8:00AM BB wake up call....

Jeff and Jordan still in bed, Rachel comes in and and tells Jeff that production is trying to get them to throw each other under the bus. Jeff is shocked and says no way they cant do that! Brendan joins them and says they all need to go upstairs and talk. The four, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan head to HOH. Brendon explains that he believes the house is trying to pit them against each other, forcing people to decide which "side" they are on...Jeff and Jordan's side or Brendon and Rachel's side. Jeff says that Dani is in the best position because she is just riding the rail in between both "sides". He says he has been observing this but did not want to say anything to Brenchel because he knows how close they are to Dani. Rachel and Brendon say they have heard that Jeff and Jordan have been trying to line people up to go on their side. Jeff and Jordan basically say they have heard the same thing about Brenchel. They all believe that Dani is behind all of this and that Dani is forming a new alliance with Dom, Kalia and Lawon. Jeff calls them the "Late Night Crew" because they stay up till 6am together plotting. Jeff says he knows that when they are all up together they are talking about the four of them. They all agree that Dom will do whatever Dani tells him to do and they have to get rid of Dom this week. Brendon says they cannot let Dani know that they are on to her game. They have to make her think she is getting over on them. They agree that Dani will no longer be a part of their decision making process. Rachel thinks that Dani will not try to win HOH next week because she doesn't want to show her hand. But if Dom is still in the house, she will get him to do her work for her. They end the conversation reaffirming their alliance and saying to just keep an eye on Dani and not to say anything to anyone about their suspicions.

Player for Veto picked...Jeff and Jordan will be playing with Rachel, Brendon, Dom and Adam. The host is Porche.

10:00AM Dom heads to HOH to talk to Rachel. Rachel tells him that they did not put him up so he goes home. Dom is appreciative that they want to keep him. He says that he is 100 percent with them and Dani. Brendon joins the conversation. Dom tells him that he wants to work with them. Brendon tells him that he and Rachel are telling Jeff and Jordan that Adam is safe.
He doesn't want Jeff and Jordan suspicious that they really want to keep Dom. They tell Dom to throw they POV because they have the votes to keep him, Dom agrees and heads back downstairs. Once alone, Rachel asks Brendon if he was honest with Jeff and Jordan. Brendon says when he came into this house he was playing with his emotions and thought that since they had hung out with Dani
a few times that she would be someone they could trust. But now, he firmly believes that she is playing them. He knows he can trust Jeff and Jordan and wants the four of them to stick to their alliance.

11:00AM Dani comes into HOH and starts her campaign to get Brenchel to backdoor Jeff. She asks them what did they tell Dom to do about playing in the veto comp. Brendon tells her that they told him to throw it. Dani gets upset and says, why wouldnt you want Dom in the game? Brendon explains that he wants Adam gone and if Dom win the veto, Adam stays. Dani says they need to split Jeff and Jordan up before jury. She explains that if they wait, thats 2 jury votes against them. Dani is pushing hard but Brenchel are not buying it. Dani leaves and Brenchel discuss how bold she was about backdooring Jeff and Jordan. BB announcer comes on and says "Danielle please don't obstruct you microphone". Brendon says, she is probably telling Dom everything they just said....which she is..lol.

12:00PM - 2:30PM POV Competition underway.

2:30PM Brendon has won the POV. Apparently the competition was a spelling Bee. There was soap being squirted out all over the place and apparently Rachel swalled a bunch of soap and it also got in her eyes. Shes doing a lot of coughing and not feeling well. Most HG are napping.

7:00PM Outside, Shelly and Jordan are talking about who to keep, Dom or Adam. Shelly tells Jordan that Dom approached her last night saying that he trusts her more than anyone in the house and that he and Dani want to work with her and Kalia. She says that Dom told her if he won the veto he would try to convince Brenchel to put up Jeff and Jordan, backdooring Jeff. Jordan says they need to go talk to Rachel. They go up to HOH waking Rachel up. Shelly tells her everything she just told Jordan. Rachel is taking it all in. Shelly tells them that she thinks it would be horrible for any of the real couples to be split up before Jury. Brendon enters and they fill him in on everything that has happened. Brendon says whatever they decide, they have to still pretend Adam is going home. Shelly says she tells Adam that they,the newbies, don't have any power, and Adam can't just tell Brendon and Rachel what they want to hear, but ask them what they want him to do. She tells Adam you're not in control. Shelly says there is no way she is putting Brendon and Rachel up, ever. Brendon says that Dani is the one who told him that Shelly and Jordan were up in HOH and she seemed very nervous. Shelly says she better leave. Jordan stay for a few more minutes telling Brenchel that she will not say anything to Dani or Dom but she is really upset. She is going to find Jeff and fill him in on the latest. Brendon tells her to just act like nothing is wrong so Dani and Dom do not suspect that they are on to them.

