“Never ignore coincidence. Unless, of course, you’re busy. In which case, always ignore coincidence.”
The Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who

Tuesday August 28, 2012

8:48 AM

House Guests start to rise and shine. Joe is in the kitchen and Frank puts on his carrot suit. Jenn is up doing laundry. Franks comes into the kitchen and starts making coffee- he asks Joe where the mess came from, Joe tells him from dinner- nobody cleaned up. Frank comments to Joe that they are do close to the end now. Joe is studying the memory wall, indicates a picture and says “and this one goes home right?” Frank whispers “Brit goes”. They continue to run scenarios-Joe says if they put Dan and Ian up it doesn’t really matter which one of them go- they think a fast forward or another Double Eviction has to be coming since there are three weeks left to get down to 3 people.
Frank keeps saying Joe has to win HoH because he can’t play. Joe tells Frank he has laid out all the things that Dan has done & he has to be public enemy #1 he has lied to everyone about everything. Frank says Ian had lied to. Joe doesn’t think nearly as much as Dan has, he says Dan is a snake in the grass.
They head to the backyard where Jenn is in the lounge chair. All talk about how empty the house is, Jenn likes the quiet.

10:21 AM

Frank and Dan in the backyard. Dan tells him he wants to tell Britney he is going to vote for Dani & try and salvage his relationship with her. He says Brit kept coming to him yesterday & he wants her to stop. Frank wants Ian out before Dan; he worries that the others can get to Ian since Dan and Frank don’t sleep in the same room with him. Both worry Brit won’t go quietly. Jenn joins them.

They talk about how the end competitions favor Ian more than Shane so they really need to get Ian out first, Shane won’t be able to win those end comps. Frank says the less Dan, Jenn and himself are seen together the better. Dan goes inside. Frank and Jenn talk- Frank tells her that Dan thinks Frank is taking him to F2 but she knows that isn’t the case. Jenn says “hey, I am going to be happy with 50 G’s. She tells him to say whatever he needs to she knows the real deal. He tells her that Dan will cut Danielle when he has to.
Dan comes back outside and Jenn talks about how it is nice to be on slop with Dan, now that she took slop for the rest of the season she understands why slop eaters bond.

11:27 AM

Britney,Jenn,Dan, Danielle, Ian and Frank on the Back yard couches just general chit chat.
Joe goes to the kicks room and wakes up Shane to talk game. Joe asks Shane “if we make F3 deal with Danielle will you take me?”
Shane “That is a good question but yes. No offense but you’ll be my better shot to win.”
Joe “Yes, I will be. I was up late thinking through all scenarios. I won’t win, but I am ok with 50k”
Shane is still 50/50 on his vote, and Joe tells him that they have a plan either way so he’ll just go with whatever Shane decides. Either they keep Britney and openly divide the house, or they keep Danielle and still look like they are with Franks plan. Joe heads outside and Shane goes back to sleep.
Danielle and Frank talking game in the kitchen- she is a little worried that Shane & Britney are acting funny toward her. Franks says “you’re staying”, but she says he needs to keep working Shane, because she’s not so sure. Tells him Britney was angry with her last night because she was laughing and having a good time.
Danielle says she can’t campaign against Britney so she is happy that Frank is doing it for her. Frank tells her it is good for her that people don’t think that her and Dan are working together anymore, but mentions that, Joe asked him if he thought that would change. Frank told Joe “it might but she will always hold some resentment” she agrees that is true. Frank says that everyone is so mad at Dan right now that it might be hard to keep him safe, but if he should go He and Jenn will still have her back. They both agree Ian needs to go next.
Outside we have pool time both in the water and out.

12:26 PM

Dani crawls in bed next to Shane, says her throat hurts. Britney comes in. She says that Frank and Dan are talking on the couches; she says they have a deal; Shane agrees but says it’s stupid. Britney passively campaigns to Shane in front of Danielle. Talking about how Frank thinks he can dictate who leaves because he is HoH. Danielle is quiet, but Shane is getting a bit riled up with her about Frank not being in charge of who goes home. Shane is going to tell Dan what he thinks of him, to put Britney in this situation & him & what he did to Danielle. “He threw us under the bus”
Britney says everyone is talking to her like she is leaving. She says they have said things like “when you leave on Thursday” she goes on saying that they don’t have the votes, she doesn’t understand why they think they have the votes. They are wondering about Joe voting with Frank’s side. Shane wishes they had a power to take Britney off and put Dan back on.

