We have some unanswered questions from yesterday. Was there some cheating in the POV? Was there a big fight after? Will it make any difference in the outcome of the week? Let’s see what we can find out today.

9:30 AM
Boogie is up and out back and is joined by Frank. Frank tells the feeders the plan is to get Dan up in Boogies place. He informs Boogie he had a long talk with Britney last night. Boogie is encouraged and they plan out their strategy for the day.
Boogie says that they need another target so Britney doesn't think that they are coming after her or Shane. He wants to get the target on Joe somehow. If they can't get Dan up they hope it will be Joe. He will humanize himself to Britney through sob stories and baby talk.

The Houseguests get the wake up call to Lady Gaga and the house comes to life.

Boogie tells Ian he needs for him to get to work this week or he may end up the other nom. Ian says Boogie’s best chance is against Dan. His worst is Ashley or Jenn.
Ashley has joined and says basically the same thing adding that if Joe goes up, Boogie would likely stay.
Boogie questions Ian being too tight with Dan. Ian says I'm friends with him, but I'm not game friends with him.

Frank tries to get a feel for where things are with Britney. She says she really hasn’t talked to Shane that much. They switch to talking about hair care products.

1:00 PM
Boogie tries to sell Shane to keep him so they can battle it out with Dan. Dan is a dangerous. Shane says Dan was the cancer who broke the Silence Six.

1:30 PM
Boogie tries to assure Danielle that he wants to go after Dan and there is no reflection on her.

Boogie and Frank meet back up to compare notes so far.
Boogie tells Frank that Joe pulled Ashley in the in the storage room to say "That veto is going to be yours. Boogie and Frank were cheating." Joe went to talk to the producers about it. Frank said "So they told them...did they check the tape?" Boogie plans a confrontation with Joe. Frank wants to call Joe out on bringing Ian's name up and almost getting him disqualified in the POV.

Frank talks to Dan in the kitchen, “Now let me ask you Dan, from a game perspective, do you think you moved too quick on us?” Dan says, ‘It's nothing personal. It’s a game.” Frank responds, “It’s going to be tough getting votes if I'm in jury. Dan says, “Likewise.”

2:00 PM
Frank tells Boogie about his exchange with Dan. Boogie wants to let Ian know he would put Ian up against Joe to put Ian in check a little bit.

Britney comes out of a long Diary Room session and wants to know where Shane is. She tells Danielle about Boogie trying to make her feel ok about aligning with Dan. He won’t hold it against her.

Britney then finds Shane in the HOH and wants to know what Boogie has said to him. Boogie told him if they get Dan out, they can work together and get rid of all the floaters. Shane tells Britney he's not nominating Dan. Britney lets him know Boogie already told Danielle that Shane is putting up Dan.
They move on to talk about final two scenarios. Britney says she would be better to take than Danielle because she hasn’t won as much.
Dan joins them and Shane brings him up to speed on what Boogie was selling. Dan thinks Frank is going to try to rattle him soon.

3:00 PM
Jenn, Ashley, Ian, Frank and Boogie are at the pool laughing about Dan probably going up because he messed up.

Ian runs upstairs to tell the Quack Pack that Boogie and Frank are about to go off on Joe outside. They should make their way out to watch.

With some posturing still going on Boogie informs Britney they are about to call out Joe for trying to get Frank disqualified during the POV comp. They are just waiting for Joe to make his way outside.

Meanwhile inside, Joe tells Shane, “I can tell you this, they (Boogie/Frank) haven't spoken to me today. Which is good".

While the anticipation builds, we get one of many good quotes from today. Britney says, "The BB house; the one place my negativity and pessimistic comments are accepted."

4:45 PM
Frank gives up waiting and comes inside and tells Joe he heard Joe said something about him (but we don’t hear anything specific). Joe responds, “If someone says that I've been talking bad about you in the last few days then it's a lie so bring it out in the open because I want to know who said it. I have not said a word about you.”

Joe goes up to the HOH with Shane and Danielle. He vents about his talk with Frank and he wants to go blow it up in front of everyone. Shane and Danielle talk him down for now. Joe seems to know that Ashley is the one that got Frank riled up. Shane says Ashley just made the stupidest move by putting a huge target on her back.

Danielle decides to pick up and carry Britney out to the backyard.

