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Topic #1890028
Caribou - Howie snores very loudly :-) NT 0 Replies #1890028 2:15AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890041
jblig - After last night I was going to mention that no one snores. I was wrong! 1 Replies #1890041 2:39AM 10/07/2005
Somebody is sawing wood like a champ! Not as bad as Marvin, but a champion in their own right.
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straightdave - snore's one feed 1 #1890055 3:51AM 10/07/2005
seems to be James
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Topic #1890099
valentine - Early Bird Eric is Up 0 Replies #1890099 6:50AM 10/07/2005
and is rummaging around in his toiletry basket in the BR.

Lots of heavy sleep breathing in the dark bedrooms at this hour.

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Topic #1890146
edinboro - Eric just awakened another HG 0 Replies #1890146 7:18AM 10/07/2005
Eric went in and woke Maggie. She and Eric are now in the kitchen whispering and discussing strategies. Are they one of the couples? Discussing Kasar talking teams. They think Sarah and James are a team.
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Topic #1890149
BoPeep - Eric and Maggie up whispering in the kitchen... 0 Replies #1890149 7:19AM 10/07/2005
talking about who is together with who. They are saying Rachel and Howie are brother and sister, trying to figure out the other pairs.

(ed. note - I came into this conversation in the middle - not thinking anyone was up.)
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Topic #1890161
edinboro - Eric and Maggie discussing who is teamed with who 1 Replies #1890161 7:23AM 10/07/2005
They think Kaysar and Michael are a team. Eric said "Rachel is a force to be reckoned with in this game".
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Anonymous - They also think Beau is with Ivette, they'd be wrong! NT #1890203 7:34AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890210
Nyclawyerboy - eric/maggie discussion 0 Replies #1890210 7:34AM 10/07/2005
Maggie : it makes me sick that i come here with the least fit body and i'm the most confident in my appearance.

Eric : These girls need help.

Eric also had a comment about how sad it is that Jen is throwing her coochie around

Maggie: there is something about the HOH room that we havent discovered yet.

E: Oh yeah there's a camera..rachel told me, she didnt tell you? There's a camera, but no audio. She doesnt even use it because it doesnt do her any good. She showed me the controls. If there was audio it would ruin the whole game.

M: Have you talked to the DR about who are partners and who are wild cards?

E: Oh yeah...
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Topic #1890225
Nyclawyerboy - Eric & Maggie lose it after E farts NT 0 Replies #1890225 7:41AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890228
JoeyBoston - Maggie 0 Replies #1890228 7:42AM 10/07/2005
just farted and Eric thinks its awesome and they laugh for 3 minutes...oh great...
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Topic #1890245
valentine - Maggie: Between the Two of Us, 0 Replies #1890245 7:47AM 10/07/2005
hopefully we will see enough angles.

Eric: But we might spread ourselves too soon. Rachel is questioning how far our deal will go--is it two weeks? Is it one week?

He told Rachel he can't promise her anything. Maggie is talking like she plans to go ahead with letting Ivette win HOH.

Maggie: I know she won't put me up. But who would put up Jenny? Everybody.

Eric: We can't let someone from their side win. I'd be put up. If Howie wins, you have to grind him to put up James. That would be sweet.

(Ed Note: not grind in a sexual way, I don't think.)
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Topic #1890252
valentine - Eric: For This HOH Contest, 0 Replies #1890252 7:50AM 10/07/2005
there are certain people that we can't let win. Like Janelle, I think she would put me up.

They think that if Jennifer wins, she will put up two girls, since they don't seem to like her. Eric says Maggie needs to talk to Jen to get things straight.

They are sitting in the chairs in the BR. Maggie is drinking her cup of coffee.
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Topic #1890254
Hypnotoad - Maggie: "They [james and sarah] are going to pretend to flirt now, so people wont think they came together" NT 0 Replies #1890254 7:51AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890259
valentine - Maggie: Sarah and James are Going To Start Flirting Now 0 Replies #1890259 7:52AM 10/07/2005
so that it will look like they just met, and not like they came in knowing each other.

Maggie worries that if Howie puts James up, Sarah will turn everyone against it.

Eric: No, no way.

Eric thinks Ivette will put up Jennifer and Janelle. And Jenn will be the pawn. He is going to tell people that as long as people don't screw him over, they are ok with him.
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Topic #1890264
Suzan - Eric: If everyone votes as they say they will it should be 12-1 (Ashlea out) 0 Replies #1890264 7:53AM 10/07/2005
and if it doesn't come out like that someones lying to me.
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Topic #1890270
valentine - Eric: The Vote Should Come Out 12-1 0 Replies #1890270 7:55AM 10/07/2005
this week.