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1:08 PM

Britney tells Dan she made fun of his bracelets. Asks what one of them said- Dan says “Win together, die alone” Britney cracks up laughing.
Britney musings…..
About twitter # DanGheeesling #no loyalty,
“Never underestimate the power of the mist”,
Says “I’m not going to say I’m giving up and then go and talk game”-
“Trusting Dan equals outplayed”
Joe pipes in “If I won the money like that (like Dan), my wife would make me bring the money back” Brit says she doesn’t mind when people lie but, if they claim to play an honest game, that’s when it bothers me”
Britney to Joe “you have to decide who you want to win the game, someone who needs to win comps or someone who doesn’t. There are a lot of deserving people here, I feel” Ian would rather vote for someone who wins by strategy, not by comps.

1:32 PM

Frank has the camera--- the picture taking and cheesy poses commence. Frank tries to get picture of Britney she doesn’t want to. Joe goes and takes a picture with Jenn in the pool. Frank walking around mutters “not many people left to take pictures of now days”.
Britney talking to Dan says she thought about it last night and says Dan swore to them over his wedding ring that he would never turn his back on them. She asks him if he has a crafty loop hole for that, Dan says “No”
More random pictures being taking, attempts to catch Britney in one so far have failed. Britney “I love how we have become accustomed to the awkwardness of people on the block. Frank still snapping pictures and talking to Danielle. Danielle gets up and joins the picture taking- Frank finally gets a shot of Britney, and then Brit goes ahead and poses with Danielle. Jenn takes the weekly “Jodi” picture. Joe wants a group shot. Shot of Jenn with slop bucket.. Danielle builds a tower to set the camera on for a group shot in front of the memory wall. They got the shot. Now everyone is looking at the photos.
Ted has joined the house guests at the kitchen table- Frank yells “don’t be erasing my pictures Brit…. Which ones did you erase? My favorite? Stop”
Britney replies to him by asking why he doesn’t yell at Danielle she deletes pictures too. Then she tells him “Frank I’m on the block I can do whatever I want” Frank smiles then pokes her with the batter bottle. They banter back and forth. Dan gets a picture of Ian and Britney in front of the Memory wall, the Britney asks for the camera, she smirks at Frank when she grabs the camera-Frank laughs.

2:22 PM

While the others talk food and slop in the kitchen Britney and Ian are outside. He tells Britney he will fall on his sword for her, or he will fall on his sword for the QP. Britney complaining about Dan and Frank being all buddy, buddy in the kitchen. Ian says they can get Joe to work with them for a while “we can do this” Britney wants to put Dan up if she stays and Ian says no but both agree that Frank will not get their vote if he makes it to the end.
Britney is moping around the kitchen and says she is bored. Dan sits at the table smiling but silent. Joe says he will play badminton with her, she says “Okay”. The she starts throwing Franks food on the floor, Frank from the couch yells for her to stop doing that, it is his food. She looks at him then throws things (food jars) out of the cabinet onto the floor, Frank is pleading with her to stop. She says after each thing is thrown that it either felt good to throw it or it didn’t. Frank is still asking her to stop, she isn’t.
Frank tells her “you know what would feel good Brit?” Brit says “what if I play the game with my fingers and the knife?” Franks says “No” Britney stabs the table between her fingers. Frank suggest Ted- Britney walks to the living room and throws, then body slams Ted on the floor, then she keeps kicking the Bear.
Frank “Hey Brit you know that he is going to need a hug and some lovin after this right?” Brit doesn’t answer and keeps beating up the bear. Brit is done abusing Ted, and then she trips on the carpet and says “Ted got that one”. She hugs Ted and straightens him up and apologizes to him for biting his ear.

