Twas The eve before Veto and all through the house not a hamster was stirring except for the Cam-mouse while the HG's were sleeping the feeders were chirping on the P/X, Numfar & deVine could be overheard burping As visions of intrigue ran through jack's Mind Jee was mumbling The Crown is still MINE!! Dana tossed and turned her forehead creasing as she mumbled in her sleep They don't know which who they are messing Ratbert dreamt of fame hussy's galore who would defiantly want him to add to their score Ali whimpers, her hand in the air waving at the crown she gave up to be here Jun moans softly as she turns on her side dreaming of marshmallows should her pillow We hide? Ericka ponders her fate will David use Veto or suck up to Nate Justin sleeps alone nightmares flash do i really want Dana or win all the cash Michelle cries herself to sleep who's word does she trust or am I a sheep So Soon we shall see by the noon's bright light will Veto be used will there be a catfight so dear viewers grab a chair and some grub cuz sooner or later there's gonna be Trob.