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Topic #1890605
Suzan - They are in the store room changing battery packs. Eric is getting food for the fish and 0 Replies #1890605 9:00AM 10/07/2005
maggie is checking out 5 blue bags sitting on the counter. Off to feed the fish.
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Topic #1890661
Aurorah - Eric on weights; Maggie on jumprope NT 0 Replies #1890661 9:16AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890665
BigMama - James: Do you think <Eric's> just stupid, or stupid and ugly? (to Maggie) M: both. NT 1 Replies #1890665 9:19AM 10/07/2005
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BigMama - M, E, and James talking about how PB&J have caused E to lose his strength. All joking. NT #1890667 9:20AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890710
LadyeJayne - Ivette and Rachel are walking laps around the yard, talking. 0 Replies #1890710 9:32AM 10/07/2005
They both think that women should listen to their mothers. Mothers have experienced things and really do know best.

Rachel is doing most of the talking about her life- living with a roommate, boarding her horses, wanting to have a fun summer with less responsibilities.

Ivette says that she has a hard time keeping her thoughts to herself. She's used to saying what she thinks to anyone.

Rachel says, "This is it for me," and they stretch after their walk. Ivette is in the kitchen, and now Rachel is in the HOH room.

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Topic #1890731
BigMama - BB: Good Morning HG's the veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours. NT 0 Replies #1890731 9:37AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890732
Tambo - BB: The Veto Ceremony will take place in 2 hours NT 0 Replies #1890732 9:37AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890743
LadyeJayne - Rachel and Ivette continue talking in the kitchen. 0 Replies #1890743 9:40AM 10/07/2005
Ivette says that the 30s are the new 20s. She is telling Rachel about her brother. He looks good and is in shape.

They are discussing their eating habits when at home. Ivette loves Canadian bacon. April is in the kitchen now too. There are only two eggs left in the fridge. Rachel is making French toast.

April slept with Sarah in a bed, and Sarah took up the whole bed. Rachel says nobody came up to sleep with her (I think she said Jennifer was supposed to).

Veto Ceremony in 2 hours. April has left the kitchen area.

Ivette has a feeling that the first eviction is not going to be live. Rachel replies, "I don't know."

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Topic #1890810
BigMama - April: "I think I'm supposed to be known as the one who talks all the time." NT 0 Replies #1890810 9:57AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890847
valentine - Sarah is Sitting Alone on the Round Chaise 0 Replies #1890847 10:05AM 10/07/2005
Now she walks into the house.

Eric and James plan their work out day. Should they jump rope? Or walk around? They decide on 'suicides'.
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Topic #1890848
Zazny - Eric: Just be honest with me 0 Replies #1890848 10:05AM 10/07/2005
Eric wants James to give him a head up if he can't be protected by him as he'd do the same. They go over their plan to put up Jennifer and Janelle next, and JAMES says that's not the best plan strategically, but whatever.

Eric is upset that Kaysar is getting friendly with Ashlea and Janelle.

Strategy talk ends when Sarah comes out.

Sarah watches as shirtless James working out.

S>The clouds...they're gone [in five minutes]
J>It wasn't clouds, it was smog...we just needed sunshine to come out and here she is....maybe it's the uv rays reflecting off your legs
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Topic #1890851
valentine - James Says That He Went to a Gym With A Girl 0 Replies #1890851 10:08AM 10/07/2005
that he dates in Atlanta. She couldn't get a cardio machine because it was "happy hour" at the gym. So he took her on an empty raquetball court and they did suicides. It nearly killed her.

Ed Note: I go to a gym near James' house. I wonder if it's the same one...... I would remember Sarah, though, and I don't think I've seen her.

The feeds keep freezing, but I hear them grunting and exerting themselves. Yvette continues to yammer in the house about going out for coffee and cheesecake near her house.

This year, the quad features sound for more than one cam at a time, so at times it is difficult to sort out the different conversations. (But I like that feature, BB.)
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Topic #1890865
valentine - April Discusses Her Plastic Surgery Again 1 Replies #1890865 10:13AM 10/07/2005
and how she didn't plan to tell everyone everything, but that Michael seemed to figure it out.

James: You don't think we're your friends?

Sarah tells the group that Howie started telling her about his family yesterday. (she may be saying that to make James jealous)

Maggie: You guys know more about drugs then I do! I had to know about 2,000 medications when I graduated.

April (the pharmaceutical rep): You know I used to sell Plavix! I loved that. I only sold it for a year--it was $75 a pill.

Now Ivette is announcing that she had another BM today.

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valentine - April Had All of Her Surgery All At Once #1890909 10:21AM 10/07/2005
and it was around $11,000. (nose, breasts and chin) She said she did it right out of college and financed it.

James: If you can't make payments, do they come get 'em?

They talk about this, until James said it was a joke.

April only paid one anesthesia payment, but she was out for 3 hours. Maggie said that is really stupid, because the risks for brain damage are so high.

Sarah has a friend that got a bad boob job and her nipples point the wrong way.

April wants to show everybody her breasts later. She says they are really pretty--the way they hang down.
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Topic #1890876
valentine - Sarah: Has Anybody Heard About Bentley? 0 Replies #1890876 10:15AM 10/07/2005
April: No.

Sarah wants to go to Rachel's house and have her teach her about how to take care of a horse.

