are also planning a countersuit. Now trying to decide who will be in the jury. Shelly will be a prosecution witness. Jeff may be the judge.

Brendon tells Jeff the attorneys want to discuss something in the trial. Lawon and Dominic are attorneys (for Rachel?), Dominic says he has a warrant to confiscate the Big Brother bag of “one Brendon Vayegas”. Jeff (the Judge) agrees, they must return the bag by 3pm, and no items may be removed. Rachel goes to confiscate the bag. Jeff tells Jordan that they are taking over, they stole his trial idea.
Back to Cassi, Dominic, Lawon and Rachel, it appears they are working on a subpoena. They take Brendon's Big Brother bag to Jeff, and he verifies the contents of the bag. Rachel finds two green flippers in the bag. Rachel tells the Prosecutor they will have to prove the flippers were planted in the bag.

Rachel talks to Keith, telling him that she is open to any discussion. He tells her that he has made his rounds and spoken to people and if he does stay that he would be willing to vote however anyone would want him to. He says that he doesn’t want to throw Porsche under the bus, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to stay. He says that it’s just not who he is to run upstairs and try to plead his case. Rachel keeps telling him that she doesn’t vote unless it’s a tie-breaker. Keith asks her if she is telling people how to vote and she says that she is not telling anyone that they have to vote any way. He wants confirmation that it could go either way. Porsche is giving him the impression that it is already set in stone that she is staying and Rachel says that she doesn’t get that feeling.

Rachel, Brendon and Dani in the HOH room talking about the fact that they don’t need to be telling people how to vote. Dani says that in the game of Big Brother that statement is just stupid. Rachel is worried that Keith does not have a fair shot. Dani says that everyone has a fair shot, he is on the block because it was his fault. Danie says that she spoke to Keith last night and said that Cassi and Dom would be the most likely to stab him in the back. He thinks he has Shelly for sure, Brendon says that he told Shelly to make him think that. She says that she told him that he needs to campaign to stay. Rachel said that Porsche already told him that she is going to get the gold key. Brendon says that she is an idiot. Both Dani and Brendon said that Porsche is following Rachel around like a little puppy dog. They are worried that if Keith stays he will have Dom and Cassi with him. They all agree that they trust Cassi the least of everyone. Brendon says that when he got up this morning that Cassi was outside with Shelly and Adam and he assumes that Cassi was telling Shelly about her argument with Porsche last night. Dani and Brendon agree that Porsche has a big mouth and that she is pissing people off by telling everyone that she is going to have the golden key. Rachel is telling Dani that she is sure that she is going to turn on the couples since she doesn’t have her partner with her. Brendon starts to defend Dani to Rachel and tells her that she is blind by doubting Dani. Dani tells them that she is with them before she is with Jeff/Jordan.

Porsche, Jeff and Brendon in the room. Brendon asks Porsche if she has been campaigning, she says yeah. She again rehashes the conversation with Cassi about what Shelly said to Keith (When Shelly said to Keith “You may not be here soon, but.. during the Big Booty game last night). She thinks Cassi, Dominic and Adam will vote for Keith, but they would vote the house way. She says as long as the Vets + Kalia and Lawon vote for her, she will be fine. Brendon said Keith was going around thinking he may stay. Brendon says just make sure to keep campaigning, go through every person in the house one at a time because of the whole Cassi thing. He says Cassi is just trying to stir it up. She should make sure people know she wants to stay. She asks Brendon what she should say to campaign. Brendon tells her to just tell them what they want to here, she doesn’t think Cassi will vote for her, but Brendon say still give it a shot.

Porsche says obviously she wouldn’t vote against Danielle, she respects her and her Dad too much. Brendon reminds her not to say too much about the Golden Key.
Lawon, Cassi, Adam, and Rachel are in the BR. They start talking about the trial, and how someone (Lawon?) paints his face green. They are deciding on the punishment for those found guilty, which seems to be locked in the Asylum (the HN room).

