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Topic #1889561
Disneyisme - Well Howie entered into the gold room, chatted a bit , then said 0 Replies #1889561 12:02AM 10/07/2005
"who's room is this anyway? mine and James so get the F out!" He was joking I think, but Sarah, Michael and Jennifer left immediately.

James was telling Howie that when he saw him in the hotel "he never expected him to be 'like this'." Then feeds cut...
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Topic #1889581
Rabbit - Michael flicked his toothbrush at kaysar and kaysar went off on a mock tirade. He said.. 0 Replies #1889581 12:07AM 10/07/2005
that was sick and now he's got freakin plaque and stuff all over him. He said that no one in this house has any manners and that he's living with a bunch of neanderthals. Everyone is freakin dragging their knuckles on the floor!

he was joking of course! It was too hilarious!
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Topic #1889586
Disneyisme - Jennifer and Michael were wrestling and rolling around on the floor, out by the kitchen then the 1 Replies #1889586 12:08AM 10/07/2005
feeds cut out. When they came back on it was apparent that somone got scolded for something and was told by BB "not to ever do 'that' again." But I don't know what specifically.
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AmyFromCanaduh - not sure if this is the reason but.. #1889608 12:12AM 10/07/2005
i heard someone.. a guy say to howie.. it was james ... that when he saw him in the hotel he never thought he would "be like this"
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Topic #1889592
SassyPrncess - Ivette says Ashlea is her worst nightmare 0 Replies #1889592 12:09AM 10/07/2005
She says that BB wrapped up her arch enemy in a package and "parked her here" to test her patience.
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Topic #1889627
AmyFromCanaduh - Ivette, April & Beau discuss Ashlea & Janelles relationship.. interesting... 0 Replies #1889627 12:14AM 10/07/2005
Ivette says that she can't believe Janelle is sticking up for Ashlea and cares so much about giving her a pity vote when outside the house she wouldnt give her the time of day.

April says "I think they're friends. I think they like each other."
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Topic #1889628
Zazny - Ivette, April, Beau on Jen, Michael, Ash 0 Replies #1889628 12:14AM 10/07/2005
A> I kept saying your coffee is in the bathroom, your coffee is in the bathroom.
B> She's very thankful
A> Yes she is very thankful
I> Oh great. Two brownie points.
A> She got the coffee pot. I filled up the coffee. She did not know you had to put the water in the coffee pot.
I> Did you [have to] tell her how to wrap her tampons up properly?
A> She is not an evil demon.
I> She is taking advantage of the fact that everyone is participating. IF you look around this house, there is something of her's everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
A> Anybody who's smart would help around the house. Wouldn't you want your stay to be nicer or longer?

A> I like Michael
B> I love Michael
A> But don't kiss my stomach.
B> I look at it from a guy's perspective.
I> She's a married woman. It's one thing to smack my butt, and another thing to bite it
B> Did you tell him?
(feed cut)
I> It's irritating the crap out of me. What pissed me off about Kaysar? He said that animals don't have souls. You don't come out with that. I understand people have their beliefs [but you shouldn't say things like that]. He made a rule, can we not fart in the kitchen? He's like the center of this house.
B> Let's not worry about the little things, like people's pet peeves. There's much more to worry about.
(feed cut)

I> Her appearance is way too important. [She doesn't know us well enough to make assumptions] She probably can't figure out what she wrote on the questionaire.
A> She's thankful and nice, but I see what you're saying
I> Miami got to her
A> You got to help out around the house. She asked me how it was gonna go, but I told her it's gonna go the way we said it's gonna go, and she asked can we still vote with her heart. She's not gonna vote Ashlea off.
I> I think we shouldn't share things with her
A> [SHE SAID] I want to vote for her so it's not a slam dunk
I> If we were outside this house, Janelle wouldn't look at her [back to Ashlea]. She's too cheesy, she's not her style.
A> I think they're friends. They like each other.
I> Her Italian shipped jeans. Gimme a break.
A> She said she made her own clothes.
B> [Someone] said [s/he] suffers from heat exhaustion, then she said "yeah, I always suffer from heat exhaustion."
I> Topper. That's what Eric said.
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Topic #1889659
AmyFromCanaduh - Ivette, Beau and April talk outside 0 Replies #1889659 12:21AM 10/07/2005
Ivette: You know what the sad part is? I actually liked Janelle when I first met her. I tried to make friends with her...

Beau says he didn't like Kaysar first and commented on that in the DR but now he likes him.

Ivette: The last thing I want to do is leave here with bad karma.

April tells them about Ashlea saying that she only wanted to stay in the house for two weeks and hang out.

