“Something here doesn’t make sense. Let’s go and poke it with a stick.”
11th Doctor, Doctor Who

Tuesday September 4, 2012

9:00 AM

Jenn is up and outside putting the awnings down. Talking to feedsters/cameras she says there is a Big Brother Angel watching over her @ss.
Ian starts to wake up, puts on head phones and listens to some music to start his day. Then he dresses and feeds the fish.

9:30 AM

Ian is called to the DR, Jenn has crawled back in bed so all house guests are asleep. Ian changes his battery when he comes out of the DR then heads back up to the HoH.
Frank and Joe wake up and begin their morning routines. Joe goes to the DR- Frank makes coffee. When Joe comes back to the kitchen he makes his tea and talks to Sarah about getting the kids ready for school, tells her September 19 is not far away now.

10:10 AM

Both Joe and Frank go outside. Ideal chit chat, then Frank goes in to the Bathroom and Joe talks a bit with himself.- “I’ll probably be kissing butt all day, pretend to like Dan so I can get his vote.” Says he is going to grill for lunch.

Frank comes back, comments about being tired of asking people for votes. Joe goes back to bed.

Frank chats with the cameras/feedsters says he is justified telling a few lies because everyone has lied to him. He says it isn’t easy, he has been on the verge of a breakdown a couple of times. Being on the block is so draining. He tries to keep a smile on, but it isn’t easy. He knows he is always the target when he is on the block. Having someone to trust is golden and he believes he can trust Jenn 100%, thinks Shane, Danielle, etc are too selfish.
He tells us he never wanted Danielle gone when he put her up, but she wanted him out when she put him up. Says Danielle thinks she made a big move by getting Janelle out but Boogie did the real work there. Says Janelle was biggest nemesis in this game. He says Danielle has gone to *****. Laughs and talks about Danielle praying for endurance last week then falling off early.

Just because you got one endurance doesn’t mean anything.
Goes over how long it took him to get on the show, feels he got the full BB experience, except being a have-not. Tells anyone watching who ever .wants to get on BB to be persistent, be yourself and let your love of the game shine through.

Says you need to be yourself in this house, but maybe he shouldn’t have let anyone know how big a fan he was. But thinks it might have helped him out, everyone sees how passionate he is about the game. If he makes it through this week, he has a shot, just has to win a few comps. Wants to win POV this week and make sure Ian goes home. Doesn’t want to win the next HoH he’s eligible for. Rather throw it to Jenn so he can play in the fourth and last. Says he has to rock POV’s to make sure those he wants gone go home. If he wins the fourth he’d be guaranteed final 3. Win POV decide who goes home. Doesn’t want Joe to leave this week, would rather he be here in final 3 because he can beat him in comps. Says final 3 with Joe/himself/Shane was a good idea because he could beat them in the final comps. Thinks he will do better with questions than those to would. Now he thinks best shot at final would be himself/Shane/Dan. Says Danielle would answer those questions too well in the final comp.- He says he would never vote for Danielle to win,

He says the girl thinks she is on a dating show. He thinks about all the people who really want on this show and how Danielle didn’t. He gets up and goes inside.

Back outside Frank continues to talk to us- He says it’s Tuesday and he needs 3 votes to stay in the house. Thinks he has Jenn and has been told he has Dan/Danielle but he doesn’t trust those votes. Talks about it being déjà vu for him because 5 weeks ago he was on the block against Joe and he was counting on Dan/Danielle then and Dan was telling him he was working on keeping Frank in the house, Danielle told him he was good, but if not for the re-set he would have gone home. Wonders about history repeating itself. Now talking about Ian being a rat and working against him, even though he got heated and loud he thinks that moment showed his passion and people would want to roll with that passion not work against it. Wonders if he is tooting his own horn but does think people have changed toward him. Is thinking people are thinking “if you can’t beat him roll with him” If he stays on a 4-0 vote things are looking good for him, doesn’t think anyone would put him up next week if they won Hoh. Danielle is the only one who might.

