It's Tribal Council time again
This time it's not so bad
The Outcasts get to vote two back
And boy they're hopping mad!

They all feel spurned & thrown away
Skinny Ryan says it "totally sucks"
Each one swore that one of the Outcasts
Would win the million bucks.

All eyes on Jeff as he read the votes,
In hopes of seeing their name
Though each one got at least one vote
"Burton and Lill, you're back in the game!"

It was time to know which tribe they'd be
'Twas Lill who chose her lot
When she withdrew the Morgan buff
You could see she was distraught.

That night when Burton arrived at Drake
He was met with cheers and hellos
Each side was sorry and seemed sincere
But in this game of deceit...who knows?!

Rupert told Burton he voted for him
Cause he teased him about his skirt
A kid in a sandbox; his plumbers crack,
Man that just totally hurt!

Burton felt bad at the things he had done
They both agreed to start out fresh.
Talk then turned to voting out Jon
With the tribe he just didn't mesh.

Over at Morgan, Lill was quite nervous
How would her tribe respond?
They met her with the deepest regrets
As they really didn't want her gone.

Their comments weren't so well received
As Lill addressed the troupe
She said she struggled all that time
And never felt part of their group.

First thing next morn, Lill set out
Getting water and gathering wood.
Then Andrew made her feel like crap,
To him, this twist was no good.

Fast forward to the Immunity game,
Where the tribes awaited their task
But Jeff just grinned and told them,
Surprise, you've merged at last!

He gave them all their new black buffs
They decided on Balboa for the name
Since Drake had fish, that's where they'll live,
With that over, it was on to the game!

The challenge, now an individual one
Found them swimming under a dock
They must pull themselves along a rope
Each competing against the clock.

The two quickest people from each round
Went on to race one final heat.
Five times they must traverse the dock
Immunity for the one who did beat!

Off they went with Rupert in front
For 3 laps, he was doing fine.
But Burton fought back and closed the gap
Passing Rupert at the finish line.

A feast awaited the Balboa tribe
Upon their return to camp
Everything from ribs to nuts
Their spirits it did revamp.

The unity they all felt at lunch
Didn't last for very long
As each tribe tried to sway Lill's vote
Making their side six votes strong

Off they went to Tribal Council
Where Burton gave Rupert the sword
He already had his immunity
So this move he could well afford.

On the edge of our seats, we waited
Would it be Jon or Andrew
The votes were in! It's six to four!
Andrew's time on the island was through!

As I watched the previews for next week,
My heart did a leap, then sank
Traitorous ungrateful minions!!
Could Rupert be walking the plank :(