Why Is Andy Immune To Maryann?

Andy Bellefleur comes from one of the oldest families in Bon Temps. He has strong ties to the community that go back generations. He has lived in Bon Temps his entire life. I realize that Andy did participate in the first wild dance at Merlotte’s; however, he had been drinking and Maryann is a beautiful woman. Her showing him some attention could have been what made him dance, not her supernatural influence. And yes, he did accept a drink from Maryann at the first orgy, but he was on duty and we did not see him participate nor did we see his eyes turn black. I would assume that he left shortly thereafter. (Don’t forget that he was distracted by the sighting of the PIG and put off about its sudden disappearance. He knows he’s not crazy and I’m sure thoughts of the pig were weighing on his mind.)

Terry Bellefleur is Andy’s second cousin. We don’t know if he grew up in Bon Temps or not, but we do know that he was gone for a while fighting in the Gulf War. Plus, we also don’t know how strong his ties are to the area. We do know that he is not immune to Maryann, but we don’t know why. He has been damaged mentally by what he did and saw during the war, so perhaps that has weakened him. What about Andy’s sister, Portia, and their Grandmother? We have yet to meet them on the series, unless they are part of the extras in the orgy scenes. When we see all the townspeople in jail, none of them are referred to as Portia or Ms. Bellefleur. So, I would have to assume that they are immune to Maryann and have not had any contact with her.

In the previews for next week, we see Jason and Sookie return to Bon Temps. Their family is just as old as Andy’s and they have a strong tie to the community as well. They grew up in Bon Temps and have never left for a long period of time like Terry. From the preview, it appears that they are going to go head to head against Maryann. Therefore, we can assume that they are immune to her as well. The only common bond between the Bellefleurs and the Stackhouses is that their families are old and actually helped to establish Bon Temps. That being said, I think their relationship to the community has provided them with some type of immunity against Maryann. What do you think?