There was something about tonight's episode that disturbed me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I realize poor old Nakum was all sick going back to camp, but that wasn't it. I somehow get an evil glee from watchin these people suffer, yes I am a twisted individual. No what disturbed me came after that.... it was when we saw the Yaxha tribe the next day. There was all this ... sunshine, happy faces, diverse group, rainbows and happy-happy joy-joy kind of attitude. It was like they were becoming, oh dear God, a "Friendship"! Noooo! Say it ain't so! This is a curse I had hoped we would be spared. The only dissention in the tribe seems to be with Morgan who demonstrates her amazing ability, and singular talent, of drinking water without even breaking a sweat. Wow, I know I found it impressive.

Meanwhile back a Nakum, Farmer Brandon shows all the warmth and compassion of a Guatemalan snake toward his team mate Blake. I have been doing some research and I am convinced that spiny tree branch was somewhat toxic to his system. His shortness of breath seems to indicate some sort of allergic reaction or something. This is just not good. Thankfully Nurse Margaret is on hand to sooth his trouble brow and hold his trembling hand. I'm sure Margaret is more than happy to have him rest his weary head in her lap. Amazingly, Blake’s weakened condition does not seem to deter his performance in the reward challenge. Nakum just kicks butt and Yaxha is humiliated, due in large part to the fact that Rafe has apparently not mastered using a ladder, something my four year grandson can manage easily on the playground everyday. Of course, my grandson really wants to get up that ladder since the pay off is getting to slide down the slide, not some smelly old worms and fish hooks.

As Nakum fishes with hooks and worms, Yaxha feasts on ants, minnows and burnt corn. Yum! Sadly, the Yaxha curse solidly takes hold when Yaxha loses the immunity challenge as well. I can just hear it all across America as children plead "Mommy, Mommy! We want a backyard mud pit like that too!" Sadly they did not allow the group tug of war to go long enough for my taste. I would love to have seen more of the wrestling around in the mud, mud throwing, mud slinging, mud sliding by both groups. Unfortunately it was not meant to be and they turned to the one on one competitions. Nakum had an anvil in the form of Judd and Yaxha's men just were not up to the task. I would rather have seen a different team member for each one on one and a requirement of at least one of these being females, or at least the hunky guys without shirts. Judd gets his wish though, earlier he had whined that he wanted to be the hero of the tribe and bring home a challenge win. During the challenge, Danni, who is a sports caster, calls out that Gary was a quarterback with the NFL. So much for that secret.

Once back at camp, Yaxha tries to prepare for tribal council, deciding who to send home. Gary is asked about Danni's comment that he played for the NFL, he sticks with his lie and denies it completely. Hey, maybe he works as a Loss Prevention Manager too! Landscaper my ass! The early potential targets for eviction are Stephanie, Lydia and Morgan. Stephanie is a target only because Jamie is completely insecure about his own abilities to defeat her. Jamie is dumb as a box of rocks, you don't dump your strongest competitors at the first tribal council. It actually amazes me at this point that no one seems to recall the fact that Rafe wasted valuable time and effort with his ladder impairment. Why is this guy not a target, since he clearly lost that reward for them? Anyway, in the end, it was Morgan who got the torch upside the head and was told to go home. She apparently never saw it coming, but I can say, when the only task you perform in camp is drinking water, you really should expect it might come round to bite you in the ass. As a fan of Yaxha, tonight was a disappointment, but not unexpected given that whole rainbows and sunshine thing they started the days with. Man-up Yaxha! Get tough! Dig in and start winning again!