Being Completely Honest in this Game

Previously....they plot to get James out, James wins the veto, Sarah is evicted, Kaysar returns, Endurance HoH competition, Kaysar believes Jen's lies, Jen nominates Janelle and Rachel... who will PoV, will it be used to put James on the block? All this tonight on Big Brother 6! Aren't you just breathlessly excited?

Janelle tells us Jennifer is the biggest bitch in the house and the biggest liar in the house. Thanks Jan, we didn't know that.

Jennifer said she didn't put up two pawns from her group because she doesn't trust him... hmmm yeah, he just broke his promise to you. James knew he was being backdoored. Janelle and Rachel now discuss how much of a liar Jennifer is, how she screwed them over, Howie is not worried, she is just using S4 guys....Kaysar doesn't like that Jennifer lied to win the HoH. Come on Kaysar, are you really surprised people lie?

Howie is not worried, he thinks everything is still on track. Janelle and Rachel are pawns and James is still going to be back doored. Ivette feels James has a fighting chance if he apologizes. James says "Unfortunately America, you gave Kaysar a second chance, and I'm going to have to send him back to you". Ivette promises to do everything in her power to keep James there.

James and Jennifer go to the HoH room. James tells Jennifer that he really respects what she did, Jennifer says she is completely honest in this game. There must be some other game she is talking about. James talks about Rachel's demon face at him when he asked if he was safe. James is transformed, I don't want to be a Kaysar or a Howie or Janelle or a Rachel. He would not have Sarah or his friends if he was like them.

Jennifer listens carefully to James plea to stay. Then later Kaysar asks to speak with Jennifer. Jennifer makes excuses for not sticking to her promise, saying it was because when Ivette volunteered to go up as a pawn, last week, Rachel, Howie and Janelle wanted her and April to vote out Ivette. Poor Kaysar doesn't realize this is a huge lie. Jennifer assures Kaysar that she is still doing what he wasnts, James is still going, she just cannot trust the S4 because of last week. Kaysar goes to the DR and says he is hopeful the plan is still in place to get rid of James.

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We see Ivette and Beau are trying to get Howie to try on his black Speedo he got last week as HoH. Ivette adjusts his Speedo because he apparently didn't have it on just right. They stand around complimenting Howie on how good he looks in the Speedo. Howie tries to do some martial arts move and falls on his arse... then claims he meant to do that.

Maggie and Kaysar wish each other "Happy Birthday" then they come in the house after a lockdown to find a surprise birthday party set up for them. Kaysar got a huge card that was home made by his family. Maggie got a card made by her boyfriend. They open presents. Maggie got a PSP, Kaysar got an MP3 player, obligatory thank you to Kmart. HoH discussion about James and how he feels really bad about how he has acted, he has had a change of heart about how he wants to play this game. Ivette asks "Can you really hold him accountable for playing the evil way?", she doesn't think so. Apparently in Ivette's world personally responsibility does not exist.

Ivette is trying to work her group to keep James. Jennifer feels better the enemy you know then the one you don't. They seem to be considering using James to increase their numbers and get rid of the S4. James has played them perfectly, they are buying into everything he says to Ivette. By restricting his campaigning to just her and letting her campaign to the C5, he has played it perfect.

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Veto competition.. Jennifer announces it like she is a cheerleader, oh wait... never mind. Jennifer, Rachel and Janelle choose April, Howie and Kaysar respectively. James is whining about being backdoored... whaaaaa. It's giant game of coaster toss, a large table with five rings there is one for each week, five oversized coasters with pics of those evicted, the idea is to land the person on the week they were evicted.

April goes first, gets Ashlea, missed Michael, gets Eric, missed Kaysar and Sarah. 4 pts
Rachel second, she gets Ashlea, gets Michael, gets Eric, missed Kaysar, missed Sarah. 6 pts
Kaysar third, gets Ashlea, gets Michael, misses Eric, misses Kaysar, misses Sarah. 3 pts
Jennifer fourth, gets Ashlea, misses all the rest. 1 pt
Janelle fifth, missed Ashlea, got Michael, got Eric, missed Kaysar and Sarah. 5 pts
Howie sixth, got Ashlea, missed Michael, got Eric, missed Kaysar and Sarah. 4 pts

Rachel wins with 6 points!

James says "I can't go out like this, even Custer had a last stand!"

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James in GR talking to Kaysar and Howie telling them he knows he is going home. HoH now talking about getting rid of Kaysar, Ivette has pushed to turn the group from James. April says "we can't do things that are nice in this game anymore". They say this is their game, not America's. Howie downstairs telling Kaysar not to let paranoia take over. Rachel is still worried that Jennifer will not keep her word. Jennifer asks each person in the herd what they think, who would they put up if they are HoH. Maggie says Kaysar, Beau says James, Ivette says Kaysar, April says Kaysar.

Jennifer then speaks in DR and says she is not telling anyone her decision. Yeah, it's a great big secret Jennifer, we could never in a million years guess by what just transpired. This girl was clearly not voted "most intelligent girl" in her graduating class.

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Let me take this moment to say I do not want my food to be "cruncheweasy", not ever.

Kaysar talks to Maggie, wants her to answer him honestly. Is Jennifer going to follow through with the deal. Maggie says that’s the impression she has, that James is going to go up. Jennifer is smart enough to not tell anyone in her group because they cannot be squeezed for information. Kaysar goes to Jennifer in the GR. Jennifer tells him yes, everything is going to go as planned, James will be going up. Jennifer talks in DR and says she knows she made a deal, but when you have an opportunity you have to run with it. If Kaysar wanted his plan he should have kept his finger on that button.

Rachel says she hopes Jennifer sticks with the plan as she prepares for the veto ceremony. Everyone gathers inside for the veto ceremony. Rachel welcomes them to the veto ceremony, Janelle says "Rachel, just do what you have to do" and Rachel stands and says she is removing herself from nomination, no surprise there. Jennifer tries to look cute and announces she is nominating Kaysar. James breathes a quiet sigh of relief.

Jennifer in the DR "I broke my word, duh". Janelle and Howie are upset, Kaysar calls the C5 cowards. James is happy, needless to say. Thursday we find out who is going home, Kaysar or Janelle.