Big Brother decided these scheming hamsters need a day of rest so we don't hear a peep until 9:40 am.

Jeff and Casey are the first two to wake for the day. Casey is cleaning while Jeff eats his breakfast. Casey mentions to Jeff that Russell was a little too extreme with his torment of Ronnie last night.

Big Brother first wake up call of the day.

Casey to Jeff: "Ronnie took it way past acceptable game play. He told lies that you called the only gay guy in the house a fa**got and berating and threatening Michele for days on end."

Casey & Jeff go outside to smoke and continue to talk.

Jeff tells Casey that despite all that has happened, things are still looking the same with the house divided. Jeff mentioned that he noticed Jessie turned his back on everybody when hey were accusing Ronnie.

Casey tells Jeff he should try to work on Kevin. Jeff said he doesn't trust Michele.

Jeff: "I want to see Jessie on the block to shake things up since he will panic like he did last year. He doesn't necessarily want Jessie to go home, just to get people to see him brought back down to earth".

Jeff told Casey he's not afraid to throw the HOH comp. Casey tells him he should suggest that to the group.
Jeff: "Don't tell people I said that"!
Casey: "Like I would do that"!
Casey reminds Jeff that he won' put up Jeff & Jordan and hope Jeff does the same. Jeff said yea, he's just mad because no one has balls to put up the big guns.

Jeff thinks that everyone should play for the HOH comp because it's not fair to Michele & Chima to throw it and not be safe just because they are in Ronnie's clique.
Casey: "Ronnie will get to people, but not us".

Michele gets up and begins cleaning and getting ready for the day. She is doing laundry and watching Jeff work out. They are all talking about how all the house-guests are still sleeping. Jeff waters the plants in the back yard & the rest of the house sleeps.

Michele goes inside to fix her breakfast. Jeff comes in and asks her whether there has been talk about keeping Ronnie. Michele says she has not heard anything specific but just has a feeling he might be staying. Jeff is irritated at the idea the rest of the house would want to keep a known liar in the game. Jeff said they should quit talking about Ronnie's situation and just let everything come to play. Both Michele & Jeff seem annoyed with each other. As Jeff is walking away Michelle mutters under her breath "Thank you Jeff, I'm about to be back-doored".

11:00 am
Michele is sitting in the living room deep in thought. Jeff & Casey are outside talking. All other HG are still sleeping.

Jeff to Casey: "I mean it, Ronnie has to go next week or my next targets are the people that talk to Ronnie first".

Michel comes outside and Jeff asks her why she is so upset. Michele tells him that none of the numbers are in her favor and she believes she could be back-doored. She does not like the idea of her & Chima not playing for the HOH comp so that Ronnie won't be safe. Jeff seems guarded when talking to her now. Jeff mentions that he doesn't know who to trust any more and that it seems his words get twisted with others. Michele tells Jeff that feels Jeff could possibly end up voting her out. Jeff said not to assume things. He's a little angry and says: "I thought you were my friend". Michele said he is but being friends doesn't guarantee safety in this game.

11:30 am. Kevin is now up followed by Jordan.

Jordan & Kevin are laying out at the pool. Jordan tells Kevin she really wants to be in this house. Kevin tells her he thinks she will be the one staying unless there's some big conspiracy he doesn't know about. Ronnie said he is afraid Ronnie is going to try and talk to him. He said he's going to be thinking, "Please don't talk to me, Please don't talk to me". lol

Jordan tells Kevin she didn't think Kevin liked her, that she just assumed it. Kevin kids that maybe it's because he was mad at her for not kissing Jeff. Kevin says that if they win HOH, they have very limited options. Jordan says she liked that things are all fresh now, that she's starting over with everybody. She definitely doesn't want to talk to Ronnie because he's probably plotting a new strategy.

12:30 pm. Half of the HG are now up. Laura is sunbathing, Casey is in the WC flossing his teeth while Jeff & Russell clean up. Michele is in the DR.

Casey is shaving his chest with Nat's shaver while Jeff is blowing up a raft to swim. Jordan is watching.

