8:30Am Wake up call and the Houseguests are all prepping for the upcoming important veto competition. General chit chat as they do their morning routines.

Jordan and Rachel in H/N Room running scenerios. Jordan says she couldn't sleep because she was thinking about every possible scenerio. She says they need to win today, so they have all the power, but we also need to see how Porsche does today, because maybe we should think about getting rid of Porsche instead. We would have a better chance if we got rid of Adam at 4.. I'm just thinking out all options. You, me and Kalia at final 3. We beat her at Endurance and skill.. and she doesn't get to play questions.. Think about it.
Rachel says what about next week with the Questions? What if Kalia wins? Jordan says then it would be you and me against Adam. Jordan's all sketched out about Adam's comment last night about pulling off one of the girls if he wins PoV. They agree that if Adam wins and uses the Veto, they are going to be so pissed. Jordan is telling Rachel that the HOH does not get to play in the final 4 veto because she remembers that in her season, Natalie did not play. Rachel doesnt think that is correct but agrees Natalie didnt play. (The real reason Natalie didnt play was because she opened Pandoras Box and as a penalty, she was not eligible to play in Veto).

Rachel passes Adam in the Kitchen on her way to HOH and asks him if he would really use the veto if he won, due to the comment he joking made last night. Adam says he was really only joking around and he assures her on again that he would not use the veto.

Porche studying the memory wall as Adam prepares his breakfast and comments to him, that id he won veto, life would be so good! Adam does not acknowledge her.

12:30 - 2:30 Veto Competition is underway!

The veto was OTEV, and Adam won!

Jordan in HOH with Rachel talking about Adam giving Jordan Farrah's necklace, telling her to hold it until after the veto ceremony. Saying that promises her
that he wont use it. They believe he is being genuine with them but still have some worries.

Downstairs, Kalia is campaigning hard to Adam to use the veto. Kalia says does our final 2 thing mean anything? Adam says,does it mean anything if you tell everyone about it? Kalia says I've never lied to you Adam. It's the only way all 3 of us stay in the house. It's the only way. I thought we were all playing together. Is that why? Because people knew about our 2? Adam says and you didn't vote for me this week. Kalia reminds him he voted for Jeff. Adam says I voted for Jeff because I was keeping my word to him.. Why did you vote me out? Kalia ignores him and says so don't take me down, take Porsche down! Adamsays that's what I'm considering. Let me bask in this. Kalia says I'm sorry. You know what it's like when your butt's on the line. I'm super excited for you that you won. I'm sorry to badger you. I just don't wanna spend the next 2 days thinking I'm going home, because we can still do it. We can erase last week. Last week, they were making a final 4 girls deal with us. They said they didn't care which one of you went last week, the other would go this week.

Back in HOH, Jordan tells Rachel we gotta trust somebody. Kalia's made all these deals... Porsche doesn't talk to anybody. She looked upset from losing.
Rachel says she did. I told her, Porsche, you're not going home. I think keeping Adam was a good decision, because Shelly would've never won that. We need someone who can fight for us. and Adam, I think he really cared about Jeff, so I don't think he would turn on you ever. Me on the other hand?
Jordan says he seems like an honest man. Rachel agrees. Jordan says if Porsche gets any power, I'm getting evicted. Rachel says well not if she's evicted. But if Porsche wins HoH next week, we're in big trouble. She'll nominate me and you. If it was questions, and we keep Kalia, she really might win it.
Jordan says let's just stick to voting out Kalia then. Rachel thinks If Kalia stays in this house, she will win this game. Let's get her out before she can win more than 2 things.

3:30PM Adam asks if he can go to HOH to listen to music, Rachel agrees. Jordan heads to HOH to get a blanket. Adam immediately tells Jordan about his conversation with Kalia. Jordan is very nervous about what he is going to do and Adam reassures her that he will not break their alliance and he will not use the veto. They need to get Kalia out. Jordan is not happy that Kalia is trying to get Adam to use the veto but she says she will not tell Kalia she knows this.

5:00PM Jordan enters the FT Room where everyone is playing cards, she is exteremyl figgity, constantly pulling at her hair, etc. She isnt talking much and looks very nervous. She says she is going to take a nap and leaves. THey all continue to play cards. At one point the FT started moving and they thought she was finally going to do something, but she didnt.

7:00PM Everyone is BY, Kalia is talking non stop about how great she is, blah blah blah... tried out for American Idol but didnt get 3 yes's obviously because she wasnt the package they were looking for. Flashback if you wanna hear it, I just cant...lol...

9:30PM Kalia and Proche in BY talking about getting Adam using the Veto. Kalia doing all the talking, a mile a minute. Adam walks out to cook his sreak and Kalia immediately starts grilling him on what he is going to do. She tells him that this is thier opportunity to get rid of Jordan. That Jordan and Rachel will never take him to Final 2 but she will. She is telling him that he has to stay true to her and Porche and not Rachel and Jordan. She really isnt letting him get a word in at all, almost yelling at him. Adam finally breaks free to go cook his steak, but...not so fast...Kalia continues talking from the couch as he as at the grill. Telling him "It's time to make a big move". Adam is doing his best to ignore her. He heads inside to finish making his dinner.