5:30 PM
Out in the hammock, Dan tells Danielle she doesn't have to worry about being a villain anymore. Boogie and Frank took on that role now. That is better for their game. Danielle said that Ashley hooked up with Frank in the HOH last week and now she hasn’t left his side. They want to let Ian know.
Dan advises Danielle to go mingle with the others by the pool and he'll go inside and talk to Joe. Danielle doesn't really like that idea. Dan says she'll like it when they aren't put on the block together next week.

Boogie finds Britney as planned and goes through his talking points. He even wells up a little at one point. Britney says it didn't behoove her to get rid of Janelle just like it didn't behoove her for Shane to put up Boogie and Frank.

Meanwhile Shane and Frank meet up. Frank continues selling Dan as the replacement. Shane is going along with the conversation, saying the more he hears true facts from Boogie and Frank, the more he doesn't trust Dan.

Afterwards, Shane walks by the memory wall. What could be going through his mind?

6:00 PM
Dan does talk to Joe and wonders what changed between Ashley and Frank. Dan just heard about them making out. He continues with, “If you won HoH, lord have mercy on the volume in the house.” Joe says, “If I win HoH, lord have mercy on the feeders!”

Boogie and Frank meet up to compare notes again. Boogie says he "brought the tears" when talking to Britney. Mike conveys info that Ashley overheard when Joe and Shane were talking earlier.

Meanwhile Dan confirms that Ian is 100% voting out Boogie this week. Dan makes sure to let Ian know that he wouldn't be feeling any heat at all right now if he wasn’t covering for Ian. Ian said he knows absolutely and that works for the Quack Pack because he's getting info for them.
Britney joins and lets them know Boogie teared up when telling her he is not a bad person. Ian lets them know that Jenn is still with Boogie.

Jenn takes a turn at Shane, selling Dan as the most dangerous player here.

A little later Ashley talks to Joe and asks him straight out if he told people that she threw the POV to Frank because it makes her look bad. Joe acts beside himself and says it's never been said.

Meanwhile Britney is telling Ian that Boogie is done with him and Jenn, or so he says.

7:00 PM
Jenn and Ashley meet up to compare notes and to plan Ashley’s next conversation with Shane. They think they will be able to pick up Danielle once Dan is gone. They believe in the girl's alliance.

Frank and Boogie are showing signs of frustration wondering why they can't just get an answer on what Shane is going to do. They note that Britney is talking to Joe. Then they see her whispering to Ashley.

Boogie seeks out Ian to make sure Shane knows that Ian would be willing to vote out Dan. Somewhere in there, Jenn tells Boogie she doesn't think she’ll be the replacement.

Britney and Ashley have dressed alike for dinner. It’s almost like looking in a mirror.

7:30 PM
There is a break in the action while everyone has dinner.

8:00 PM
Danielle and Britney compare notes from today’s meetings. Britney points out that Joe did make the comments about Ashley throwing the Veto to Frank. He said it out loud in front of people. She questions his short-term memory.

Ashley meets with Shane as planned. She says that she's uncomfortable with Joe talking for her and she feels alone in the game. She worries about going up on the block. Shane says she could be, but he doesn't know what he's going to do yet. But, he does tell her the replacement nom won't go home unless he pulls a big trigger and puts Dan up. Ashley says, "If the heavens allow me to win HOH, you're safe."

Boogie tells Ian to go talk to Shane now. He and Frank then do a follow up with Ashley fresh from her HOH meeting. She thinks it looks really good for Shane putting up Dan. Ashley suggests Boogie should mention he could help Shane get into modeling in LA.

Shane wants to know from Ian exactly what Boogie said before the HOH because he is claiming that Dan pulled things out of thin air and is a liar. Ian tells him that Dan may play dirty but in the history of the game, his first word is good and the Quack Pack is his first word. They agree they put a lot of trust in Dan.
Ian says, just so he doesn’t have to lie, here is what Boogie wants me to tell you (Dan is dangerous and Ian would vote him out).

Ashley asks Danielle how the Shane showmance is going. Danielle will tell her if she tells her about her and Frank. Ashley says the kiss was 5 seconds and she got it out of her system. It made her want to have pure fun with Ian instead.

Ian reports to Dan what really happened when he met with Shane in case he hears the cover story from someone else.