Rachel is sitting in the kitchen, wearing glasses. I haven't heard her say a word.

Eric works his triceps outside.
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Topic #1890924
valentine - Eric: It's Funny How Much Energy 1 Replies #1890924 10:25AM 10/07/2005
you get from working out.

Maggie: I know, I'm ready to run.

Eric: We're going to do suicides later.

Maggie: Ok. I'll play!

Sarah: Good luck with that! They're brutal!

(Whoops. See post earlier about James and the gym.)
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valentine - He Wants to Wait Until After Any Competition #1890935 10:27AM 10/07/2005
before he does the suicides, in case it is a physical challenge.

Eric: I'm going for it.
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Topic #1890939
valentine - Rachel: What's the Point of the Veto Ceremony? 0 Replies #1890939 10:28AM 10/07/2005
I mean, I'm not going to use it!
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Topic #1891026
valentine - Ashlea is Doing Her Eye Makeup 0 Replies #1891026 10:55AM 10/07/2005
in a turquoise tube top--or it could be something she just wrapped around herself.

Jennifer is working on her hair.

Someone said Good Morning to Kaysar, but we don't see him.

April, blabbing nonstop: If I wasn't married, I think these are good guys and I would sleep with them. I don't think they'd touch anybody. But with Howie???? Who would want the viewing public to think they hooked up with him?


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Topic #1891034
valentine - Janelle Doesn't Like Blondes 0 Replies #1891034 10:58AM 10/07/2005
Her boyfriend has dark hair and eyes.

She says she went to bed at 1:00, but April says no. She went to bed at 1:30 and Janelle was still awake.

They're sitting outside at the patio table. I don't see cigarettes, but I'm sure they are smoking.

Kaysar is saying he is a little sore from the competition. They all expect a food competition today.

April: We've got to fight for that.
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Topic #1891035
Suzan - People are all over the house, a lot of them in the bathroom getting 0 Replies #1891035 10:58AM 10/07/2005
ready for the competition.

(April and Janelle outside) April is talking about the sleeping arrangement with Janelle. April saying if she was not married, I believe that these guys are really good guys, I'd hang out with them in bed. Janelle interjects yea, but I have a boyfriend and April says I'm married.

Besides Howie, who would want the viewing public to think we had sex? Meaning she wouldn't want to be perceived as sleeping in the House with someone (it was not a direct hit to Howie), but Howie would enjoy being perceived that way.

According to April James has said he'll evalute after the 3rd week who he'd hook up with.

Ivette has joined them and they are talking about the tv schedule. Ivette says someone was told in the diary room that today would also be the food comp.

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Topic #1891069
valentine - April, to Janelle: Did You Bring Bleach? 0 Replies #1891069 11:07AM 10/07/2005
Janelle: I don't bleach my hair. I color it and get highlights everys often.

She says bleach is too harsh and that what she uses would work for April. She says that her hair is naturally the same color as April.

Micheal is primping, Jase-style, in a bright green towel in the BR mirror.

April: My hair has been every color of the rainbow. Even red....

Ashlea is applying mascara now. There is lots of chatter in the BR, but she doesn't seem to be participating.

Beau and Sarah discuss Barbie Dolls. Sarah had the one whose hair seems to grow, but when you move her arm it gets shorter.

Lots of chatter everywhere you look.
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Topic #1891091
Hypnotoad - Howie and Rachel exchange game status 0 Replies #1891091 11:14AM 10/07/2005
rachel> doing good
howie> kicking ass and taking names
rachel> keep it up
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Topic #1891105
valentine - Michael Looks Ready To Go 0 Replies #1891105 11:19AM 10/07/2005
in the kitchen. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a huge alien-type skull on the front. It looks arty and could be hand made. He is wearing black shades and is coughing as he makes his PB&J.
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Topic #1891120
valentine - Michael is Rapping With Someone In the Kitchen 0 Replies #1891120 11:22AM 10/07/2005
Michael: I don't like too much make-up. I mean, if you want to a-cent-u-ate.....

It's Sarah he is talking to, and now Janelle makes an appearance and says "good morning Michael" to him.

Rachel looks gorgeous in a white halter top. She is sitting outside and looks like she is in heavy thought. Howie, of course, is shirtless and wearing the same big bright blue shorts again. Also a blue mandana.

Ed Note: The Savage just called and wants his style back, Howie.

Beau chatters outside about some sort of facial mask that he loves.
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Topic #1891134
valentine - Ivette: I Never, I Mean Never Break Out 0 Replies #1891134 11:25AM 10/07/2005
I get maybe three pimples a year! Her skin feels dry because she is used to the humidity of South Florida.

James went back to Miami for Christmas and he couldn't stand it.

Now Michael is telling Maggie about going to a Miami-FSU game and how nuts it was.
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Topic #1891152
Suzan - Rachel and James are the only ones on the patio now. James is saying 0 Replies #1891152 11:28AM 10/07/2005
he wants to break two habits while in the house, nail biting and cursing so much.

They are now in a discussion on who curses alot and what words are cuss words. James is going to try and refrain from calling people bit*hes.

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Topic #1891157
Suzan - James & Racel - talking about old. James says 0 Replies #1891157 11:29AM 10/07/2005
your old when you get into a routine and you don't break out of it. James talking about up early for school and not going out during the week, Rachel says that's not old that's responsible.

Rachel is called to DR
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