3:10 PM

Britney and Danielle alone talking in the kitchen. Brit asks her if Shane has told Danielle if he has made up his mind yet on who he is voting for. Danielle says no and she is scared to ask him. Britney tells he she wants Danielle to win the game but she needs to be careful because Dan will try and get a deal with her. She tells Danielle about Dan’s “deal” with Ollie S10 and how he reneged on the deal. Britney tells her Dan is capable of anything. Britney tells Danielle the order people need to leave- Frank first, then Dan, Ian then Jenn, then you win the last HoH and take Joe with you- she tells her not to waste half a million on someone she won’t talk to after the show.
Britney keeps talking about Dan and how he got Jenn to use the VETO- that Jenn was safe now she is a target and it was the stupidest move in Big brother history. Danielle telling Brit that Dan told her that he had to make up something to make people think that Dan and Danielle hate each other....Brit continues...Jenn thinks that she is going to win HOH next week which is a joke...Dani agrees. Brit tells her that if its endurance you have no competition except for Dan, Dani says that she can beat Dan any day...
Frank and Danielle in the bathroom
Frank “It’s her first time on the block, we have done it before. Brit was like that when she was a have not, being all negative. I’ve been all stressed cause I’ve been on the block for five weeks...what has she been saying to you?”
Danielle she’s been saying, do you think you are staying, do you have the votes? I say I dunno. she seems like she’s changing to the fact that she wants to stay...”
Frank “she made that comment about how she doesn’t want to talk herself into a corner. she realizes that she has nothing to stand on...She can blame it on Dan all she wants, but it isn’t Dan its Ian”
Danielle “ Yep”

Danielle “I can’t wait for the doctor to get here!
She shows Frank her scars on leg.”
Frank “I hate that poor pitiful me thing that Brit is doing.”
Danielle “are you sure about Ian?”
Frank “Yep, as sure as one can be.”
Danielle “does he want me to talk to him?”
Frank “Ian hasn’t said anything, but it prolly won’t hurt...my campaigning doesn’t even look like I’m campaigning for you, so don’t worry about that. Don’t campaign against her, just campaign for yourself”
Danielle “yeah...”
Frank “Brit and Dan can’t be trusted...”
Danielle “yeah...”

Danielle “says that she will be scared till Thursday”
Frank “I know you will. you are in a good spot you have me Dan and Jenn working for you too...”
D: yep...
Frank “if it would be a little better if we were down to 7 and would only have to worry about a tie cause I can break it.”
Danielle “yep...have you talked to Shane today?”
Frank “haven’t had a chance, did you?”
Danielle “yep, he says that nothing has changed....”
Frank “good thing is that when Britney is gone she won’t be in Shane’s ear”
Danielle “yep...Ian is being weeeiiired.”
Frank “yea he has been gettin too big for his britches, he needs a whippin..[Dani laughs] I wish I can win HOH this week so I can put him on the block....”
Danielle “I’m not worried about Ian beating me in a quiz at all, I will just win it...”
Frank “I can’t win for 2 weeks....”
Danielle “it’s ok don’t worry”
Frank “thanks...if I could not actually go on the block for these next 2 evictions, it would be nice. if I would not go up it would be nice cause people will do what they say...”
Danielle “yep...I am so stressed out, I look like a leper, I feel terrible...
both laugh”
Frank” its not so much that people want you out, it’s just that you are a target, but you as a target has gotten wayyy smaller...it’s going to be hard to not get Dan out next week if he’s on the block with Ian...”

