Will Rides Again

Finally, some excitement in the Big Brother house! More to come on that, but first:

Cut to earlier this summer when a commercial comes on, and whose smiling face should I see? Why Will Kirby of all people! Will Kirby, liar of all liars, king of all mental beat downs, beating out Richard Hatch to become the best villain to ever come out of reality TV. I loved to love him, and despised the whiners that complained non stop about him. I was in! Not full tilt in, like I was for BB2 and 3, but in. I knew I would watch to see who got into the house. Lo and behold, Will and Danielle got in. I knew I would watch the first few episodes to see how things were going. I told myself, if things started looking good, I might even plunk down the $14.99 for the feeds. Things started looking good about the time I started to realize James might be “peeling” off and making some new friends. Friends with Danielle, the queen villain, and I was IN! There went my $14.99, and my sleep, and my house would become a mess, but who cared? Not me. I was hooked. Danielle was in the HOH room. Danielle, Mike, Will, and James were plotting together. How could things get better? They couldn’t get any juicier. Kaysar was going right back out the front door, to hopefully never be seen again. Erika had HOH. Janelle and Howie would be up for nomination. Janelle couldn’t save herself. Things were great for two hours, and then Big Brother decided they couldn’t let their heroine fall like that and gave her the only second chance at HOH that I am aware of. Of course she won, and then my boredom set in. She couldn’t be talked out of a Danielle and Erika nomination. She would get one of them out. She is so transparent and clueless and boring and people love her. Go Figure!

I was on the edge of giving up on this season the same way I gave up after BB3. Took my web sites down. Got rid of Real Player. Didn’t see a single episode of seasons 4 or 5 and only watched the end of season 6. After Danielle was robbed of the win in season 3, I was over it.

And then a Big Brother miracle happened. I, still hoping for that one little morsel that would bring me back, that one thing that would make the loss of my sleep and 14 bucks worth it, that “it” thing that is so hard to define, sat at my computer until the wee hours last night, well 1:30 this morning, and “IT” happened. Will, Mike, and Erika in the hot tub. Alone together. Janelle was there but left. Will turns to camera and unleashes his devilish grin and I hold my breath and this is what he says:

* Will goes. "Do you want to say it or me?"

Okay I'll say it. Let's vote that bitch out as soon as we can. I'm tired of this show it's so boring and fucked up.

Hey internet, you want to know Erika and Boogie have been dating for 6 months! How about that fuckers! They've lived together for 6 months and getting engaged this summer. How about that. Bet you didn't know that! That's the real twist this summer, internet fuckers.

Will keeps going... "You think Erika sat around smoking hookah with Kaysar for nothing? She was using that mother fucker.

Hey producers, you aren't producing this show. I AM."*

I was so happy, I was almost giddy. Smiling ear to ear. I was waiting for “it” and I got “it” in spades.

Will, my hero, is back. Not so boring now. No sir. I want to see the end now, and sleep be damned!

November Rain

*Copied from entry at www.jokersupdates.com