Says the more he watches Dan the less respect he has for his game play, thinks Dan really damaged his relationship with Danielle at the “funeral” Thinks if Shane goes Danielle would roll with he and Jenn not Dan. Wonders why Dan did that to Danielle, it doesn’t make sense to him.
The spiteful part of him wants to stay in the house and win Hoh so he can put up Ian then have Ian come crawling to him so he can tell him “It’s too late, son”

11:42 AM

Danielle is awake and in the bathroom with Frank- Frank asks if he can tell her something and her keep it quiet, Talking about what Dan did to her at his “funeral” says he knows Dan did that coach thing earlier in the season. Frank tells her he knows Dan meant it when he said what he did at the funeral. Danielle “so he said he meant it?” Frank “yes.”

They talk about Dan’s 2nd week coaching move when he told Danielle she had to work for herself that week. Frank tells Danielle he wants her to know all of this incase Dan tries to get her to vote Frank out. Danielle asks Frank again what Dan said and if it was an act or not. Frank tells her about Dan telling him he saw her whispering to Britney, Dan said nothing about smoothing it our with her until Frank told him he should during their HoH talk. Danielle tells Frank she is glad he told her.
Frank says he was nervous about saying anything because he didn’t want to cause a “kerfuffle”. He wanted to tell her sooner but it was hard to with everyone around all the time. He says he and Jenn love her to death and want her around. Franks says obviously Shane feels the same way. Danielle asks Frank if he is sure he doesn’t want her out, has he said lately that he wanted her on the block? Frank asks her if she heard that from Joe that Joe says what it takes to get votes but that Danielle can ask Jenn. Danielle says it is hard to trust people. Frank tells her she has to put on a front. He says she is good at that. Danielle“What? Faking?” She tells him not to worry she won’t say anything; she’ll just be ticked off. Frank tells her he wants her on his side because he thinks she is sharp as a F’ing tack.

Danielle asks Frank if him and Dan have a F2 deal, Frank doesn’t deny it. She asks him if he really wants to go all the way with Dan, Frank “not really” but he knew after Dan’s unreal everyone would be against him. Danielle says Dan knows he can’t beat her at mental competitions because he isn’t good at them, She is saying it makes sense now.

Danielle “Freakin Dan” Frank tells her if Dan comes to her and says “let’s vote Frank out” play along with him but let Frank know. Danielle tells him the fact that he knows all of this…Frank says he couldn’t make it up. Danielle “I know” Frank “knowledge is power, we have extra knowledge now”

12:18 PM

Ian outside rocking in the hammock. He is called to the DR. Frank is working out doing push-ups.
Danielle and Dan whispering she is telling him some of what Frank said. Like Frank told her Dan doesn’t care about her, that she asked him about a F2 deal with Dan and Frank saying he would rather have her working with him, because she is so smart. Dan is concerned Frank could pass info to Jenn about a Dan/Frank F2 so he is off to do damage control.
Danielle to camera “Frank is not very smart”
Frank and Dan talking, Frank tells him he say Joe and Shane get up to talk last night. Says Shane is telling Joe things and Joe is going to work on Dan today
Frank tells Dan he misses talking to Boogie in the early mornings.
Dan tells Frank he talked to Danielle and that she told him she was probably going to keep Frank.
Dan said he told her “if you can get Shane, it can be 4-0”. Said he doesn't have the relationship to push Shane. Frank said that he saw Joe talking to Shane late last night. He talked to Joe this am was that Shane was non committal. Said Joe mentioned that Frank can't play for HOH this week which he believes came from Shane. Thinks Shane wants to keep a big target in the game. Frank admits to being paranoid

1:00 PM

Group in the backyard waiting while Ian blogs.. Danielle still trying to say she was drunk last night and everyone else is telling her she wasn’t. Shane says he drank half the bottle. But she is really pushing how drunk she was and that she doesn’t remember things.
Joe tells Danielle to let Frank think he is safe.

