10:45 AM The house guests finally grace us with their awake presence. We see Adam and Shelly talking in the backyard about Pandora's box and then the feeds cut. Shocker. Shelly tells Adam she hopes she never has to hang off of whatever that thing was they were hanging off of ever again. Adam goes inside and leaves Shelly to think with the crickets.

11:00 AM Rachel and Adam are waking around the backyard while Jordan folds laundry and Shelly's out there too. Porsche and Kalia are still sleeping in HOH like they have done most of the season. At 11:15 Rachel decides to jog for awhile, she says she's going to do 5 laps. Shelly's smoking.

11:40 Kalia and Porsche are up in HOH they have to go outside for a lock down.

12:37 Adam and Porsche are talking he says he's sad that he has to go up against Shelly and he will be sad to see her go.

12:45 Shelly is campaigning to Rachel and Jordan trying to save herself. She apologizes for last week and throws Adam under the bus saying that he has a final two deal with Kalia and says that Kalia also has a final two deal with Porsche. She says she's got no desire to flip on Jordan and Rachel and that she's been playing with them from the start, and she realizes one mistake could have messed that up but she promises it won't happen again. She offers to throw HOH to one of them this week. Shelly swears in front of God, her parents, her daughter the whole world that she will not go against Jordan and Rachel and that she know's she's got no chance at final two so she'd rather just help Jordan and Rachel get there. Rachel egg's her on and says well if we keep you it would be like starting fresh and building a new relationship. Shelly swears up and down that she doesn't have any deals with anyone else and that she will throw HOH to one of them next week. She says if you don't trust me don't do it, and I'm not going to make a deal with you today and then go and put you up next week my game's not like that. She then throws Kalia and Porsche and Adam under the bus and says no matter what happens she doesn't want one of them to win because of all the nothing they've done in this game and says she wants to enjoy her last five days there so she's not going to talk to them again about it.

12:58 Jordan and Rachel run into Adam in the kitchen and they say that they will talk to him about the vote later when no one else is around. They tell him that Shelly made her pitch to them and he tries to campaign for himself but they walk away mid convo and tell him they will talk to him later when they have time.

1:00 Jordan and Rachel are talking game in the have not room. Jordan had a previous conversation with Adam and he said that he wanted to work with the newbies and didn't want to work with them anymore. Jordan thinks that whoever they do keep this week is going to be with Kalia and Porsche and they are still going to be the targets. They are thinking about who does better in competitions and trying to decide if they trust Shelly to do what she said. They both decide that they don't want to keep Shelly because they know that they can't trust her. Rachel thinks that Adam and Porsche will continue to play both sides still and will only be with them if one of them wins HOH. Jordan asks Rachel who she wants to keep and she says Adam. Jordan says her gut is telling her the same thing.

1:51 Adam joins Rachel and Jordan to talk game. They ask him if he has a final two deal with Kalia. He laughs and said that she offered it to him but that's not who he wants to be sitting next to in the final two. He says that when he went into the house he wanted to play the game by lying and manipulating people but once he got in he decided he couldn't play like that. He says he'd rather compete and earn things. He says he's thinking of working with them because with Porsche and Kalia they keep going back and forth on if they want to work with him or not and the vet's have always said they wanted to work with him. He says he's been fighting this whole game and he fought so hard just to get into the house and he's a little bitter that all they had to do was wait for a phone call to tell them they were coming back, so that's why he's not sure he wants to work with them. Rachel says she totally understands that that's how it was for her last summer and then she had to fight all summer to stay as long as she did. Jordan asks him if he'd rather work with fighters or with people who sleep all day and then walk around with the HOH key around their necks like they did everything in the game. He says yes she's right and that does bother him as well. He says he's worried about getting to final 4 if he wins HOH this week and can't play in the next one. Both girls assure him that if he doesn't win HOH or POV they will still keep him. Adam seems to be thinking about it. They bring up that Kalia asked him to be in a final 2 deal and then went and told the whole house. Jordan asks him how that benefit's him? He says he know's and that he's angry about it. They insist that Kalia was going to come to them with a final four deal, and that means that they are coming after Adam next.

4:30 Rachel and Adam have a chat she asks him why he never talked game with her. He said because she was a strong player and he was intimidated. That he was already working with Jeff and Jordan and he was afraid having too many strong players on his team would be bad for him.

5:00-6:00 Porsche and Rachel are making Mexican tonight something with chicken in it. Somewhere before that Kalia mentioned something to Porsche that they have a final four deal with Rachel and Jordan and they think keeping Shelly isn't that important anymore because she plays all sides and can't be trusted. (ed. note finally they catch on to the same page)

7:24 Porsche and Adam have a talk she tells him to say whatever he needs to say to the vet's to get them to keep him and that he needs to be loyal to her and Kalia. Rachel made her famous cheese dip again and Adam asked her if she made as much as she did last time. She said yes she did and he complains that there's not as many people in the house as there was last time and she says that she made that much by accident.

7:41 Shelly and Jordan are complaining about how sore they are from the last competition. Shelly says she's been taking pain medicine ever since it happened and that's unusual for her. Rachel is running around the yard again in her workout clothes.

7:41 Adam talks to Jordan and says that this part of the game is where people start getting shady. They think about the 500,000 dollars and lie to get there. She tells him that he's going to be final 3 no matter what. He thanks her for what she said to him.

8:00 Adam announces that it's chow time (because he's done cooking on the grill) and then he get's called to the diary room so his food can get cold.

8:15 Shelly asks Jordan if they did anything special for her in her town after she won Big Brother. Jordan says there was a big sign on the strip mall where she worked and lady made her a very nice cake that was detailed and had camera's and everything on it she took pictures of it but her phone messed up and doesn't have pictures of it anymore.

8:30 Adam talks about last season how he just barely made the cast but Enzo got his spot. He said it was good he didn't make it because he was a 300 pound fatty and it motivated him to lose the weight. He asks Rachel if she went to an open casting call and she said yes.

9:03 Shelly says that she's going to have to explain a lot of what she did to Tony when she get's home and he's going to give it to her straight good or bad. Oh if she only knew!

9:40 I guess Shelly got the fortune teller to move and the other girls are wondering if there's something special about it. They say Shelly's acting kind of shady about it.

10:00 PM Adam gives a shout out to Fara. The camera man is focusing on feet and Adam's belly button.

2:38 AM Kalia and Porsche are in HOH talking they think that Shelly won't help them and are mad at her that she told Rachel that the fortune teller moved. They decide that if Adam stays at least there's a chance he might keep them.

Will Big Brother tell Shelly about her family getting death threats because of her game play? Is the fortune teller ever going to play a real part in the game other than a distraction? Will Porsche and Kalia ever wake up? Will Rachel use the veto and save herself and Jordan or will she take her chances? Only time will tell, thanks updater's your the best as always!