Jordan heads outside, Jeff is on the elliptical. Jeff keeps looking at Jordan but continues his workout. After a while he goes over to Jordan who is working out. She tells him they have to talk later becasue there are too many people outside but gives him a brief summary of what Shelly told her. Jeff looks like he is going to explode, but keeps his cool. He paces the backyard.
After whispering with Dani for a while inside, Kalia lays in the hammock. She asks Jeff and Jordan if the veto is going to be used. They say they dont know. She says is would be stupid if Rachel uses it to backdoor them. Jeff, still pissed and trying not to blow his top, says yeah, but that's word on the street. Kalia mentions Dani and how she is using people to benefit her game.

Inside, Rachel and Dani are playing the annoying cereal box game. Dani asks what Jordan and Shelly were doing in HOH. Rachel says they just wanted to know if the veto would be used. Dani saying Jordan should be nervous because she drew a line during the luxury comp. Rachel not saying much. Dani is visibly nervous as she keeps trying to plant the backdoor Jeff and Jordan seeds into Rachel's head and Rachel is ignoring it. Dani then starts to say how she doesn't trust Lawon and maybe they should get him out. (basically get anyone out except Dom..lol)

9:00PM Kalia and Shelly in the purple room. Kalia says that since she has never talked game with Shelly she doesn't want her to think she's against her. Kalia says, I guess I just want to know where your head is. Shelly says my goal is to get to singles and it got messed up with Cassi was put on the block. Shelly says she's just trying to play an honest game. She says she is aware of the strong players and who to look out for, she says she also looks out for the people who would lie and cheat. They talk about Adam and is personality and Kalia says she doesn't have a connection with Adam and would probably not be friends out of the house so she would probably rather him out. Kalia says if people are not offering her deals shes concerned. Shelly says it's too soon. Kalia says she doesn't trust her partner. Shelly says you genuinely don't trust him? Kalia says no, a couple of things he has said have been lies. Rachel joins the girls. Kalia continues to bash Lawon. Kalia says since day 2 she has been very leery with Lawon. Shelly says she didn't know that. They speculate that Lawon may be a lawyer or something based on how he talks in circles.

Elsewhere, Jeff is in the kitchen with Dani. Awkward silence, you can cut the tension with a knife.

11:00PM Kalia comes out of purple room and into kitchen where Dani has been sitting nervously. Dani tells her, just so you know, Shelly doesn't like you at all. Kalia seems surprised. Kalia tells her about their conversation. Kalia also asks Dani if they are good. Dani says she wants Kalia in the final 4 with her.

12:30AM Jordan finally filling Jeff in on everything. Jordan told Shelly that she wanted Dom to go. Kalia told her that Dom & Dani want to work together. Shelly told Jordan about hearing that Jeff might get back-doored. Jordan said that she asked Brenchel whether they were going to use the veto and they said "We don't know." and Jordan's thinking - you don't know? Jordan says that Dani keeps pushing to keep Dom. Jordan said that Kalia came up to her 5 times today asking if everything was OK between them and Jordan said that she wasn't sure, that she was afraid of maybe getting back-doored. Brendon joins the hammock convo. Jeff & Brendon say that Dom needs to go to prevent him from joining up with Dani. They think that Dani is off making other alliances. Jeff says that Adam is in on the plan to back-door Jeff. He's acting like he's safe. Brendon left to go upstairs to the HOH room with Rachel. He's going to sleep. Jordan said that she'd put Dani up if she won HOH. Jeff says that he wanted to get rid of Adam and keep Dom but Dom f'd himself up and now Jeff wants to get rid of Dom.

