The morning was slow, not much to see
Everyone got up to shower and pee
They primped in the mirror
As the Veto drew near
Will Adam go Vet or go Newbie

The feeds came back to us, Kalia looked down
The ceremony over, she put on a frown
Adam took up his stand
Veto still in his hand
Its ‘Kalia or Porsche’ that will for sure lose the crown

The nominees campaigned to Rachel and Jordan
Their pitches were different, this is for certain
Porsche came bearing gifts
Kalia tried to make rifts
Who do you think was perceived as the good one

Rachel announces “It’s time!” with much glee
For pictures to take, they all look pretty
They pose and they smile
Get along for awhile
Then it’s back to the game nitty-gritty

Kalia is studying the memory wall
Regrouped it would seem she is now standing tall
Porsche takes this as worries
To Adam she hurries
He tells her Kalia has no chance at all

Porsche still unsure, she gets Rachel alone
For all her pasts sins she wants to atone
A promise and handshake
She is sure that it will take
To drive through the point she doesn’t want to go home

The Fortune Teller spews an occasional prediction
Anyone not there may lose the next HOH competition
In the crypt keeper voice
She gives them no choice
But to memorize what will be asked as a fact or a fiction

They head for their beds knowing the schedule has changed
After tomorrow it seems, only four will remain
There is no more racquet
The house does go quiet
Leaving us with the questions, we might go insane

Wait just a minute, she’s awakened the dead
She starts with predictions she’s already read
Did everyone hear it
Rachel didn’t get near it
We could be in for a long night instead

After doing this recap I have a hard time
Whatever I read, I now look for a rhyme
Hope you enjoyed
And were not too annoyed
Please thank an Updater, they did mighty fine!

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