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Topic #1893597
Caribou - Camera pans to show Mike in hammock alone with a beer. Crowd at table on patio 0 Replies #1893597 9:16PM 10/07/2005
Sarah and Kaysar on round lounge in yard

Kaysar to Sarah - so why'd you break up with your last bf?
S - because he couldnt' stop cheating on me
K - that sucked. why do you think that happened?
S - in his words i wasn't a good enough gf
K - that's terrible. so to add insult to injury he blamed you
S - mm hmmm
K - sounds liek a great guy
S - yea
K - how long ago did you split
S - about 5 months
K - you were with him...
S - 4.5 years
K - its' for the best
S - just hard when you see your life going one way
K - you found yourself spending rest of your life with him?
S - oh yea. that's how i found about girl #1. he was going to buy me an engagement ring. So i asked her, he says he wants to marry...she confirmed the affair for Sarah.
S - i don't want to get divorced . I believe in it if it's not working
K - that's my biggest fear. it's an option for my religion but it's a terrible thing. i'll do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen, that's all i'm saying
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Topic #1893615
Caribou - Kaysar - it's ok, you've got Howie, Mike, James. And if that doesn't work out you can def. have me 0 Replies #1893615 9:20PM 10/07/2005
Sarah - i'm not looking for a relationship. just here to be young and have fun and find out who i am
K - that's good. you dont' want a guy that just continually breaks your heart
S - could fall asleep right now. that dinner was insane
K - me too

pause in talking....

K - 4.5 years, so you were 17
S - I was 18. just turned 18 when i started dating him
K - is he older than you by a lot
S - he was 23. don't get me wrong there's obviously reasons why i was with him that long. the thing is i truly believe he is or wants to be a good person. i believe he's got a heart and feelings like everyone else. really, he needed counselling. had very low self-esteeem. that's what made him feel good getting attention from other women. he wasn't mature. no offence .. you're 24 or 25
K - i'm almost 25
S - that's the stage most guys are experimenting at that age anyway. so you know...
I would not change a thing because our mistakes and past are what makes us who we are. I like who i am
K - you're right. we all make mistakes. we all grow from them. you'll be fine

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Topic #1893623
Suzan - Beau, Ashlea and Janelle are in the kitchen talking about Miami 1 Replies #1893623 9:21PM 10/07/2005
and clubs and people they know. Janelle studies Beau's face when he talks. They seem to run in the same circles.

Howie comes to the fridge for something and stands as if to join the conversation, he makes one of his comments and is ignored. He then ask Janelle if she did drugs and she said no but she drinks a lot. Howies comment was oh that's funny I thought all blondes did nose candy. Janelle is obviously disgusted by his comment and turns away with just a humppf. Howie walks outside and they continue with their chatting.
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valentine - They Know A Lot Of The Same People #1893638 9:26PM 10/07/2005
Apparently the night life crowd is a small world in Miami. Janelle and Beau are really hitting it off and discovering they know the same people. Every now and then it seems like Ashlea tries to get in on it, but Janelle makes no effort to include her--it's pretty clear that they are acknowledging knowing each other outside the house, though.

A guy's name comes up and they use the full name, the name of his company, and the fact that he moved from Miami to Vegas while he owed both Janelle and "Gina" several thousand dollars each.

Finally, the crew wakes up and goes to FISH on that little tidbit.
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Topic #1893649
Caribou - Kaysar and Sarah discussing parents 0 Replies #1893649 9:28PM 10/07/2005
Kaysar saddened that today's culture has rest homes for seniors, that no one takes care of their parents as they age until they die.

Sarah shares a story about her Mom doing that for her grandparents. Sarah says she'll be the same.

Kaysar agrees. He says they raise you and sacrifice so much for you.

S - i always say i'm such a daddy's girl.
K - cuz you're appreciative
S - yea, they were so good to me, camping, piggy back rides to bed
K - thats' the stuff that counts. i want to tuck my kids in like a pencil. that's what makes families beautiful. that's a thing we lack today. i love my parents very much too. my dad was always the last person to eat. just little things you notice growing up
S - we ate dinner like that every night. we'd say grace, and eat, and laugh, and talk about our day. everyone pitched in, it was just fun and i dont' know
K - that's awesome, reallly, that's awesome
S - laughs
K - a girl like you is hard to find. you need a guy who raised the same or he won't appreciate you for all these little things because he never went through it
S - yea but i also believe that you learn from others.
K - you do, definitely
S - go get your bathing suit on. i'm gonna get in the hottub. are you going to stone me if i have a beer?
K - no. i'll just turn the other cheek

S goes to change.
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Topic #1893657
Caribou - F2 - At patio table outside - Janelle, Maggie, Jennifer, Eric, Ivette, April 0 Replies #1893657 9:31PM 10/07/2005
MIke on a lounger next to the table but not saying anything

Eric getting graphic about oral sex and who does what etc. Janelle left the table. Eric says nothing better than oral sex on a woman...