Jordan to Jeff: "Ok, you're ignoring me"
Jeff: "Well how do you expect me to blow this up and talk"? (lol)
Jeff: "The air is going right out of this thing"
Jordan: "Yeah, the hole is at the bottom"
Jeff: "You found a hole"?
Jordan: "Yeah, Kevin found it".
Jeff just looks at her like 'why didn't you tell me this before'. (LOL)

Jeff & Jordan go out to the pool to swim with Laura. Casey & Russell are in the kitchen whispering but no one can hear them. Casey goes outside and leaves Russell in the house alone. Russ looks around then takes off upstairs to the hoh room. Ronnie quickly opens the door and lets him in.

Ronnie locks the door as Russell grabs the spy screen remote. Russell quickly tells Ronnie that if he gets HOH he is not going to put Ronnie up. Russell tells Ronnie the plan to get rid of Ron. He said he is acting to make people think he's on board with all of them, that he can't defend him publicly because everyone is against Ron and are trying to figure out how to backdoor him, that Chima & Michele are going to throw hoh so that he isn't safe. Ronnie asks if Jessie wants him out too? Russ said that Jessie has to kind of go along like he does. He said just watch everyone, you will see. Ronnie tells Russell he's been completly honest with Russell from the very beginning. Russell said that if he wins hoh, Ronnie is safe. He asks Ronnie if he wants something from downstairs. Ronnie told him no thanks. Russ said that Jessie and him can't say a single word in his favor. Ronnie understands and says he hopes Russell wins hoh and ask if he was going to put up Michelle & Casey. Russell says yes, I want Casey gone.

Russell leaves the HOH and Ronnie looks to the camera, shrugs and says:
"deal with the devil".

1:00 PM

Lydia is up and in the kitchen cooking bacon. Russell is sitting at the bar drinking coffee. Lydia tells him she had a dream last night that she was in a band called Technotronics and that Natalie threw a rock at her while she was on stage. (lol)

Lydia is now out by the pool chatting with Jordan. Lydia tells Jordan that she wants the athletes on slop next week. She thinks it would be funny and especially hard on Nat. She reassures Jordan that she is safe this week. She said she is feeling sorry for Ronnie not eating. She added that Russell is the most dangerous player left in the house because he is very smart and strong. She wants Ronnie out next week and Russell the week after. Jordan only replied that she especially wants Ronnie out this week. Jordan is being very cautious about giving out information and is listening to Lydia instead of talking for a change.

3:00 pm

Jeff & Casey are talking about how weird Michele was acting this morning and that she may be another number on the other side. Casey said that he bets that if anyone other than them (jeff, Jordan, Casey) wins HOH that they will go up in some sort of combination with the intent to get one of them out except if a person on the block wins POV then Ronnie will go up and they other side will claim it was part of the plan all along.

4:30 pm

Casey is telling Jeff & Jordan in the recycle room that he thinks some in the house want Ronnie to stay. Jordan said she told Jessie she wants to talk to him. Casey tells Jeff & Jordan they are safe if he gets hoh, they all agree to keep each other safe.

Jordan to Jeff: "If I'm still here tomorrow what are we gonna cook"?
Jeff: "We're gonna make out, we're gonna get ta cookin".
Jordan laughing: "That was so cheesy" (lol)

Jeff tells Jordan when she does have her little talk with Jessie to make sure she tells Jessie he looks good and feel his muscles.

Jeff: "I can be nicer and more romantic but why do that when a chick can put a knife right in your back"?
Jordan: "You're bitter" laughing
Jeff: "Yeah, I am a little".

Jordan is asking him about his past relationships, he doesn't want to talk about it. She keeps probing. Jeff jokes that he went to jail for killing an ex.
Jordan: "Seriously"?
Jeff: "It's nothing big"

Jeff tells Jordan that some girlfriends cheated o him and he cheated too then takes it back and says he didn't technically cheat. Jordan keeps asking questions and he doesn't want to talk about it so Jordan lets it go.

Jordan tells Jeff that Russell was throwing up today so she got him water then she starts telling Jeff about her childhood. She said she was a chubby child.

5:00 pm
Ronnie comes out of the HOH (finally) but just sits outside the door. Michele & Nat are playing chess. Ronnie is just watching them. No talking. Suddenly we hear a BB voice tell Ronnie his room is ready. Ron goes back inside and reads his bible.

Lydia & Russell are sitting together talking about when Lydia was a child. Russell tells her that sometimes she gets this cute little girls voice when she talks. Lydia gets embarrassed.