4:15 PM

Joe, Frank, Shane
Shane “so I want to ask you a question Frank, will you hold it against me if I vote for Brit to stay?”
Frank “as long as she still leaves it’s ok...as long as Joe doesn’t change his vote according to what you do...what I’m worried about if she stays and you all work together again...”
Shane “nothing is concrete yet, but it’s her second time playing and I’m trying to weigh odds, and I don’t want to go against you Frank, I don’t know where your vote is at right now Joe I’m assuming it’s a 3-1 vote and it may piss Danielle off...”
Frank “yea you might want to talk to Danielle about that first ... I think its better for us if Britney goes, i think it’s better for us to not vote against Danielle cause if she wins HOH the heat is off of you, I know when it’s a closer vote, like a 3-2 she may hold it against you....
Shane “I just wanted to put that out there, i owe you my life [Shane to Frank], and I know that for the next 2 weeks you need people to play to you.”
Frank “I want Ian and Dan out...”
Shane “agrees, but wants Dan out first...”
Frank “I want Ian out first cause of the worry about him winning comps....I feel like Dan hasn’t been that good in these comps, I think that it’s Ian out first then Dan...Granted if Ian pulls out POV next week, THEN Dan goes. I think Ian is more dangerous than Dan right now..they agree THEN ask Joe what he thinks...”
Joe “ I agree, but I cannot stand Dan, He is not a human being in this house, and he will tell you that inside of this house he is built for no emotion, and that he’s different outside of the house, he will kill the 1st born child in here but not outside....that being said I don’t care who goes first, i agree on the Ian statement from earlier, obviously don’t like that he told me to get to steppin and all...
Frank “ I’ll tell you all what Ian told me the other day before the Veto, he told me that i have a plan what i want to do Frank, i want a meeting in the LR and call out Joe in front of everyone and make Joe pick a side in front of everyone...Frank thinks that Ian was trying to paint Joe as the biggest target and to get Frank onto Ians side...I think getting Ian out first is the best thing going forward.
Joe and Shane agree...”
Joe “I think we need to basically in essence sign a final 5 or 4 deal...Joe reliving last 2 weeks for a bit, gets off track..."you are asking us to knock out Brit"
Joe “all I have to say about that is that we need 4 or 5 of the best people we can get to get Dan and Ian out. the three of us have been on the block pleading for our lives...what I’m saying we know what it’s like to be fearing for our lives, I’m down to one, Frank is down to Frank and Jenn...we are throwing away one of our allies in getting out Britney
Frank “obviously the final 5 is us three, and THEN Jenn and Danielle”
all agree
Frank “whatever happens, if one of us three are on block vs the 2 girls, we save us three here first”
All agree, the focus is on keeping the 5 together, but shedding the girls out first before the three men...
Joe “I want everyone to know as deep as I’ve thought about this...this is a death do you part...this is a game changer...what will you say to Brit?”
Shane “I’ll tell Brit that Dani is all I have left...”
Joe “I’ll tell her that I’m sticking with Shane and that’s the way that the house is leaning”

They all agree to wait to tell Britney so that she won’t have time to campaign and change the status quo...Frank THEN tells them what Brit did earlier about throwing things out of the cupboard [Franks things] and wrestling with Ted...

Shane “do you want to just talk to Jenn on the side, and I work Dani on the side?”
Frank, agrees
Shane “asks if he should throw HOH to Joe this week.”
Joe “yea I'll do that cause I need to letter...that’s fine”
Frank “we need to buddy buddy up during the hoh comp this week, and tell Ian that you will put me up to make Ian fall and give hoh to Shane...
Shane “if its something where we are spinning and all I'll be ok”
Frank “If you get down to just you and Ian make the deal, if you know that you have him, dont worry about the deal “
Frank “mike and I did a lot for that kid!
Shane “he would have been gone week one if it weren’t for you two!”
Frank “I know....”
Joe “you realize that this is huge, and if this stays together we can’t be stopped?
they all agree”
Frank “We have to make sure that we get Ian gone. or even if Ian wins, as long as he puts Dan up, its looking good....”
Joe “Ian cannot get wind of this...I was just waiting for this meeting I wanted this meeting to take place...”
Frank “agreed...everyone has been talking, we all just needed to talk together...”
Joe “so 100 % right???”
Joe “This is a pact right?”
Shane “he carrot pact right?”
Joe “we don’t need a name; we just have to do it....”
Frank “If Ian wins, I’ll be put up, as long as people go up to him and tell Ian that Frank and Dan have to go up, its good cause Dan will be gone.
Joe “I need to know what Frank will tell Jenn and what Shane will tell Danielle”
Frank "If you want just say that we are up there because Frank needs people on his side.
They decide that’s a good idea...
Joe “I’m going downstairs to take a nap....we will have a meeting later on tonight after dinner. Joe talks about dinner...”
Shane “so we have a plan for a final five?”
all agree....

