Another website said Big Brother 7 will be the worst season ever. That post
implied this show will end the franchise, ruin the summer reign. The House
will have to be sold for real estate.

We beg to differ. The battle between the Season Sixers and Everyone Else
will be the most entertaining and explosive group of housemates ever to hit
CBS' summer stalwart.

1) For the most part, everybody is a Type A personality, meaning they are
driven, and won't stop in any given situation. These folks have waited
months or even years to get back to this game and are going to use the
opportunity to plot, scheme, backstab, get revenge, and take control.
Everyone wants to be the Alpha Male. So there will be no down time at
all-just conspiracies and conniving 24/7.

2) Everybody is fun to watch. These are real players; almost all of them
lasted through to September during their season, usually each one was nearly
the last to leave. Some were so close to winning they could taste it and
have had hunger pangs for years. They want to satisfy their need for

Danielle, Allison, Marcellas, Jase, James, and Janie play nothing but their
A game. Will, Mike Boogie, Nakomis, Diane, and Erica are still playing
their B games but maybe that's all they have to give against the A players.
George is still trying to get up to speed about the seasons he didn't watch,
asking a lot of questions. That way, he will understand the rivalries.
Kaysar seems to be following Janelle's lead.

We're not sure what game Howie is playing, maybe it is just the Howie game.
His obsession with Nakomis, who he says he will never bang, comes off as if
he's dying to hit the sack with her. Now.

3) The house is visually beautiful. It is the same house from seasons 5
and 6 but it was given a beautification update. Gone are the Ikea
destructible furnishings from season 1 and of course, the famous potato
clock that Joshua Souza sabotaged, or was it Cassandra? The head of
household room, that once only had chips and dip in season 2 now is filled
with top rate munchies and observation monitors to watch what THE OTHERS are
doing. Was there really any dip with those chips?

But what about those good and evil sayings glued to the walls? Is anyone in
the house bothering to look at the good sayings and take that seriously? Or
is Season 7 guided by the evil that lurks in the sides of walls?

4) Because everyone has experience playing this version of the game, except
for George who played with very different rules, the play itself is much
more intense and serious. There was no warm up here; the house doors opened
and everyone was off and running. At the first nominations ceremony, it
was almost over before it began. Quick, speedy, not to waste any time,
everyone knew how to pull out the keys. Only serious faces watched the
ceremonial keyholder, in the lazy susan device, pass by them.

Each competition will be played with vigor and design. Each moment is
planned; only few will have their desired outcome. Did you watch the
perfection of clarity and aim (for the most part) in the flying asteroid
competition on night one? Everyone knows the others are strategizing;
everyone's goal is to keep that floating target off their own chest.

5) The Season Sixers. The alliance is clear: the folks from Season 6 have
banded together. Their first goal is loyalty; to protect each other from
Everyone Else. After they have eliminated all the outsiders, the audience
will have the divine opportunity to watch these beautiful and hard playing
Type As duel each other to the death. Or at least until the final jury.
Whichever comes first?

6) Our last reason why Big Brother All*Stars will be the best season ever
(drumroll please!): Because of the experience, competition intensity, and
level of viciousness, there is a degree of paranoia unseen in other seasons.
There are no buffer characters.

Everyone is afraid of everyone, including their former friends. Only one
person can win the million dollars. Second place just won't do for former
runners up. So many people in the house are playing an all or nothing game.
Will people crack up and literally climb the walls? Will we see delusional
activity, screaming rages, and of their faculties? How will Dr. Will react
if he is shut out of playing the game?

Finally, we have a game where they crack because of paranoia and not from
the "no outside contact" rule. Is Howie the first off the deep end (and
shame on you if you guessed it would be George!)? Only time will tell.
There is nothing like Season 7.

7) And one more thing. Is it true Dr. Will's medical specialty is tattoo