Brendon and Rachel laying up in the HOH bed. Brendon tells Rachel about his conversation with Porsche.

Jordan and Porsche in the Parlour Room. Porsche is asking Jordan for advice on campaigning. Jordan tells her she is staying. Porsche tells Jordan that Keith seems to be working to stay. Jordan tells her she doesn’t think she has anything to worry about. Even if one of them changes their vote, it will be a tie and Rachel will evict Keith. Jordan says they have already talked to people so don’t worry about it. Porsche brings up the Cassi/Shelly tiff (AGAIN). Jordan reinforces that she doesn’t think Porsche has anything to worry about. Jordan tells Porsche she already knows they are coming after Jeff and her next week.

Brendon’s “pep talk” in the HOH continues. He tells Rachel that Danielle is her ticket to the end if he is not around. He says he likes Keith/Porsche/Cassi/Dominic personally, but they all have horrible game play. He didn’t juggle his entire life and PHD to come here for nothing. Rachel needs to think that when she gets emotionally involved, she is risking HIS PHD. He needs Danielle to stay, because if he leaves, she will need to give the pep talk to her, because he thinks it will continue. Danielle will not “have as much patience” as he does with her. He thinks she is a great game player, but she doesn’t have a good social game. Brendon wraps up the speech, and heads downstairs to see who is up.

Porsche now campaigning to Kalia, she really wants to stay. After the Keith incident, she didn’t have any respect for him. She didn’t care to be his partner anymore. She says keeping Keith in the house will hurt Kalia and everyone else. If he stays, he gets to sit around the house and workout. She asks Kalia to think about who she wants to compete against when she votes. She says Lawon already told her he would do what he can to keep her there. Kalia says it is about who can help her the most in the end. She brings up the fact that Porsche brought her name into her and Keith’s tiff. Porsche says that is because that is what Keith told her, but she found out later on that wasn’t the case. She pushes that Keith is untrustworthy, and Kalia agrees. Kalia tells her she needs to start looking at the game differently. Kalia says challenges won’t be her strong suit. Porsche says she feels the same, she felt stupid trying to do the veto puzzle. Kalia says she wouldn’t have a problem voting to keep Porsche now, but is worried if she is on the block with Lawon that she will go home. She wants Porsche’s vote if she goes on the block.

Kalia says the newbies will likely put up Jeff and Jordan, and backdoor Brendon and Rachel if possible. Kalia thinks Jeff would probably go home if Jeff/Jordan are on the block. She reminds Porsche that she put her name out there, and tried to pit her against her partner. She also isn’t dumb, and knows that the three of them (Dom/Cassi/Lawon) probably have something going on.
Porsche said Dick told her Rachel was wondering why none of the newbies were going up to talk to her, like they haven’t watched the show before. Kalia says she thinks they didn’t really want to talk with Rachel, because they figured they had the numbers, because of the original 8. Porsche turns the conversation back to what will become of her career once she is back out of the house. Kalia tells Porsche that she still isn’t sure she wants to stay here. Porsche says she only has one enemy, a girl who slept with her ex-bf, everyone else likes her. Porsche agrees that she will do what she can to help Kalia if she ends up on the block. Porsche is told to exchange her mic for one in the storage room, ending a never-ending conversation.

Kalia upset that someone is making pizza (Brendon). Kalia heads upstairs to the HOH room. Brendon and Dani are in the room. She tells them about her conversation with Porsche. Brendon asks if they have started hitting her up for Keith to stay. Cassi/Dominic/Lawon and possibly Shelly/Adam want to keep Keith. Dani reminds them that Porsche was the last one on the banana in the HOH comp. Kalia says Porsche is a good person to leave in the game. Brendon agrees. Danielle asks to explain the situation with Porsche/Shelly/Cassi. Kalia says she thinks Porsche is out of her league in this game, Danielle and Brendon agree. She reiterates Porche’s plan for the ‘around the world’ show. Danielle says Porsche was worried earlier that if Kalia was found sleeping in a non-HN bed, she would lose her vote, and Porsche might go home. Rachel enters the room, says there is still noise outside, probably building something for an HOH comp. Danielle says her season got screwed money-wise because Eric got so much money for being America’s player ($40k). Brendon leaves to go down to the kitchen. Random chit-chat between Kalia/Rachel/Danielle. The rest of the house is sleeping.

