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Topic #1890367
valentine - The Brother-Sister Conference is Over 2 Replies #1890367 8:13AM 10/07/2005
and Eric goes outside and walks around the pool.

Now he literally slurps a glass of ice water at the kitchen counter, and Maggie keeps herself busy in the BR.

No sign of life yet from anybody else.

Eric's wheels are turning. Now he and Maggie look at the fish in the tank, still whispering. (they better stop that)

Eric: Oh no, not again.

They see a fish that looks sick. And yes, Eric farts again.
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valentine - Update: I Don't Think They are Brother Sister Anymore NT #1890430 8:24AM 10/07/2005
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Sunflake - Just confirmed, they are not brother/sister. :-) NT #1890427 8:24AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890377
edinboro - Maggie out of the WC, washes hands (Unlike Jerry of BB4) 0 Replies #1890377 8:15AM 10/07/2005
Eric walks across the kitchen and let's another one rip. Maggie and Eric checking out the fish tank, talking about one fish picking on the other. (I'm glad they like looking at the fish, we sure don't!)
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Topic #1890378
Suzan - Eric & Maggie back in the BR with coffee talking about food 0 Replies #1890378 8:15AM 10/07/2005
& PB&J.
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Topic #1890387
joannie - Eric about Janelle: "I have no use for her whatsoever." 0 Replies #1890387 8:17AM 10/07/2005
"She's a f***ing b*tch."
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Topic #1890400
valentine - Eric, on Janelle: I Have No Use For Her Whatsoever 0 Replies #1890400 8:20AM 10/07/2005
Eric: Did you see all the sh*t she has in her bag??? It is full--did you see it??? Before the competitions, she changed three times! And it took 3 hours!

Maggie: When I go out, I put on a tank top and a skirt. And I go out and have a great time..... But these girls, it's so sad.

Eric thinks Janelle is a big bitch and very fake. He thinks Sarah is cool.

Maggie: Sarah talked to me about her ex-boyfriend, and I wanted so bad to be able to talk to her. And she kept saying it was so good to talk to me. But our conversation isn't real.

They notice that Kaysar is changing.

Eric: I think the real Kaysar is coming out. I have a reason to get rid of him, so I have no problem.

They think his culture involves looking down on women.

Maggie keeps pointing out that she has her own natural insecurities, she's not going to let these people, or any other people, give her more. It's all about how you let people treat you.
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Topic #1890406
JGFAN24 - Maggies keeps saying MY mom MY dad 0 Replies #1890406 8:21AM 10/07/2005
She is trying to describe them to Eric, talking about how perfect her upbringing was. Eric says his was tougher.
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Topic #1890413
joannie - Eric about Kaysar: "He's lost in this game." 0 Replies #1890413 8:22AM 10/07/2005
Maggie: "He doesn't belong here. People are mad because he's changing."

Eric: "I think the real Kaysar is coming out. He looks down upon women."
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Topic #1890417
valentine - Maggie is Talking About Her Mom 0 Replies #1890417 8:22AM 10/07/2005
to Eric, and certainly makes it sound like they have different parents.

She describes how her mother and dad are.

Maggie: Eric, I have to say, I had the perfect upbringing.

Eric: I wish I did. I'm sure Dave and I have more in common than you think. I come from a totally dysfunctional family. And one of my brothers is a total mess right now---I can't talk it about it here, but he is a total mess. And none of my siblings are close.

Ed Note: I don't think they're related. Maybe childhood friends? Or maybe Eric is close with her boyfriend, Dave.
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Topic #1890425
Suzan - Maggie: There's not anything I wouldn't do for my brother. This while she's talking to Eric. 0 Replies #1890425 8:24AM 10/07/2005
It did not appear she was talking about Eric.
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Topic #1890434
joannie - Eric says he comes from a TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY dysfunctional family 0 Replies #1890434 8:24AM 10/07/2005
Eric: "One of my brothers is really messed up. I can't talk about it right now."

Maggie talking about one of her brothers. I don't think that Maggie and Eric are sister/brother anymore.

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Topic #1890472
joannie - Eric's father made him pay rent when he was fourteen. 0 Replies #1890472 8:28AM 10/07/2005
"I would never do that to my kids."

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Topic #1890475
valentine - Eric Had a Bad Childhood 1 Replies #1890475 8:29AM 10/07/2005
but he used that as a driving force to make himself better. His family had money, but it sounds like he had a job at 14 because they wouldn't give him any.

Maggie: My parents were really smart about that. I had a bank account when I was, like, 5 and my grandmother would give me money every year and we would go put it in the bank. They would show me how to make the deposit. And I didn't blow it.

Eric: That's a good idea. Maybe we should do that with Daniel and Joseph.

Ed Note: They are still whispering, for no good reason. They could just be getting to know each other. They are going to get busted again.
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valentine - And Maggie's Dad #1890480 8:30AM 10/07/2005
gave her a Chevron card when she was sixteen. Just so she could start getting a credit history. When she was 19, she was good to go.
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Topic #1890497
valentine - Maggie: Today's the 10th 0 Replies #1890497 8:33AM 10/07/2005
Maggie: Did you get to talk to Julie (wife) in the hotel at all?

