VT. Gets VETO, Boys vs Girls divide begins

10:22am – Willie got up chatted a bit with Ashley in bed then proceeded to get dressed. Followed by Jojo, who got up and ate her Frosted Flakes before anyone else was up. Slowly all the other houseguest woke up and started their morning routine.

Willie didn’t wait long to start to talk strategy with Brit. He expressed that he wants Kara gone. Britney agreed with him and said she will go if she does not win VETO. He said that keeping Kara would only benefit Janelle, while keeping Frank will benefit everyone. Britney thinks that they won’t have the votes to keep Kara and told Willie good luck getting the votes, that more people want Frank gone because he is such a strong player. Janelle joins them and the conversation shifts to what can happen next week. Janelle said that they have to get rid of Ian because after week 4 he will win all the mental competitions. Ashley had to see a doctor because of her back, she is having muscle spasms and is in a lot of pain. The doctor gave her medication.

12:40 pm – We get fish and it is POV time. Playing in the POV is Willie, Kara, Frank, Shane, Danielle and Wil

2:40 pm - We get the feeds back and see that Shane has won the POV. Shane agreed while talking to Britney that he will not use the POV. The Nominations will stay the same.

4:07 pm - Boogie and Frank talk and agree that Frank should go to Willie and tell him to do what is best for him not what his coach tells him to do. That the coaches have no power. Boogie encourages him to try so that Willie will rally votes for him .

4:55 pm - Boogie and Dan was talking about acting. Boogie said he had an agent who begged him not to propose to Krista on BB2 but he still did it and regrets it because it caused him a chance to be on the amazing race. Dan told Boogie that he was paid to go live in a mansion in Italy, that it was an organization that pays for Italian Americans to experience life in Italy. He said he never knew who paid for it. They started talking about what they did with their money, Dan told Boogie, He still drives his 2006 Ford Taurus, He gave money to St. Mary's for equipment and lights, He helped out his parents. Dan says he has a jacket that he wears that he has had since 9th grade. He also went to Vegas with Memphis and Brian. Boogie said he did not buy anything over the top either he just saved his money. Dan said that Jordan was the only BB winner he contacted with advice after she won because Boogie did that for him and he thought it was nice and good and wanted to pass it on.

Boogie asked Dan if he regrets his team picks, he said that he didn’t know Ian was so young and that he thinks he is on life support. Both said that they shouldn’t have passed Willie and he is not as brash as they thought he was. Meanwhile Wil and Joe had a chat while playing chess, and they both agree that Jojo has to be next to go and they both hope to be with each other at the end. Joe thinks she will win bcause she is tough as nails and has super endurance.

5:40 pm - Coach Boogie then has a quick private talk with Ian here is the discussion:

Boogie tells Ian he might be next. Boogie is telling him to step up his social game. "After the Veto, you took a shower before Danielle."

Ian: "Well, I asked everyone if it was OK, and she was nowhere to be found."

Boogie: "I am going to market you as a non-physical player. That needs to be the theme for you."

Boogie saying to Ian that it wasn’t a good idea to wear a duck on his head during the nominations (Ian wore a duck on his head during the noms) Boogie says would you wear a clown suit to a funeral? He says this is serious to those people and to not mock it. Boogie says he understand what Ian was trying to do to lighten the mood but it hurts his game.

At the same time Dan was coaching Kara and telling her to go talk to Willie after Dinner and make a deal. Dan said that he was told the VETO was not going to be used. So she had to make a deal. She responded by saying that she was told Willie was flip flopping between her and Frank. Dan said he will talk to Britney again and try to get her to save Kara.

After dinner Janelle and Britney said that they had to get rid of Dan because he was too likable. They briefly talk about who will align with who once they enter the game. They said if someone asks them about them entering the game that they have to lie and say they can’t talk about anything due to their contract and stipulations in it.

11:40 pm – Kara talks with Willie and tries to cut a deal. She tells him Frank is out to get rid of him, that every night he said it. That she wants to make a deal. She offered not to nominate or backdoor him if he convinces people not to vote for her. She said it was more beneficial if they work together. Willie said she is one of the most athletic people in the house which she replied not as much as the guys. She then said she would nominate Jenn and Ian because she wants Mike out of the game. She said she is giving him her word and her word is good and nobody can change her word. She also swore on her life that she didn’t know that Dan and Mike were working together. Willie said that he was not making any decisions this early. She said OK that she wants to keep the lines of communication open.

Then Dan approached Britney and tried to convince her to work with him. He swore that he was not working with Mike. Brit said that an animal does not change their stripes and that Boogie is still the same back stabber he always was, Dan said that Mike wanted to get out the two blondes because they are working together. Then Dan talks with Willie and Brit trying again to convince them to keep Kara. He said that Kara is just too social but she is coachable. Willie said that is what he is worried about, her keeping her friends and not being strategic. They both said they are not making a commitment yet so it does not seem like they are going back on their word. Brit also told Dan to hang with them in the HOH anytime as long as he is not being a spy for Boogie.

Dan left HOH and found Kara and Danielle and told them the conversation he had with Brit and Willie.
Janie and Frank have a brief chat about Dan. Frank thinks he threw the Hoh and Janelle told him that is how he plays, comes out weak in the beginning then goes full throttle later and wins everything. Janelle also said it sucked that his coach (Boogie) was not trying to help him. He said he is trying to distance himself from Boogie that it only puts a target on his back. Janelle said that Kara has to go. Frank said Boogie is so controlling he could lead a cult!

Janelle is on a mission to get rid of Dan this week. She approached many with the idea of getting rid of Kara this week and Danielle next week so that that team is gone and so is Dan. Brit agrees and chimes in that it would be useless to get rid of Kara this week and not Danielle next week.

3:00am - Janie tells Willie and Brit that she is going to have a convo with Wil and tell him he has to vote Kara out this week and stick with the alliance they've made. Janie tells Brit & Willie that if her team wins HOH next week Brit and her team are going to have to vote the way they want them to. Brit & Willie are in total agreement. They all agree they have to keep their teams voting together. Janie & Willie start to talk about Ian. Willie thinks they need to get him out as soon as possible. Janie says they have to get Dan's team (and Dan) out first and then they can move onto Boogie's team. Janie "We really have to get him (Dan) out of this house! We love you but see you at the Wrap Party!" They all agree that Dan picked Danielle because he saw her as the ultimate floater.

By 3:50am all houseguest were sleeping!

What will tomorrow bring, more boy hate form Janelle and Brit who want to get rid of all the guys? Will Ashley’s back be better so she can be part of this game? Will Boogie pull another magic string from hi package of tricks and twirl this game around again? Will Willie play the game for himself? Who knows!