(ed. i'm not listening to this LOL..switching feeds)
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Topic #1893663
Caribou - F3 - Janelle on hammock alone. Ashlea just left after giving her a pillow. 1 Replies #1893663 9:34PM 10/07/2005
For once it's nice to not have Howie around. Janelle agrees.

Now they're both on the hammock, drinking and half sitting/laying on hammock.
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Suzan - Ashlea justed asked Janelle "what are you going to do if I go"? NT #1893666 9:35PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893693
Caribou - F3 - Janelle and Ashlea 0 Replies #1893693 9:41PM 10/07/2005
J - i don't drink beer, this is bud light. oh my stomach
A - so what are you gonna do if i go. it's gonna suck
J - yea obviously.
A - its obvious that we're friends
J - there can be more than one twist. if my ally is gone, what else do i have to lose?
A - maybe you have a chance at still staying
J - what about telling on eperson i trust?
A - who? howie?
J - NO are you kidding me
A - who
J - Kaysar. he would understand why i was campaigning for you
A - why don't you wait and see if i go first
J - becuase i have a feelign that...well anything could happen but...i heard eric talking or whispering this evening about telling april not to take a chance of letting you stay because of repercussions
A - what repercussions
J - i want eric out i don't care
A - i want april to stay. i've heard maggie whispering and i try to listen but she sees me and shuts up
J - who is she talking to
A - eric
J - so eric is working everyone to get you to leave
A - ivette said he's pushing really hard for me to go
J - so if you leave and i give a speech like "A was my best friend, now you can see who the key players in the game are because someone was trying to work everyone an dthat person is eric"
A - i want ivette out and eric
J - eric first. Ivette is an ugly girl who has nothing going for her. she's already gotten on Kaysars and James nerves because she's loud etc.
She's definitely pissing people off
A - so what do you think i should do about this week
J - what do you think your chances are of staying
A - I don't think people should tell how they vote
J - you could ask them. what do you have to lose. if i were you i'd be pressuring people...
A - i can't campaign against kaysar.... what would i say
J - theres'a lot of things you could say but
A - what?
J - well we've been busted on some stuff. the whole ivette and beau thing blew up. it's shady because it's stuff we do behind people's backs
A - yea we hadn't but they didn't trust it so that was the problem
J - yea but it would have screwd them over...if you would have come off the block they would have been up next
A saying something i can't catch

(ed. need a break here. out for a bit)
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Topic #1893714
tvshopgal - Ashlea: I hate him (Eric) is so short. NT 0 Replies #1893714 9:48PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893722
Disneyisme - Janelle is telling Ash that James would never stand for Eric or Ivette 1 Replies #1893722 9:51PM 10/07/2005
to trash them (behind their back.) Ashlea does not agree, she says that James was whispering with a couple of the others and she says "should I ask him what they were whispering about?" Janelle says "absolutely not."
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Disneyisme - Janelle is saying how Eric can't stand Howie, that Howie gets all the attention. #1893726 9:52PM 10/07/2005
Then they start talking about Beau and Janelle says that Beau "is like a fakey gay person."
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Topic #1893734
mariakitty - Ash: Rachel is very Gap...LOL! NT 0 Replies #1893734 9:54PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893746
mariakitty - K just asked J to play foosball, then pinched her leg NT 0 Replies #1893746 9:56PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893747
Disneyisme - Kaysar walks up to the hammock rubbing on Janelle's leg, he says 0 Replies #1893747 9:57PM 10/07/2005
I'm gonna play fuzball (sp?), Janelle says "you wanna play me?", Kaysar says "I always want to play you." (He went off to play)....
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Topic #1893749
Caribou - All feeds on Janelle and Ashlea showing their true colours as "mean girls" 0 Replies #1893749 9:58PM 10/07/2005
They're trashing Michael big time. Making fun of how he speaks etc. FINALLY all four feeds get off these two.
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Topic #1893754
Caribou - All Feeds now on bathroom, as Sarah and James take a shower with the curtain between them NT 0 Replies #1893754 9:58PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893759
mariakitty - James and Sarah are in the shower together 1 Replies #1893759 10:00PM 10/07/2005
but the curtain is pulled to separate themselves.

