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Topic #2445242
Taffy - Feeds 1&2 April laying down in Gold room, not sleeping... 0 Replies #2445242 4:53PM 10/09/2005
F3: Empty LR F4 empty Dining room...
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Topic #2445245
aloha1961 - april laying in gr... i think shes just pissed she lost pov and ivette won.. no matter how ivette acted april would be mad. NT 0 Replies #2445245 4:53PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445331
kristinek - Feed 1: April.....her face is really showing her emotions.... 0 Replies #2445331 5:01PM 10/09/2005
She is lying on her side, staring straight ahead....her face says: anger, sadness, bewilderment....ed note: much nicer to watch than nose picking
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Topic #2445379
kristinek - Feeds 1 & 2, April turned over, going to sleep. 3 & 4 on empty LR & Kitchen NT 1 Replies #2445379 5:04PM 10/09/2005
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kristinek - Not sleeping really, eyes open....back to her emotional looking stare NT #2445424 5:09PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445458
kristinek - Janelle goes in to talk to April.... 0 Replies #2445458 5:12PM 10/09/2005
April saying she wants to request a certain handler when she leaves. FISH
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Topic #2445496
kristinek - Jan & April 0 Replies #2445496 5:16PM 10/09/2005
Talking about the last safe. April telling Jan what she thinks about the final key. Both now talking about a luxury comp. April asking Jan about how she thinks the people in Sequester are getting along. Jan says she doesn't know but doesn't think Howie would argue with anyone. April saying Ivette shouldn't have mentioned her family in the POV. Jan agreeing saying Ivette is trying to say she deserves the money more for her family. Jan & April say they both hope Maggie wins it. Now talking about who James will vote for...
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Topic #2445505
AlNisa - Earlier: Maggie to April (Re: "the Eric card") 0 Replies #2445505 5:16PM 10/09/2005
April: So you really donít know who you would pick?

Maggie: I donít want to be put in that situation until I have to. Thatís how I have played all along and it has kept me a lot less stressed

April: The thing that has me stressed is that if you had to pick she would play the Eric card because she knows that is your heart and soul.

Maggie: There is no Eric card, I have said that so many times. Eric is at home. He is no longer playing the game.


Maggie to Ivette: What do you think Eric would say if it were me and you in the final two?

(Ed: Umm.... Can you say ERIC CARD???)
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Topic #2445547
kristinek - Jan & April cont'd 0 Replies #2445547 5:20PM 10/09/2005
Janie saying again how much she loves playing the game....April asking if Janie is good at endurance comps? Jan saying she's never really tried...they are giggling...April saying how funny it will be to see all the tapes...talking about a busy, crammed week coming up. Maggie comes into room, talking about BB telling them when comps will happen....they will let them know
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Topic #2445746
Yaya007 - Jan and April talking about Kaysar being loved by fans, and Janelle says that the viewers really like honest players like 'Cowboy'! NT 0 Replies #2445746 5:37PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445767
Yaya007 - Jan saying that a writer came up to her with his friend and said 'don't she look like April?' and Jan said yes. 1 Replies #2445767 5:38PM 10/09/2005
April wants to know if the girl was pretty and Jan says yes.
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kristinek - Janelle said, "yes, kinda"...April asked what the girl looked like. Jan said blonde & pretty. April smiled. NT #2445994 5:53PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445790
Yaya007 - April and Jan talking about getting out, and how April hopes her husband is proud of her. She thinks her home town has 0 Replies #2445790 5:40PM 10/09/2005
banners up and everything for her.