Picture Time.

Joe asks To talk to Jenn in the Arcade Room. He is giving his pitch for her vote. Tells her Frank thinks he has Jenn’s vote 100%- Joe says he has to bring up that he flipped his vote against Ashley for Jenn, she tells him she hasn’t forgotten. Reminds her how hard Frank campaigned against Jenn to try and keep Ashley. Joe says he has done nothing against Jenn. Jenn says she has heard different things, especially about POV and her name coming from Joe’s mouth. Joe claims that is hearsay, tells her to ask around because more people know the truth.
Joe assures her she is not his target he wants Dan out and he would like heads up on how the vote is going to go on Thursday
Ian and Dan bust in on them with the camera… The rest of the house guests are involved in taking pictures while Jenn and Joe talk.
Soon everyone is taking pictures than doing their own things in the yard and house- chatting about silly stuff, grooming in the bathroom, playing rummy. Joe and Shane meet in have-not for some fast game talk.

3:05 PM

Ian is pacing, snapping his fingers, breathing in and out heavily – clearly has something on his mind.
Shane and Danielle are lying in bed. She relays to him her conversation with Frank and what he says about Shane and Dan, how Frank said he had been nothing but loyal to Danielle and how she reminded him each time she was on the block was because of Frank. They compare notes and see that Frank is tying to make F3 deals with everyone.

Danielle is saying she is glad Britney is gone because she was always so negative, but it is hard for being the last “female in the house” Joe walks in and Danielle tells Joe not to worry.

4:02 PM

Ian and Dan in the backyard, Dan says they need to have a renegade meeting soon, asks Ian if he thinks Frank knows he is going. Ian says he thinks Frank has an idea he might be leaving.

Along with Joe, Dan and Ian talk about random things- Comicon (Dan want to know if they have Pokemon there-yes they do) Ian’s Dad and Mom, the new NCAA game on PS3, Pennant race- Ian would want that to be the news snippet if he could get one., the Pirates, overtime rules in the NFL and Joe’s wife probably drafting his fantasy team.
Ian tells Dan to post on “Jokers” they’ll talk bad about you- he is going to come post at “Jokers” and prove to people it is him and stop talking bad about him.

5:59 PM

Ian, Joe and Shane game talk a bit. Ian asks Shane if he told Frank he was staying, Shane says yes he told him that otherwise it would be hell until he leaves. Ian wonders if Jenn will be pissed. Shane tells them Frank already told Jenn they would have voted her off if nominations would have stayed the same.

Danielle and Dan in the bathroom Danielle is saying someone told her they would throw the F3 endurance to her because they want to do questions. She tells Dan she is slowly telling Jenn she doesn’t trust Frank, that Frank was throwing Dan under the bus, she is discussing how she is going to explain to Jenn why she is voting against Frank. Dan says she should tell Jenn that Dani’s trying to get Dan to change his vote to vote our Frank too.

Frank looks into camera and ask his mom or Nana to please bring out an extra suitcase… He wants it to bring home all his BB memorabilia, like Ted and his VETO.
Frank tells Danielle they are doing good-byes to Ashley, she asks why now he tells I guess they didn’t have time before. Danielle asks Joe what he is cooking “Honey mustard chicken, in exchange for votes”.

