9:00 AM
Big Brother rouses the Houseguests and they are quick to get underway. Everyone gets up to look nice for the Veto ceremony.

Thanks to the Duo twist, outside of a quick confirmation between Jordon and Adam that they’re “still good”, there was no serious game talk this morning.

Shelly is seen out back counting on her fingers and lipping words to herself.

Rachel lets Jordon know she feels stomach flu kind of sick.

Porsche joins Jordan, Rachel and Shelly in the downstairs bathroom still getting ready.

Just before the feeds go out for the Veto ceremony, Adam jokingly asks Rachel to not use the Veto today.

The feeds return after an hour and again courtesy of the Duo twist there is no major fallout. As expected Rachel took herself and Jordon off the block and were replaced by Adam and Shelly.

Porsche and Kalia are in the HOH room running all possible scenarios and conclude they are good unless Rachel wins HoH. They will continue talking to Rachel and Jordon about the final 4 deal. Porsche considers outting where Shelly hid Rachel’s dog at just the right time.

Meanwhile outside, Rachel, Shelly, Jordon and Adam are discussing the care and feeding of their dogs. Shelly tells of a Tickle Me Elmo doll they had to throw out because her dog was ‘a little too friendly with it’.

Adam breaks away to lay by the pool and talk to himself, “Why did I listen to Shelly? I should have seen the writing on the wall...
I'm just so stupid sometimes. But my stupidity works for me sometimes...
I should've won HOH…
I miss my girl, my friends, my brother. I miss living a normal life…
I need to kick it to overdrive. I need to win, I need to win, I need to win...
I hope I didn't embarrass anyone or myself or my friends, especially Farah.

Kalia has joined the others on the couches and tells of a time her dog bit her and she threw it against the wall. Everyone gasped. She eventually comes out with details that it broke her skin and it was a knee jerk reaction.

Back inside, Rachel tells Jordon that Shelly offered to help them any way they need and Rachel told her they were still deciding how to vote.
Rachel also whispers, "Its negative" (ed. The assumption is BB let her have an EPT).

Later outside, Rachel, Kalia and Porsche are tanning. Rachel asks Kalia how she’s going to vote. They start talking Pros and Cons but never come to a conclusion. Mainly Adam is trying hard and could win competitions, but Shelly is manipulative and could keep everyone turned against each other.

When Rachel walks away, Kalia asks Porsche if she pushed too much to Rachel. Porsche says, “I think it was good” (ed. They are Pro evicting Shelly at this point).

2:00 PM
Porsche talks to Shelly that it sounded good for keeping her.

Jordan has a long talk with Adam to make sure he is going to stay with her and Rachel. If he turns on her like Shelly did, she will go nuts! Adam says he would only put one of them up as a replacement nominee.

Rachel checks the Purple room. It is still locked.

Porsche reports to Kalia, “It sounds like they are getting rid of Adam not Shelly.” Kalia says, “Really, sounded like she was playing both sides. Either way, they are still both playing with you.

Jordan reports back to Rachel about her long conversation with Adam. They go to walk laps around the backyard.

Porsche and Kalia work out as well (ed. Or they are doing thier impression of pretzels.)

4:00 PM
Porsche and Kalia talk more in the Kitchen about the Pros and Cons of Shelly over Adam leaving. Kalia is worried that Rachel would put her up and keep Shelly there as a backup.

Not long after Jordan tells Rachel "We have to get rid of Kalia before questions." Rachel says, “Kalia thinks by making a deal with us she will control us.”

Jordan has a long talk with Kalia to tell her everything Dani said when she was campaigning to stay. Dani threw everyone under the bus. They couldn't trust her. Jordon asks Kalia about Dani saying she was forced into a final 2 deal with Kalia. Kalia said in week 2 they agreed to have each other’s backs.

They go outside and start comparing notes on things Shelly told them.
Kalia says Shelly is this season’s Will. She doesn’t win anything and manipulates everyone.

Rachel joins them and they continue comparing notes on things Shelly told them. Shelly’s stories are being outted left and right.

In this conversation Kalia admits she and Dani are behind a lot of the missing stuff. She doesn’t come clean about the missing chess pieces, instead pinning them on Shelly.

Kalia nearly wakes the dead with one realization. Something about Shelly being the one to say that Rachel called her a bitch.

Adam has been in this conversation at times too.

Shelly has been inside during this time.

6:30 PM
Porsche joins them and they continue going over Shelly stories and what might be motivating her. Kalia is certain Shelly is the reason the house divided. Jordon doesn’t feel so bad for exploding on Shelly last Thursday now. Shelly played them all!

Shelly finally comes outside (ed. Or they might have gone on all night).

It doesn’t take long for Rachel to get Jordon alone to consider keeping Shelly since she is such a target now.

8:00 PM
Adam briefly talks to Rachel and Jordon. Adam says “Not to add to the paranoia but what if Shelly is America's player? They think that would explain some things.

Afterwards Rachel is back to wanting to evict Shelly as the best move.

Kalia comes by and tells them to let her know what they are going to do so she can vote the way they do.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Porsche won her first Head of Household competition. For the first time this season, Pandora’s box appeared and HoH Porsche decided to open it. She won $5,000, but also brought back the duo twist for one week. Because of the double eviction, the house is once again divided between Veterans and Newbies. The nominations and Veto competition will both air on Wednesday.

Porsche and Rachel try to figure out how to make Cinnabun dough.

Adam retrieves a bottle of wine and some beers from the storage room. He grabs a Heineken and goes out back.

Jordon and Rachel thinks Jeff and Brendon are probably male-bonding in the jury house. Shelly walks by and jokes they should continue to help by sending them Adam instead of her.

10:00 PM
Outside, Adam asks us to send a banner if Shelly is America's player. He invites everyone to come to Hoboken for the biggest party ever.

Rachel and Jordan are called to the Diary room together. Jordon worries that she did something wrong. After they leave the DR they start talking about Operation Sleep Over Party. Mainly a plan to get Kalia and Porsche on their side for a final 4.

11:00 PM
Most everyone continues talking about dogs. Jordon tells a story where her dog jumped out of her car once. She wasn’t going fast. The dog cut its lip but was otherwise ok. Jordon was more upset then the dog. They give Kalia a hard time about throwing her dog against the wall. When Kalia gets up she stubs her toe hard (ed. Perhaps a little karma.)

Eventually Adam and Porsche are the only ones left out on the couches and she tells him that she and Kalia are campaigning on his behalf.

Shelly joins them and talk changes to how they got onto the show and how they had to keep it secret.

They head to bed just before 2:00 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Shelly continue to be public enemy number one? Will that actually make her more attractive as a final 2 partner? Or will Operation Sleepover be successful? And when will the Purple room be opened (and for what purpose)?

The Updaters continue to be impressive. Thanks to you all!