S: Are you getting cranky with me?
That's 3. 3 people know.
J: 3 people what?
S: *inaudible*
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JulieHuck - sarah smiling sneeked a peek into james is side NT #1893791 10:06PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893761
Caribou - All feeds switch to Beau and Ivette in kitchen as she does dishes and Beau chatters non-BB stuff NT 0 Replies #1893761 10:00PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893776
Caribou - Beau and Ivette tell Rachel that everyone got out of the hottub. They're all sitting at the table 0 Replies #1893776 10:03PM 10/07/2005
Rachel decides to go swim in the pool instead. She goes to change.

Beau continues chattering to Ivette. He's sitting on the counter as she washes dishes.

Beau - i'm proud of you for holding back
Ivette - I AM holding back like you wouldnt' believe. I can't stand ignorant people like her. You know what I mean? She's about as obnoxious as it gets.

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Topic #1893781
Caribou - Beau tells Ivette he thought she might have told Maggie she was gay 0 Replies #1893781 10:04PM 10/07/2005
Ivette swears no way. She won't tell anyone.
(can't hear due to water running as she washes dishes)
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Topic #1893786
Caribou - F3 James and Sarah out of shower. Both brushing their teeth. 0 Replies #1893786 10:06PM 10/07/2005
Sarah dressed. James in a towel.

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Topic #1893789
Alby - Ashlea and Janelle talking about secrets 2 Replies #1893789 10:06PM 10/07/2005
Ashlea says if you trust him and have an alliance with him you can tell him your secret.
Janelle says he might understand the way I was.
(I think that they are talking about Kaysar, I don't know what the secret is)
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JulieHuck - secret is that they are friends outside of the house. thinking of spilling that to kaysar NT #1893801 10:09PM 10/07/2005
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daydreamer42 - they are talking about the secret that A and Janelle were friends coming into the house....oh and it is to tell kaysar NT #1893796 10:08PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893825
Caribou - F3 - Janelle and Ashlea in the kitchen now eating chocolate chip cookies. Ivette is there cleaning. 0 Replies #1893825 10:13PM 10/07/2005
Finally they speak to Ivette as she's cleaning the windows. Janelle says "why are you so quiet Ivette?" She says she's cleaning.

Janelle asks her to tell her something about herself because she doesn't know much about her. Asks if she has a bf. Ivette alludes that she does have a bf. Ivette says she's very particular about who she lets into her life. They talk about South Beach, the people there. Everyone is either rich or poor, no inbetween.

Outside crowd comes in for munchies.
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Topic #1893836
Caribou - F2 - Table on patio. Howie (very quiet), Beau, Rachel, James. Sarah on lounger beside table, near James 0 Replies #1893836 10:17PM 10/07/2005
They're just playing "I spy"
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Topic #1893881
Caribou - F1: Beau, James and Mike at patio table. Mike smoking. Boring chatter NT 0 Replies #1893881 10:28PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1893893
Caribou - Beau questioning James on his teaching 0 Replies #1893893 10:30PM 10/07/2005
Is he nice. Yes.
He's fair.
Any crushes on him?
James hopes not, they're 9th graders.

James getting quite detailed in this lie. Talking about a teaching center he gets his lesson plans from, hardest part of teaching "kids are so smart and every question runs so many diff directions". Also says his students are ADHD kids.

J - i wanna teach high school, wanna be a professor. maybe this is my excuse not to go back next year

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Topic #1893908
Caribou - James leaves. Mike and Beau....Beau asks "what are you thoughts. you seem melancholy" 0 Replies #1893908 10:35PM 10/07/2005
Mike - i'm thinking a lot of things. you think back about the evolution of your life. you wonder a lot of diff things, know what i mean?
B - uh huh
Mike - and then you think...well a lot of diff things
B - tell me. what?
M - million people watching, thinking. it's a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing
B - over what
M - this
B - you're fearful of this
M - no. not at all
B - what are you doubting
M - i'm not doubting i'm just....sigh...i'm just blabbering...how are you?
B - tell me
M - i'm not venting I just. I think about how i grew up and my year in greece and when i moved here, in 1997. it's strange because it seems not that long ago and then it also seems a lifetime ago. i ask you something? you and i had similar upbringing. I've been here so long and still don't feel at home.
B - here in CAlifornia?
M - here in USA. if you saw the life i lead, in some ways i feel more close to you than anyone else. i just .. uh..i don't know. i just hope and pray that god has it in store for me to be the best i can be
B - you just have to realize that not everyone was brought up the way you or i was
M - (something in a foreign language cuts off Beau)

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