Will minus his pretentiousness is like Arnold Schwarzenegger without his muscles and weighing only 90 lbs. "I'll be bock" would have taken on a whole new meaning.

Re: Willís comment, "If you are an internet fan typing this right now something is wrong with you."


My opinion of you is that you yearn to be noticedÖ.to look importantÖ.to look like you make a difference. Your very existence depends on this, yet with so many exceptional people around you go unnoticed. Your father had a very prestigious position throughout his life and looked on you to make your life into one worthwhile. But you had a problem. You had no outstanding qualities. You were not the handsomest, nor the smartest, nor the wisest, nor the funniest. You are not the richest, the poorest, the slowest or the quickest. You havenít excelled in sports, havenít become proficient playing a musical instrument and have directed yourself to a career of being a doctor with a future of working in a small office environment filled with monotony as you spend each day identifying the same dozen or so diseases day-in-and-day-out for the next 20-30 years of your life. You have average teeth expressing an average smile; you have average looks and can easily go unnoticed. You are narcissistic, somewhat selfish, arrogant, contemptuous and a chiseler-- a rather unlikable person. However, you do crave attention and the feeling to be special, yet you obtain no unique qualities to get this attention you crave and therefore cannot appear as a distinguished achiever to your father and those around you. Since possessing very few redeeming qualities, you easily became influenced by the uproarious attention that Shannon received after having used Hardyís toothbrush to clean a toilet bowl. When all your Chill Town companions were gone, you quickly became a sycophant to the other house guests since you were the obvious choice to be evicted in the next round of evictions. But like in the tortoise and the hare, the houseguests relaxed and became distracted from their goals.

Bottom line, you are here again in the Big Brother house. For whatever reason that would have kept you away, this game offers you something you need.

You say itís not money, but you canít be believed since youíre admittedly deceitful. Everyone desires money. Anyone making $15 an hr wishes they were making $30 an hr and everyone making $30 an hr is wishing for $60 and so on. Everyone wants to win the lottery. Yet, YOU donít need the money? If your life is fulfilled, why sign up with Big Brother at all? And what will you do for fun when itís all over? You say you donít need a venue to advertise your business and on your website you state, ďI have more money than I can spendĒ and donít need to advertise. Then whatís the reason for that strange looking bear with a cup of coffee beans? You love coffee and want to share that love with others? Very odd tactic, considering Microsoft advertises and Donald Trump will make commercials to hype his show but Will Kirby doesnít need it. An obvious denial to others, lets hope itís not to yourself as well.

Letís seeÖ I will have to assume that you do not want to appear vulnerable to let others know that you do need money or to become famous or drum up more business. Therefore, the only acceptable face-saving ďpublicĒ reason for appearing on the show would be to do it as a favor to a friend. EnterÖ(conveniently)Ö Boogie. But for the same reason I donít buy fake Gucci watches from a stranger in a Wal-Mart parking lot, I donít believe this reasoning of yours either. After all, youíve experienced Big Brother once already why repeat history if your life is so full of fun and other wondrous experiences yet to be enjoyed? Attention! The need to feel special. Thatís all it is and all it ever was and probably all it will ever be. For you see, what started out as a plea for forgiveness from the remaining houseguests was quickly covered up as a way to save face in front of your old collaborators. Along with the encouragement from the Diary Room people, you flourished this pretense into a projected intent to appear evil. It worked. It worked for you, it worked for the producers and it worked on some of the fans of the show. Through the help of those looking for higher ratings and hoping to have their jobs next season, they told you that this would make for good TV and encouraged you on. Alas, you now you have the attention you craved your whole life. Fact is, those running the show used you in exchange for the recognition you hungered for. Actors often say that it is easier to play a mean character than it is to play one that isnít. You simply took the easiest road. Once out of the house, you realized the amount of attention you received from it and easily decided that this notoriety gave you more attention than you ever had. Hence, you carved a new destiny. Since then you spend much time publicly fostering that appearance. So much so that you actually, now believe this exaggerated opinion of your own importance.

Itís not the first time, nor the last time will we witness a person so desperate for attention that they will act as you do towards others. History has shown us that. But this goes against everything that is good and compassionate and decent about human beings. This cannot be looked upon lightly. This action breeds spitefulness. In a world of 5 billion people and filled with the struggles of trying to get along with each other, we need to be held responsible for the actions we exude into the world around us, and as mature adults should help make our world a more peaceful place to live for ourselves, our children and our families. We have but short lives here on this planet. Itís sad to see you foolishly discredit yourself while you smirk at the thought of purposely causing dissension and ill will onto others.

History is filled with men who otherwise would have gone unnoticed suddenly becoming noticed from their despicable acts. For those like you who are incapable of achieving greatness or becoming famous through more humane means, I guess this is your only desperate recourse. And since this attention has been unattainable by regular means, itís obvious you did what you could to attain the attention you crave so much through these tactics, but it does reveal your lack of development and unfortunately you had to trade you dignity and for it. Your public displays of contempt are an obvious cry for attention in your mediocre and mundane life. Infamy is a fleeting reward and you will soon discover that it wasnít worth all that you had traded for it.