Thursday Live Episode

We begin with a recap of the Friendship vs. The Sovereign Five, James gets busted, Howie nominates Sarah and James, James didn't go down easily... ok I will let that pass..... James wins the veto. Ivette and April stress over who goes up, James uses the veto on himself and Ivette goes up on the block. Who will be evicted, Who will America send back into the house, Who will be the new head of household? All these questions will be answered tonight.

Julie appears in the garden by the front door of the house dressed in a peach top and brown slacks, then makes her weekly walk into her office to sit on her couch. At this point I wonder why they do this, is it so she can show off her outfit standing up before she sits, certainly no one believes this is a spontaneous action given she does exactly the same thing every week. She then recaps the recap. First DR is Howie talking about who he decided to put up in James place. Ivette goes to her bed, grabs her little pillow starts talking about her suspicions that it is all a master plan to get her out.

Ivette demonstrates her amazing grasp of elementary math skills as she explains the possible vote outcomes. April goes to check on April and as April leaves the room, Ivette flips her off. We see April scheming with Howie and Rachel. Jennifer tells Maggie its all Howie's idea to vote off Ivette. Maggie goes to Ivette and Ivette informs her that she thinks April and Jennifer are working with Howie, Rachel and Janelle. Maggie seems stunned to find out that there are people who are not keeping their word in this game.... wow, who'd of thunk it.

Julie heads to the living room to talk with the houseguests. Sarah is in the left chair and Ivette in the right chair. Julie asks Maggie about Eric coming back and then Rachel about Michael or Kaysar coming back. She then talks to James about his using the veto on himself. She speaks with Beau about the PB&J diet, he says he would rather have a whole week of sweets. Julie says she will speak with each of the evicted hgs before America's choice is announced.

Janelle, April and Beau are then shown in the DR but the only one we see actually vote is Beau, who votes to evict Sarah.

Commercial break.

Julie has her private chat with Howie in the HOH room. She talks about what a tough week it has been. Howie says it was hard to put James up but that James came at him first and he thinks it will come to bite him in the ass later. Yes Howie, you have a solid grasp of the obvious. Howie hopes Kaysar will come back and do the thinking because he has a headache. Michael or Eric coming back would be alright with him as well, since he thinks they would go after James. Howie does not like the stress of being HOH.

Maggie, Jennifer, Rachel has the classic line "If Eric comes back, Ivette will cling to him like Saran Wrap", James then talks and then announces he votes to evict Ivette. Back to the living room to have the nominees say some final words. Sarah thanks everyone who made her a part of this, this is a game, no hard feelings toward anyone in the house, she thinks she and James will be together for a very long time. Ivette thanks her girlfriend, her friends in the house and thank you to Beau, and then tells them "Actions speak louder than words" which might explain why she thinks nothing of her foul words.

By a vote of six to one, Sarah is evicted from the Big Brother house. They all head to the door to say good bye to her, group hug except for James who stands back and waits for his hug from her. They hug and then she heads out the door. They all say good bye as she walks out and then appears on Julie's set, she tells Julie she hopes she has a tissue. April and Jennifer cling to James, offering their brand of moral support. Rachel hugs Ivette. James is clearly upset and just wanders the house.

Julie and Sarah chat, Sarah is pretty surprised she and James were nominated but after this week she is not surprised to be evicted. Sarah said she thought she wanted to see Kaysar return, but at this point she doesn't want anyone to return. She says they got rid of them before and James will have to do it again. James' message to Sarah is heartfelt and teary-eyed, he loves her, he looks forward to seeing her when he gets out. Sarah gets a few more tissues and Sarah says James is her hero and she believes they will be together forever.

She said being in the house has helped them get to know each other better and it has strengthened their relationship and they will laugh about all this in fifty years. She thinks he is a strong person and will do really in the house without her. She knows he can be mean and says you may not like what you see over the next week, but it's a game. Julie shakes her hand and thus ends another round of Thanks for playing, time to go home.

The three evictees, Michael, Kaysar and Eric will come face to face before one of them goes into the house.

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Julie returns and talks about the houseguests who have been evicted. They have been sequestered separately, have had no contact with the outside world and they do not even know who was evicted after them. Jennifer is shown in the DR, then Ivette begs and pleads for America to send her Cappy back, Maggie says she would love Eric to come back but she might to run over Ivette to get to Cappy. Then Howie, Janelle and Howie talks about who they want back, Kaysar or Michael. Howie wants Kaysar back for his brain. Rachel wants Michael back because he got a raw deal, Janelle wants Michael back.

Back to Julie as she introduces the evictees, First Michael, with his bag enters, they talk about his being evicted in week two, and what would he do. He says he would have to catch back up, he says he wants to talk to Kaysar. She calls in Eric, Michael is surprised to see it is Eric. They hug. Michael asks Eric if they are still hanging out in Vegas, Eric says sure. Eric assures us if he goes back in the house he will be exactly the same as he had before. She then calls in Kaysar. Eric is stunned as is Michael, again with the hugs. Eric calls them the three stooges. Kaysar says if he goes back in the house he will try to stir things up and bring more surprises.

Julie heads back to the house, she tells them the evictees are there talking to her and says one of them will be heading back into the house. There were over five millions votes cast. The top two vote counts are for Eric and Kaysar, who move with their bags to the front door of the house. Michael is told by Julie that she will see him on finale night. Julie says she will reveal who goes back in when she returns...the hamsters are just like us, chomping at the bit to know who is coming back into the house.

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And we're back, Julie says that in just a few moments one of the is getting back into the house, she checks in with the houseguests. When they hear the doorbell, someone is coming back in the house, they will not hear the announcement.

The person America has chosen to go back into the BB house is KAYSAR! Eric's eyes got about four times bigger when she read that and it's really noticeable on a little guy like Eric. The houseguests wait, they hear the doorbell, scream and Howie and Janelle practically tackle him as he comes through the door. Then Rachel hugs him, finally April, Jennifer and then Ivette, for those wondering, that looks like a polite smile on Ivette's face. Howie yells out "Thanks America!".

Everyone does get a hug. Julie tells us, not the houseguests or even the other evictees that Kaysar got 82% of the vote.....*peers around Jokers giving the thumbs up*, Way to go guys.

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Julie intros the HOH competition which will include Kaysar since he has returned. She tells Kaysar welcome home and sends them out to the backyard for the HOH competition. The competition is called "pressure cooker" and is being held inside a glass box. There are cubes in a circle inside the glass box, They have to choose and hold down a button that is against the wall, don't let go of the button, this is endurance, hold down the button the longest.

In order to unlock the box they are in, three people must let go of their buttons. The box will unlock long enough to let them out, but then it locks again and three more will have to let go for the door to open again. They can have no food, breaks, potty breaks, nothing. And there are more surprises which we will learn about after CBS makes some more money.

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The HOH will not be announced until Saturday, but for those watching the feeds, you know we will know before then. Back to the houseguests in the pressure cooker. If you let go of your button, you open one of the boxes inside, some surprises are good, some not so good. The first box is opened by Julie and contains flies. The pressure cooker is now full of flies. James asks if flies have west nile virus, clearly trying to mess with their minds.... the show ends.