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Topic #1891962
Suzan - James, Eric, Maggie and Evette in the kitchen area, discussing movies, lines from movies 0 Replies #1891962 2:32PM 10/07/2005
Adam Sandler and Eric's to do list from his wife. April walks in and they tell her how dark she is getting. She comments on the smell of the kitchen.

Feeds switch to Beau in the bathroom (all four feeds!) putzing around the bathroom. Looks like he just finished a shower.
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Topic #1891979
KinkyLilBlackDress - Yet more Farts... 0 Replies #1891979 2:37PM 10/07/2005
Maggie let one loose, and Eric looks like he's about to bust something laughing. April "When I fart, it smells like something crawled up my a$$ and died."
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Topic #1891986
Suzan - Conversation in the Kitchen with Eric, James, Maggie, Ivette & April 0 Replies #1891986 2:39PM 10/07/2005
Eric walked out of the room and came back in and burped. Ivette talks about how you can't have a conversation around Eric without being interrupted by sounds. Maggie comments that she'd never fart in front of anyone, and Eric gets a funny look on his face, like holding back a laugh. Maggie then fesses up that she "accidentially" farted in front of Eric. This shocks the crowd, and Eric asks "accidentially????" He then strikes a pose to imitate what she did. Then the discussion turns to the smell, yes they discussed this. James asked if it smells like tofu, they are all laughing very hard, and Maggie says no they smell like Skittles.

Ashlea comes in an comments on something that was asked in the DR that made her cry, Ivette is then called to the DR.

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Topic #1891992
Disneyisme - Ashlea just came out of DR and looked like she new something, 1 Replies #1891992 2:40PM 10/07/2005
someone in the kitchen asks her "are we getting food?" She kind of shrugs, they were like "what do you know, you look like you know something?"

I couldn't hear all of what she said, but she said that BB asked questions and I 'think' one was seomthing having to do with eating PB&J for a longer time. Whatever it was, their answer made her cry.
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Disneyisme - Ashlea is outside now talking about food and her crying in the DR, Howie says "well, if you can't work #1892011 2:44PM 10/07/2005
on your food appetite, let's work on another appetite." Ashlea says "I have no desire to work on 'that' appetitie." I'm guessing she must have been talking to BB about the possibility of having to eat PB&J again for another week.
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Topic #1892022
Disneyisme - Ashlea says outside "if we are on PB&J again, I will be campaigning for you to vote me out." NT 1 Replies #1892022 2:47PM 10/07/2005
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Disneyisme - Now Ashlea is saying "you guys will be sorry when I start eating, I am so #1892024 2:48PM 10/07/2005
hyper, I drive people crazy." She says "you guys will be begging for me to go back on PB&J."
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Topic #1892028
Suzan - Rachel and James outside - Rachel is stressing out about the pressure she feels. She said she feels 0 Replies #1892028 2:51PM 10/07/2005
like a lab rat. James reminds her that that's what they signed up for, she comments that she doesn't like being a lab rat and tells James "he's sitting pretty".
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Topic #1892032
Suzan - Eric informed Rachel and James that BB does not seem to be in any rush 0 Replies #1892032 2:53PM 10/07/2005
to do a food competition. Eric's saying we have to play against BB too. He's very mad about the food. Eric tells James they should meet their own expectations (BB). They want them to compete in competitions.
Eric:Be careful what you ask for you might get it. They want to keep us on food restrictions, the no more.
James: Don't let them break you mentally
Eric: They just get what they ask for.
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Topic #1892034
Disneyisme - Eric is outside telling James and Ashlea that once Ivette came out of the DR 0 Replies #1892034 2:53PM 10/07/2005
it seemed evident that a food competition was not happening and that their PB&J diet will not be ending any time soon.