Poop talk in the HOH (due to slop). Brendon asks Kalia if Keith has come to her, she says yeah, but she told him it will come down to a house vote. Kalia says the newbies are playing either an amazing game, or incredibly stupid. Brendon says Keith was complaining about the butt-naked people in the gym, and Keith was the one out in the backyard with his butt hanging out. Brendon says the worst he saw in the gym was when a guy had his leg up on the counter drying his privates. Rachel says one time, she was taking a shower, and left her clothes in the locker which was far away. She was running around trying to find paper towels, and ran into the Sauna/Steam room which was co-ed, she ended up having to hand dry her entire body with a blow dryer. Brendon gets upset because of Rachel’s pose for the camera. Danielle asks if there was a bunch of naked pics of Rachel, she says no and Brendon reminds her of the ones out there.

Danielle heads down to the kitchen, as Jordan comes up to HOH. Kalia says obviously Cassi would want to get rid of Porsche, and they laugh and wonder if she thinks she will be here long. Danielle heads back upstairs. Danielle says all the food is gone already. They talk about getting excited if Dominic won HOH, to confuse the others. Jordan tells them that their plan seems to be to put up her and Jeff, and backdoor Brendon and Rachel.
They talk about how hard it is to go without sex. Kalia says she was trying to find a way to masturbate, but there is no way without the cameras being able to tell. They ask Jordan if she would have sex, she says no, she isn’t a very affectionate person. They ask if Brendon and Rachel have had sex since the feeds started, the answer is obviously yes. Brendon talks about Julie Chen outting them last season, he says they weren’t the first. They talk about Ollie and April from S10, and Jen and Ryan in the bathroom in S9. Brendon reminds Rachel that there are cameras everywhere in Big Brother.

In HOH, Jordan starts a conversation about how Harry Potter started to be written, Kalia jumped into the convo and said that the head master of the school was written as a gay man.. Jeff said that it was bull crap because you don’t make a story about little kids in a magical kingdom being alone with a headmaster that is gay. She tries to argue her point and Jeff begins to become very angry and tells her not to say the PC statement just because she is on tv. She says that she says that because her little sister is gay and he says I don’t give a f*** if your sister is gay. He gets very pissed off and finally says forget it I don’t want to talk about it anymore. The entire room becomes quiet and we have all learned how to make Kalia stop talking. Kalia stays for about 5 minutes into the next convo and then slips out.

Rachel asks if Brendon is getting ready for the trial. They wonder why they are still on lockdown, hope they aren’t on lockdown until Thursday.
Porsche now campaigning with Shelly. She tells Shelly she doesn’t really know who she can trust. Shelly says she knows that Porsche and Cassi don’t get along. She asked Porsche if they will be her targets by F10 - Porsche of course says no, that her targets would of course be the Vet couples, since they will always be working together. Keith will continue to play for himself. Porsche mentions that she originally thought it might be ex-es coming into the house, which made her decide to align with Keith. If she could have changed anything, she wouldn’t have spent so much time with her partner. Shelly tells her that you have to have someone to watch your back, but she isn’t ready for that kind of commitment yet, she is just waiting it out a bit.
A brief meeting with Adam and Keith in the SR appears like an attempt to keep him over Porsche. Keith has a short discussion with Lawon, saying he thinks it will be a 6-4 vote to evict him - hoping to convince Lawon to tie.
In HOH, preparation begins for the trial. Everyone getting dressed up, Brendon and Porsche have glasses on. Porsche will be a “turtle-ologist” for the trial.