5:33 PM

Ian, Shane, Danielle, Dan talking outside
Ian “I'll fall on my sword for the QP”
Shane “so will I...”
Ian “ I’ve done everything I wanted to do coming in here except win...”
Shane “coming into this game now knowing anything about it, I’m happy where I’m at here...”
Ian “you’ve done well, you have done better THAN Frank...Frank thinks that he should win cause he tried 3 times to get here and that he deserves it. That’s bullsh*t, I’ve been waiting since I was 11 yrs old...”
Danielle/Dan joins conversation.
Dan: am I getting in the way?
Shane “nope you are ok, we were talking about how good we have been doing so far”
Ian “im happy with the way that I took Mike out, fine with me...he talks about saying get to steppin etc...”
Dan asks Ian about what was said to Mike and Frank at eviction, Ian answers questions...
Shane “how you doing Dani? still out of it? does it hurt to talk that’s why you aren’t talking?”
Dan “ I mean, does it matter which one is here?”
Ian “I will go with either one I don’t have a preference, no offense Danielle”
Danielle “ it’s not me, i understand”
Ian “it’s just that Brit is like the sister that I never had”
Danielle “I just wish that you wouldn’t bring it up around me”
Ian “ I don’t care which 2 girls win, but whoever does I’m rolling with to the end...”
Dan “I have a problem cause i torched a lot last Sunday, especially one person sitting out here .
Shane “ I’ll say this ill pull a fast one and self evict and you both stay”
Dan: “won’t be the first time someone on your team has done than”
Ian “yea, good old Willie boy, I wonder if he is still watching this? he couldn’t survive the amateur hour
Shane “he wouldn’t survive this....”
Dan “he’s part of what added to this season...”
Ian “usually at this time, the seasons have died; there is none of that in this season...”
Dan “I’ve asked if there have been any dead segments, they told him no it’s all about what’s going on in the house so far...”
Dan leaves...
Ian “Dani you ok?”
Shane “she needs a make out session”
Danielle “ no I’m not ok, Ian I want you to vote for Brit, I won’t be mad at you at all...
awkward silence,

5:52 PM

Shane & Danielle talking about Shane and Joe telling Britney tonight that they aren’t going to vote to keep her. Danielle tells Shane he is all she has in the game, says she wants to tell him something but is afraid; he says he knows Britney never wanted to take him to the F3. Danielle wants to be by someone at the end that she cares about, and who deserves it. Danielle says she is disappointed in the way Brit is acting toward her and then to hear Shane said he would give her a pity vote, just hurts her feelings
Ian to Shane and Joe asks “where’s your heads at boys?” Shane says he doesn’t frigging know and Joe says he is thinking about voting to keep Danielle. Ian asks him why. He says she is stronger in competitions and Frank will be gunning for me if I don’t. Ian says Frank can’t gun for anyone for 2 weeks, Joe says he knows that but thinks Frank and Dan have a deal, Ian says “no Sh@t. Joe says he wants Dan on the block next week and he wants Dan out because he doesn’t have a single emotion in his body. Ian says Frank has emotions but the predominant one is rage.. Ian thanks them for letting him know about the votes.
Shane and Ian talk about the social games of some of the house guests and how poor they feel they are. Ian says his main targets are Frank and Jenn. Shane tells Ian he is keeping Danielle, Ian will keep Britney. Shane thinks Dan’s actions were “reprehensible” but will stick with him for now.