Once Adam comes back out, Kalia goes in to pout at the kitchen counter and Jordan enters. Kalia immediately starts throwing Porche under the bus saying how she (Kalia) deserves to be there and Porche just wants to be there to promote herself to get modeling gigs or something else in the entertainment industry. She says its not fair that she is playing the game and has
stepped up and proved she is a competitor and she will be leaving. Jordan (probably laughing inside) reminds her that Kalia told her thats why she got rid of Jeff, because he was a competitor, why should she be any different? (LOL). Jordan not folding on her stand that Kalia is good at competitions both endurance and questions so she needs to go. Kalia begging her to keep her because she deserves to be there. Jordan called to DR and Kalia heads to bed to cry. As she is crying she keeps saying how its not fair and she deserves to win.

1:00AM Rachel calls Adam in the Purple room for a quick chat to tell him that Kalia has tried to make a final 3 deal with both her and Jordan. That Kalia is promising everything to everyone and she hopes Adam can see that. He assures her he knows.

2:00AM Kalia joins Jordan in the BY. Kalia says she couldn't believe Dani campaigned against her and had people campaigning against her when they were on the block against each other. She says it made her (Kalia) look like a punk that week. Jordan thinks Dani really does care for Kalia. Kalia does say she doesn't hold it against her she separates the game from real life. Kalia says Dani was probably really embarrassed that she got sent to Jury 2nd when she made it to the finals last time and she came back to try and prove she could play the game without riding her dad's coattails. Kalia says that she has played this entire game keeping Jeff & Jordan in the back of her mind because of the deal they made. Jordan says she knows that Porsche is coming after
her and Kalia asks why she would keep someone in the house she knows is coming after her? Kalia says that if Adam doesn't use the Veto which she doesn't think he will then he would prefer to keep Porsche because they have been close the entire game. Kalia says that Adam can vote to keep Porsche and Jordan can vote to keep Kalia and if Rachel would break the tie and keep Kalia then the 3 of them could move forward together. Kalia says when Dani left she told her that she thought Dani would win America's Fav Juror but Dani said by the time the game is over people would forget about the moves she made. Jordan tells her they have plenty of days left to talk to Rachel and Adam could still potentially use the Veto. Jordan says in that case she would be going home. Kalia tells her that Adam adores her and she doesn't think he'll use it
and put Jordan up. Kalia and Jordan laugh about Adam because he can't lie in this house. Jordan says that Jeff took Adam under his wing and she thinks Jeff genuinely likes Adam. Kalia says that after the Double Eviction Porsche told her they couldn't trust Shelly and Kalia says she knew she needed to go and thinks the Pandora's Box was kind of a blessing. Jordan and Kalia talk about how hurt Adam was by Shelly flipping sides because they were really close. Kalia says she doesn't think Shelly was here to win she thinks she just wanted to be a part of the BB experiment. Kalia tells Jordan about Shelly crying to them after the DE and was telling them that she had to vote Jeff out, she was doing this for her family, she would never win with Jeff & Jordan. Kalia says that was a totally different tune than she had heard Shelly singing, Kalia says Shelly said her family has 4 flat screen TVs. Jordan and Kalia think that Shelly probably made fun of them in her DRs. Jordan says that Shelly even had her and Jeff questioning their alliance with Rachel and Brendon. They
think Shelly is scared of the wrath of Jeff in the Jury house, especially if she left him a nasty goodbye message. Kalia says she left a nice message for Jeff explaining why she had to vote him out. Jordan says she is sure that Jeff isn't mad at Kalia she thinks he is probably the most angry with Shelly. Kalia says Shelly was complaining that everyone was putting Jeff's eviction on her shoulders and why she was taking the fall for voting him out. Kalia said she couldn't stand hearing her say that because Shelly was the only one that was friend's with Jeff who voted him out so yeah it was her fault. Jordan tells her that she will talk to Rachel about what they want to do tomorrow, then sheads to bed.

In the fortune room Porsche is telling Rachel that Dani told her before she left that she had to stick with Shelly and Kalia. Porsche said they had to get Jeff out because he was the captain of the other side. She tells Rachel she wasn't ever the target. Rachel says she was last week. Porsche says she had no doubt that Rachel was going to win the Veto last week. Porsche says she thought Jordan was going to go home last week (before the duo twist was reinstated because of Pandora's Box) She says Kalia was ready to vote Jordan out last week. Rachel tells her not to worry about whether or not Adam uses the Veto on her, she needs to make sure she has his vote to stay in the house. Porsche says that if Adam thinks Kalia can take him farther in the game then he has no need for her (Porche).

2:30 AM Porsche is talking to Adam. She asks him if he is working with Jordan and Rachel and he tells her not to ask him that. Porsche replies "Good answer" Porsche was telling him that she has tried to talk to Rachel but she isn't feeling 100% comfortable because it has been so long since she talked game with Rachel. Porsche tells Adam she was trying so hard for that Veto. Porsche admits to Adam that she got $10,000 for the Pandora's Box and she had to split it with Kalia. She tells Adam that when she saw the $10,000 on the PB screen she thought she was going to go on a date with a Juror and be able to give them the money and essentially buy their vote. Adam says this will not benefit me telling anyone and says he won't say anything. Adam says that Kalia might say something if she gets desperate enough. Adam tells Porsche it hurts him that he turned his back on Jordan. Porsche says but I thought you wanted Rachel out. He said he originally didn't but that is the way things aligned themselves. Porsche tells Adam she was shocked Kalia voted Adam out, and told everyone about there final two. Adam said you can't win this game in a week
but you can lose it in a week, and that is exactly what Kalia did Adam said there is no way he is voting to keep Kalia. Especially after letting Daniele run her HoH Porsche said Kalia wanted Porsche to put Jordan up so Kalia wouldn't get blood on her hands. Adam said everything happens for a reason and this game is about taking chances.