Lockdown ends, and there is a practice (HOH?) game in the backyard - Mini Golf. Rachel reads the card:

Time for a little mini golf, Big Brother style. From behind the line, use your oversize putter to hit the golf ball down the course. Practice your accuracy by using the slope of the green, and aiming for the different colored holes. Be sure to make sure that everyone gets practice time.

Court is in continuance for the ‘Franklin Trial’ due to the recent events.
All houseguests practicing with the mini golf for quite some time.

Keith and Porsche take some time to compare notes about the votes, neither are fully confident they are staying. As Keith tries to continue the discussion, Porsche gets up to leave with a grin on her face, and says she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore, she says “I’ll see you at the wrap party” with a smile as she walks out the door.

The Have Nots are getting ready to eat at midnight, other HG are practicing the game in the BY. So far Jeff and Jordan are mastering it. Dom schools Jordan on how to walk ghetto style and then Shelly, Lawon and Keith offer their tips as well. Jeff and Brendan are in the kitchen cooking while Dani is in the BR listening to Porsche rehash her convo with Keith earlier.

Porsche takes Adam to the Parlour Room to plead her case. Jeff and Brendan still cooking for the Have Nots’ to eat at midnight. Adam pretty much says that he has not made his decision yet. With 9 minutes to go, Kalia is dancing around the kitchen.

Kalia, Shelly, Cassi and Lawon are enjoying their meal.

Kalia rehashes her disagreement with Jeff to Lawon. Says that Jeff came to her later and apologized for the situation. She and Lawon continue to have a conversation that only they can follow. Each will start a sentence and stop midway and the other will agree. Both are becoming quite tipsy. Keith walks by and asks about the DR and Kalia tells him to ask them if he can go in there and never come out, he acts as though he didn’t hear her.

All HG are outside taking turns practicing the game. Brenden and Rachel getting ready for bed, he is telling her that he doesn’t trust Cassi and thinks she is a shit-starter. Rachel is paranoid that Shelly might change her vote. Brenden and Dani calm her fears. Kalia and Lawon going to the Have Not room for the night, Porsche joins them and starts bashing Keith again. Jordon and Jeff go to the HOH and join in the conversation.

Rachel is asleep while Jeff, Jordan, Dani and Brendan talk about upcoming HOH.
Kalia is asleep in Have Not room.
Porsche and Dani are asleep for the night.
Cassi and Dom are in the BR getting ready for bed.
Porsche, Shelly, Adam and Keith are in BY practicing.

Dom is in the BY with Cassi, Keith, Shelly, Adam and Lawon trying to convince them that keeping Keith is the best option since Porsche is with the Vets. They all agree to vote to keep Keith - Shelly ask Lawon what Kalia is going to do and he said that she is going with the majority which would be to keep Keith.

Dom, Keith and Adam are all in bed and going to sleep. Shelly is in bed and going to sleep.

Jeff and Jordan go to bed. Cassi and Lawon are the only remaining HG awake, they are continuing to practice in the BY. Brenden is messing around in the bathroom downstairs.

Brenden goes to the HOH room and lays on the sofa thinking about the upcoming comp. Rachel wakes for a few minutes and then returns to sleep. Cassi and Lawon in the BY discussing the fact that she is sure one of their side is going to vote to keep Porsche against their word to them.

Brenden asleep on the sofa in the HOH room.

Lawon has gone to sleep, leaving Cassi alone in the BY to practice.

Lawon comes out to ask Cassi if she is coming to bed. She says yes, and they head to the have not room.

Brendon wakes up in HOH. It looks like he cracked the HOH door with a pillow, so he could hear any noises from downstairs. He removes the pillow, flips on the spy screen to see if anyone is still up. He hops back in bed with Rachel, and all houseguests are asleep.