Big Brother Recap July 10, 2009
VETO, Scheming and backstabbing

We also know that Chima had a bit of a hissy fit when her group lost the have/have not challenge because she was put on slop and had to sleep in the cell room. She also had another melt down when she was nominated.

Lydia and Casey were the first awake this morning at 7:46. They did their morning routine (battery changing, coffee, banana eating and head out back) Lydia did her morning yoga routine while Casey watched smoked and enjoyed his coffee. They discuss Lydia being nominated, how stressful the nomination ceremony was and who they think will vote for who. Both were all over the place in the discussion. They then discuss past POV competitions and how it could be skill, agility or remembering things.
They also discussed how people in the house might not want to vote Chima out first because she is black and it could be considered a racial move. Lydia constantly puts down Chima, saying she is always bragging about her weighing 105 pounds, and how inappropriate things she always said.

Casey then said that his wife and him planned on having his son so he would be home over the summer to take care of him, His son turned one on June 27th. Lydia told Casey that she makes her own clothes and jewelry. She sells them too. She makes rag dolls and other children’s toys also.
At 9:30 BB woke up the other houseguests. Brayden, Lydia and Jordan get ready to go sit by the pool. They hung at the pool and got some sun. Everyone else did there morning routine.

By 11:30 we got fish and the houseguests picked partners for the first VETO competition. Lydia picked Jeff , Jessie picked Russell and Chima picked Natalie to play for them.
BB over the loud speaker gave the houseguests their daily dose of facts, today’s facts was that there are over 300 species of turtles.
After a brief lockdown, the houseguests go back inside for an inside lockdown and see that BB gave them a dictionary. They assume that they should study for it.
Natalie, Chima and Ronnie discuss the voting and they are sure the y have the votes for Chima to stay, They think they have Laura’s vote but do not trust her. Ronnie spills everything that Lydia has said about Chima.
Jessie is still Jessie, paranoid about everyone wanting to evict him. He had a discussion with Russell and basically said he trusts no one in the house, they are all out to get him. Russell wants to evict Chima, Laura and Brayden.
At 7:00 PM the POV competition begins. The feeds return right before 9:00 so the competition took about two hours. Not long afterward we find out that Russell won POV. It was a spelling completion (that is why the dictionary suddenly appeared) where they had to find letters. Chima was a bit of a sore sport about Russell winning. It seems Russell took a lot of the letters so others couldn’t spell their words.
Lydia still has operation sex pot in effect. She flirts and throwing herself at Jessie and Russell. She is trying to get votes to stay; she gives Russell a backrub and hangs all over him.
Chima talks about how she was raped by a serial rapist and killer when she was 22. She said she did not stop fighting. She had to have two facial surgeries since the attack and her killer was sent to death row.

Natalie walked in on Jessie and Lydia talking, just as Lydia was telling Jessie that Natalie is running the show and him and Russell bow down and do everything she tells them to do. This led to a bit of a confrontation between Nat and Lydia. Lydia said that Nat is disrespectful and can’t look her in the eye, and that she is the one that wanted her to be put up. Natalie did not deny it she said she did want her up because someone told her that she was coming after her. Lydia then told her she should have asked her instead of sitting in the kitchen and calling her and Jordan sluts and ho’s and then nominating her. Lydia then called them out for alienating Jeff from their clique. Jess said that Jeff alienated himself by not coming up to HOH to talk game. Lydia said no one ever asked him either. Jess being Jessie then turns it around and said nobody has talked to him since nominations because his power is gone (ahhh poor Jessie).
Jessie, Nat and Lydia have another late night chat. Lydia throws everyone under the bus trying to save herself. She tells Jessie that she trusts only Jessie and Natalie (the one she just had a blowout with). Jessie told her that if VETO is used that whoever he will put up (he said numerous times it would be Jordan) would be the target. Lydia said that she would never put him or Natalie up if she was HOH. After Lydia leaves Natalie tells Jessie she believes Lydia and maybe they should consider putting someone else up. Jessie suggests Brayden since he could win a POV and is a strong player. Natalie said maybe Jeff since it would not piss anyone off. Then they leave HOH to get Russell to talk to him about using the POV. They tell Russell that Lydia is not after him. They then said that Jeff has been talking bad about him, but won’t tell him what Jeff has said because they don’t want him (Russ) to hurt Jeff. Russ said he is sticking with the original plan that he wants Lydia out and she would do or say anything to stay in the game. Jess pipes up and told Russ to sleep on it and that Lydia already said she would vote out Jeff. Natalie then said they should use the VETO to save Chima and put Brayden up. (These people are unreal) Russ said if that was the case he would wait until an hour before to tell Lydia she is safe, Nat said no he would want to make a deal with her. At 6:15 in the morning they finally end their conversation with agreeing to put up Brayden after making fun of him and mocking his accent.