9:50 AM Big Brother wakes up the house guests and they start the morning rituals of brushing teeth washing faces and changing battery's. Janelle is called to the diary room. Frank and Boogie are collecting their things to go down stairs. Frank feeds the fish and ask's Ted if he's still sleeping.

10:22 AM Ashley and Danielle are talking in the storage room. Danielle is upset that Jo Jo is talking about her but Ashley tell's her it doesn't matter that Danielle is safe.

10:40 Some house guests are talking about their dreams they had the night before. Britney had a dream that her and Wil were trying to kill each other. 11 o'clock hour is just general chit chat nothing about the game, talking about the new Batman movie and music and some things they aren't allowed to do for the live show. Ian is not allowed to dress up as a cat for the live show. Bummer.

11:51 The weekly HOH lockdown before they can get ready for the live show.
11:57 Wil Shane and Jo Jo are talking and they think that they will show Willie leaving on the show tonight, Jo Jo says maybe they will show him behind bars and everyone laughs.
12:25 Boogie and Britney talking about winning the lotto and how it sometimes ruin's people's lives. Brit talks about paying taxes on all that money and Boogie says she makes winning money look bad. They joke about having a Big Brother house in their back yard and having their family play the game and how funny it would be.
12:35 Janelle talks about Porsche from last season and how she was her friend and she got screwed over because of the whole Brendon and Rachel thing.
12:40 Shane and Jo Jo are quietly going about dates. More chit-chat and we get trivia and control room stuff.

1:38 PM lockdown is over. House guests are in the kitchen eating Janelle says they have to be on the couch's by 5:30 their time. Britney's taking a shower, Joe's priming in the mirror, people are getting ready for the show. Jo Jo and Britney are talking and they hope that after this week the Willie thing will be over.
2:13 Britney coaching Shane telling him to study for the HOH competition. He says he's been doing and goes over them all the time. He says that the people who have the final 6 deal will have to break that after this week. She tells him to stir people up and then go back to the shadow's so he doesn't get the blame
2:14 Jo Jo and Ashley talking about Frank and what a threat he is. Jo Jo says she's only going to give 5 people a hug when she leaves and Britney tells her not to be rude. Ashley says that Jo Jo has had class while she was on the block. Jo Jo says that Janelle has been fake to her this whole time and that she know's how to handle situations.

2:25 Ian says that Shane will win every POV competition if he gets to play them because he's the POV king. Boogie says that he likes the positivity there and that they are such random games you never know. They wonder what will happen next week if Dan wins the coach's competition and saves Danielle and they can't put her up and wouldn't you know the camera's switch rooms. . .

2:40 Ashley and Janelle are talking about Frank and his cockiness. They say he threw a fit about a towel used in the HOH bathroom and someone left nail polish up there. He gave Ashley a hard time yesterday about how many calories she ate and then they start ripping on his hair and how he's always looking in the mirrors. If Ashley wins HOH she wants to backdoor Frank. Janelle tells her to keep Shane because he doesn't know the game and got on by being scouted by a modeling agency, also that she needs to get Frank out of the house if she or Jenn is going to have any chance of winning.

Lots of trivia - 3 and a half hours of trivia.

We then get the live show where Jo Jo get's voted out 5 to 1 with Shane being her only vote to stay. They play a hockey game where Joe takes up a lot of the time and it leaves everyone else rushed but Shane ends up winning and Britney is overjoyed.

7:12 We see Dan and Danielle unpacking and Dan is telling her she should hook up with Shane because you know he's always going to go first before her (assuming he doesn't win the POV)

7:13 Britney and Ashley talking, Britney says she's tired of some people's cockiness and that some people looked like they had tears in their eyes when Shane won. Ashley tells her last week was a harder week for Britney and she thanks Brit for telling her she's going to be safe this week.

7:20 Oh boy, Shane is eating a bowl of fruit loops. Here we go again . ..

7:21 Britney congrats Dan on staying in the house and said that Julie was really firm on if Danielle left his game would be OVER. Shane helps Danielle put her mic back on her dress and told her it was cute when she almost fell before giving her speech and that she gave a good speech. Dan tells her to stop being so cocky about Shane winning HOH and she asks him if she can have 30 more minutes and he says she has about 30 more seconds. Shane told Danielle she's got nothing to worry about this week. People are trying to figure out if Jo Jo was the first member of the jury or not.

8:11 Joe tells Frank that Shane is probably going to put up himself and Wil because that's what he said a few days ago. Say's it's time for him to fight. Frank tells them it's too early for them to worry. Jenn tells them to stay positive.

8:17 Ian asks Boogie what's going to happen this week. He tells him that if all goes according to plan people from Janelle's team will go up. Ian asks if that means Ashley is going up and Boogie says only if Joe or Wil win the veto. Ian than asks Boogie to win the coach's competition this week.
8:25 Wil and Jenn both say that Jo Jo rubbed them the wrong way.