They talk a lot about Ashlea and Ivette says Michael is infuriated by him. They are mad because she talks about herself so much.

April says Ashlea told her she lives with a guy who's nice but she 'd never date him. Then Ashlea said something that included "well of course, because I am good looking."

April says that Ashlea told her she lays in bed all day and can't believe April is self motivated enough to get out of bed and that she couldn't do that.
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Topic #1889676
Zazny - James on Rachel, Sarah discussion on couples 0 Replies #1889676 12:26AM 10/07/2005
[Sarah is silent]
J> Rachel is a beast. I've never seen a woman who can be that feminine [and that tough]. I asked her if she would go with me on the Amazing Race.

H> I'll let you guys cuddle

[Howie leaves]

H> You're give me your mean look.
S> It makes me feel sick in my stomach.
J> I don't want to discuss it completely,
S> They said it out of the blue
J> That's wrong. They're both looking for friends right now in any way possible.
S> The funny thing was Janelle was the one who said it and Ashlea wasn't there, and Janelle said to tell me the story, and she said it the same way.
J> Well, That's not the way it was discussed. You don't have anything to worry about. Doesn't feel like a week does it?
S> It's really starting to get to me. I went through the whole day feeling like crap, then it started to get better, then I felt like crap
J> I told you 3 months is nothing. (Sigh)
S> We can't. She has a screen upstairs and she can see everything.
J> Really. She hasn't told anybody.
S> SHe lied about it. Says it does the fishtank, the hallway, and the dining room.
J> I think she wants me out of here.
S> I want her out of here.
S> There's something up with Howie. She does nothing but stick up with him.
J> Her and Howie, April and Jenny are pairs. I caught Jenny in a lie about stories earlier.
J> Beau, Ivette, Eric, and I. Beau told me...
S> If we think people are couples we need to split them
J> Not if I can ride those. I don't know who Eric is with if he's with everybody. You and me have a deep thing together. Howie and Rachel are screwing up, making it obvious. Ivette and Beau was making it obvious. Beau was lying about where he lives. None of it makes sense, cuz I know that area. Janelle and Ashlea, which I called out 1st day, you can tell they're all friends because they can't adapt to other people. I really don't know if Eric is with someone.
S> This is ***** up
J> We have to remember this is a game. I really need....Rachel out as quick as possible. Because everyone saw that she's the best player in this game. She hasn't said anything to you?
S> She's shady with me.
J> We need to have very little contact. You're the only one I can really trust. Eric could be lying to me.
S> Why would he tell me that he had your back?
J> I really don't think I can trust Eric as bad as that sounds. I can't trust Rachel at all.

S> Jennifer has to go
J> You only want her to go because she hits on me. She's dumb, doesn't know how to play the game...gets annoying
S> She's driving me up the wall! I want to rip my hair out everytime i look at her!
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Topic #1889702
Zazny - James: The HOH plan, gets mushy with Sarah 0 Replies #1889702 12:32AM 10/07/2005
J> If it comes down to me and Ivette, I step down so Ivette can nom Janelle and Jennifer. I think it would be bad for me to win it because I would have to put up Rachel. We need another girl out of the way this week.
S> I don't think we need to get Janelle out of the way.
J> Neither do I. She's the last person I want to get out of the way because S> she's an idiot.
J> I'm glad you're here. I like to see you, but I hate to not be able to touch you. I'd like to fall in love with you
S> If I wasn't here would you be all over these other girls
J> Have you seen the girls here? Jenny is not my type.
S> Ivette is.
J> Ivette is not attractive. She's a nice girl but not attractive
S> You like Latin girls.
J> Attractive ones.
S> I feel so cranky. I'm having a bad day. I hope none of this makes it to tv.
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Topic #1889709
Rabbit - sarah & james talk in gold room... LONG 0 Replies #1889709 12:33AM 10/07/2005
s: she's got a screen upstairs and she can see everyone. she said she lied about it and said it only shows the fish tank, kitchen, LR (and a couple other things but not in the bedrooms.)

s: there's something up about her. she sticks up for them

J: her and howie, ivette & beau and april & jenny are all pairs

S: not april and jenny

J: yes, they're both from texas.


J: i don't know who eric's with. i don't know if he's with anyone. You and me haven't teamed up together. Howie & rachel have screwed up and making it obvious they're together. Ivette and Beau have made it clear they're together. ....I really don't know if eric is with somebody (cause he's not been obvious he's with anyone). We have to remember it's a game. I really need, if there's a way to get Rachel out as quick as possible. Everyone saw it today that she's the best player in the game. She hasn't said anything to you?