James tells Eric "don't let em get to you." Eric says "when I came in here I new I would be playing against other players, but not against BB. Maybe I will just lay around in bed all day, if they don't want to remove the food restriction. They'll just be getting what they asked for."
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Topic #1892046
Disneyisme - BB: "HG's please gather in the living room." you know the rest...FISH!NT 0 Replies #1892046 2:58PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892093
Tambo - They got food! 1 Replies #1892093 3:08PM 10/07/2005
All in kitchen snacking and talking about making a nice dinner for everyone.
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Disneyisme - They are eating hot dogs, crackers and cheese, they have tons of stuff, Jennifer #1892124 3:14PM 10/07/2005
has chills, these people are changed forever..lol Jennifer is eating tuna out of the can and a pickle, she said she had no time for mayo. Ashlea, Jennifer and Beau are hogging down chips.
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Topic #1892097
KinkyLilBlackDress - The feed comes back to everyone in the Kitchen chowing down. 1 Replies #1892097 3:10PM 10/07/2005
The HGs are discussing what to make for dinner, chants of "I love you BB!" and "Throw out the PB and J!" are heard throughout the house.
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Eric eats an entire half of a watermelon. NT #1892105 3:11PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892147
KinkyLilBlackDress - April and Sarah are discussing the concept of "Souls" 1 Replies #1892147 3:19PM 10/07/2005
April is upset that she was told that her dog won't be going to heaven because dog's done have souls. Sarah discusses the trauma of losing her dog, and how difficult it was moving away from her family; then finding out that her Grandfather had died without her being there. Her war vet grandfather had cancer, and wasn't the type to willingly go to the hospital, so they cancer was found too late.
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Sarah's remembering her Grandfather. #1892153 3:21PM 10/07/2005
She explains that when she moved away, she had no idea that her grandfather was sick. She regrets not being able to talk to her Grandfather in his last days. April keeps interruping, asking for medical details.
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Topic #1892148
Disneyisme - The food frenzie continues, Eric is now cooking an omelete, Ashlea is making a sandwich 0 Replies #1892148 3:20PM 10/07/2005
with some lunch meats. They are talking about what they will eat first thing in the morning.
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Topic #1892164
KinkyLilBlackDress - April goes on about her dogs, again. 0 Replies #1892164 3:24PM 10/07/2005
April goes on and on about her dogs, trying to relate it to Sarah's grandfather's death. She said that she told her family that "If something happens to Pepperoni (dog), don't let them (BB) tell me, because I'll go home straight away." Neither of them want to know if bad things happen in the real world why they are in the BB house.
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Topic #1892176
KinkyLilBlackDress - The Laundry Drama 1 Replies #1892176 3:27PM 10/07/2005
April yells over to Beau while he is at the washer, asking who didn't put the clothes where they belonged when they pulled them out the washer. April is complaining that Ashlea is taking care of her laundry, and not having the common courtisy to fold the other laundry that was in there before hers. April and Sarah join Beau over at the drier, and complain to Beau about Janelle not folding other's laundry, and sticking April's laundry in with her panties.
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KinkyLilBlackDress - April: "Where are you in life where you only think about yourself?" NT #1892177 3:28PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892186
KinkyLilBlackDress - Janelle's Extentions 0 Replies #1892186 3:30PM 10/07/2005
Beau is aghast that Janelle is telling the other that her hair is natural, and not extentions. Beau describes how its obvious that its fake. Sarah tells how she was complimenting Janelle on her hair, all the time knowing that its fake. Janelle is playing as if it is her natural hair.
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Topic #1892197
KinkyLilBlackDress - Ivette, Beau, and April are lounging in the back yard. 0 Replies #1892197 3:33PM 10/07/2005
They are describing what they ate after the restrictions were lifted. Beau ate a hotdog, chips, watermelon, grapes. Ivette ate ham & cheese, hummas, M&Ms. They are asking eachother why BB keeps stocking bread, and PB&J. Seems like BB congratulated them on a week of PB&J. Howie comes out, and starts doing pushups.
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Topic #1892204
KinkyLilBlackDress - Pasta Dinner to come 0 Replies #1892204 3:36PM 10/07/2005
April asks what the menu is for dinner. Sounds like a huge pasta dinner. April is complaining about having to do dishes for all the people now that everyone is eating.

Beau is asking if anyone wants a haircut.
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Topic #1892212
Disneyisme - Ivette says "I hope they don't have a live anything tonight, because I won't 1 Replies #1892212 3:38PM 10/07/2005
fit into my clothes right now!"
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Disneyisme - April says how happy she is that she is sleeping with Rachel tonight, Rachel says #1892217 3:40PM 10/07/2005
"I washed the pillow cases." Ivette starts to say how Beau made her bed for her, and she loved that. She says she slways makes her bed at home.
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Topic #1892220
KinkyLilBlackDress - April complains that she's lost her baby blanket. NT 0 Replies #1892220 3:41PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892228
Disneyisme - Ivette is imitating an interview with Beau saying "your black and 0 Replies #1892228 3:43PM 10/07/2005
your gay!", we could play a double card with you, how do you feel?" Beau starts to answer her in a flamboyant voice "I am so flattered....."
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Topic #1892240
KinkyLilBlackDress - Howie's discussing STDs. 1 Replies #1892240 3:45PM 10/07/2005
Ivette describes that she tried to have a serious discussion with Howie, and says it didn't work. Howie says "I'm serious everytime I talk! I'll tell you about all my ex's and the STDs they gave me." The then goes on to rub Beau's shaved legs, and compliment him on how soft and smooth they are. Howie doesn't seem to mind the homoerotic comments, saying that he doesn't have a male-skill 'yet'.
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Howie, to Beau : "I'm going to start doing cardio 2 hours a say just to get you to shut up!" #1892248 3:48PM 10/07/2005
Beau: "Howie, enbrace the belly."
Howie is trashing (someone) about her fake boobs. The others commenting, "I can't believe you've said that!" Howie's comment - "Plastic courage!"
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Topic #1892258
KinkyLilBlackDress - The Howie Show 0 Replies #1892258 3:52PM 10/07/2005
Howie, once again, is on display in the back yard to an audience of HGs. When Janelle leaves, Howie gets this puppy-sad look on his face.
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Topic #1892260
Disneyisme - It's all about food right now....not sure who is saying they are cooking (Eric?), but he is saying 0 Replies #1892260 3:52PM 10/07/2005
he will make chicken and a pasta dish that has a little bacon in it and since Kaysar can't have pork, he will make Kaysar a fish sauce. He asks what everyone else wants..Beau says he will help make salad.
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Topic #1892262
KinkyLilBlackDress - Lockdown, everyone to the back yard. NT 1 Replies #1892262 3:53PM 10/07/2005
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Kaysar and Mike scramble to get the food outside, as BB reminds them again of the lockdown. NT #1892264 3:54PM 10/07/2005
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