We saw on Saturday, the advent of the Avenger alliance, the brain child of Boogie in an attempt to keep Frank safe. It consists of Frank and Boogie, Shane and Britney, and Danielle and Dan with the immediate purpose of getting Janelle voted out and then riding the ensuing chaos to the final 6. There was some interest and agreement in going this route but can it be solidified today?…

10:00 AM
Boogie is up and checks to see if Ian needs to be ‘walked’ and gets him some water.

Frank comes out in his spirit-tard and takes Ian for a walk while opening the canopies. Ian tells Frank he has a good shot to stay this week.

10:30 AM
Time for the wakeup call and the house comes to life.
Most everyone is up having breakfast while Boogie is still trying to convince Dan that keeping Frank safe and getting Janelle nominated is the best play.

Elsewhere Jenn helps Frank with the spirit-tard. It is ill-fitting and the zipper was broken.

11:30 AM
Dan asks Ian to run through the BB All-Stars season. He does very well with the sequence of events and Boogie joins to fill in some details too. (ed. So Dan, what was it you were hoping to hear?)

12:30 PM
Dani tells Shane they are like Brenchel. Shane doesn’t agree because people didn't like them. Dani says “No, I mean how competitive they are”. They also discuss saving Frank and how to approach him. They might say they are going back to the 3 Amigos and tell Frank they were proving their loyalty by putting Janelle up, but they can't take him down because it would look to obvious. Danielle is still very interested in taking out Janelle.

1:00 PM
Ian sits at the opening of his dog house looking like the concerned watch dog.

2:00 PM
Janelle whispers to Britney that she doesn't want Shane to get far and she only trusts Dan about 3 to 4 more weeks.

3:00 PM
Britney, Dan and Danielle start a long round-and-round-they-go conversation. Britney starts off wanting to get Frank out. She throws out enough fuel to keep Danielle wanting to go for getting Janelle out, passing on that Janelle might want to go after Shane.
Without coming right out and saying it, Dan seems to be guiding them toward sticking with getting Frank out.
Danielle throws out the possibility of taking Wil off and putting Boogie up. Dan squashes this saying that Boogie might go out instead of Frank but also offers that the ‘Mike thing’ might work.

Shane joins them and asks what Janelle's players would do. Dan says “put up 2 coaches”.

Boogie joins them and gives the hard sell again. They throw the possibility of taking off Wil and leaving Frank up against Janelle. That is not Boogie’s preference, but he’ll take it and talk to Frank about it.

4:00 PM
Boogie leaves the HOH and gives Frank a quick update before heading to his bed. On the way he says to himself, “Maybe I should get rid of Britney and Dan, and take the newbies for a ride”.

The HOH crew continue round-and–round wondering how much they can trust Boogie and what he would do if Frank is evicted.
When Dan informs them that Frank and Mike do Diary Room sessions together, they go back to wanting Frank out.

Janelle joins the HOH and they let her know that Mike is still trying to save Frank (ed. nothing to worry about).

Dan and Britney talk alone and wonder if they can run with a coaches alliance and still take out Frank this week.

5:30 PM
Britney reports to Danielle that she just talked to Ian and he wants Janelle or at least one of her team out.

Meanwhile Boogie tells Frank the biggest person against the group deal is Britney.

6:00 PM
Britney, Frank and Danielle talk in the HoH. Frank says he is willing to sit next to Janelle on the block. Britney grills him hard about things that were said and why she is hesitant to trust him. Britney eventually says she’ll go with the group and excuses herself.
Frank continues to work on Danielle. She hasn’t told anyone about the 3 Amigos and suggests Frank talk to the other [5 Avengers].

Janelle and Britney chat out back. They are discussing the Coaches alliance. They are frustrated that they have to work so hard to get Boogie to work with them.

Boogie tells Ian and Dan that he was on Seinfeld and asks Jokersupdates to pull up the clip. He was a stand in for Friends for 2 years too.

Ian is allowed out of the Dog suit just before dinner. Joe has prepared Mexican tonight; Chips, salsa, and quesadillas.

7:30 PM
Mike and Frank try to have a game chat in the bedroom, but Janelle comes in to lay down claiming to have a tummy ache. They move to the have-not room and think Janelle just wants to keep them from talking.

Danielle and Britney talk about how to tell Janelle about the back door plan if Boogie tries to use that against them. Danielle suggests says they get all 4 coaches in a room and just explain they need to get Frank out and work together.

9:00 PM
Frank and Mike chat. Frank is showing signs of frustration that they haven’t gotten a commitment from the Avenger alliance yet. They were waiting to get Dan for some game talk, but Ian catches him for a swim first. Frank and Boogie are not happy.

Danielle and Britney abuse Ted before Frank comes to the rescue.

Out at the pool, Ian pitches Janelle going up to Dan.

Dan is back in and wants to talk to Frank alone. He says, “I've got $100. Tell me why I should buy Frank”. Frank tells Dan if Janelle goes, he'll target Joe and Wil. They break up and Frank gives Mike a quick update that Dan could be willing to work with them.

10:00 PM
Boogie goes into the HOH with Dan and continues his sell job. Dan works him hard right back until Janelle and Britney come in wanting to have a coaches meeting.

Boogie is not happy to be interrupted and tells Janelle flat out that he doesn’t trust her. He wants Frank as part of any deal. Janelle won’t agree to putting out Wil before Frank. They go back and forth hard with neither one giving an inch. They give up and Britney and Janelle leave.

Dan tells Boogie, "Well that clearly is never going to work" and agrees to sell Danielle on the plan to get Janelle out. Boogie throws out a final two with Dan. Dan wants Boogie’s Brady shirt as collateral.
Frank comes up and Dan tells him he is about to roll with two of the best winners in this game.

