Will The Real Wil Please Show Up?

Before Wil Heuser had a chance to bring the fun or the funk, Big Brother 14 showed him the door. He was my original pick for ďmost entertaining hot messĒ but in a calculated move, he decided to tone down his normal/natural personality and what was left over was an OCD extensions picking, pouty mess. Such a disappointment. Wil stifled his naturally delightful, compelling personality so much that when he made a last minute run at safety by making Dan target number 1, few people gave it much weight because well...it was coming from Wil!

In the end, he had Frank convinced but wanting to keep his coaches ally close, Boogie nixed Frank having an opinion of his own & Wil was voted out 6-2. Jenn and Ashley were his only allies in a house that is as fickle as the wind. Joe has been house-enemy numero uno for several weeks but suddenly everyone preferred his filthy hand flavored dishes to Wilís festive dishing.

This is Jokerís time with Wil Heuser:

Wil this is BestBBever from Jokerís Updates....

Wil: HEY! Howís it going?

BestBBever: Itís going well but we are sorry to see you out of the house!

Wil: O thanks, Iím a little bit bummed too!

BestBBever: ThatSoxGirl on Jokerís Updates loved your Wil Show videos and they have been very popular.........

Wil: Thank you so much, I am so excited to hear that everyone liked the videos.

BestBBever: Well she thought she was going to see that persona in the house and I picked you to be the most animated houseguest this year and you just said you thought Jenn was very subdued this summer but YOU seemed subdued, was that calculated or was there something that happened once you went in that house?

Wil: It definitely was calculated. Iím normally a very emotional person, I donít stray away from an argument but I didnít want to come off as a loose cannon on TV or someoneís television and I really just wanted to play at the level I did. I wanted to come off as someone you could trust in the house, um, but I think that definitely involved me toning a lot of stuff down........clearly not the [his] fashion sense!

BestBBever: A lot of people asked about your extensions and the fact that you played with them so much, FlirtnKY wanted to know if they itch & why did you decide to get them before you went in the house?

Wil: Well I decided to get.........well I had long hair for years and years but I actually had a Britney moment back in the spring [meaning Britney Spears and he shaved off all his hair].....why donít I shave all my hair off? And immediately I regretted it, so thatís why I got the extensions, I just like myself with long hair better........as far as when Iím trying to think....I play with my hair, itís always been a habit of mine so anytime I was fiddling with my hair....I was strategizing!

BestBBever: You were thinking a lot!

Wil: Yeah, I WAS all Iwas thinking was I just wanted to slam down five shots of whiskey and think about nothing but....I donít know daisies and babies and farts! [more laughter]

BestBBever: You mentioned several times that if you got evicted you wanted it to happen before jury, Creeker on Jokerís Updates wants to know why and are you happy about that or do you regret it not working harder to stay?

Wil: Once I figured out that there was a large alliance in the house [that I wasnít a part of] the odds were definitely against me and once I knew for sure that I was going home [getting evicted] the thought of sitting in sequester for five weeks to give someone else have a million dollars was not very tasty on my palate.

In my opinion it was like what was the sense in waiting another week and being isolated in the house by all the houseguests and then having to go to jury and sit alone for five weeks, you know?

BestBBever: Right, that makes sense. You seemed to be quite a fan of Big Brother, what was the best part about going into that house & being in that house?

Wil: I think definitely the best part of the house was all the personalities, I think especially with casting this year, there were so many really unique people in the house and it was truly a pleasure getting to know all of them. Theyíre all, you know, A+ standup guys, guys and gals. So, that definitely was the highlight for me. Hopefully friends for life, who knows?

BestBBever: Sweet. Your body and physical health was discussed quite a bit on Jokerís Updates and people expected you to last alot longer on the shipwreck HOH competition with the rain and the bird poop.........

Wil: Oh, that bird poop was great wasnít it! I had to work hard not to laugh and make myself fall.

BestBBever: Did you fall off on purpose or were you really straining?

Wil: I could have gone maybe 15 minutes more but that was a lot harder than it looked. If you were over five foot seven it was going to be a hard position. I was right next to Danielle and sheís just chilliní there looking like so casual she could pull a cigarette out of her pocket to smoke it and then I look at Shane and he is writhing in agony like he is about to bust a vertabrae.

I said to Danielle, am I safe and she said yes but that wasnít true and I turned to Shane and said, ďYou jump, I jumpĒ cuz I thought it would be good to have a little camaraderie with him, I certainly was tired and I ended up with burns on my shoulders from that comp, so I definitely donít regret jumping when I did. Danielle was going to hang in there all night if she could.

BestBBever: Any personal opinions about Danielleís showmance with Shane?

Wil: Um....[long pause] I donít want to...when it comes to her and Shaneís showmance I donít want to....itís probably the least genuine thing in the house. Shane, quite frankly, heís nasty to Danielle, he says a lot of hurtful comments, heíll certainly take a moment to make a point for the show, but any chance he gets to dispel it in front of her he does and itís hurtful to her. I think she just genuinely wants to be his friend, I think sheís got someone back in Alabama that she really cares about and she more than anything just tries to be his friend......
editorial note: Please watch the feeds Wil.
Ö......and he sort of leads [her] on for the camera and then heíll just go around and be a total jerk to her.

BestBBever: On your first interviews you said something about being up for a shomance yourself, were you tempted by any of the guys in the house?

Wil: Unfortunately, I donít want to sound hurtful to the houseguests but no one of my taste was in there.