8:40 Ashley tells Janelle and Danielle she thinks Frank has a deal with Shane because he seems too cocky.
8:58 Janelle tells Dan that her team was being told they needed to put up Shane and Danielle this week. Hum. Guess that plan's out. Janelle tells him Frank needs to go. Dan asks her who else Shane would get rid of and she tells him Joe or Wil. Dan says he doesn't get that because they haven't won anything though. They think if Frank stays off the block its because he has an alliance with Shane. Talk of people getting buddy buddy with Britney but Dan says in the end he thinks Shane will do what Shane wants. Janie says that if Boogie wins the coach's competition this week two of her's will go up for sure. She tells Dan they both have to work hard to make sure Boogie doesn't win.

9:25 Joe and Wil are talking in the storage room, Wil tells him that Janelle wants to go to Britney to try and keep them off the block, Joe tells him to ask her not to do that if he goes home he wants it to be because of his own screw up. Wow. Wil then says he wants to offer a deal to Shane to give him one week of safety if he will put up one from their team and one from Boogie's team and he thinks they will have the votes since Danielle will vote their way. Joe tells him not to offer Shane anything till after he calls him up there and spills information first.

9:38 Shane and Danielle are talking on the bathroom couch's. He says she's safe. She asks him if he had a showmance with Jo Jo and he denies having one. Says they would flirt and that's all. She says she heard Jo Jo call her fat last week and that's why she was acting weird around her. She tells him if anyone asks they don't talk game. Looks like a showmance is starting to bloom.

9:39 Joe tells Britney he wants to make Shane a royal breakfast and asks her what time he should bring it up there. She asks him if he will also make food for her and give's him her order. Yum.

10:00 Boogie talks about putting things in his son's left hand to try and encourage him to be left handed because lefty's rule the world

10:20 Shane comes out "Who wants to see my HOH room!" Britney quietly reads her letter from home. Shane asks her if she'll read it aloud or if it's personal. Everyone marvels at the goodies.

11:20 Shane and Britney in HOH telling Danielle they want to work with her Dan join's them. Brit tells Dan that Danielle is 100% safe this week and that she will be the swing vote. The plan is to put up one from Janie's team and one from Boogies team to keep things even and that Danielle will be the swing vote. They discuss witch team they should team up with and Dan does the Dan thing and thinks about all the possibilities of "later in the game" what if's. Britney thinks Frank is more trustworthy than Janelle's team because Janelle was up in HOH with them the first week up until Shane didn't use the veto and then she abandoned them. Dan says if you put up two from one team you might not control who goes home but if you fire a shot at both of them you have a chance of gaining 3 people on your side. Britney tells Dan that Janelle told her he threw the last coach's competition. He asks her why he'd do that when he only has one player left. . ..

12:00 Janelle shouts out to Jokers. Joe asked for a lighter they told him he has to wait till tomorrow. Joe gets out of the hot tub and wants to go up to HOH Janie wants to go with him. Joe is trying to work a deal with Shane in HOH says they will have the votes with Danielle on their side, Dan's in the bathroom listening in the whole time. . .

12:37 Dan and Danielle are celebrating in the arcade room. They agree they need to try and work it to get Frank out this week. Shane joins them and says he doesn't want to break his word because he does have a deal with Frank. Danielle and Shane agree that if Boogie doesn't win the coach's comp that Frank and Wil will have to go up this week.

1:09 Janie and Wil talking crap about Britney in the back yard. Says they don't know why they brought her back and they should have brought back Keisha instead. They think she's snooty blah blah sour grapes you get the picture.

1:42 Shane Brit and Danielle in HOH saying how Frank has to go, it's only fair he puts him up since Frank put him up last week, it's tit for tat. Brit say's Janie hugged her tonight and it kind of hurt, Shane says its because of her implants, Brit says she can't believe she got hugged she feels so duped. Britney tells Shane not to tell Frank before he puts him up. They wonder if Frank has a deal with Janie's team. Brit is annoyed that Janie feels no pain and still has all her team.
1:52 Danielle gets ready to go down to bed. Shane says he'd let her stay up there but he really wants to get a good nights sleep tonight. She says she understands and heads down. Britney is in the mentor room getting ready for bed. Her and Shane talk about what a crazy game Big Brother is. She tells him they have to set up the house for him for next week that they need to get Janie's team and Boogies team hating each other so they go after each other next week. She tells him that he should take Danielle to final 2 with him if he gets a chance that he would have a good chance beating her in the end.

2:02 Danielle goes to the bedroom to get into bed and her and Dan do some secret hand jive thing and then they go to bed.

2.09 Brit reads her letter one last time and looks at her wedding photo's and then goes to bed. All hamsters asleep.

Will the fruit loops turn Shane crazy? Will he listen to his coach? Only time will tell . . .