11:00 PM
Britney talks to Janelle and says about the coaches meeting, “That did not go well”. Janelle says it was clear Boogie just wants to work with his team. Janelle bashes Boogie and Britney goes along with it.

Boogie and Frank leave Dan in the HOH just as Danielle comes up. She gives Dan the awkward turtle gesture and has to explain it to him. She asks him flat out, “What did you do?! You look like you did something.” Dan denies he did anything and then explains what’s been going on between Boogie and Janelle. They are both on board for taking out Janelle now but want to get Britney’s take.

Britney and Shane join them. Britney thinks Janelle came out of the coaches meeting looking bad. She is frustrated with Shane though and wants to know why Shane told Janelle he didn't want to nominate Frank but Britney made him.
Ian joins them and they give him the rundown. They then poll where everyone is. Ian, Dan and Danielle want to go with taking out Janelle. Britney and Shane say they are 50/50. Danielle says majority rules.

Dan lets Ian in on a secondary 6 person alliance that he is not a part of but tells him he is part of the core 5 alliance (ed. With Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane).

Dan gets Mike and Frank up to the HOH to give the official word in front of everyone that they are working together now. Thinks gets a little hectic when Janelle tries to come in. Frank and Mike hide in the bathroom, but Janelle leaves when they don’t answer the door right away.

Next they see Janelle has camped out in the kitchen waiting to see who comes out of the HOH. Janelle is catching on that someone might be selling her out and says she might be nominated.

Meanwhile the 6 have decided to rename the alliance to the Silent 6 and do a shhh huddle.

Britney leaves the HOH and Janelle takes her aside. Janelle is worried. Britney deflects and says they aren’t telling her what is going on either. Joe interrupts wanting to know if he needs to know anything. He heard Mike yell something about a Hail Mary and a ‘bomb’. Britney suggests Janelle talk to Dan.

Britney gets back up to the HOH with Danielle. She has a minor breakdown over having to string Janelle along when they are planning to take her out. Danielle talks her down.

A little later Dan is in the HOH too when Janelle comes up. Britney runs into the shower while they talk to Janelle. They just let her think it is the same old pitch that Boogie is trying to save Frank.

Janelle goes down and talks to Wil. She thinks Frank is still going but wonders if Danielle might be thinking of taking out Janelle. Joe joins them but they don’t get much further into conversation because Ian is gagging loudly upon coming across some very moldy dishes next to the trash can.

1:30 AM
Britney and Janelle chat some more. They wonder if they can do a coaches alliance without Boogie.

Britney is called to the DR and Janelle gets to talk to Dan a bit. She knows the coaches meeting didn’t go well and is worried Boogie will tell everyone about them wanting a coach’s alliance. Dan says he’ll just deny it. Janelle likes that and will tell Britney to do the same.

2:00 AM
Dan and Danielle affirm they are on the same page still and Dan says good night.

Janelle talks to Ian. When he says he saw a UFO, Janelle claims she was abducted by aliens. She was with her brother, and her friend driving on a dirt road and the radio got "weird", the sound stopped, and they all suddenly felt like they were drugged and didn't know where they were. Then her car switched directions without knowing what caused it. She swears they weren't drinking or doing drugs.

Danielle and Britney have a long talk. Britney relays a conversation with Janelle where Janelle was told everything is still the same (Frank out). Danielle is unaware that Dan actually did say this to Janelle, so she denies it. Feeds are cut before we see how they resolved the confusion.
Next we see them talking about having to hide from Janelle after the Veto meeting. They are worried about the fan reaction too.

Wil tells Ashley and Jenn he thinks Danielle is being "straight up. She promised me I'd be safe. She didn't promise I wouldn't be on the block." They agree they just need to let the coaches go after each other and they can stay under the radar.

3:00 AM
Shane and Danielle lock the HOH door and get some cuddle time.

Meanwhile Wil, Ashley and Jenn are getting more serious, They want to gain Boogie’s trust and feed him bogus information about Janelle. Wil tells them he thinks Janelle may get backdoored. They decide to make the three of them an alliance and call themselves ‘Team Tits’.

Wil shares that he has had 3 or 4 records deals and was a teeny bopper and has a Wil Show on YouTube. He studied with Upright Citizens Brigade in New York for 3 years.
Jenn reveals she is in the band Kittie and has sold over a million records. They are the first all-female metal band to go platinum.
They are all very excited and say they are going to 'run this house!' They go inside to get ready for bed still all giddy and jumping around.

They finally settle in just before 5:30 AM and the house goes quiet.

Notes from tonight’s show:
After the recap we see that Dan let Boogie know the plan was to vote Frank out. Britney and Janelle are not admitting they hit the button when they did.
The HOH came down to three; Danielle, Britney, and Ian.
While we see Boogie and Frank inside planning out Ian’s HOH, Ian makes a deal for his safety and drops. Britney knows she’s safe and drops too, leaving a well-earned victory to Danielle who gets a big hug from Dan and a little smooch from Shane. After some campaign footage including a conversation where Wil reminds Danielle she told him he was safe during the HOH competition, Danielle nominates Wil and Frank without much explanation shown.

Will the Silent 6 be able to keep it together? Will Janelle take the house down if she is nominated? Will Ian figure out he is in a very fragile alliance? Will Team Tits be anything more than an alliance of convenience? Monday is shaping up to be very very interesting!

Thanks to all the Joker’s Updaters. It’s nice to see you now have a Forum just so we can all recognize your efforts!