S: She's very shady with me.

J: that's why i want you and i to have as little contact as possible.

J: I really feel like i can trust eric, as bad as that sounds. But i can't trust rachel at all.

S: Rachel's gotta go

J: has to. I'm so scared of her.

S: you can just tell the way she answers you and talks to you that she's so fake.

J: I wonder if her and Eric are together?

S: No. either way rachel's gotta go. Jennifer's gotta go.

J: You only want her to go cause you think she hits on me. I think she's dumb, not smart, doesn't know how to play the game. she's definately annoying.

S: She drives me up the wall. I wanna rip my hair out everytime i look at her. She has to be the centre of attention. Whether it's you, or michael, she gives him dirty looks whenever you or he talk to me. (ed:ohhh the green eyed monster is out!)

J: one of the talks going around right now is that for HOH this week, that if Ivette and james are last two, he's to step down and let Ivette have it and she'll put up Janelle and jenny

S: if you said you'd step down, you gotta step down

J: i think it would be bad for me to win it cause i'd have to put up Rachel

S: Janelle's the last person i want out of the way. She's an idiot. She and Ashlea are definately together and with Ashlea gone, she's gone too.

J: If she (janelle) is HOH she'll put me and Eric up.

S: I don't think Rachel likes her (janell)
J: I'm glad you're here and i like to see you laugh and smile and all those things that made me fall in love with you but it's so hard not to be able to touch you

S: If i wasnt' here would you be hitting on these girls?

J: have you seen these girls? Jenny is....

S: (has a fit) Oooo i just wanted to hurt you when she did that to you earlier.

J: and ivette, she's just so not attractive.

S: and then when they told me that (about the altoids)...*fumes*

J: that's something we've been dealing with for a long time.

S: i don't want to be hurt. I just don't want to be hurt again. that's all
(ed: sounds like he cheated on her before in the past)

J: it'll get better as the weeks go on. Once we start picking off these teams

S: we should go see where Howie is..

Sarah leaves the Gold room.
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Topic #1889744
Zazny - James and Sarah about his politics 0 Replies #1889744 12:38AM 10/07/2005
J>Kaysar's being a dumbass for hanging out with them [Ash,Howie,??]. Was I defending them too much?
S>Stay away from politicial talk, religious talk. Stay away from that. I know it's gonna kill you but you have to be opinion-less.
J>I know
S>Be sweet and clueless
J>If I went home the first week, then you'd win the whole thing.

S>Michael and Jennifer are cuddling on the couch.
S>Well he's laying there and she's playing with him like she always does
J>She wants attention bad

J>I like you.

...a little bit.

S>Let's talk about the stuff I'll be getting for being a good sport.
J>Well you're the one who just kissed a guy on the lips
S>I turned my face and he kissed me on the cheek. He wasn't going for my lips, he was going for my forehead.

Both have trouble sleeping in the house.
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Topic #1889773
Zazny - Michael, Jen lovey dovey on the couch in living room 0 Replies #1889773 12:45AM 10/07/2005
Michael is playing with her hair, she is resting her head on him

M>I wonder what Howie's psych evalutation was
J>I'm telling you...that's not the real Howie.
M>My stomach is jacked up
J>You're digesting your PB&J. Aren't you excited about tomorrow?
M>I'm gonna eat steak. Twice.
J>I want fish.
J>What's your favorite restaurant ...that I'd heard of? Not Italian stuff...do you still travel?
M>Twice a year.
J>I want to travel.
M>I want to go to Italy and be proposed to on a gondola.
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Topic #1889870
SouthernBelladonna - James and Sarah in the gold room...kissing 0 Replies #1889870 1:17AM 10/07/2005
some game talk, but a lot of talk about how hard it is to be near each other and not be intimate.

Some serious kissing and long looks. (ed. they seem to be really into each other)

James says: We'll be together forever. 3 months is nothing compared to that.

James tells Sarah that she should leave the gold room. They kiss a couple more times.

Sarah: "I love you, you a**hole"
James: "I love you, jerk"

another kiss and Sarah leaves.
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Topic #1889881
Zazny - Kaysar and Janelle play a late night game of chess 1 Replies #1889881 1:19AM 10/07/2005
K>If you weren't a cocktail waitress, what would you be?
J>Probably a nurse.
K>Breaks my heart. You're such a girl. You're a big girl
J>Why does it break your heart?
K>Cuz I can't have you? Joking.
J>*Laughs* You're so dramatic.
noise comes from downstairs
K>What's wrong with these people. Is that Beau?
J>They are so weird. I laugh at stupid things too.
K>I think I smell it up here.
K>Maybe the twist is they put 2 normal people in a house with a bunch of freaks.
J>But I'm not normal.
K>Okay, maybe I'm the only normal one
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Zazny - Kaysar stares into Janelle's face #1889913 1:27AM 10/07/2005
K>(really scrutinizing) did you get some work done?
J>(laugh) No!
K> Are you (mumble, mumble)?
J> No!
K> Just making sure.

