You Say Goodbye But We Say Hello Kittie! Jenn Arroyo Claws Her Way To Eviction

Jennifer Arroyo, the former bass player for the groove speed metal band Kittie and current owner of Jenncity Productions, got her walking papers in a surprise eviction on Wednesday’s show.

Her last minute alliance with the Machiavellian Mister known as Dan, did not save her game and the Quack Pack survives intact for the Final Four. Jenn talked a lot about “burning down the house” with her game moves but we never got to see it happen.

This is Joker’s Updates time with Jenn after she got to enjoy her PBJ sandwich but before she was whisked away to the Jury house.

Hello Jenncity, this is BestBBever for Joker’s Updates. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us & thank you for being part of our favorite CBS summer pastime!

BestBBever: You had some fun, interesting conversations with Dan, but why didn't you fight harder to get him evicted from the game by making a stronger alliance with Danielle & Shane?

Jenncity: I was really more interested in working with Dan because he was such a dangerous player and he was so powerful in the game.

BestBBever: Was making an alliance or Final 3 deal with Danielle & Shane even an option for you or did you think you had no chance?

Jenncity: I was really more interested in working with Dan because he was such a dangerous player and he was so powerful in the game. I thought if I stuck with him, in the end that would work out better for me.

BestBBever: Personally, I think you have the most beautiful skin/face of any BB houseguest ever & Joker's fans were fascinated with your dress & makeup, but you didn't seem to switch it up much, why is that?

Jenncity: I am flattered. I really wanted to change my hair color so much, but there weren’t any other colors that I had with me in the house. If I were to get any other colors, I would have had to win an HOH. Trust me, I love changing up my look and hair color, but I only had the red with me.

BestBBever: Was going on slop your version of a summer diet or was it really BB strategy & are you happy with how your body changed in the BB house?

Jenncity: It was part of my strategy for sure. Plus, I wanted everyone to know that I was there to play the game. I knew if I took slop for the summer that I would have everyone’s respect in the house. Plus, I am a big girl and I can handle a brutal diet.

BestBBever: If you ruled the Big Brother Universe and you could do your own RESET for BB14, who would you form a power alliance with?

Jenncity: I would have a power alliance with Dan, Shane, Britney, Danielle, and Wil.

BestBBever: Who would you permanently evict from the Big Brother house?

Jenncity: I would permanently evict Ian.

BestBBever: Who would you be sitting with for Final 2 at the end?

Jenncity: It would be me and Dan in the final 2.

That was the end of our time with Jenncity. There is so much more to know and ask about her game play, her reasons for coming on the show & her plans for the future. We did have one other question:

BestBBever: You said on the Big Brother house feeds that you they found you via Facebook, for those who would like to follow in your footsteps, how did that happen? Did Adam help with that & if you had the whole Big Brother experience to do over again, from first contact to your eviction, what would you do differently?

Jenncity: No answer.

This question was censored or deleted, I am not sure why but I respect CBS wanting to keep their production secrets to themselves. I do hope we have a chance to learn more and I hope Jenncity decides to visit Joker’s Radio with Jokerette. Maybe we could even get her to strum that kickass bass & sing a song or two!

@BestBBever for Joker’s Updates