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Topic #1893427
Caribou - Kaysar joins the outside group. He sits beside Janelle, inbetween she and Mike 0 Replies #1893427 8:29PM 10/07/2005
Mike talking with Eric about foods and dishes and places to eat. Impressive enunciation of foreign names (lol - couldnt' spell it if I wanted to)

Mike discussing what impresses him at restaurants

Janelle prefers to be taken out to dinner
Ashlea likes to cook but has no one to cook for

Kaysar being quiet, listening to the two separate conversations going on (MIke and Eric; Janelle and Ashlea)
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Topic #1893433
valentine - Beau Sits Alone, All Pimped Out 0 Replies #1893433 8:31PM 10/07/2005
at the dinner table eating. Everyone is in the kitchen making noise, and he sits and eats bobbing his head like he is hearing music no one else can hear.

(No one has any manners in that house.)

He has on a white hat, suspenders and a pink tie. He says he wears that kind of thing to go out in all the time in Miami. Earlier, while he was strutting around:

Ivette: Beau, you don't look gay today at all.

(ha ha)

He dressed Eric in a loden green hat and a pair of his flip flops and everybody whistled at Eric when he walked through the house.

Beau said he has a designer friend that makes all his hats. She also makes all the hats for the Red Hat Society.

Now Eric, Mike, Kaysar and Janelle toast the dinner's success on the patio with red wine and cigarettes. And Kaysar, of course.
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Topic #1893438
Suzan - Howie and Rachel just went into the storage room together. They whispered something 0 Replies #1893438 8:32PM 10/07/2005
I could not hear but they ended with Howie saying "Yea, that Eric and Maggie connection to Boston is interesting". Then they turned and left the room.
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Topic #1893441
valentine - Quick Whispered Conversation With Howie and Rachel 1 Replies #1893441 8:32PM 10/07/2005
in the storage room.

Howie, in an entirely different tone: Interesting Boston connection between Eric and Maggie.


Then they both left the room.
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tvshopgal - Maggie went to school in Boston 1999 - 2002 and Eric said he grew up in Boston area. NT #1893465 8:35PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893443
Caribou - Kaysar smokings 0 Replies #1893443 8:32PM 10/07/2005
Eric asks if he had enough to eat. He said yea, next couple days he's just going to ease into eating real food again.

Cheers to Eric from the group on his cooking.

Eric - I just cook for my wife and kids now. Since making Captain I dont' have time at work.

Ashlea - that's a jewish thing. All jewish men know how to cook. Not like italian men and their women have to cook. But actually my ex can cook

Kaysar to Eric - I admire you because even though you had a rough time you still made things go your way

Eric starts talking about his background being dysfunctional and we get fish
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Topic #1893444
valentine - FISH on all 4. NT 0 Replies #1893444 8:32PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893453
Augustkm - Eric telling Michael, Kaysar & Ashlea that he came from a dysfunctional home & they are dysfunctional to this day. Then 'fish'. NT 0 Replies #1893453 8:33PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893454
Caribou - Mike is 28. Says he's very much like his father, wants to do his own thing before he settles down NT 0 Replies #1893454 8:33PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893458
Caribou - Beau joins the outside crowd. Telling Ashlea her ring is cute, it shimmers. Probably a birthstone NT 0 Replies #1893458 8:34PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893477
Caribou - Eric smoked from age 13 to 21. Beau's dad used to smoke. 0 Replies #1893477 8:36PM 10/07/2005
Ahslea's both parents smoke. Eric says his whole family smokes. Everyone needs to quit except his one brother.

Eric talks about showering after fighting a fire and he still smells like smoke two days later. Smoke seeps into your pores.

Mike and Kaysar asking Eric about firefighting stuff.
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Topic #1893491
Caribou - James arrives outside. Congrats and thanks to Eric and Mike for great meal. James makes a toast 0 Replies #1893491 8:38PM 10/07/2005
"here's to the going away dinner" Everyone clinks glasses but no one says anything to that.

Eric planning hash browns for breakfast and omelettes. He checks with Kaysar as to what he can eat. Kaysar can't eat meat, pork or have alcohol. Other than that he's good.

