We begin with a montage recap of the old Battle of the Network Stars followed by Mike Adamle telling us they are reviving this wondrous show but now with reality stars. There are thirty two stars and seventeen events at Pepperdine University. The winning team will receive 10 thousand dollars.

Doing interviews throughout the broadcast are Trishelle Cannatella from Real World Las Vegas, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth from The Apprentice, Bob Guiney from The Bachelor 4 and Austin Scarlett from Project Runway reporting on fashion.

obstacle course
dunk tank

Team Miz - Dark Blue
Bradford Cohen - The Apprentice
Richard Hatch - Survivor
Ryan Starr - American Idol
Mirna & Charla - The Amazing Race
Valerie Penso - Temptation Island
Burton Roberts - Survivor
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - The Real World
They chose their captain via rock, paper, scissors.

Team Chip - Green
Matt Gould - Joe Schmo
Susan Hawk - Survivor
Will Kirby - Big Brother
Chip & Kim - The Amazing Race
Nikki McKibbin - American Idol
Theo Vonkurnatowski - Road Rules
Brian Worth - Average Joe
They just all agree that Chip should be captain.

Team Coral - Red
Will Wikle - Big Brother
Coral Smith - The Real World
Duncan Nutter - ShowBiz Moms & Dads
Adam Mesh - Average Joe
Evan Marriott - Joe Millionaire
Rachel Love Fraser - The Swan
Melissa Howard - The Real World
Heidi Bressler - The Apprentice
They all decide right off that Coral should be team Captain.

Team Gervase - Light Blue
Brittany Brower - America's Next Top Model
Mike "Boogie" Malin - Big Brother
Tina "Fabulous" Panas = The Bachelor
Jonathon & Victoria - The Amazing Race
Wendy Pepper - Project Runway
Gervase Peterson - Survivor
Chris Russo - The Apprentice
Jonathon really wants to be the captain, but they are not sure, so they draw a name and Gervase ends up Captain.

All the bickering and rationalizing that you have ever heard from these guys in their shows is present as they try to decide who will compete in each event.

The Obstacle Course is a commando crawl, step through tires, monkey bars, cargo net over a wall, rope over a water pit. Each team will run three people, each must wait for the person ahead of them to complete the course before they can start.

Team Coral vs Team Miz - Team Coral wins
Will, Rachel & Evan vs Bradford, Mirna & Miz

Team Gervase vs Team Chip - Team Gervase wins
Gervase, Mike Boogie & Chris vs Chip, Theo & Will

Team Gervase vs Team Coral - Team Coral wins
Victoria, Tina & Wendy vs Melissa, Heidi & Duncan

Team Coral wins!

Team Coral - 100
Team Gervase - 75
Team Miz - 50
Team Chip - 25

The Dunk Tank has two throwers per team, 3 throws each with 1 pt for a hit, 3 pts for a dunk, each thrower can choose anyone they like to be dunked.

Team Coral
Adam dunking Ryan - miss,hit,miss - 1pt
Coral dunking Victoria - miss,miss,miss - 0pts

Team Gervase
Victoria dunking Coral - miss,dunk,dunk - 6pts
Chris dunking Brian - miss,miss,miss - 0 pts

Team Chip
Brian dunking Coral - dunk,miss,dunk - 6pt
Matt dunking Miz - miss,miss,dunk -3pts

Team Miz
Burton dunking Mike Boogie - miss,miss,dunk - 3pts
Bradford dunking Tina - miss,dunk,miss - 3pts

Team Chip wins with a total of 9pts

Team Chip - 100 pt
Team Gervase - 75 pts
Team Miz - 50 pts
Team Coral - 25 pts

Standings After Two Events:

Team Gervase - 150 pts
Team Coral - 125 pts
Team Chip - 125 pts
Team Miz - 100 pts

The Joust is a bout over a pool with padded staves, the first person in the water loses. There is a five minute time limit, men vs men, women vs women and the best 2 out of 3 wins.

Team Chip vs Team Gervase - Team Gervase wins
Sue vs Victoria - Victoria wins
Matt vs Chris - Russo wins

Team Coral vs Team Miz - Team Miz wins
Rachel vs Charla - draw
Adam vs Richard - Hatch wins
Ryan vs Melissa - Ryan wins

Team Gervase vs Team Miz - Team Gervase wins
Gervase vs Miz - Miz wins [because Gervase grabbed Miz]
Brittany vs Valerie - Brittany wins
Jonathon vs Bradford - Jonathon wins

Team Coral vs Team Chip for Third Place
Nikki vs Heidi - Nikki wins/Heidi quit

Team Gervase - 125 pts
Team Miz - 75 pts
Team Chip - 50 pts
Team Coral - 25 pt

Standings After Three Events
Team Gervase - 275 pts
Team Miz - 175 pts
Team Chip - 175 pts
Team Coral - 150 pts

Team Gervase is protected from having to send someone home and wins a trip to Vegas [weekend at the Silverton Casino] as well as heading into the second group of competitions in first place.

The other teams must each vote off one of the current members. Captains must cast the tie breaker if needed.

Kim volunteers to go.
Heidi volunteers to go because she gave up in the joust.
Team Miz actually goes to ballots - Charla is voted off.

Those voted off are not leaving, they are being shuffled back in, random choice says which team they go to.

Charla plays for Team Coral
Kim plays for Team Chip
Heidi plays for Team Miz

The show ends with a Bravo/TV Guide poll - Which of the following reality tv stars is the biggest bully?
A. Richard Hatch
B. Will Kirby
C. Heidi Bressler
D. Coral Smith

And the winner was…. Richard Hatch with 41% of the vote. Congratulations Richard.