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Topic #2445837
memyselfandi - APril tells Janelle "You have a phenomenal chance of winning..." and Maggie comes into gold room before April can finish NT 0 Replies #2445837 5:44PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445839
kristinek - April blaming Ivette for the way April has behaved.... 0 Replies #2445839 5:44PM 10/09/2005
saying being around Ivette has made her say bad things about people that she normally wouldn't have said, including her DR sessions. She then asks Janie, "Does that make sense?" She continues on saying Ivette made her feel all these bad things about the other HG's. Now saying that Janie has a phenomenal chance at winning. Maggie comes back in room from chatting with Ivette outside. Convo stops, now talking about hot tub being cold.
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Topic #2445841
Yaya007 - April saying Ivette is really nice person, and Jan says she will only get two votes from S House ppl. Aprils says this is so mean of her to say but sh 0 Replies #2445841 5:44PM 10/09/2005
she feels being around Ivette makes her meaner than she should be.
She has said mean things but it is because Ivette constantly says things
bad and it made April be bad too.
So, April believe Ivette has made her be a mean person, but she says Ivette is really a loving person.
Jan says she has never says anything bad about them in the DR.
That is why she won AC, maybe.
Jan says she don't stoop to that level.
April now saying it is her fault that she was so mean in DR, and Jan will see it all, and now there is nothing that can be done about it.
April says 'Jan you have a phenomial chance of winning'.
Then, in comes Maggie, and covo turns to hot tub being cold.
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Topic #2445976
bbfaninaz - Janelle just told April the fans said yesterday that the did not like Ivette, Janelle thought it was funny NT 0 Replies #2445976 5:52PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2446047
scoobydoo - April says she wishes it were Thursday already and asks janelle how did 0 Replies #2446047 5:56PM 10/09/2005
Howie take his last week when he knew he was going. Janelle said they laughed and had fun for five days straight. Janelle say Howie is so sweet. April then said Howie didn't come here for the money, he came here for stardom, right? Janie says no he would have liked to win the money.
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Topic #2446053
kristinek - Maggie comes back into room saying she looks athletic... 0 Replies #2446053 5:56PM 10/09/2005
talking about playing volleyball. Janelle said they should not pick teams so people don't feel bad, they should just draw names... Maggie says she doesn't care who's on her team. April then says she'll play with Janelle.
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Topic #2446088
kristinek - Janelle tying her hair back, they are going to play volleyball NT 0 Replies #2446088 5:58PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2446169
notchbaby - Ivette and Maggie are playing volleyball in BY, Ivette says mocking Janelle 1 Replies #2446169 6:04PM 10/09/2005
I dont' think we should chose teams cause I don't want anyone to feel bad, what, someone told her there was another part of the game?
(not exact words)
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Starlady - Actually I heard Janelle say that, unless Ivette said it to mock J later... when Janelle said it , Ivette #2446718 6:58PM 10/09/2005
wasn't in the room. It was when Maggie had come in and asked if she and April wanted to play and the 3 of them were fumbling around about who would be on which team. After Janelle said that, they decided maybe they would 'draw' for teams, and J wondered if they could use the coasters with their pictures on them, or the magnets they had with pics... Maggie said BB took those away from her til the end of the game, and she said something like "stupid me, I let them!", implying that BB really won't let her have them later [?]
They then decided April would just play on Janelle's team and decided to gp ahead and play rock/paper/scissors just for fun [someone had suggested that as a method of drawing teams]. After Maggie won2 out of 3, and then 3 out of 5, she joked and said "and hey we were playing for the last safe! Remember? I said let's play rock/paper/scissors for the last safe...?" She was obviously playing aroound and teasing [ed: but I couldn't help thinking that she will later tell Ivette that they really DID play the game for the last safe and if Janelle wins it and doesn't let Maggie have it, she will act like it's further proof against Janelle. These lies are getting soooo old already!]