6:00 PM
Big Brother calls for a lock-down in the back yard. When the house-guests go outside they see BB has given them a game that looks like a ramp that you roll a ball down then right when the ball gets close to the end you yank down the board and the ball goes flying into the air to try and land in 1 of 5 buckets a little distance away. It reminds me of skee ball with a moving ramp. The HG are excited because they have something to do. Then someone mentions that this is probably part of the HOH comp tomorrow night. Everyone starts practicing and taking turns. Ronnie is sitting watching everyone while no one speaks to him.

Chima's practice doesn't go well. She almost hit Jeff standing behind her. (lol). Next is Kevin, him & Chima are both pretty bad at the game. Casey does pretty good. Someone jokes that this is an offbeats challenge because Casey & Lydia are both pretty good at it. Jordan goes next and makes all her balls fly too far but got her last 2 shots in the bucket.

They start moving the distance the buckets in case the game involved them being shorter or longer than what they were practicing.

(there's pictures of the comp in the media forum)

6:20 pm
Outside lock-down is now over

As soon as the lock-down was over, Ronnie went right back up to the hoh room.

Casey & Jeff are talking about Michele wanting to play for the HOH instead of throwing it so that Ronnie isn't protected. Casey said it may be a change of plans and will talk to her later.

Jessie & Russell meet in the storage room. Jessie tells Russ that Chima told him she would f*ck Russell if he gets hoh.
Russell: "Are you serious"?
Jessie repeats a conversation he had with Chima and that she likes him.
Russell tells Jessie again that they should keep Ronnie because he has no one else and will be thankful to them. Nat comes into the storage room and tells the guys that Casey is the best at the hoh comp practice.

Russell goes outside and is talking to Casey.
Casey tells Russ that Michele said she should have a chance to win hoh. Russ gets called to the DR so Casey goes to Jessie and tells him the same story about Michele.

7:00 pm
Laura and Jordan are in the doom room packing. Laura is leaving her perfume for Jordan so that she can smell good for Jeff. Jordan said she was going to leave something for Laura as well. They talked about not believing that their clique is going to be down to just 1 person after tomorrow night.

7:30 pm
Jordan gets Jessie and takes him to the pool room to have their talk.
Jordan: "Lydia told me that you think I don't like you. Only reason is because of Ronnie. He would tell me stuff and then you wouldn't talk to me. At the time I said that if I won hoh I would put you up. Now that I know that all of that was fake, I want to start clean and no, I won' put you up if I get hoh. Yes, I thought you were an asshole. Now I want to start clean, get to know everyone. I have no respect for Ronnie at all anymore".
Jessie: "I understand, I never said anything bad about you".
Jordan: "Ronnie would lurk around corners to eavesdrop and then when he told people what he overheard he would lie about it".

Jordan believes that this season has a lot more drama than last season. Jessie says that the first 4 to 5 weeks of last season were drama packed. He said that his season had a mob mentality and that this season everyone is playing for themselves. Jessie & Jordan hugged and left the pool room.

Jessie found Lydia and said thank you for setting up that play date for me (with Jordan)

The house-guests are still practicing for the hoh comp. Jessie tells Lydia that Chima is finally getting the hang of it and is doing pretty good. Lydia tells Jessie that Michele is not going to throw the hoh comp tomorrow. Jessie said that Michele looks pretty horrible playing and has only made about 1 out of 15 shots.

Jessie ask Lydia why she was giving him attitude earlier in the bedroom.
Lydia: "It's because you keep waking me up from really good sleep, with really good dreams, very enjoyable dreams and I can't get back to that spot"! (lol)

8:00 pm
The house-guests have been outside practicing for hours. Russell takes this time to sneak back up to the hoh to talk to Ronnie while no one is in the house. They are checking the spy screen to see if anyone is watching. Russell brought him something to eat and said he'd come back at 4:00am to talk. Ron said that Chima is really ticked at him even though he hasn't lied to her. He doesn't think Lydia and Kevin are mad at him because they smiled at him with their eyes. Ronnie is telling Russ that he would swear on the bible that Laura did say Russ would rally votes for her. Russ continues to tell him he is going to try really hard for HOH and that him & Jessie think the comp in the back yard is really the POV comp, not the HOH. Russell tells Ronnie that everything he has done has been for a reason. He thinks it will be him, Jessie & Ronnie final 3 because they have a secret alliance together. He said neither him nor Jessie want him gone.