7:05 PM

HoH room with Ian, Dan and Shane. Dan asks Ian if he wins HoH who should he put up? Ian says Joe and Jenn,
Dan “I agree”
Ian “do you think you have Jenn pretty good?”
Dan “what do you mean”
Ian “if she got it would she put up Joe?”
Dan “yes I think so.”
Shane enters
Ian “Joe is nuts, I tell him to lay low, if there was a person to F***k up such an easy thing it’s Joe”
Dan goes downstairs
Shane “Joe is going around the house like he is safe, he has to act like he’s going home this week, he can’t act like that”
Ian “as long as you and Danielle don’t falter it’s a done deal anyway…I know I have Joe”
Shane “You have Joe as far as?”
Ian “he’s in my pocket”
Shane “good”
Ian “Joe will put up Jenn and Dan, I want to make sure Jenn doesn’t put up you and I”
Shane “Jenn said she is coming after Dan next week.. Joe is going around telling lies to her stirring the pot…”
Ian “I think Danielle is close to Jenn and will tell her not to put you up, I think Jenn believes that Dan and I are at the head of this because of Janelle. Like we are against all the women”
Shane “we cannot screw this up we won’t get another chance”

8:13 PM

Dan breaks the memory wall when grabbing a mug- causes Wil’s photo screen to go out

Big Brother “Dan please go to the DR” Dan “I swear I didn’t mean to do it”
Joe “Dan’s going to owe money when he get out” all joke about Dan being in trouble.
Jenn” Dan’s going to owe money just TO get out of here” Ian thinks it was an accident. And Joe talks about being $4,700 in the hole because of the ER visit BB didn’t cover.

Dan out of DR, Ian asks what happened. Dan “can’t talk about it” then jokes about BB putting it on his tab. (Britney’s picture is now pixilated) Dan tells them he say the memory wall open during BB11

Joe “Good-night Sarah, kiss the babies. I Love You”

Shane comes out of DR “Who ate all my Food?” Frank and Ian tell him Dan did it.. Frank fesses up and tells him it is in the microwave. Shane “Good prank guys” He tells the others they will be locked out in about 30 minutes to fix the memory wall.

9:04 PM

Random activities, Danielle/Dan playing rummy, Frank/Shane watching. Danielle beats Shane at speed, he as a funny tantrum throwing the cards on the floor when he looses. Joe/Jenn playing corn hole- Ian on the hammock-Dan and Frank comment on when he sits on it with his legs crossed he looks like he is on a magic carpet. And we have various games of pool- house guests kind of rotate through around the games and each other.

For some reason Ian is saying “two thousand twelve” before everything he says. Ian “2012 winning HoH when there is already 3 jury members”, Dan jumps in “2012 you sprained your ankle in the bathroom”
Ian tells Dan that Joe thinks he is 100% working with him Dan”2012 Ian makes an alliance with Joe”

Shane gives Jenn a shoulder massage.

11:22 PM

Dan and Danielle in the bedroom, she is telling Dan how angry she is at Frank for the conversation they had this morning.
Shane walks in and joins the whispering- while they are talking they are trying to get a Duvet cover on the comforter. They decide to have Dan and Shane hold the duvet open so Danielle can kind of climb inside a bit and pull the comforter inside. While she is inside trying to smooth everything out Dan and Shane close the end up encasing her in the duvet then Shane grabs a pillow off the bed and starts hitting her.

Danielle is telling Shane “you don’t understand, Ian needs to go next week. After this it is purely mental maybe one or two physical but mostly mental so he has to go.
Shane “he told me he is ok going out 5th. He doesn’t want the money”
Danielle “I think he wants to go to the jury house to get the full BB experience”

Now with Joe, Danielle and Shane have a vent session about Frank. They complain he is too cocky
He is marking wins in his cantina and plans on putting a large W when he wins the game. Harassing Danielle telling her he deserves being there more than she does, he doesn't deserve going out now.
Frank also is condescending to Joe, as if he is going. He is so cocky that he is not going home. They mention how Frank has not even completely packed the last two times. They are over him and his overbearing ways, but Shane reminds them to keep it calm because if they don’t it will be horrible. Frank will be all on their case until he leaves.

Danielle “live feeders, you can quote me”
She is "frustrated" so she is being "ugly."
Shane "do you think he is good looking?"
Frank lit her fuse. She goes on how he is Carrot Top his face is ugly, he stinks (B.O.), his toes are nasty, he's a bushy hairy guy.
He farts.