So, unless Ivette was told that Janelle suggested drawing for teams so nobody got their feelings hurt, in a snotty way (even tho it was very thoughtful and nice when she did it), which would have prompted Ivette to say that sarcastically back to her, then Janelle was the only one that said it. I had the feeds on in the background at that point so I don't know. Anyone?
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Topic #2446184
kristinek - Maggie lays down the volleyball rules...no spiking...Janie says, cos I'm tall? Maggie says yes NT 2 Replies #2446184 6:05PM 10/09/2005
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Maelstrom - Maggie short people rule I will not let you win just because you can spike me what a loser(control freak) it would be better if she let Janie win NT #2446269 6:14PM 10/09/2005
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AlexaRae - Then Janelle says "that's ridiculous"...Maggie says "THAT'S THE RULE" NT #2446196 6:07PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2446246
kristinek - Ivette: "7 -4 serrrrrrrrving", now 8-4 and she's still serrrrving..... NT 0 Replies #2446246 6:12PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2446300
kristinek - Tie Game 8/8 Janie serving...just finished arguing about doubles rules (can't hit twice) NT 0 Replies #2446300 6:18PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2446359
Taffy - earlier...Janelle just walked into GR and asks April what she's doing... 0 Replies #2446359 6:23PM 10/09/2005
They both say they've been trying to take a nap, but haven't been able to.
Jan asks if April thinks they'll get to open the safe this week, they both hope so, they say it would be fun. April asks Jan how it went on other seasons. April says she asked if eviction would be on Tuesday, Jan asks what did they say, April says "nothing".
Jan is bored, but doesn't know what to do, she wants to do a comp for luxury or the safe...they're speculating about what's about to come...if they're fighting in sequester...Jan can't see howie or Rachel doing that...she's not sure about james and Beau, Jen's been gone so long...
Jan: did you see the veto thing that she hung up? ugh, that's annoying...
A: yeah, I just don't think it's appropriate to bring family into this(she said more but this was the gist of it)...
Jan: yeah, she thinks that her reasons are better, that's why she deserves
the money, I'm like...
A: Yeah, I'm not gonna...
J:...and no matter how much you try to convince her that her reasons are just as good as mine, she doesn't really care, you know...It's Like,
it's like talking to a brick wall (playing with hair)
A: yeah, that's what I'm saying, like we all deserve to win, we all deserve the money...it just depends on who it comes down to...it really does...
J: I hope Maggie wins it...I do (ed. note: ewwwww!!! you're gonna kick youself later if that happens!!!)
A: I think Maggie has like...Maggie is such a wonderful person...
J: Yeah, she is...
A: James, now, who do you think James would...between you and Ivette...
Ivette comes in asking for Maggie, Jan tells her she's in the DR, Ivette walks out...
A: Ummm, what about mmmm
J: Rachel?
A: Or...
J: oh, me, I hope, yeah
A: out of...
J: yeah...(whispers) she hates Ivette...
A: Mmmmmm (silence)...yeah, Maggie is standing good
J: Oh, out of those two, Maggie, yeah...she loves Maggie (talking about Rachel's vote still)
A: what about Howie though...
J: Maggie
A: I would like to see that too...
J: (whispering)in the end it would be like a two to five vote...yup
A: yeah
A: did she hear you? (reffering to when Ivette walked in GR)
J: (laughing and still whispering) yeah...I don't know
A: what were we talking about?
J: (whispering) I said her name, that's it, that's all she heard
A: I'll say that you told me she was outside...ummmm...what can we do?
J: I wanna play volleyball later, if anyone wants to...
A: yeah, we can do that
J: I hope to...I wanna open this (the safe)...I mean...
A: you're such a dork (laughing)...you know you're gonna win it, I don't know why...
J: (laughing) well, I mean I don't have a very good chance at wining the money so, if it came down to it I might take this(touching the safe)... (Laughing)I would...
They both laugh
A: Are you pisssed that you're not gonna win possibly the 500K
J: Oh...not a bit, (missed a little bit here)...I mean, like, making it to the end to me thats like wining, cuz I just love this game so much, so...
A: Yeah, whether you make it the three or two, right? is that kinda like you look at it...?
J: Yeah, I mean, to me, I'd... you know what I mean, that's what I wanted...any kind of money or anything like that, is just a bonus, I really wanted to make it to the final three...that's...that's important to me (playing with her plasma TV (or PBJ pass?) necklace tag)
A: (laughing) so, if they said you can have...what if they said to you...
J: If we're holding on to a key and they say if you let go you can open the safe I'd be like...(she runs to the safe laughing, April laughs too)
J: Cuz I know I'm not safe so...sweet (?)...It's not like I've made a deal with anyone...
A: You're not trying to strike a deal...
J: (acting as if in the middle of a comp) Hey, you guys, do I let go of my safe? (more laughter)
A: are you good with those longevity ones, I mean, endurance ones?
J: I mean, I've never really tried...I jumped off the surf board and the pressure cooker...I mean I wasn't really concentrating...I was dancing (covers her mouth and laughs)...I mean I accidentally let go of the button,
I'm sure you did too (they both laugh)...
A: It happens...Oh god, I cannot wait to see...it's gonna be so funny, to see all these damn tapes...(whispered)gawd!...it's gonna be funny as hell (ed. note: not for you)ummm yeah, they'll have to do that (safe?) before Thurday...
J: I hope so...
A: they're not gonna have time to do it after that, it's gonna be so crammed in...after that...
J: mmh that's what good though, it'll make it go by quick, you know what I mean...?
A: yeah...
J: It will...
A: tomorrow...well the party is on Monday...
Maggie walks in and tells them that DR said they don't know when live eviction is and they don't know if they can tell the HGs when it's gonna be...they talk about when the show ends (they know it's the 20th for sure)
Maggie to April: I thought you were asleep...then my feeds froze
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Topic #2446428
kristinek - Game Over - sorry didn't catch who won! All sitting in BY table now.... 3 Replies #2446428 6:31PM 10/09/2005
Janie talking about stores in a mall...talking about "Business Attire Wear" at Macy's that April would wear on her job. Talking about mark downs. Maggie says she will always be a penny pincher, as her parents are.
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L34F - At the end of the game... #2446459 6:36PM 10/09/2005
Janelle kicked the ball... and guess who it hit? IVETTE! LOL

Maggie: u dont want to play anymore?
Ivette: After I got a ball kicked at me, I'm done playing... (about to walk in)

Everyone else sits on the outside table
Ivette comes back and sits with them... absolutely silent
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Deazne - Maggie and Ivette won NT #2446444 6:34PM 10/09/2005
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Jana - Actually game ended at 14-13 - Maggie quit when Janelle spiked ball NT #2446611 6:48PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2446462
CbsBlows - After the game is done, Janelle did the funniest thing.... 0 Replies #2446462 6:36PM 10/09/2005
Maggie goes to the side of the yard, April goes to get water, and Janelle tells Ivette who has the ball, to volley it across. Ivette does, and Janelle completly misses the ball. She walks towards it, and gives it a hard kick which nails Ivette in the face LOL. Ivette pissed by this, starts to walk away and said, "***** Janelle, you play way to violently." Janelle was still laughing, but trying to say sorry.

ed note* Ivette had her head down, and did not have the slightest clue Janelle was gonna do a soccer kick towards her face LOL.
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