Beau really is dressed like a pimp.
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Topic #1893509
Caribou - Mike compliments Beau on his wristband. Now they talk fashion and accessories 0 Replies #1893509 8:43PM 10/07/2005
Mike dominating. He wants a Chanel J12 ceramic black chrono watch. Absolutely the most handsome watch I've ever seen. $6,000 - absolutely ***** beautiful. When you look at it it's like, is it metal? Unreal, it absorbs light differently. Such a pretty watch. [big sigh] What a beautiful night.

Beau - beautiful. nice and crisp

They toast "to new friends"

Kaysar - I told you guys, everyone needs to come out to Cali (and hang out)

Mike - i'm gonna take you to these 2 spots, real mellow but so fun
Beau - i need to find mellow places because i never go to any
Mike - one's called Sutra, one's called Temptation - nice crowd, you'll like the crowd. I'd take you to the boom boom room but i'm not gay.
Beau - i've been there
Mike - actually i was there once...

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Topic #1893512
Caribou - FISH on all feeds NT 0 Replies #1893512 8:44PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893522
Caribou - Janelle and Ashlea and Eric now inside with clean up crew. Outside crowd is Mike, Beau, Kaysar 0 Replies #1893522 8:47PM 10/07/2005
James was sitting there but he left

Mike worked at Armani. He liked it - good job, good people

Mike - first time Giorgio Armani came in six years to his own store. I'm the only one who speaks italian ... FISH

(ed.note - you oughta hear Mike speak italian...oh la la lol)
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Topic #1893541
Antanisha - Rachel feed Kaysar some of her apple crisp NT 0 Replies #1893541 8:53PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893542
Caribou - F1/F2: Kitchen people, F3/F4: Sarah and James on round lounge in yard eating dessert NT 0 Replies #1893542 8:53PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893547
valentine - Sara is Losing It 5 Replies #1893547 8:57PM 10/07/2005
She and James are sitting far apart on the round chaise, eating their apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.

They are trying to act like they are just talking about dessert, but they are talking under their breath about getting 'confirmations' on the other couples.

The mood is tense. Sara brings up that James in the bedroom 'with those three girls' is her worst nightmare. She is pouting big time.

James: Maybe you can learn something (joking)

Sarah: Oh, is that what you want me to be???

Now Eric comes over to talk to James. Apparently he talked to Mike and Howie about making the women feel uncomfortable.

Eric: Now, they may put me up for it next week......

James: That's what I'm worried about, too.
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valentine - Now Kaysar Comes Up to Get In On the Action #1893554 9:02PM 10/07/2005
He perches on the edge and listens to them talk about Mike.

Eric: So now he's avoiding everybody.

James starts in about his long stories: It took him 20 minutes to explain how he made the goddamn sauce!

Eric says he waited til the last minute to start his assigned kitchen work. And Eric bitches for awhile.

It doesn't occur to either James or Eric that Kaysar may be connected to Mike and will tell him EVERYTHING.

Eric leaves and Kaysar stays. Sarah just sulks and doesn't say a word.

And that frickin' chaise is HUGE. It held 4 people and was still very spacious.
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valentine - And Michael is No Where to Be Seen on the Feeds NT #1893555 9:02PM 10/07/2005
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Gorf - Sarahs worst nightmare is her being in the room with the three girls. Not James NT #1893551 9:00PM 10/07/2005
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valentine - Actually She is Still Harping on the Altoids Incident With James, Ashlea, Janelle and Jennifer. NT #1893559 9:03PM 10/07/2005
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valentine - Nope, You're Right. She is Mad About Tonight's Sleeping Arrangement. #1893574 9:06PM 10/07/2005
She is always sulking about something.
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Topic #1893548
Suzan - Eric joins James and Sarah and they 0 Replies #1893548 8:58PM 10/07/2005
start talking about what was said to Michael. Eric confirms says that he took him (Michael) and told him he had to cut it out, him and Howie both, that it was making the girls uncomfortable. He says Michael asked if he was going to be put up because of it.