(downstairs conv. wafts its way up)
K> They're talking about queefing now?
J> So foul.
J> Gosh.
K> What was it?
J> "Can you fart on command?"
(both giggles)

(from hypnotoad!)
janelle> why are all these cameras on us, and none of on them?
kaysar> because we are the stars of the show
*both laugh*

K> This is actually a good game.
J> Really?
Kaysar takes Janelle's pawn with a knight
J> Wait....How long was that there?!
K> 2 moves.
J> Now what am I gonna do? I'm calling for reinforcements. My castle.
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Topic #1889924
RealitySwan - Jannelle mentioned to Kaysar that she bought a couple chess books... he said "You read?" She said yes and he said "I think I'm in love" 0 Replies #1889924 1:32AM 10/07/2005
They both laughed (Ed. - they are very cute together, and both seem very intrigued by the other.)
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Topic #1889944
Caribou - Mike was checking out April's facial bone structure. April admitted she has a chin implant NT 0 Replies #1889944 1:38AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1889965
Caribou - 5 years ago April had nose, chin and breasts done 0 Replies #1889965 1:42AM 10/07/2005
She's telling this to Beau, Jennifer. Says chin was the most painful and she would never do it again. Beau tells Howie he needs his ears clipped.

April is so surprised that Mike could tell something was off when feeling her jaw. All Mike said was "you have interesting bone structure" and April fessed up. Says she doesn't want everyone to know but doesn't mind BB HG's knowing (forgets the feeds I guess ;-))
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Topic #1889967
Caribou - Just before the plastic surgery confession, Mike was massaging April's head and then Jennifer's head NT 0 Replies #1889967 1:43AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1889974
Caribou - April said she turns 31 on July 29th NT 0 Replies #1889974 1:45AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1889991
Zazny - Kaysar checks, suggests Janelle live up to her potential 1 Replies #1889991 1:49AM 10/07/2005
J>You can't do that
K>Yes I can. Don't take it so hard, I'm really good at this.
K>I'm listening, more than talking
J>Gosh you're smart
K>Not that smart
J>Is that why you're not joining in on their disgusting conversations?
K>I don't benefit from it
J>You're so smart. I shouldn't talk

K>If you need to get something out, get it out. Remember it's good to learn things and reinforce them by talking about it. You can learn by teaching
J>You're a really good guy
J>I mean it.
K>You can only change one person at a time in this world.
J>So you're gonna better me?
...I wish you the best. Maybe one day you'll be as good as me in chess.

K>James is a good guy
K>He has a dry humor
J>He likes to tell [strange] stories
K>I have a dry humor too, but I don't use it on you because you're sensitive.
J>Thanks Kaysar
K>I'd say, "is that a booger?" and you'll be [freaked about it] but there's no booger.

K>Why are you so insecure?
J>I told you. What causes insecurity?
K>A lot of negative reinforcement.

J>They're still talking about breast implants. Didn't you think the people in here would be older?
K>I thought there would be at least one older person. If there was a guy in his 50's, I'd probably be hanging out with him.

K>I like talking to you
J>I like talking to you, too.
K>Can I say something. No pressure.
J>What else causes insecurity?
K>I don't have all the answers in the world, let's brainstorm. Thinking that everybody's out to get you.