Ashley and Britney have an interesting conversation in the hammock while Frank and Boogie are running laps. When they are in earshot, the talk is about dogs. When they are further away, the girls talk some game.

10:00 PM
Ian makes a Pool Championship Trophy using nail polish on a white bear figurine from the bathroom.

Joe and Frank seem to clear the air about what was said about the Veto competition.

Frank and Boogie take another pass at Britney. Boogie is worried that Shane is mad that he took the $10k during the HOH comp. Britney mentions the ‘Joe confrontation’ wasn't as big as it was made out to be. Frank says that Joe admitted to him that he has said some things.
After she leaves they feel good about Britney but that Shane may not tell her what he's going to do before the Veto ceremony.
They are still frustrated that Shane has not committed to a decision. They plan to talk to him in the morning and try to be the last one in his ear.

11:30 PM
During a badminton game, Ian seriously hurt his ankle. He rolled it and heard a pop. Everyone gathers around him to try to help. A medic is eventually brought in.

Everyone is brought inside while the medic works on Ian in the backyard.
Jenn and Ashley meet in the storage room. They think they are safe, even if one of them is nominated.

There is some exchange between the Houseguests and the Medic (named Dan). They ask how the Zingbot is doing. Was it heat stroke?
Dan asks the medic about ratings.
Ian says thank you very much to the medic.
Shane asks the medic if there are any twists coming and everyone laughs.

Ian has his ankle propped up in an ice pack while Britney and Dan speculate about the next HOH comp. Ian doubts endurance. It will be a quiz or elimination game.

Shane relays to Dan, Britney and Danielle how both Jenn and Ashley pitched for Dan to go up on the block. He is thinking about during Veto Ceremony, if he should turn to Dan and say "Look, I'm sorry Dan... But it's Jenn", just to mess with them.
Britney noted that right after Boogie came to her all sincere as a dad and businessman, he turned right around and went into the Diary Room with Frank.

Boogie and Frank met up one more time. They are getting excited about the possibility of Dan going up tomorrow. Boogie goes to bed and Frank heads out on ‘house watch’.
He tells Joe and Jenn, "I'm trying to burn the midnight oil tonight."
Joe tries to get Frank to say who the alliances were when Joe was nominated. Frank is allusive.

2:00 AM
Frank goes up to the HOH. When they see him on the spy screen, they scatter. Shane goes for the shower, Dani puts on headphones, and Dan leans back like he has been chilling out.
Everyone eventually leaves with just Britney and Frank left in the room.

Outside, Shane suggests making a game plan if there is a fast-forward. They need to have noms ready. Joe suggests Frank and Ian. Shane suggests Frank and Ashley with Ian as a replacement. They finally see Frank coming downstairs and Britney following.

3:00 AM
Britney, Frank, Shane, Danielle, Jenn and Joe hanging around not wanting to talk game in front of each other.

A little later Shane, Dani and Frank are left talking. They can't wait to watch the season back to see which coach or coaches pushed the reset button. They start to head to bed with the others.

Danielle goes up to the HOH with Shane. Shane wonders if they are doing all the dirty work for their coaches. He worries that Boogie will try to throw Dan under the bus when he leaves on Thursday.
They chat and play and cuddle until she leaves and the house goes quiet just before 5:00 AM.

Notes from tonight’s show:
We see the rest of the HoH Competition. Britney won safety easily. Boogie won $10k easily. Shane won HoH with little trouble. Everyone one else just fell a lot.
Frank and Boogie are shown feeling good before the nominations. Ian tells Britney that they were planning on putting up her and Shane then Britney leads the charge to get Frank and Boogie nominated.
There is a segment on Joe’s over the top stories.
There is a segment where the girls Nair Ian’s pits before another awkward date with Ashley.
Shane lines up the house against Frank and Boogie.
There is a segment showing them finding a cube with a question mark on it in the arcade machine and chaos ensues until...
Frank and Boogie are nominated and shocked.

Will a last minute Frank and Boogie meeting sway Shane about the Veto replacement nominee? Will we ever get to the bottom of what went down during the Veto competition? Might we just find out there will be no Veto Meeting, instead Frank will be disqualified and the nominations remain the same (over the top conspiracy theory, I know)?! Monday is set to be eventful either way.

Updaters did great today. Thanks a bunch!