Alot of strategy talk, hard to hear, Eric saying he just wants to get through the eviction and the next HOH comp. Kaysar sits down with them. Eric is saying someone is lying, they've got to figure it out.

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Topic #1893550
LazyMom - Sarah & James eating apple crisp in the backyard 0 Replies #1893550 8:58PM 10/07/2005
Sarah says "I really don't want to spend the night in that room with those 3 girls"

James "you might learn something"

Sarah "like how to be a bimbo"

then Eric joins them
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Topic #1893553
Caribou - F4 - Eric joins Sarah and James 0 Replies #1893553 9:01PM 10/07/2005
Eric filling them in.

Eric - told Howie you cannot talk to women that way
James - that's the only thing I'm worried about next week
E - I already talked to him about dropping out and if Ivette's in lead, let her take it, and he didn't have a problem with that
S - Howie also said he'd jump off the surfboard and look how long he stayed
J - no howie didn't say that rachel did
S - no howie said it

Eric strategizing about next week possible scenarios

J - she's not a threat anymore unless she's HOH
E - she is to me though. she hates my guts
J - i can talk her into putting up Mike. I'm just saying worst scenario
E - i'm just worried about getting through eviction and then HOH. you just never know
J - that's the way you need to think.
E - they can't put you out unless you're on the block

Kaysar joined them

E - if it's anything but 10-1, somebody's lying through their teeth
J - they'd be stupid as hell

J - I tried to tell her on the hammock that night to be a team player
E - and he was just trying to be nice
J - I did for her jsut what I did for you. i want this to be fair and fun.
E - but at the same time if you are going to give me a reason
J - yea don't give me a reason
E - so now the girls are worried because now Mike's avoiding them. I said don't worry he'll calm down
J - he's a physical presence but he's not stupid. i tell you if one of them.... it took him 20 mins. to get through the damn sauce
E - that kinda pissed me off because I said how long for this sauce? he goes I need 20 mins. I go okay.
J - he's flirting with janelle rigth now
E - so 6:40 I call him and say Mike...
J - still not done

Eric running in now to get the second pan of Apple Crisp. Everyone loves it.
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Topic #1893568
Antanisha - Howie is feed apple crisp by Beau, Also Howie said he'll take a shower with Beau to make it up to him. NT 0 Replies #1893568 9:04PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893572
Caribou - F4 - James, Sarah and Kaysar alone on round lounge 0 Replies #1893572 9:05PM 10/07/2005
K - i think you two should get married...mike proposed to somebody else too..he's a manwhore

J - you marry a school teacher?

S - how much money do you make?

J now yelling this across the grass to the women sitting at the table. Sarah saying "i would marry you. how big is your heart honey"

J - doesn't matter know. not as big as my paycheque honey.

(ED.note - think J and S just let it alll out to everyone)

J - who's the one person you'd hate to lose..for any reason
K - thinking...
J - it's not a weighted question. i don't expect you to say me or sarah
K - S are you drunk?
S - no because howie gave my wine to janelle
J - i would hate to lose eric right now
K - i was going to say that but i was trying to formulate my reasoning. i think its' because eric is the glue holding us together
J - he's strong. people are scared to form an alliance against him. so i would hate to lose him

J to S - the engagements off. give me the ring back
S - i didn't get a ring
K - get a prenup
S - he's a teacher

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Topic #1893581
Caribou - Kaysar to Sarah - god, if you don't marry him i'm gonna marry you. will you marry me? NT 0 Replies #1893581 9:10PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893582
Caribou - James - it's Ashleas going away party tonight. This is her last meal. NT 0 Replies #1893582 9:10PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893589
Caribou - James - Eric and Maggie are sleeping late tomorrow because they wake up the earliest 0 Replies #1893589 9:12PM 10/07/2005
James to Kaysar - are you going to play foosball?
J - i like beau
K - beau's cool

K - beau made an intersting observation. under my bed there's like an inch and a half open. the back seems like there's way more space.

They discuss it.
(ed. I can't follow it.Sorry)
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