Maggie: Last night, Michael said he didn't like Ashlea, but who really knows.

Eric: Oh, he's voting out Ash--he gave me his word.

Maggie tells Eric not to use the word 'fag' because it is perceived as negative. Say 'gay' instead.

Eric: Oh, I really like Beau. He's a smart guy.

Maggie: Yeah, but he's pretty. Outside of here, I would enjoy Ivettes company, and Beau, and Rachel. But I know that Howie is different outside of here.

Maggie can't connect with Jennifer.

Eric: Michael---he's a little wordy for me.

Maggie: Yeah, but he's worldly. My friend ____ is the same way.

One of them farts again and they crack up.
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Topic #1890279
joannie - Eric, whispering to Maggie: "The vote should come out 12-1... 0 Replies #1890279 7:56AM 10/07/2005
"If it doesn't come out 12 - 1, then someone's lying to us."

Maggie tells Eric not to use the word 'fag' around Beau. They both like Beau very much.

Right in the middle of strategizing, one of them farts and they both start cracking up. Maggie: "I can smell so bad!"
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Topic #1890288
edinboro - Eric and Maggie sitting in the bathroom area passing wind 0 Replies #1890288 7:58AM 10/07/2005
Maggie comments "The coffee is working" and how bad it smells. She says she feels sorry for the camera man.
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Topic #1890293
valentine - And They're Still Cracking Up 0 Replies #1890293 7:58AM 10/07/2005
about Eric's fart.

Maggie, shaking: Oh, the coffee's working! And it smells so bad!!

Eric is doubled over laughing.

Maggie: I feel so bad for the cameraman. I know they don't think this is funny. I had to hold it so bad yesterday. I was in the shower and I bent over to get the soap and just let it out.

Eric: Danielle would just walk around and fart. (she did??? news to me)

Maggie: You're so lucky you can talk about your kids.

Eric: I know. I don't think I could hide that. Did you hear that yesterday, when someone said you were the female version of me? They really hit that nail on the head with that one.

Maggie gives him instructions on how to handle conversations in the future. She thinks everyone might know that they are connected.

Ed Note: This is the greatest BB ever.
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Topic #1890309
valentine - Maggie: Who Do You Think Knows About All the Couples? 0 Replies #1890309 8:02AM 10/07/2005
They think James and Sarah know a little bit, but they believe that they are the only ones that have figured out each pair.

Maggie wants Eric to say something around April or Howie that it seems like James and Sarah already know each other.

Maggie says Eric should tell April that James said that she and Jenn are connected. (brilliant) Especially if she is HOH.

Maggie: Even if there are partners, we don't know if there are foursomes yet.

Eric: Yeah, I was thinking about that whole Miami connection. Ashlea....Beau....

Maggie: Oh, there's no way that Ashlea and Ivette........
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Topic #1890319
JulesAna - Maggie and Eric discussing whether her nudity came over on the internet. 0 Replies #1890319 8:03AM 10/07/2005
She doesn't think so, but says it would be weird like if Julie saw Dave that way.
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Topic #1890325
JGFAN24 - Eric knows Maggies Boyfriend NT 0 Replies #1890325 8:04AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890337
JGFAN24 - Based on conversation and 0 Replies #1890337 8:06AM 10/07/2005
How they are wording things, they are brother and sister...
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Topic #1890340
valentine - Eric: I'll Be the First One to Say It, 0 Replies #1890340 8:06AM 10/07/2005
that I don't pick up after myself once in awhile.

Maggie: But that's at your home!

Eric: But here--these people are fuc*ing slobs!!

Maggie: You notice that Jenn has started picking up a little bit? Well, April told her to.

Eric: And she's been dating a guy for six and a half years! C'mon...

Maggie: Don't talk about that though, April dated her husband forever.

Apparently Maggie has been with a man for a long time but doesn't have a committment.

Eric: You wait and see, you'll be married pretty soon after this. He'll see what it's like without you and he'll..

Maggie: No, he won't. That's why we're not married now.

She doesn't want to tell him why, but says she is glad her past hasn't caught up with her.

Now Eric farts again, quietly, and Maggie laughs.

Maggie: Mine are cute, but yours' are just offensive!
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Topic #1890344
joannie - Talking about their 'demons.' 0 Replies #1890344 8:07AM 10/07/2005
Maggie: "Everybody's got skeletons in their closets. I'm just lucky my past hasn't come back to bite me in the behind yet."
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Topic #1890355
edinboro - Maggie to the WC, Eric made another cup of Joe and out in the yard NT 0 Replies #1890355 8:10AM 10/07/2005
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