7:28 PM

Ian, Britney and Danielle at the hot tub
Brit really going at Danielle and not allowing her to really apologize.
Danielle keeps saying she's sorry, but Brit is really upset. Brit is upset because Danielle told her she said something mean. Danielle says that's not what she meant, but Brit not accepting it. Danielle saying she felt Brit has been mad at her all day, but Brit says she has been completely nice all day. Danielle said she didn't think Brit was being mean, just mad. Danielle saying it might be her walking out that door on Thurs, and complaining that Ian keeps saying he's keeping Brit. Danielle talking about how bad she feels that the whole house has flipped on HER. Danielle says it was insensitive for Ian to say that.
Shane and Ian talking outside- Ian “oh man my good bye message to Britney..” Shane says that is what he is thinking about right now.
Jenn and Joe at the hot tub talking about what they should do tonight. Jenn says they need to do something fun. Joe wants to play badminton tonight or volleyball, Jenn agrees she says that all this lethargic going around doesn’t help anyone, Joe says yeah plus we have another day tomorrow...Jenn says everyone deserves to feel that way, Joe agrees he claims he felt that way when he was on the block...he says it gets worse as you get closer to the end...Jenn asks if his comforter is nice and clean. Now, he says yes. He then mentions if anyone wants to play bags tonight, we haven’t done that in a while...Jenn says she agrees, and that she wants to get in a workout tonight.... Joe goes off to take a bubble bath and change his cloths.
Britney and Danielle talk about forgiving people once the game is over. Danielle doesn’t have to forgive anyone right now but once the game is done and she looks back on things she may even find some of it funny. Brit talks about the fact that her and Matt talk to each other and she voted him out of the game.
Jenn and Frank talk in the Bedroom
Frank “I don’t want you to feel guilty”
Jenn “ I won’t feel guilty, I think that the move will pay off”
Frank “Yeah I think so too”
Jenn “I think Danielle will lighten up a bit when she is still here Thursday and we can move on to the next thing”
Frank “yeah”
Jenn “but yeah they are both sulking…that is their issue not ours”
Frank “I told her when it is time to make a decision it may get a little salty just know that I have your back Jenn no matter what”
Jenn “you know we are good…”
Frank “yep we are good, I have your back..” They hug and leave the room Jenn goes to work out.

9:04 PM

Britney and Ian in the hammock, she just wants to know one or another if she is going or not Ian predicts the vote will be 4-1 for her to go. She asks him what their reasons are, he tells her they think she will be harder to beat in competition. She thanks him for being a friend, they hug and cry- Ian says not to worry this will be avenged.
Britney and Danielle talk in the arcade room.
Britney “Ian told me that you are staying, good luck!”
they hug and Danielle crying, Brit tells her its ok.....now both crying...
Britney “ it’s ok...it’s ok....”
Danielle ” I don’t want you to go!”
Britney “I just wanted to know, I honestly feel better now that I know, I think its fine...it’s ok...i really feel like ill be in a better mood just now, i was just sick not knowing anything, now I know, I’d rather know THAN not knowing ok?”
Danielle “I sincerely said I don’t want you to go, I don’t want you to go!”
Britney “its fine you know you can win an HOH, please Do, its ok, its really ok....”
Danielle “what did he say?”
Britney “I could kinda tell by Shane by asking him [Shane] about Joe, I was kinda picking up from him about it, he was acting weird about it...I THEN asked Ian and Ian confirmed it.”
Danielle “so now I’ll be stuck in this house without you? Awesome..”
Britney “its fine girl, I just didn’t like not knowing”
Danielle “I’m sorry”
Britney “ it’s ok...its fine...I’ve been in so much trouble with my stress and anxiety I’m killing my body, ill be at peace knowing that I’m going now, its going to be ok....”
Danielle “I want to keep talking about Michael Coors and others...”
Britney “Not with Jenn you’ll have to be talking about hot topics and Spencer’s.”
Danielle “Laughs..”.
Britney “It's not like the 2 of you will be friends, maybe draw on yourself or cut yourself so she [Jenn] will like you...”
Danielle[laughs] “oh my gosh...”
Britney “ He came down to Ian too and was like Britney and Ian are too close cause they want Ian out and they think Ill protect Ian...I Mean they don’t want him out immediately, but they want him out at some point and they know ill protect him, they don’t want that...it is what it is...”
Danielle “ I’m not excited”
Britney “It was a sucky position for us to be in, so...Dan is really that good at this game Danielle, i dont want you to forget that”
Danielle “it breaks my heart, I feel so used...”
Britney “Next week has to be Frank and him on the block, there is no point getting rid of Joe he wants to vote with you all, keep Joe around as long as you can...”
Danielle “I swear if its endurance ill win I swear...im so sorry”
Britney “its ok...the best thing you can do is freaking is get me thru the next 48 hrs”
Danielle “what do u wanna do?”
Britney “I dunno”
Danielle “wanna take your emotions out on badminton? Wanna go hide Ted somewhere so Frank cant find him?”
Britney “ I wanna set Ted on fire....hold him outside by the ear and have Frank walk outside to see that
Ian and Dan are playing pool with Shane watching when Britney and Danielle go outside and sit down. Britney says This is like deflation at it’s finest” the while place looks like a ghost town/trailer park and everyone is dead, it is so weird! “to BB she says “can someone get me a frickin bottle of wine?”
Britney ranting about Frank “way to go Frank you are the best in BB history, let’s see you took a chum bath for 21 hours, got into a carrot suit, benched yourself for 2 weeks, dyed yourself green, just to use the veto anyway, you are a mastermind! Why haven’t I listened to you the whole time, you’re a genius!
Brit jokes about stealing Frank’s hemorrhoid pads to cause him pain, she can’t wait to watch “Kill Bill” with Frank at the jury house. Says she would vote for a plant before she would vote for Frank. If I have to put his key in the box I’ll snap it in half first.
Dan speaking into his mic asks if they can get this girl some wine-preferable white. Then chit chat, talk about their dogs, survivor, Russell Hantz, Brandon Hantz and Richard Hatch. Dan says Hatch is the best player and a nice guy in real life. Talk turns to movies- Danielle says she couldn’t watch “Fight Club” because Brad Pitt kept hooking up with the one crazy chick. Britney says her first theater role was “Violet Beauregard” in Willy Wonka. Dan says he’d love to get video of that.