K>You are extrasensitive. When's the last time you've got hurt?
J>Hurt? Like everyday.
K>You seem like you think alot. What do you think about?
J>Lots of things. I think about lots of things but can't act on
K>I think there's medication for that
K>You act differently around different people, I've noticed.
J>Who doesn't
K>You [it's more extreme]. With me, you act more sensible. You use the part of your brain that will get you far in life.
J>Far in life?
K>I don't know a lot of people who want to be a cocktail waitress.
J>Shut up
K>Look, you were raised well. You can potentially do better things, than being a waitress. I am not trying to stress you out about being a waitress
J>I do want to do other things, but I ...I'm getting my real estate license. Are you gonna tell me to go back to school?
J>You and James both
K>We both come from higher education
J>I don't want to go back to school. I want to go into real estate.
K>What do you know about real estate?
J>I have several books on real estate
K>The market could take a dump in the next few years
J>That's they expecting, but I have no self doubt
K>Good, then do it.
J>I don't want to be a cocktail waitress forever. How do you imagine my job?
K>...[there are] A lot of weirdos
J>It's not a bar. I don't serve drinks...
K>What do you serve?
J>Bottles of champagne. My job is to hang out with them and have a good time.
K>So it's old guys.
J>No. Be nice to people. My job is to be nice to people. It's not a disgusting place with fat, disgusting men to give them a....rum and coke
K>I thought you were going to say something else!
J>I'm not even a cocktail waitress...it's bottle service. I'm not going to be fired
K>I hope not.
J>I've only been doing it for ... months
K>What did you do before that?
J>I can't say.
J>Okay, I was a model. (feed skip)
K>It was a hobby?
J>It was also a hobby that I made money off of.
K>Why can't you tell others about modeling? Do you think they'll judge you?
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Zazny - Kaysar continues to suggest Janelle go back to school to get a degree #1890010 1:56AM 10/07/2005
Janelle says she doesn't need a degree to do what she wants to do. [ed: this is probably a sore spot for her as she seems uncomfortable with this topic.]

J>How many people up there have a college degree? [they count 7 of 14]

K>Finding a job is a skill itself. You have to be able to sell yourself. It's not about money, it's about job security.
J>What if I got married and had kids
K>That's fine, but have something to fall back on.
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Topic #1890015
Caribou - BB's head to bed for sleep. Kaysar and Janelle only two up, sitting at chess board 0 Replies #1890015 1:58AM 10/07/2005
Kaysar explaining to Janelle why it's important to have college/university degree. Janelle just wants to be a housewife and doesn't see what's wrong with that. They're looking down at the pics on memory wall trying to guess who has college/university degree and who doesn't.

Sarah, Eric, Beau, Janelle - Kaysar and Janelle agree those people do not have a college degree.

Janelle wonders if those college people will outsmart those who don't have degrees/diplomas. Kay says no, it's what you make of what you have. Kay says it's not about that anyway, it's making sure all the doors are open to you (getting a degree/diploma). Kay says it's proven that it opens more doors. Now he's teling Janelle you dont' want your kids to have a bad future and you'd want them to get a degree/diploma. She says no, doesn't care if her kids do college or not. She modelled for 4 years but not for the money, but because it was a hobby.

Kaysar - hmmm..ok
Jan - hobbies can make money
Kaysar - smiles...i know

These two are not wanting to separate it seems. Now she's asking Kaysar where in L.A. he lives.

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Topic #1890016
Caribou - Janelle has a pomeranian dog named Bear. Kaysar says he loves poms. Janelle got another dog a while ago, her name is cupcake. NT 0 Replies #1890016 2:00AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1890018
Caribou - Kaysar works from home, independent contractor in graphic design. 1 Replies #1890018 2:04AM 10/07/2005
He hates driving in L.A. Janelle agrees. She's been asking him where he lives, the area, so he's telling her what it's like in his area of L.A. County. She asks if he ever comes to Hollywood. He tries to stay out of there. She says that's smart. Too many strange people.

Janelle likes The Grove. They're talking about christmas in L.A.
Janelle grew up in Minnesota, where there was snow for Christmas. Now sharing a love of some thing in a store they both enjoy. Kaysar says "we should go" She says "definitely"

feeds wacky
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Dreamer - Janelle asked Kaysar if he lived in Burbank . . . #1890031 2:18AM 10/07/2005
Kaysar said that he lives in Diamond Bar ~ where the 60(fwy)+ the 57 are.
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Topic #1890020
Caribou - Kaysar says soon he's going to move out on his own. He doesn't like L.A. 0 Replies #1890020 2:08AM 10/07/2005
Janelle says L.A. and the people there are weird. Kaysar likes to be alone sometimes. Janelle says she doesn't do much, she stays home a lot. Kay says he's the same. Kay then says he's an outdoor person. Janelle just "camps out inside" she's "always at home". She goes running at night. Likes fresh air and exercise. She doesn't go to restaurants or clubs because she works at one. She loves to take a special occasion and make a night of it (go to a club).

Jan yawning, wondering if someone stole her bed by now. Kay offers his. She says "you're sleeping on a cot" Kay says "sorry". They laugh.

Kay - that's the price you have to pay for a good conversation

They head off to bed, walking side by side ;-)

They say goodnight to each other and oddly enough, it's OFF CAMERA (WTF??). No kissing that I could tell. :-)
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Topic #1890024
Caribou - All feeds on sleeping HGs. Kaysar in his cot but awake. Appears to be praying while laying down or could be just deep in thought NT 0 Replies #1890024 2:12AM 10/07/2005
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