Going into this morning it sounds like Willie has been steadfast in wanting the house to keep Frank. Janelle and Britney have wanted him to go the other way and keep Kara, but they have not been able to sway Willie so they seem to be on board with keeping Frank. At least until the Veto Meeting today. Let’s see how this plays out, shall we…

8:30 AM

Boogie is the first one up. He talks out loud about the ants in the kitchen and how he will use that to get people riled up today.

Most everyone begins to stir and hang out in the backyard where Boogie is true to his word. He specifically asks people to tell Britney about her cookie dough pan that attracted all the ants and generally makes a big deal about the ant situation. Willie figures out what Boogie is up to. Separately he tells his team mates, Jo Jo and Shane, not to make a stink about it because Boogie just wants to start a fight.

Meanwhile Danielle does her morning routine and asks Kara if she is getting all her upper lip hair tweezed.

Ian misses an opportunity to lay some ground work for his assignment. Ashley was out back engaging him in conversation, he doesn’t really capitalize. (ed. Britney and others were coaching Ian last night in how to approach women for a date. He is supposed to ask Ashley out today as his homework).

Dan made a pitch to Shane about using the Veto to save Kara.

Joe tells Janelle that Frank and Jenn approached him for an alliance saying they want to evict Willie. This sets the tone for a lot of things today.

12:15 PM
Feeds return from the Veto meeting. We learn that Shane did not use it.

We also see that Willie is no longer trusting of Frank. Team Brit is very grateful to Joe (& Team Janelle) for sharing Joe's "conversation" with Frank.

Boogie has asked Kara to have a date with him on his birthday. She says she will think about it but is clearly uncomfortable.

After a feed outage we learn Ian asked Ashley out and she said yes. It wasn’t a pity ‘yes’ according to Boogie, she's definitely into it.

Willie and Kara have a chat. If she stays, Willie wants her vote if he goes on the block. Kara is open to it. Willie says, “I really would like you to stay in the game and I want to trust you.”

Boogie and Frank chat. Frank thinks Joe will vote with the house but will let him know. Boogie suggests meeting with Willie and Shane to firm up a "Brigade" plan. Then Shane walks in and tells them it is already in the works.

Boogie coaches Ian, “You did something good today, every time someone pays you a compliment, you put yourself down at the same time.” He wants Ian to downplay his smarts.

Shane tells Kara he can trust her, but isn't sure if he can trust Dan. Kara wants to work with Shane.

Boogie hit his head on one of the awnings by the pool. A poster (Lumpy) captured it and posted a gif in the Media forum:
Link to Gif in Media Forum

Most everyone is by the pool or out back chit chatting. Willie asks if you need a Visa to go to Hawaii. Dan, Brit and Ashley all responded... No! (ed. I guess they all use Master Card).

Janelle warns Danielle and Kara not to go on boards if you don't want your feelings hurt. She warns them off showmances too. Danielle seems pretty smitten with Shane though.

Later, Janelle tells Willie that Danielle wants to start a showmance with Shane.

Danielle goes to hang out with Shane. He tells her he wants Kara to stay.

Elsewhere, Janelle and Wil want to force a tie vote so Willie can evict Frank and Janelle can enjoy Boogie’s face.

4:00 PM
Jo Jo and Janelle take a bubble bath in the HOH room.

Oh how long it’s been since we’ve last seen this.

Kara tells Dan she doesn't want to go on a date with Boogie.

Team Janelle and Team Brit have a paranoid filled meeting in the HOH room. Joe relays his discussion that Frank and Jenn are gunning for Willie once again with everyone present. They make a pact to not nominate each other. But voices are tense and there is a lot of distrust in the room about people making side alliances. Frank would be the target now.

Not long after, Britney has a meltdown saying people keep saying inappropriate stuff to her. She says Danielle has been baiting her to say bad things about Rachel and Dan commented that he thought she and Lane made a cute couple (ed. How dare he!).

Joe prepares dinner.

Ashley leads everyone in a prayer before they eat.