10:21 PM

Britney has WINE- asks if anyone minds if she drinks the whole bottle. Ian says “I want some” Dan talks Ian down and Ian tells Brit-“Okay you can have it all” Jenn brings out 6 beers Brit yells “Ian come drink 6 beers!” Details all worked out and Ian gets all 6 beers while Britney gets the wine.
Britney toasts “Ian, you’re my favorite”, “when I finish this wine I am going to jump in that pool..I’m going to have the best swim of my life.”
The group sits outside talking about things that have happened so far- and how Ian spent the first week watching people take showers. Britney tells Ian how she hated him because of his photographic memory, she is glad she didn’t get rid of him that first week “because I love you now!” She tells him how weird they all thought he was watching him on the spycam
Jenn is laying down in the round bed, she asks Dan if Britney has chilled out yet.. Says she doesn’t want to hear her complain anymore. Dan tells her that Ian has 6 beers and Jenn says she can’t stant Ian when he drinks, his voice grates on her. Jenn says Britney has a right to be bummed but thinks she has bummed out the whole house.
Back in the yard everyone is encouraging Britney to drink up, Dan even tilting the glass for her.

11:11 PM

Britney is down half a bottle of wine and Ian is on beer number 4. Britney has hit the point of telling everyone they are “good friends, good people, and memories” and how they are all deserving, she LOVES everyone. To Ian she says “You’re my favorite..Ian..You’re my favorite”
Ian begins his bits- Tells frank that Franks hair went out of style the FIRST time Janelle came in the house. He says that “Boogie might be outside the house but he is inside Kara right now”
Ian and Brit jump in the pool- have long whispering conversation, where Ian promises he will get Frank out.
Inside Frank and Jenn talk about Ian’s embarrassing drunken behavior. Frank ”He came in a child, he’s leaving a child”

12:20 AM

Britney is officially passed out according to Danielle and Ian is alone in the back yard. Ian is laying on the pool table talking to himself “I f***ing know how to play this game, sent f***ing Boogie home”

Group sits around the kitchen table talking about stupid games. Then Ian comes in - he says he knew coming into the house he would be the nerd. “I’ve wanted to play this game since 2001, since I had recess, since before a plane flew into a tower”. Frank tells Ian he shouldn’t make light of 9/11. Jenn chimes in and agrees with Frank. Ian leaves the table - Frank whispers to Shane the comment Ian made that Shane missed. They talk a bit about 9/11 and how it affected them but don’t want to go into details.

Jenn goes out to the hot tub Shane follows “are you Okay?”. Jenn says she won’t be sent out by someone like that, tells Shane she has been uncomfortable with Ian all night, his behavior and words. Shane assures her they’ll get him out next week, he leaves to go to bed.

