Tonight's show will include Touch Football, Soap Box Derby and Relay Race.

Team Coral - Red
Will Wikle - Big Brother
Coral Smith - The Real World
Gervase Peterson - Survivor
Adam Mesh - Average Joe
Evan Marriott - Joe Millionaire
Rachel Love Fraser - The Swan
Melissa Howard - The Real World
Tina "Fabulous" Panas - The Bachelor

Team Miz - Dark Blue
Bradford Cohen - The Apprentice
Richard Hatch - Survivor
Ryan Starr - American Idol
Mirna Hindoyan - The Amazing Race
Heidi Bressler - The Apprentice
Valerie Penso - Temptation Island
Burton Roberts - Survivor
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - The Real World

Team Jonathon - Light Blue
Brittany Brower - America's Next Top Model
Mike "Boogie" Malin - Big Brother
Jerri Manthey - Survivor
Jonathon & Victoria - The Amazing Race
Wendy Pepper - Project Runway
David Daskal - Average Joe
Chris Russo - The Apprentice

Team Chip - Green
Matt Gould - Joe Schmo
Susan Hawk - Survivor
Will Kirby - Big Brother
Chip & Kim - The Amazing Race
Nikki McKibbin - American Idol
Theo Vonkurnatowski - Road Rules
Brian Worth - Average Joe

Touch Football
3 offensive players, 3 defensive players, 4 plays per team. They can switch up players on defense and offense.

Ref is William Katt from "The Greatest American Hero". The Reality stars serenade him with his show's old theme song.

Team Coral - Gervase, Tina, Rachel, Adam, Evan
Team Miz - Burton, Miz, Richard, Mirna, Ryan
Team Jonathon - Jonathon, David, Chris, Jerri, Victoria
Team Chip - Matt, Nikki, Sue, Theo, Chip, Brian

Team Miz vs Team Jonathon - Team Miz wins 10-7

Team Coral vs Team Chip - Team Chip wins 14-3

Team Jonathon vs Team Coral - Team Coral wins 6-3

Team Miz vs Team Chip - Team Chip wins 15-10

After One Event -

Team Chip - 100 pts
Team Miz - 75 pts
Team Coral - 50 pts
Team Jonathon - 25 pts

Soap Box Derby

Teams have thirty minutes to build the soap box then race it down a course with cones they must navigate. Fastest time wins. Each soap box will have one driver and one pusher.

Austin gives as a montage report on the hair styles of the old Battle of the Network Stars, but annoys me yet again when he says "Scott Bayoo" instead of Scott Baio.

Team Jonathon Jonathon driver, Mike Boogie push - 44.58 seconds
Team Miz Burton driver, Miz push - 34.66 seconds
Team Chip Theo driver, Chip push - 34.42 seconds
Team Coral Gervase driver, Evan push - 35.80 seconds

After Two Events -

Team Chip - 200 pts
Team Miz - 150 pts
Team Coral - 100 pts
Team Jonathon - 50 pts

Relay Race

Six runners per team, three men and three women. fastest overall time wins.

Team Coral - Evan, Tina, Will, Coral, Melissa, Gervase
Team Jonathon - David, Jonathon, Jerri, Brittany, Chris, Victoria
Team Miz - Bradford, Mirna, Miz, Heidi, Ryan, Burton
Team Chip - Matt, Nikki, Will, Kim, Sue, Theo

Finishing Order -

Team Miz - 125 pts
Team Coral - 75 pts
Team Chip - 50 pts
Team Jonathon - 25pt

After Three Events -

Team Miz - 275 pts
Team Chip - 250 pts
Team Coral - 175 pts
Team Jonathon - 75 pts

Bravo/TV Guide poll - Which reality star would score lowest on a mental challenge?
Matt, Nikki, Sue or Evan? Poll says Nikki with 30%!

Instead of sending home Team Jonathon without a chance, they hold a 100 yard dash between the bottom two teams. Team Jonathon and Team Coral will pick one person to run the 100 yard dash.

Gervase vs Chris - Gervase wins. [By a huge margin]

Team Jonathon goes home.

Jonathon complains and whines excessively, about not matching weight to weight. Gervase gets congrats and says kudos to his team. Then back to Jonathon who whines some more. Gervase says Jonathon is a whack job. Jonathon says Victoria is the reason they lost the Amazing Race, because she is a sore loser. The announcer called Jonathon the biggest mouth in reality tv.

Next week - Water Polo, 5-legged Race and Bull Riding.