Ronnie thinks if Casey wins he will put up Ronnie and Michelle. Russ calls Casey out as one of the ringleaders rallying the other's to get Ronnie out. Russ sees Casey on the spy screen and says that he's looking for him. Now Michele is looking upstairs. Russell wants to claim he was laying on the couch outside hoh trying to sleep.

Russell & Ronnie decide that Ronnie will walk out the door and that Russell will crawl out the door so no one can see him. Ronnie is the distraction so Russell can get out of the hoh.

Ronnie opens the door to leave, Russ belly crawls like a soldier to the couch by the chess set. Ronnie goes back in and closes the door. Russell peaks around then slowly climbs up on the couch and pretends he's sleeping with one arm hanging over the edge. (lol)

While Russell is pretending to be sleeping on the couch upstairs, Casey is going from room to room, including the DR looking for Russell. He asks Michele, who is in the kitchen cooking if she has seen Russell. When Michele said no, Russell can hear Casey say "He must be upstairs with Ronnie".

Casey sees Russell up on the couch.

Outside: Kevin, Nat & Lydia are sitting on the couch in the backyard. Nat said the longer Ronnie is here the safer they are because he will take the target off their back. Lydia says that she wants the 5 of them to make it together. Kevin says that Russell is up by the HOH door sleeping (LOL)

9:00 pm
Russell joins Lydia on the couch in the backyard and says he fell a sleep upstairs while he was waiting to catch Ronnie. He said Ronnie won't even eat dinner he's so F'ing scared. They start talking about how there's no where except the recycling room where a person can sleep without getting woke up. Russell is mad and said that while he was up there he heard Casey say that Russ must be up with Ronnie. Russell says "Casey's a f'ing dumb-ass".

Russell seeing Casey in the bathroom and tells him they should take turns staying by the door upstairs. Ronnie can just live off all his snakes. Casey says "Oh I agree".

9:30 pm
Jordan tells Laura to campaign for herself. Laura said she had talked to a couple of people but they act like they don't want to talk.

Casey is telling Chima that he's not sure about this whole pawn situation for getting Ronnie out.
Casey: "This the natural course of the game. You just have to go hard and do you. And if just seems to me there are too many people that can F this up".
Chima: "Yes, I agree".
Casey: "Too many people with different agendas".
Chima: "If it were me in your situation, I'd want to be given a fair shot".
Jeff walks into kitchen with them and Chima is then called to DR.

Casey goes to the pool room to talk to Kevin & Lydia, his clique.
Kevin: "We have to win the HOH"
Lydia: "oh yeah. Like it's our turn".
Casey: "Obviously, who gets HOH will determine who stays and it would be nice not to worry about it".
They all agree.

10:00 am
Jordan tells Laura she feels like everyone is going to go back to the way they were before the whole Ronnie deal. She feels like everyone is still scheming right now.

Russell & Jessie are lifting weights in the back yard. Russell tells Jessie that he just knows Casey is personally gunning for him.

Jessie: "People don't like him because of the sh** he pulls. Just give him time and he'll self destruct".
Russell: "I just don't like him. And it's different when you know someone is gunning for you. Casey is personally coming after me".
Jessie: "I think Michele is going to coming after us just as much, just not telling anybody about it. Do you understand? But at least Casey will dig his own grave".

10:30 pm
Nat asks Jessie what they're thinking of doing to Ronnie? (They're whispering).

Jessie: "I told Russell yesterday, dude, you have no f'n idea what you did. People want to put me and Natalie up because of what you did. I don't care that you hate Ronnie. Ronnie never lied to me. You can't trust Casey".
Nat: "I didn't know any of this. I wonder what Lydia knows".
Jessie: in a stern voice: "Do not talk to Lydia"!
Nat: "I'm not".
Jessie: "Because Lydia is smart".

Jessie tells Nat that if Kevin wins HOH he's putting up 2 athletes.

Chima talks to Kevin about being a pawn.
Kevin: "You have the protection".
Chima: "They've retracted the offer".
Kevin: "The protection? Even if you threw it?"
Chima: "Somebody came to us earlier, I think it was Casey, and he said he thought it was better if we just played because some have talked. They said they came to a group consensus that it was better if everyone just played for it".

