Period 1

What is Gretel wearing? Looks like something you'd wear to hide a pregnancy!

No info on what the surprise is until the end of the show.

They did a recap of last weeks nominations and the nominees thoughts on being nominated.

"Romantic, Pathetic & Tragic at the same time" - Gretel describing the boys search for signs of Jo.

Sax: "I'm just a woos that cries too much" about Jo's leaving. "I feel like I'm gonna be bashed by my mates for crying so much". He says he feels all good now and ready for a new week.

Kim thinks she's lost about 10kg... no fish 'n' chips... no beer... no ciggies...

Jamie... Kim... first nights nominating.

Going over video clips of the new HMs time in the house so far... highlighting that they are like "chalk & cheese".

Here comes the votes:


: 2 points - Vincent - He can go several days on end without speaking to anyone... she finds it hard to cope with cos she uses talking etc. as a way to relieve stress... and him not talking limits her ability to do this.

1 point - Patrick - He's really controlling and too bossy about the food list, rationing etc. She feels like she has relevant input to put in but isn't allowed to.

There is a small chest besides her. She is to take it out to the lounge room and not open it until told to.


2 points - Jamie - He treats the matters that Sax thinks are close to him as less sensitive than others do. Makes him think too much.

1 point - Kim - Thinks she's vibrant etc. but her stories go too far and takes things a little bit too far. Making his life hard because its time he could be spending getting to know her better.

Period 2

Joanne comes out to join the nomination show...Looking mighty nice!

G: How are you?
J: Really excited... mind was racing... (happy racing)...
Confronted with lots of Qs about things... all about the same.

Tim is there tonight in the audience.

Gretel is calling Jo's charisma the J-Spot.

Next lot of Nominations...


2 points - Vincent - Followed him into the camera run (thought to be sq store room)... not happy with him because to him it was a breach of trust.

1 point - Saxon - When tried to get out of there, Sax held the door closed, turning it into a "scary" moment. Can't let his guard down while drunk around him due to it.

Cut to video of Jo's "happy times in the house"

Period 3

BB Q's for Jo
Hardest thing: Doing Nominations
Missed Most: BF, family, friends
Fav Person: Chrissy
Least Fav: Ben (1/2 a point)
Most annoying Habit: Carlo (audience)
Funniest: Chrissy
Laziest: Dan
Greatest Regret: Handled a few situations badly... (ie. the flirting)
Who out next: Kim
Who will win: Reg or Chrissy

Nominations continued:


2 points - Patrick - He hid the 2nd jar of coffee... waited a day before revealing it

1 point - Kim - Hogged the wine


2 points - Saxon - He butts in and talks over the top of her

1 point - Chrissy - oh, bugger... because... she um... she's lost faith in Chrissy from when she was feeling down last week.

Period 4

So far: Vince 4; Sax 3; Pat 3; Jamie 2; Kim 2...

Gretel says that she bets that Jo wouldn't have nominated any of her boys... she says no she wouldn't. (Crowd goes ooohhhh!)

Nominations - final round:


2 points - Kim - (Called her Kath first) She told him that she didn't like the other HMs on occasion and doesn't know if he can trust her.

1 point - Vincent - Very selfless but its almost excessive... makes him feel selfish & greedy due to it.


2 points - Saxon - They haven't formed a strong friendship - making him likely to vote against him

1 point - Chrissy - Doesn't believe she is being honest towards everyone in the house.

Jo is SHOCKED! Jo says she is oblivious... (LOL... really?)

Period 5

Present for Jo was black Ugg Boots!

Jo will be on Uncut on Thursday night... (damn another one I'm gonna have to transcribe!!! LOL)

Nominations (Kim last one to go in)...

There is an envelope on the table next to the chair...


2 points - Jamie - He always thinks that she is trying to argue with him

1 point - Vincent - Only answers him with Yes/No answers... doesn't want to converse with her... putting her on a lower level

BB tells Kim to take it into the LR and give it to Chrissy... but not to open it till told to.

Final Period

2 surprises coming up...

Vince 6; Sax 5; Kim & Jamie on 4...

Crossing to house for secret #1 of 2...

In the envelope is a key... open the chest with it. In the chest in an envelope... read the letter in the envelope to the HMs...

"Dear HMs... The noms have been interesting.. however... you are ALL nominated this week."

BB: The other thing is... 2 of you will be evicted this Sunday night!