BestBBever: Osei from Jokerís Updates would like to know if you are a Louisville Cardinals or Kentucky Wildcats fan?

Wil: I gotta go with the Cards, baby!!!

BestBBever: Good to know, I hope Osei will be pleased.

BestBBever: FishH8r on Jokerís Updates wanted you to fill in the zings we didnít hear, yours and Danís?

Wil: Mine was what do you call Fabio without the good looks, muscles or sex appeal, ZING! I was expecting a little bit more.

BestBBever: Yeah that wasnít good at all, what was Danís?

Wil: Danís was....oooh something about...something along the lines of his coaching and speeches to rev Danielle up were making the Zingbot nauseated I think. It wasnít that good but yeah, he [Dan] was annoying the hell out of me cheering her on.

BestBBever: The consensus last night and this morning was that they are going to put Frank and Boogie on the block, the Silent Six is imploding.......

Wil: Really?

BestBBever: Well there was an option to win HOH or safety or 10k and Boogie immediately went for the money and was convinced he was safe and everyone was really angry about that.

Wil: If thatís true, I think you kiss Frankís butt goodbye. My gut instinct would be that they are going to get Frank out.

BestBBever: Well the coaches want to keep each other safe so they are saying that sitting with Boogie at the F2 is a guaranteed win for anyone in the house, do you agree with that?

Wil: ABSOLUTELY! Boogie is generally a nice person when it comes down to it but he is a negative force in the house just on a personal level and social level and he is not very well liked so anyone that goes up on the block with him is going to do well against him.

BestBBever: If you ran the BB Universe and you were HOH who would you have evicted and who would you have aligned with for the long haul and who would you have liked to be in a F2 with at the end?

Wil: As for evicting, I would have gone for Dan or Mike, that would have been my main goal. I would have definitely made a big move. There were a lot of comments made that it was too soon to make a big move and I completely disagree.

I really wanted to try to align with Shane and Danielle, I had talked to them...gosh, a couple of weeks before....week 2 I started the discussion with them of working together if the Coaches came in, obviously that didnít happen but itís where I was headed in my mind. Then the Coaches came in and everything went topsy-turvy.

BestBBever: In your hotel room the first night after eviction, what regret kept nagging at you?

Wil: You know I donít actually have too many regrets because I do feel like I played the game the way I wanted to, only thing I would change is I would NOT have have led Frank & Mike [Boogie] to believe that I would keep Frank in the house. I think I...lying was one of my bigger strengths and I started giving my cards away too soon.

From day one I believed the Coaches were coming into the game and I let a false sense of security take over my instinct and I think it definitely hurt me and got me on the block and out the door.

BestBBever: Interesting. PinkSugar79 on Jokerís Updates wants to know if you regret voting out Janelle and do you understand she would have done anything to save you?

Wil: The only reason I voted her out is because I didnít want that target on my back. She was going to go home no matter which way Ashley and I voted and as far as how the show was edited, I donít know.............

BestBBever: Janelle was also very disappointed about some of the things she heard you say about her when she got out of the house, do you think you will be able to bond outside of the BB house?

Wil: I hope so! I think Janelle is probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, she shouldnít wear makeup...she is just gorgeous! And I think at the end of the day sheís a great person. I donít know how it was edited but you know it was an equal two-way street with her and I, you know?

She was the most disliked person in the house. She didnít take any interest in getting to know any of the other houseguests on a personal level. If you talked to her it was all about Janelle. Her strategy of butt-kissing, I think everyone caught on to it and it was blatant and not genuine and some part of her needs to take a little bit of responsibility for how she played.

BestBBever: You had Frank talked into evicting Dan but Mike/Boogie talked him out of it, does that surprise you?

Wil: [Groaning loudly] Biggest fool around!

BestBBever: Who would you live to see win?

Wil: It would seem that the newbies have not positioned themselves to win, I think here again Dan has positioned himself to win. I didnít fall for it, he was certainly my number one target but I think the other houseguests have [fallen for his gameplay] so I say let him win it! If theyíre foolish enough to not make big moves & keep these Coaches in the game I think itís fair to say he should win it again!

BestBBever: Several times you commented that your record deals fell through, but is there anything going on with your music career right now?

Wil: For ten years of my life it was all about music and so I donít think I will ever lose the urge to get back into that but I think I am just going to take it a day at a time. Iíve always been working with different producers over the year and who knows we might make a song or two......

BestBBever: You did a wonderful Sharon Osbourne impersonation, would you like to meet her and maybe sing on the Talk?

Wil: [answering in his Sharon Osborn voice] ďI think that would be wonderful, I tell you weíd be famous friends!Ē

Before we finished our call he said Ian was one of his favorite players. Will said Ian started out poorly and irritated people at first but he grew on everyone. ďHe was like Janelle, he didnít want to get to know any of us but he knew everything about us! He would hide in the bathroom and listen to conversations and you never knew where he was going to be hiding in the house. In the end he came out of his shell and it was fun to watch, I hope he goes far in this game.Ē

With that, our time was through. Wil clearly had some strong feelings about about helping evict fan-favorite Janelle and casting his vote to evict her. He felt strongly that Janelle brought it on herself by not playing a better Ďsocialí game. It was important to Wil that he go out of the house with ďhis head held high and my dignity intactĒ but I am not sure that happened.

What I do know is that he is a talented young man with a great singing voice and wonderfully funny podcasts and sometime soon he will be sharing his funnier self with all of us via Youtube.

I hope he joins us here on Jokerís Updates as well. His uncensored dish might be the best dish served all summer!