The scores start from zero again, the team that comes in last place has to vote off two members.

Review of the Teams at the Moment:

Team Miz - Dark Blue
Bradford Cohen - The Apprentice
Richard Hatch - Survivor
Ryan Starr - American Idol
Mirna - The Amazing Race
Valerie Penso - Temptation Island
Burton Roberts - Survivor
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - The Real World
Heidi Bressler - The Apprentice

Team Chip - Green
Matt Gould - Joe Schmo
Susan Hawk - Survivor
Will Kirby - Big Brother
Chip & Kim - The Amazing Race
Nikki McKibbin - American Idol
Theo Vonkurnatowski - Road Rules
Brian Worth - Average Joe

Team Coral - Red
Will Wikle - Big Brother
Coral Smith - The Real World
Duncan Nutter - Showbiz Moms & Dads
Adam Mesh - Average Joe
Evan Marriott - Joe Millionaire
Rachel Love Fraser - The Swan
Melissa Howard - The Real World
Charla - The Amazing Race

Team Gervase - Light Blue
Brittany Brower - America's Next Top Model
Mike "Boogie" Malin - Big Brother
Tina "Fabulous" Panas = The Bachelor
Jonathon & Victoria - The Amazing Race
Wendy Pepper - Project Runway
Gervase Peterson - Survivor
Chris Russo - The Apprentice

Simon Sez

6 players from each team, last one standing wins
Jimmy Walker is the ref, Steve Mack caller

Team Miz - Heidi, Mirna, Valerie, Bradford, Miz, Richard
Team Gervase - Tina, Wendy, Victoria, Chris, Gervase, Mike Boogie
Team Chip - Sue, Nikki, Kim, Will Kirby, Theo, Matt
Team Coral - Melissa, Coral, Rachel, Duncan, Will Wikle, Adam

Victoria out, Chris and Wendy out, Mirna out, Bradford out, Melissa out
Rachel, Tina, Gervase, Mike Boogie, Heidi, Coral all out
Theo, Matt, Duncan, Will Wikle all out
Sue, Miz and Adam out
Kim out
Valerie out

Down to Richard and Nikki only. Simon sez for Richard to show Nikki the technique, he drops his drawers and moons her. Nikki out.

Richard hatch wins

Team Miz 100 pts
Team Chip 75 pts
Team Coral 50 pts
Team Gervase 25 pts

Dodge Ball
All eight play, six balls in play, rules similar to extreme dodgeball

Team Gervase vs Team Coral - Team Coral wins

Team Miz vs Team Chip - Team Chip wins

Team Coral vs Team Chip - Team Chip wins!

Team Chip - 175 pts
Team Coral - 125 pts
Team Miz - 125 pts
Team Gervase - 75 pts

Poll - Which reality star would be your first target in dodge ball?
Wendy, Richard, Heidi or Will Kirby.
Answer - Richard Hatch with 42%

Swimming Relay

Five swimmers per team, at least two must be female, first four swim 25 meters, fifth swimmer swims

50 meters.

Team Gervase - Victoria, Brittany, Tina, Jonathon, Mike Boogie
Team Chip - Chip, Susan, Theo, Nikki, Will Kirby
Team Miz - Burton, Mirna, Richard, Ryan, Miz
Team Coral - Melissa, Rachel, Evan, Adam, Will Wikle

Team Miz wins!
Team Gervase second
Team Chip third
Team Coral last

Team Miz - 250 pts
Team Chip - 225 pts
Team Gervase - 150 pts
Team Coral - 125 pts

Charla and Duncan Nutter are voted out of the Coral team, since they were in last place.

There are two new reality all-stars coming in to keep the numbers fair. [one male, one female]

Team Miz, as the winners, get to choose from the following

1. Swap two of his own team mates & taking the two new people for his team
2. Swap two from the other teams & make them take the new people
3. Or give two new people to Team Coral

Team Miz has decided to move Gervase and Tina to Team Coral.

The two new reality stars will join Team Gervase -
Jerri Manthey - Survivor
David Daskel - Average Joe

Next week an entire team will be going home.