Exercise time. Frank, Wil, Jenn, and Kara have a run in the backyard. Next up, the coaches take their turn too.

8:00 PM
Ian prepares for the date while Ashley is sleeping in the same room.

Outside, Mike coaches Ian to find out which one girl Ashley really doesn't like and also see if Ashley might be willing to jump sides.

Willie, Britney and Janelle rehash the nomination situation yet again.
Willie suggests they sit down the night before and make a final decision then.

Meanwhile the Ian/Ashley date takes place. Dan, Britney and others assist as doorman and servers. Joe has prepared special dishes since they are Have-Nots. It’s cute and awkward and lasts about a half hour.

10:00 PM

Ian informs Frank that he planted seeds with Ashley to align with the other side.

Meanwhile, Ashley reports to Janelle about the game talk from Ian.

Kara asks Ashley if she will go on a second date. She says “No, but she had a nice time.”

Ian talks to himself. He doesn’t want to win HoH early but may not have a choice. Thinks Ashley and Janelle are trustworthy and he needs to take Joe to the end. He has a feeling Frank will be evicted. His dream alliance is Ashley, Joe and Shane with Willie as a wildcard. Thinks the next HOH is
all luck depending on who America thinks pissed in the swimming pool.

Joe advises Frank how to act this week if he wants to stay. Says Janelle likes him and he is going to have to align with them.

2:00 AM
Dan talks to himself: Alright so let me give you guys an update of what is going on with the lunacy that is Coach Dan's players. So, just to recap tonight; Danielle and I were talking and I should have known better. We were whispering and we stopped when Kara came up, which goes into full on meltdown between two women. I am not used to coaching females. That's pretty evident. And (long pause) inaudible . . . I'm going to stop talking. I mean there must be a more interesting conversation going on right now, I'm not a part of. Then quietly he whispers ~ Oh man, these people are crazy. (longer pause) Can't believe I'm here again.
He says he can't play favorites between his 2 team members, it makes things worse. He thinks the one that talks the most has the better chance at staying in the game. "I'd love to get one of them a half a million dollars, that's the end goal."

Willie & Ashley go in the HOH bathroom to talk while Jo Jo is sleeping on the HOH bed. Willie tells Ashley their teams (Brit & Janelle's) need to stick together. Their 2 teams will win HOHs and keep them all safe. "As long as our 6 is good, were good." As soon as someone goes against the grain, they'll have problems. Listen for how hard Janelle will push to keep Kara. Janelle is putting all her effort into getting Wil as far as she can in the game. That's why she wants to keep Kara; because that is a vote to keep Wil.
Ashley, "I definitely think Kara has to go" Willie agrees.

Willie and Ashley make a pact. They both agree their alliance (between the 2 of them) needs to stay secret, their teammates can't know. Ashley says that Willie needs to act like he has no respect for her game to keep their alliance secret.
Ashley says she had the realization today that Janelle isn't going to fight for her, she doesn't have her best interest at heart. Willie says Janie is a schemer. "Janelle is trying to keep Kara so that she has the numbers."

Ashley goes downstairs to bed. Willie gets into bed in the HOH where JoJo is still asleep and the house goes quiet.

Notes from tonight’s show:
Dan chose to evict Jodi last episode because Kara and Danielle were getting along very well. During the HOH room reveal we see that there is a second room attached for the winning coach that week. People watch Ian on the spy screen as he does strange things; like crawl under the table in the living room. They also show him streaking using Joe’s cowboy hat to cover himself while everyone cheers. We learn that Coaches don’t get to vote for evictions.
There is a weekly Coaches competition to grant the winner the power to keep one of their players safe for that week. Boogie won and picked Ian. Each coach had to pick one Have-not for the week too. At the nomination ceremony, Willie notes that he just didn’t talk to Kara and things got weird with Frank as his reasons for picking them.

Can the Janelle/Britney team alliance hold up or will the sub alliances come into play? Will this become the season of dating and showmance? And can Joe be any more excited in the Diary Room?

Many Thanks to the Joker’s Updaters!