Well...Gretel is looking quite nice tonight in a black dress that pushes her bust up a bit... with a black coat/shoal around it.

She gets excited saying that "the GROWL is back"... and shows Vince growling in Jo's ear last night (??)

Gretel asks the crowd who they think will be evicted... The crowd goes APE when they say Jo... they are silent(!) when she says Dan... and they scream NO!!! when she says Reg!

Cross to DR with the non-nominated evictees... Gretel goes through the group saying hello to them all...
Speaking to Pat about his B'day party which he said he really enjoyed.
Gretel comments that Chrissy looks like she has a halo due to the fluro light behind her.
Jamie says they are all close... and he'll miss whoever goes.
Gretel speaks to Vince... but it was only quick...
Next she asks Kim how she is fitting in... she says she's fitting in (LOL) and that she's doing fine.
Then she crosses to Sax... and says I won't talk to you cos you were upset with me cos I thought you were up for eviction 3 times. Sax said he thought they had more going between them (LOL). Sax - "It's been 7 weeks since I got a hug from you (LOL). Gretel - "I love you Sax... you're alright".

Next they show a bit of Rege's week in the house... nothing too spectacular...

Ad break

Now highlighting Dan's nomination...

This one feels different cos the two girls with me haven't been nominated b4. The energy of Jo & Reg is pivotal to the group... a loss of anyone will be a great loss.

Talking about the task... "I'm ready to suck"
He happened to know most of the answers.. so he really enjoyed it. It would be a slight loss to leave here... but we'd all meet up eventually.

Now... looking at Joanne...
"I'm a bit scared about Sunday". "It's a shock... and she will miss the ppl in the house". Vince telling her that he doesn't want her to go. "Sax.. you're very special"...
"If we can implement a change in our own lives after this, then it has all been worth it". Showing her convinced that she is leaving the house...

Crossing to Nominees now...
Jo looks gorgeous!
Daniel... this is many in a row now (from Gretel)... Dan saying that he's becoming the nomination champ. No cape this week... going for a different tact... the relaxed, chilled thing.

Gretel thought it was Jo's 2nd time... but is actually a "nomination virgin"... Jo - today has been very weird. Been cherishing every moment during the last week. G: "Does it tarnish the week?" J: "No... haven't taken the week for granted... cherished every moment"

Gretel to Reg...
How's the week been for you? R: "Been good... swum around today and relaxed"... "Today she's heard lots of movements behind the walls... could be a sign that there is cameramen behind the walls... or that she's going..." LOL

Ad break

THIS IS BB.. an eviction is imminent!

The HMs are all in the round lounge room getting ready. Gretel telling everyone there is less than 5 minutes to vote & going through the numbers one last time.

Friends & Family time.
Anita - Reg's sister (Blonde hottie)
Penny - Dan's former GF (Not bad!)
Tim - Jo's Boyfriend

Anita - Rege fever consumed Tassie... has it changed her life? Yes... been busy... lots of ppl asking Q's about her. She's working in Reg's shop ATM. It can get a bit much at times... during lunchtime when its busy...

Penny - G: You & Dan used to go out. when did you stop? 1 1/2 yrs ago.. went out for 1 1/2 yrs. lovely guy...

Tim - Gretel so pleased he is here. Saying they had a brief conversation... he seems ok with it all. Gretel asking him about him being upset after Thurs night. "Alls good & he's sure they'll sort it all out". He'll tell her how he thinks... & see how it goes. Not so much upset about her flirting... bit hard for him to understand but he understands that all is good. Talking about going to Europe with her.. asks if he was going to propose to her there.. he says that bit isn't necessarily true.

Results are pretty clear... here comes the envelope...


And the crowd goes WILD!!!

Jo says to Kim that its cool. Makes her way out of the house kissing & hugging everyone on the way out. She gives Sax a big hug... there goes the siren and out she goes!!!

The van pulls up and the crowd is going WILD!

The door opens.. and out steps Joanne!

She seems really taken aback with it all... looks quite nervous with all the attention, but has a huge grin on her face. Gives Gretel a huge hug at the end of the ramp.

"I have no idea what's happening!" (Jo)

Gretel does the whole camera phone thing... Gretel shares her cape with Jo to keep her warm.

How are you feeling?
J: Lost for Words

When you first went into the house, it was like this "superwoman" went into the house as you were beautiful & intelligent.

Showing Ben & Jo's time in the house... and her time in the round house with Ben mainly. Showed Jo's "Bring It On" cheer.

She sees a sign saying Pink Berets and gets all excited! (Jo)

Jo is soo excited... "I can't breathe!"

Not only are you intelligent & beautiful & sexy at the same time... and Gretel crosses to Jo in her bikini & pink outfit. Showing Sax's comments about Jo in clothes that fit like that "Should be illegal".

Gretel confronts Jo about the boys falling all over her. "Is it a burden that you like to bear?"
"People who know me know that there is more to me than that"
Gretel playing up on the boys all falling for her. (Jo is REALLY nervous about this). Gretel comments that after the break they'll show the "love square"... to which Jo seemingly has no idea what she is talking about...

Showing clips of the boys commenting on Jo...
Dan... "Aah... its like living at the Playboy mansion" after Jo jumps into the pool.

Ad break

Here we go again...

Sax going on about Jo...
Dan... if Jo was single I'd probably go for her
Vince... Felt the best when Jo said "Hi I am Jo" to him.

Sax is outside crying... everyone in the house has had a cry in the house bar Kim.

Gretel with Jo... talking about the Boys in the house...
Vincent: Growling... Talking about his wrist band... Definitely met someone who supercedes Venus... Notice how I haven't spoken to you for the last 3 days - cos I can't. Jo - without a doubt you are the perfect package.

Gretel - don't deny you knew Vince was keen on you or I'll stab you with the pen!!! ROFL

Jo... knew about it cos Chrissy put it to her attention... but was pretty vague about it otherwise. (Fireworks are going off in the background)

Looking at Saxon w/Jo... Feel like I've known you since birth & want to know you till death... Sax & Jo dancing... The promise to shake his hand after that night. Sax & Jo talking about feelings between them and that its needed to be talked about outside the house.
"I've watched my life go by... Jo jo's a waste of time..."

Gretel - did you love Sax too? "Every single girl in Oz would find Sax attractive.. but I'm in a relationship cos I was torn between..."
Gretel commenting about "How does Tim feel?"

Gretel - Patricks turn
Jo combing his hair... on his shoulders... hugging... cuddling... "You are so in tune with me" (Jo to Pat). "I love you Patty"... The cardboard "kissing" in the spa...

Jo is REALLY embarrassing!!! Gretel telling Jo that she didn't kiss Ben... Gretel asking Jo how she feels about Pat... she's not sure. "The walls amplify your emotions". She is really confused... really worried about everything.

Gretel saying how good she was. And cutting to the tally, saying that it was probably because of what happened at Pat's party...

Jo 86%
Daniel 9%
Reg 5%


Doing a recap of Jo's time in the house and cut to ad break.

Last period...

G: I know you are really worried now!
J: Yeah! Hard when you live with these ppl.

She has her bikinis for her legacy items...
Money going to Royal Adelaide Hospital centre for burns.

Giving Jo her prizes now... winding show down as they are over-time again tonight.

Here comes Tim... Jo starts to cry and gives him a big hug. She's a mess!!!

End of show...