Eric let Sean (handler) to let Julie know something.

Maggie: You know the sunglasses I've been wearing?

Eric: They're Daves.

Maggie: You can't say anything to anybody.

Eric: I haven't worn mine yet. I can't believe nobody's up yet.

Maggie: That's too bad. Because they're going to play music again today.

They think the DR is fun.

Eric: It's like a confessional in there.

He thinks its pathetic that Ashlea is on the block and just gave up in the veto comp. And she didn't help Howie, either.
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Topic #1890500
Anonymous - Eric: "How could ashlea sit there with the POV and let it sit through" *shakes his head* NT 0 Replies #1890500 8:34AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890515
valentine - Eric Lets Out Two More Big Ones 0 Replies #1890515 8:38AM 10/07/2005
and Maggie has to put her face inside of her shirt.

Eric finally goes to the WC and Maggie heads back to the kitchen. She's making more coffee.
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Topic #1890551
valentine - Maggie Thinks the Wake Up Call is Coming in 15 Minutes 0 Replies #1890551 8:44AM 10/07/2005
She wants to grab her clothes right before, and then go outside immediately to work out.

Maggie: I don't like working out with everyone.

She's going to say she woke up this morning at 8:30, I guess so people don't know they have been alone together for so long.

She hurt herself on the hammock--she was laying alone and scooted over to make room for Sarah and fell right on her ass.

Maggie: They'll probably show me as the drunk! (Amy BB3)

Eric: Did you notice? There's no big drinkers in here.

Maggie: I like to have 1 glass of red wine.

I guess the girls made up Maggie one day and she said she enjoyed the facial, but not the make up.

Maggie: I've never had a facial before.

Eric: Now there's a big shocker.

Maggie: Someone said, you're a big 2005 hippie. I'm like, live and let live.
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Topic #1890559
valentine - Eric: My Father in Law is a Very Successful Man 0 Replies #1890559 8:46AM 10/07/2005
and has made a nice life for himself. But whenever he goes to a doctor, he has to call me to figure out what the doctor just said to him.

Maggie agrees. She mentions someone's full name and where they work, and no FISH. She thinks he might be chief one day.

(The Sunday crew must be on shift.)
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Topic #1890567
Anonymous - Maggie may be a firefighter or a paramedic 1 Replies #1890567 8:49AM 10/07/2005
She said when Eric talks about working in Vegas she doesn't say a word. When he was talking about treating people on drugs she had to keep quiet.
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r151996 - Ed. note: Maggie's listed occupation is emergency room nurse. NT #1890601 8:59AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890570
Mltv - Maggie says her hearing is bad because of too many sirens. NT 1 Replies #1890570 8:49AM 10/07/2005
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JulesAna - Maggie said that she had a lot of ear infections as a child. When her doctor looked at her ears and all the scarring, #1890574 8:51AM 10/07/2005
he said, "Oh, sh*t!".
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Topic #1890575
Tambo - Maggie said she is in love with Eric's children NT 0 Replies #1890575 8:51AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890584
valentine - Maggie: Do You Know How In Love With Your Children I Am? 1 Replies #1890584 8:53AM 10/07/2005
Eric: Yeah.

Maggie: You know how you say you don't like other people's kids? Well, you've got it made with those kids.

Eric: I know. I just love 'em so much!

Maggie tries to fart but says she has stage fright. She's worried about what her grandparents will think--that's all she is concerned about.

Ed Note: The whole farting thing---I do think they work together at a firehouse. If they're not brother and sister, there has to be another deep connection.
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Tambo - Maggie stated that she is serious about her job as a professional nurse NT #1890598 8:58AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890588
valentine - FISH. Must be Wake Up Call Time. NT 0 Replies #1890588 8:54AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890591
Suzan - Fish only briefly....Maggie is talking about Dave telling her about someone at the firehouse 0 Replies #1890591 8:56AM 10/07/2005
putting him in harms way. Dave (Maggies boyfriend) and Eric must work together or in the same field that their paths cross. Eric said it better not be someone I trained.
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Topic #1890595
Suzan - Topic turns to how stinky the BR is and how dirty the sinks are Eric 0 Replies #1890595 8:58AM 10/07/2005
said he's not cleaning them. He wonders how many people live like "this" at home?

They are moving now. Eric was going to get socks and shoes, Maggie was going to grab her clothes. They are heading to work out.
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Topic #1890596
valentine - Maggie: This Whole Room Reeks 0 Replies #1890596 8:58AM 10/07/2005
Eric: And look at this sink! I'm not going to clean it--I'm just going to see how much stuff gets caked up on it.

Maggie: Just look at this place.

Eric: I wonder how people live like this at home.

They're still whispering. About how it looks overcast outside.
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