Dr. Will: Ready for a twril?
* Jokerette twirls you
Dr. Will: Whoa, slow down Turbo. I'm getting dizzy!
Dr. Will: Any questions for me or do you just want twrils?
Dr. Will: okay, i'm back...any questions?

Jokerette: Will what happened with flava flav after Janelle won?
Dr. Will: Flav was pissed!

<KristyM> How was your weekend dr will
Dr. Will: Weekend was superfun!!!
Dr. Will: I can't read this fast...I'm not very smart...
Dr. Will: Always in a good mood...I'm developing a new aeppcriation for some of the fans...

Sarah: why have you brought us here today ?
Dr. Will: leaving for France in 2 weeks...
Jokerette: is boog opening a restaurant in Paris
Dr. Will: Anyone been to the Dolce in Atlanta?
Dr. Will: or Reno?
Jokerette: oh he's opening a new one in Reno?
Dr. Will: We are also opening in Santa Ana in a few months...
Dr. Will: Reno is already open...
Jokerette: congrats on that!

Dr. Will: Where are you guys from?
Jokerette: Nashville
Sarah: Vegas
Jokerette: if you come to the reality convention next year.. you'd meet a lot of us... I'll leave my cats at home
Dr. Will: Nashville? I'll be in Memphis, TN on March 10th...
Dr. Will: I'll be in Savannah, GA on February 10, 2007...
Jokerette: are you doing a tour?
Dr. Will: Like the Bunkymania tour? I'm doing personal apparences Southern Women's Conferences...
Jokerette: oh excellent..
Jokerette: no I do not see you doing bunkymania, somehow. LOL
Jokerette: Willmania?
Dr. Will: Offering Twrils all over the souther United States!!!

Jokerette: and are you happy? ::)
Dr. Will: Always busy...always stressed...always happy!!!
Dr. Will: Theo and Ian are doing well...thanks for asking!
Jokerette: ok must ask.. who are Theo and Ian?
Sarah: his friend and his brother
Dr. Will: Neil say 'hi'...
Jokerette: who is Neil?
Dr. Will: NPH...

Jokerette: semaj asks: Will, have you ever been to Survivor Sucks?
Dr. Will: What is Survivor Sucks?
Jokerette: another board

Jokerette: QCLWill asks: What is the best motivation about the conference like the one in Jacksonville?
Dr. Will: Just fun...
Dr. Will: Just gossip...
Dr. Will: Just updates...
Dr. Will: Love the live audience...

Sarah: what triggered the 180 on your perspective of fans ?
Dr. Will: Let's touch on that: I've always liked the fans...just not the crazy stalkers...it's scary. Seriously.
Dr. Will: Trying to talk someone into going with me...
Sarah: who might that be ?

Jokerette: Row asks: What was the best part of the VH1 awards? Fergie? LOL
Dr. Will: Fergie rocked!

Dr. Will: Does anyone have access to my pre-All-Stars interview i did with Media Feinds? It was really accurate! Check it out on www.willandjanelle.com...
Jokerette: there's a willandjanelle.com ??????

Dr. Will: Oh, any cosmetic dermatology cases you guys would like to see on Dr. 90210 next season?
Jokerette: <psychejambalaya> I've been using the Sonic Clear and it's a great product. Any other skincare lines or products in development?
Dr. Will: I'm only going to be on a few episodes for season 5 and will be featured a little more each season after that...
Jokerette: excellent
Dr. Will: New Soniclear ads will start to air in 2007...

Dr. Will: Just turned down a hosting gig on The Game Show Network...
Jokerette: turned it down?
Jokerette: whyso?
Dr. Will: A pre-existing contract wouldn't allow it...