In HOH, Brechel talking about the days events. Brendon wants Rachel to get Porche on their side. Brendon thinks if she tells Porsche anything about being suspicious of Dani that there is a possibility it will get back to her. Rachel asks what Jeff said? Brendon tells her that Jordan was saying that Kalia keeps coming up to her today and saying that everyone is acting weird. Jeff was telling Brendon that Dani won't stay in a room with him, every time he walks in a room where Dani is, within a minute Dani takes off. Rachel doesn't think Dani is going to go for voting Dom out and Brendon snaps that it
isn't her f***ing choice. Brendon "If were not careful were going to lose any f****ing advantage we have going!" Rachel doesn't know why Dani wants to backdoor Jeff. Then she says so she can keep Dom? Brendon "Duh!!" And that will weaken the vets alliance. He keeps telling Rachel "It's not rocket science!" Rachel tells him that Porche told her that Dani was one of her favorite vets and that in season 8, Dani's strategy was to pair up with the strongest guy in the house (Nick) and make then do all the dirty work. Rachel thinks that is what she is trying to do this year with Dom. Rachel says that she thought Dani actually liked, liked Dom but now she doesn't think so. Brendon agrees and says Dani looks at Dom as a boy. Rachel doesn't seem to get why everyone wants to go after Jeff? Brendon keeps saying "Duh!" do you really not get it?
If anyone in this house wants Jeff gone its because Dani has been down there pushing it. Brendon says he doesn't trust Shelly, Jordan trusts Shelly.... so it is best to keep Shelly close. Porsche knocks on the door and comes in.
She tells them she would love to snuggle with them but she got the other HGs to shift their sleeping arrangements so she is going to share a bed with Kalia. Porsche says she hopes to push Kalia out of her comfort zone. They are laughing because Porsche thinks she should sprinkle hair on Kalia's bed to drive her crazy! Brendon "Good job Porsche, we're proud of you" Rachel asks about where Dom is going to sleep? She says he may sleep with Dani. Porche leaves. Rachel says she cant believe that Dani would turn on them this soon. They talk about Cassi and how she was trying to manipulate their own alliance
against them. Brendon says that Jeff & Jordan trust them and with what is happening with Dani now it is even more important to stick together. He says he wants to cement a Final 4 deal with Jeff & Jordan. Rachel thought they already did. He also says they can't ever let Jeff & Jordan think they are turning on them.

2:00AM Shelly and Kalia in purple room. Kalia says she doesn't care if people like her or don't like her, she's just stressed. "The whole day has been a weird day!" She tells Shelly that if Rachel uses the veto then there is only 1 couple that will get put up (meaning her and LaWon). Kalia is upset no one is coming to make deals with her. Jordan stops in and asks Kalia what is wrong. Shelly says Kalia just wants to get away from all of the whispering. Shelly & Jordan are trying to make Kalia feel better. Now Jeff comes in and Jordan tells him Kalia is sad. Kalia says sometimes she just wants to shut it all off and you can't do that in the house. Jordan says shes not mad at her, she is just worried about getting backdoored. Jordan leaves and Jeff comes in. He asks her if she's taking "Kalia time".

In the bathroom Shelly and Jordan are whispering. Jordan "It would be stupid for Brendon & Rachel to get rid of me and Jeff now". Shelly "They wouldn't". Rachel joins Jordan & Shelly....they are telling her that Kalia is crying because she thinks she is going up because she thinks the veto is going to be used.

Dani Joins Kalia in purple room. Dani tells her Shelly told her she was in her crying and Dani was wondering what happened now? Kalia complains that everyone kept coming in the room and she just needed some alone time. Dani tells Kalia BB made her put her red key back, she had stuck it in her bag. Kalia "Cause you're gonna need it next week!" Dani is sympathizing with Kalia, you can't ever get alone time in the house you're always on.

In the Have Not Room, Porche and Dom having a flirtatious conversation. Dom is trying to find out who the 2 votes were that flipped to get Keith out. Porche agreeing about one vote being Kalia but not confirming the other vote. Dom asked was it Adam, Porche responded "Why does it have to be Adam?". When she left the room, Dom mouthed "WTF" to himself. Dom told her it was Kalia and the only two other people were Adam and Shelly.

2:30AM Dani and Dom finally alone. Dani tells him that Jeff & Jordan are really nervous that they are going to go home. Dom asks her if she told anyone that she was the one planting the seed in Brendon & Rachel's head to backdoor Jeff & Jordan. She says she only told him that. He warns her to be careful about what she says to Kalia, he says not to trust her because
she is tight with Jordan. Dom is telling her about his convo he had with Shelly last night. Dani says Shelly wanted to talk to her today too and she never has before, she also says Shelly wanted to talk to Kalia. Dani wonders if Shelly is running around trying to double deal. Dom warns Dani that Jeff does not trust her. Dani says she is going to talk to Brenchel more tomorrow.....

Stay tuned.....