Six days have passed
Since the tribes have arrived,
But Morgan tribe is struggling
Of sleep, they're deprived!

While over at Drake
All seems extremely nice
They awake happy and rested.
To quote Rupert, it's "Paradise"!

Rupert set off once again
Supplying his mates with fish
Warning Shawn to be very careful,
Securing the spear head was his wish.

Tree mail beckoned both the tribes
To a reward challenge great and small,
They must hunt for sunken treasure
A chest and five items in all.

Disaster struck with Ryan S
As he struggled to pull his own weight
Ryan O. had to step in to help him
But by then it was simply too late.

Drake tribe won the reward and a treasure map
As a bonus the enemy's tribe they can plunder
To which Sandra took the Morgan's tarp
Leaving their shelter torn asunder!

Meanwhile back on the Island of Drake,
Shawn lost something terribly needed
While fishing the spear head went missing
Rupert's warnings, he should have heeded.

Determined to find it Rupert went out to sea
Searching from horizon to shore
He found it nestled amongst the rocks
With elation he let out a big roar!!

Next up, it's on to Immunity Challenge
where on rafts, sat tribe members of three
They had to untie their rope bound hands
While their enemy pulled them out to sea

Once free they had to swim to shore
With rope and clue in hand
The clues showed where the ropes must go,
Where they crossed, tribes dug in the sand

Morgan faltered unleashing their clue
Giving time for Drake to catch up
Having unburied their flag and raised it
Fruits of Immunity they did sup!

Disheartened Morgan returned to camp
Where the muscle men decided on Ryan
But Osten threw a wrench in things
When he gave up and simply quit tryin'

When tribal council met that night
the Hunkateers remained unbroken
Five votes for Ryan and two for Osten
"Skinny Ryan, the tribe has spoken"

The moral of this story is
no matter how dedicated you are
Unless you are built like Popeye or Arnold
It's goodbye, so long, sayonara!