Jokerette: what about amazing race, they'd like to know?
Jokerette: have you heard anything about that?
Dr. Will: The Amazing Race can't be discussed. That said, there is no point in contacting CBS as decisions have already been made. Anyone who thinks that spamming CBS will help them get on is totally in the dark...get them fools a blindfold!
Dr. Will: I'm a doctor first and a cheesy reality contestant second...but it's a close second!!!
Dr. Will: TAR is going to be an All-Star version next season...after that, we'll see if they Big Dog needs to come off the porch for one last run.
Dr. Will: TAR is locked and loaded...and can't be discussed!!!
Dr. Will: No more TAR questions please...

Jokerette: <JU> Tiny1 asks: Will you remove a tatoo on Dr 90210?
Dr. Will: Shit, was i having a bad hair day on Saturday or what? Well, it's more like a bad hair life!
Dr. Will: Yep, you'll see a tattoo removal on Dr. 90210...on someone from a reality show...no, not that someone!
Jokerette: <PandeMOANium> tell him most of us think he looked great! please

Jokerette: QCLWill asks: This is a group question, i'm being pressured: what do you think of janie's site?
Dr. Will: Never been to that site...

Jokerette: <TT7> Please ask Will if he has any more predictions for us??????????
Dr. Will: The cream rises to the top. Be patient...

Jokerette: Milosmom asks: Why did you want us to come to the chat room?
Dr. Will: To chat. Duh.

Jokerette: Ali asks: Do you think you will get asked to host a comp for BB8?
Dr. Will: Hmmm...I would hopr that BB would ask me back for something...maybe "Christams in July"? I think they'll need a trampoline, right?

Jokerette: <Reiki-TVCH> Does he have any plans for New Years and/or his birthday yet?
Jokerette: Any plans for New Years or your birthday?
Dr. Will: I'll be in paris for new years...no birthday plans.
Jokerette: you going with someone or all alone?
Jokerette: I know a few thousand who'd like to go. rofl
Dr. Will: I don't celebrate my birthday. never did. i'm just wierd like that.
Jokerette: me either for that matter
Dr. Will: Going to Paris with someone...
Dr. Will: ...Ian!

Jokerette: <JGuest06> did you enjoy the dane cook show and were you bummed he didn't show up at vh1?
Dr. Will: Dane cook was awesome...6 degrees of seperation...you'll understand more in a few wee..s.
Dr. Will: A few weeks, I mean...

Jokerette: Maureen asks: ask Will if he would consider being the next Bachelor?...he would be a good candidate for that show
Dr. Will: I was already asked to be on The Bachelor...twice. No thanks...

Dreamer: bbfan18 asks: dr will are you going back on y and r
Dr. Will: Y and R is up in the air. Everything is dependent on my schedule. We will try to make it work in 2007. Maybe a one or two week arc...maybe nothing...

Dreamer: sonironi asks: 6 degrees of separation? is that in reference to dane cook or something else?
Dr. Will: Dane Cook and a prtodiucon but can't discuss more info...
Dr. Will: sorry, a production company...

Dreamer: Maureen asks: Will, do you plan on doing any more speeches like you did in Florida, if so, is Boston on your list?
Dr. Will: TN, GA, VA are booked so far. I'll be in DC in jan and Ecuador in April for Derm conferences and medical missions...

Dreamer: Milosmom asks: Would you ever consider twirling on Dancing with the Stars?
Dr. Will: Dancing with the stars would never want me...

Dr. Will: Did you guys have any thoughts on my interview that was pre-all stars and can be found at www.willandjanelle.com. The predictions were pretty accurate, no?
Jokerette: how about your janlle prediction, they want to know?
Dr. Will: Hmmm....no comment.

Dreamer: JGuest728 asks: how often do you see boogie. how is he doing?
Dr. Will: Boogie is doing great...

Dreamer: pittsburgh24 asks: Yes Will, your predictions were very accurate - do you have any more?
Dr. Will: Hey everyone, thanks for this chat. it was kind of fun. i have a surgeryw now. one last question?

Jokerette: do you still think we all weigh 400 lbs and have cats?
Dr. Will: Let me leave you with this last thought: To the true fans: Patience is a virtue. To the crazies: EAD!
(and we did not ask what EAD is, but it was answered... use your imagination!)