This year All-Stars Big Brother has taken the well-known reality tv strategy of alliance to a whole new level. We have brainstormed and come up with the following real and possible alliances this season.


Season 6 or Sovereign 4 or Sea Sick = Janelle, Kaysar, James, Howie

ChillTown = Will, Mike Boogie

Marcellas and Bunky = Marcellas forgot what show this is and is working to get Bunky to the end


Mr. and Mrs. Smith = Jase, Diane and possibly Alison

James and Danielle = the new "Jason and Dani" show

Lisa BB3's live chat alliance = Boogie, Will, Marcellas plus whoever else you can decipher from her chat here.


The Shower Alliance = Will aptly named this for anyone who showers in the HOH is by default in an alliance

Camoflauge Alliance = Marcellas, James and Diane all wear camo shorts and must have an agreement on the side

Make-Good-TV Alliance = Jase and Boogie (self-explanatory)

Communicate with Alien Life Forces Alliance = Chicken George in his Foil Suit

I-Used-To-Smoke-Weed Alliance but now I-Just-Live-In-A-Trailer = Nakomis and Diane

Attention Whore Alliance = Marcellas, Nakomis, Chicken George

California Alliance = most of the Houseguests

I Think I'm a Floater but Everyone Knows I Really Am Alliance = Erika, Diane, Marcellas and Dani

The Beer Alliance = ChillTown plus Floaters

The Hookah Alliance = Kaysar, Diane, Erika, Nakomis

The Jedi Alliance = Howie and Chicken George

The I-Think-I'm-a-Genius Alliance = Kaysar, Nakomis, Will, Marcellas

The Buxom Blonde Bombshell Alliance = Janie and Howie

America's Choice Alliance = Kaysar

Team America Fuck Yeah = James suggested this for Sov4's new name