Russell asks Casey who changed the hoh comp idea of people throwing it for safety?
Russell: "Who's idea was it to have everyone compete because I missed all that"?
Casey said Michel said she wanted to compete.
Chima: "That's not what she said"
Casey: "Well that's what I heard that Michele wanted to".
Russell: "We should ask her. I'm down for it, just need to know".
Chima: Michele and I were in the bathroom and said Natalie said we talked about it, but Michele and I were in the bathroom. From my perspective, it was decided for us".
Casey: "Well I think there are variables. You'd have to trust everybody".
Chima: "I don't trust anybody. I'll go upstairs & ask Michele right now".

Chima goes upstairs to the chessboard where Jessie & Nat are playing. She wants to see if Nat told a lie when she told Chima & Michele that it was decided that those 2 should compete for hoh.

Chima: "Ok, so since we seem to have a discrepancy, we need to clear this up".
Nat: "What's up girl".
Chima: "Natalie you came in and said, "It's been decided that you're not competing now and all bets are off."
Nat: "Yeah, because that's what was said outside".
Chima: "Who said it"?
Nat: "Everybody outside, Casey, uh uh".
Chima: "Who's everybody"?
Jessie tries to step in: "Well the best way to handle this is just. .. "
Chima: "Please don't interupt Jessie, I need to know this. So Nat, did you tell them that you wanted them to compete".

Lydia hears from downstairs and walks up.

Jessie: "sorry I interupted and it's time for my shower". (he looks mad)

Chima: We came to a concensus last night that we would throw it so Ronnie couldn't get saftey and then it changes.

Chima asks Casey if he started this
Casey: "That's what was being said this morning around the house. Michele last night you were talking about how you were being railroaded".
Michele: "That's not what I said. I said I didn't trust everyone in the house".
Casey: "I agree. Don't put this on me".

Chima desides to get to the bottom of this.
Chima: "Casey, I'm not saying you're the ringleader. Natalie you were outside".
Nat: "I was outside"
Chima: "So who were the 8 people. You came in and told me but you won't tell me who it was".
Nat: "I don't remember who they were".
Chima: "You don't remember"?
Nat: "No, I don't remember the exact 8 people".
Kevin: "Well we're only 10 people".
Nat: "You guys have to make your own decision. That's what it comes down to".
Chima: "Well then don't tell us we're doing one thing after we come to consensus and then change it and try to blame it on my teammate".
Kevin: "Michele did you say that last night".
Michele: "Well, I said I didn't trust everybody and I'm keep all my options open".
Kevin: "So maybe it's a miscommunication".
Michele: "This has been set up to make us look like we're set up"
Chima: "Yeah, after all this it just makes me suspicious".
Casey: "Yeah, it would be bad to not compete and then get your ass put up".
Michele: "I just don't like how it's been done and portrayed"

Things tense with Nat, CHima, Kevin, Casey and Michele.

Michele: "I appreciate you talking with you, but I would appreciate it if the second decison would come when we're in the audience".
Casey: "I heard you wanted to compete, that you were disappointed. We talked about it last night".
Michele: "No, you're the only one I talked with last night".
Casey: "Well, maybe somebody is making things up".
Chima: "So who are the people who all of a sudden don't want Ronnie out"?
Casey: "Oh we still want Ronnie out, but you know how things change and so much can happen, you know that".
Chima: "Well if everyone's thinking that, no one is going to want to be a pawn to ensure that he goes home".
Casey: Exactly. "And all of a sudden I'm the point man".
Chima: "No, we're talking but all this looks suspicious".
Michele: "I understand i's an awkward situation"
Casey: "I'll do what everyone else wants to do. I don't want to come off as the decision maker or boss".
Chima: "They all look guilty as hell. Not knowing who those people are. That's bullsh**.
Chima: "I want Ronnie to go home"
Casey: I do too.
Chima: We were working together and now it's all for themselves. Umm ummm.

Nat tells Russell, Kevin & Lydia that it was Casey that said to change the saftey of Chima & Michele & then told her not to say he said it.

The houseguests continue to practice the ball bounce game. One of the biggest highlights for Jordan & Laura came at 1:00 pm when they found that there were tomatos in their garden. According to the rulse, houseguests that are on slop may eat from the garden. Jordan said it was the best tomato she's ever had.