Can you imagine walking the Earth for over 2000 years? Outlasting your family and friends, generation after generation? Having to watch them from a distance, because to show yourself would mean your certain destruction? What about how tiring it must be to have to constantly adapt to the changing world, year after year, decade after decade, century after century? Particularly in the last 100 years, all the advancements in technology and the progress made in social reform seem like it would be quite stressful to an old vampire.

Though we don’t know much about Godric, we do know he was turned when he was still just a boy. We also know that he “made” Eric when he was around a thousand years old. When he turned Eric, he was looking for a companion to walk the world with him in the dark. Perhaps the solitary life of a vampire was becoming to much to bear. He offered to be a father, a brother, and a son to Eric. Godric promised to teach Eric everything he knew. It is obvious that they had a very deep, strong, and caring relationship as “maker” and “child”. The anguish Eric feels over Godric’s choice to end his existence is heart wrenching, and we can almost feel his pain as he pleads with Godric. (Somewhat poetically, it was Godric who brought out the humanity and compassion in Eric, something we had never seen before.) As he is waiting to meet the sun, he tells Eric that 2000 years is enough, that there are centuries of faith and love between them, but it is time to let him go.

For whatever reason, Godric had become tired of his existence. He made references, when speaking to Eric, that instead of changing with the world around them, vampires had become more brutal, predatory. Likely, he is tired of the perversity, chaos, cruelty, and death that seem to be a large part of being vampire. Though he had hopes of humans and vampires co-existing peacefully, he had come to the conclusion that was unrealistic. What is truly sad about this realization is that he did have more faith in humanity and his own kind; more than Reverend Newlin, who preferred to be martyred for his cause than to even consider a peaceful existence with the vampires when offered.

The portrayal of Godric was poignant, tragic, beautiful, heartfelt and absolutely breathtaking. Though he was only in a few episodes, his presence will be felt in those to follow. His views, opinions, and outlook on just “being” are sure to affect other characters and the paths they choose to take in the future. Good-bye, Godric. You will be missed.

(Note: I found the video below on youtube and think it was put together beautifully. Kudos to creator smvgrey74 for a job well done. No copyright infringement intended.)