Ian rejoins Dan, Frank and Joe- he tells them he didn’t mean anything by the comment; it was just a historical reference. He tells them how that day changed his life forever. The other guys remain quiet. Frank gets up and says he thinks he is going to bed.
Shane sits down and Ian is still trying to back pedal on the 9/11 comment. Joe says it is a touchy subject and Shane agrees. Ian brings up the BB 9/11 connection, how one of S2 HG lost a cousin that day. Ian “It’s a shame”
Joe leaves the table and heads out to the backyard where everyone has gone while Ian has been talking about 9/11. Joe announces to Jenn, frank that the kid will be gone next week. “He’s got 8 days here left” Joe tells them Ian keeps making it worse in there with all of his apologies. “Just Stop” Frank, Jenn and Joe are all angry with the comments Ian made.
Jenn is upset with what Ian said because she was in NY at the time. Jenn is crying, Joe tells her they will fix it. Jenn just wants him gone.
"Here he is" to the other 2. Ian wanders over towards the hot tub and Jenn immediately jumps up and heads inside.

Ian sits down and asks the guys what’s going on? Joe tells Ian that Jenn is pissed at him. Frank starts to go off on Ian and says he was in the 5th grade and Jenn was a grown woman living in NY when that happened. Ian keeps saying "It was just a historical reference....I'm real drunk right now"

Frank "Just tread carefully Bubba" He told Ian he could be pissing a lot of people off right now.

1:08 AM

Ian, Frank & Joe still sitting around the hot tub. Ian says his big problem in this is “I have zero clue what
is appropriate" Joe changes the topic and starts talking about the game. He says he has to "get Frank out of here" Frank laughs.

Ian brings the conversation back to his comments. He keeps trying to back peddle and say that day changed his life, "I apologized, I feel sick about it"

Joe "Just let it go....It's one of those things you need to move on" He thinks he is making it worse by continuing to talk about it.
Joe “I love this awkward f**ing house” Ian “I feel sick to my stomach”
Jenn is alone in the HoH room, on the couch says “Dear God, please don’t let me kill this kid before Thursday..Amen”
Frank tells Ian he could have gotten really far in the game if he hadn’t back-stabbed him and Boogie- Frank is getting a little loud.
Ian “I like you a lot, you’re a great dude, you really are. I’m proud of how far I got” Ian says he could go home now and be happy about it. Joe and Frank say they both want more “first or bust!”
Ian in his drunken state tells Frank he played a horrible social game. Frank “Don’t tell me my social game is s*it!” he says people like him. His voice raised a bit he tells Ian “you can go jump in a lake with that s*it”
Ian says he thinks he is going to throw up and heads inside. Frank can’t believe Ian just said that.

2:09 AM

Ian wanders around the backyard swinging Mardi Gras beads around his wrist- he eventually heads inside the guys outside aren’t paying him any attention.
Frank and Dan talk about Ian’s alcohol consumption tonight. Frank tells him he had 6 beers and thought he was going to throw up.
Shane gives Ian the bed to himself and goes to sleep in skid row. One by one the House guests start to head to bed.

3:05 AM

Dan and Frank alone in the kitchen. Frank points out a line of ants on the wall and Dan picks up the bug spray and starts spraying away. Franks asks him if he wants to pop upstairs..
Dan tells Frank that Ian wants to put Frank up against Jenn if he wins HoH Frank says he has been focusing all the attention on Ian when he talks to the other House Guests, he says he just needs to get past next week and getting rid of Ian would buy them that week. Dan asks why Shane wants him out Frank says Shane hears from everyone that Dan is a dangerous player. Frank also says not to worry, The most important thing this week is to not let Ian win HoH. Dan mentions to Frank that it sucks that they only get 5 minutes a day to talk, Both guys head to bed.
Joe walks outside and says “What a night!” Joe and Jenn discuses Ian pissing everyone off tonight. He tells her that he made Frank mad when they were playing with the basketball because Ian grabbed the hoop and threw it into the pool.

Joe says Ian is a dead man walking. They both agree they can't let Ian win HOH. Joe calls Ian an a**hole and Jenn agrees. He says he has been hiding that side of himself. They believe that Ian is the type of guy who will just dig himself a deeper hole.

3:34 AM

All House Guests Tucked In for the Night.

(Special Thank You again go out to the wonderful Jokers Updaters- as always without all of you we could have nothing but Fish to talk about)