She is heated and isn't holding back.
Danielle “You ARE red-headed! It is not brown! , He could be a carrot top impersonator." Shane brings up how Frank asked "who do you think America thinks looks better in a swim suit, Shane or Frank?”Danielle starts going off again how first, Frank won't be there to answer those questions, but if that IS a question he better say him.
Danielle "You have a perfect face and a perfect body."

She now claims, after repeating herself 2x, that she is done now.
But she starts going on again about the farting.

12:30 AM

Danielle in the shower, Frank walks in and asks “you alright boo?” she says “yeah” he washes face and says he is going to bed early.
Joe, Jenn and Dan in the kitchen making food- Jenn says she knows Joe wants to put her up. Both guys deny it. Jenn tells Dan she really thinks Frank needs to stay one more week. Jenn says Danielle annoys her with all her “boy” stuff, she has to remind herself that Danielle is only 23yr. Dan agrees Danielle is immature.
Jenn is pointing out Ian’s lack of a social game, how no one goes up to the HoH to just hang out with him. She cannot believe that Ian wanted her to ask for pierogi’s for him when she was in the DR then put her on the block. That is something she will reference if she gets HoH. Dan is having a laughing fit about the pierogi’s.

1:26 AM

Danielle is washing her face mask off and Dan tells her Jenn is probably voting Joe out, that Danielle needs to talk to her about the Final 3.

Dan brings in a grasshopper to scare Danielle (seriously evict him for that now!) Danielle screams, Jenn thinks it is cool. Now Ian comes in with the stuffed monkey behind him and pulls out causing Danielle to screams- she threatens to BBQ the creepy thing.
Dan says he is going to bed and tells everyone good night. Both Danielle and Jenn decide to follow him.

Ian, Joe, Frank and Shane in the back yard. Shane tells the guys good night, before he goes inside Joe yells “Don’t forget to Vote Joe!” Frank and Joe continue shooting hoops and Ian is blowing up a beach ball. When he finishes blowing it up he announces “Ian is going to bed”
Shane is in bedroom with Danielle and Dan lights are still on. Danielle asks

Dan how long after he met his wife did he know he wanted to marry her- Dan says he knew right away. He tells them his wife was a virgin when they got married and he wishes he could have told her the same thing. He feels bad that she was able to wait for marriage and he wasn’t.
Shane says he waited until he was 21 to lose his virginity.
Frank gets into the round bed in the speaker room with Jenn. She says she hasn’t gotten a chance to talk to Danielle or Shane yet about the vote. Jenn whispers that Joe is such a bad liar.

Frank tells her when he talked to Danielle this morning she asked him if Dan offered him a F2 deal- frank told her Dan brought it up and that pissed Danielle off.
Frank “at this point I’m not worried about Dan’s vote I am worried about Danielle’s. Jenn says she doesn’t think Shane wants Frank in the house.
Frank “I honestly think the votes are going to go in our favor this week”

2:24 AM

All the house guests are in bed and quiet- then Joe and Shane get up and go outside. They sit around the hot tub talking about how the fast forward works. Joe says Frank has such a big ego.
After Shane and Joe get out of bed to go outside Dan whispers to Danielle, he seems suspicious of them leaving together.
Shane can’t believe people are awake and watching them..
Joe points out that they are the only members of their teams left. He says the “quad” Him, Danielle, Shane and Ian, need to stick together so that when one of them wins the 4 coaches can be watching and thinking how they gave up $100,000- because that would leave one person from each original team. Joe thinks their F4 would be fun to hang out with.

They talk about the final competitions, Joe says he has seen the morph one, then he comments on how happy Britney will be to see Frank.

4:19 AM

All house guests are asleep.

(Special thanks go to all of the Jokers Updaters, as always without you we’d be talking about the fish)