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Topic #2441321
bbaddict2005 - April & Maggie in Barracks 0 Replies #2441321 11:38AM 10/09/2005
BB: April please put on your microphone
Maggie trying on a shirt that's too small. she's going to leave the bed unmade because they'll probably take a nap after the veto
Maggie cleaning up in GR - Ivette comes in - Ivette leaves

Damn - I just can't take the excitement in the house right now!
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Topic #2441344
bbaddict2005 - Maggie singing another one bites the dust in BR with Ivette NT 0 Replies #2441344 11:41AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441395
bbaddict2005 - maggie and april at kitchen table... 0 Replies #2441395 11:45AM 10/09/2005
Maggie counting on her fingers again
Janelle walks by
A: will you tell me if my suitcase is still in there
J; yeah
M: did you need to get something out of it?
A: no i was just curious to see if they took it already
I: no it wasn't in there
A: i wanted to put on something
J. boring
A: they're still hammering out there, so
J: they are
A: they were just a second ago
Janelle has a seat at the table
A: God, i'm tired
A: I'm so tired
A: my hair never stays back
A: i was laying in bed this morning - do you remember the days that 1/2 the house didn't play - we had to pick... man
No response from Janie or Maggie
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Topic #2441405
bbaddict2005 - J: I wonder what Howie's doing 0 Replies #2441405 11:46AM 10/09/2005
A: enjoying it, trust me. it's gotta be fun where they're at
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Topic #2441427
amIsane - Fish NT 0 Replies #2441427 11:47AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441444
bbaddict2005 - we're back - everyone changing into different colored shirts NT 2 Replies #2441444 11:49AM 10/09/2005
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amIsane - April- Green Magg-Blue NT #2441451 11:50AM 10/09/2005
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amIsane - Ivette - Red and Janelle is Orange I think NT #2441465 11:51AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441458
bbaddict2005 - Ivette: these are boys shirts M: yeah - they are NT 0 Replies #2441458 11:51AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441467
bbaddict2005 - quick debate on whether or not to roll up the sleeves NT 0 Replies #2441467 11:51AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441481
bbaddict2005 - M: they gave me blue because it matches If i lose my mike, I lose my mike 0 Replies #2441481 11:52AM 10/09/2005
I: you saw your suitcase in there, right
A: yeah, thanks
I: you're welcome
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Topic #2441488
bbaddict2005 - M: ohh, pretty pretty hair - - i decided to leave it how i slept in it for good luck NT 0 Replies #2441488 11:53AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441515
bbaddict2005 - I: I don't like having any regrets in my life M: you shouldn't have any yet 0 Replies #2441515 11:55AM 10/09/2005
M: your'e in the final 4 what should you regret
I: maybe playing the game a bit more
M: that upsets met
I: when I think about it, I nknew the other side would bit us in the ass and I wanted to bite them before they got us
M: you talk about what could have happened, you have to let it go. If you made different moves, you may not be here now. if you played the game you way you wanted, i wouldn't have bonded with you
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Topic #2441555
bbaddict2005 - A: it owuld be safe to throw the 3rd safe in the pov. M: i don't think that would be cool 0 Replies #2441555 11:59AM 10/09/2005
because that would be a guarantee for "her to get it
A: it's not her fault she got every one of them, that's how they see it. BB wants everyone to fight their butts off
M: they've got it
A: i can see them do it - i dont put anything past them
M: the simple things in life are funny to me
A: maybe we will be all going out there at the same time. That's fine with me - I'd rather do that than sit all day
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Topic #2441566
Jabbasan - Maggie stretching and breathing REALLY hard ! Is that mic up her nose !?! NT 0 Replies #2441566 12:00PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441576
bbaddict2005 - M: good luck I: thank you NT 0 Replies #2441576 12:00PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441583
NiteOwl - IV Mopping 1 Replies #2441583 12:01PM 10/09/2005
Iv sitting on the ground mopping...
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Jillio71 - Moping NT #2441602 12:02PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441588
bbaddict2005 - Janie stretching in front of memory wall NT 0 Replies #2441588 12:01PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441595
Jabbasan - Maggie pacing in front of Ivette - Ivette sitting on the floor - knees to her chest - thinking. NT 0 Replies #2441595 12:02PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441606
bbaddict2005 - Maggie: did you already stretch? 0 Replies #2441606 12:02PM 10/09/2005
I: hm???
M: did you already stretch
I: somewhat
Maggie walking back & forth, swinging arms, clapping hands & breathing really hard
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Topic #2441615
bbaddict2005 - I: this shirt smells like a cuban house M: it smells like fast food NT 0 Replies #2441615 12:03PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441650
Suzan - Maggie whispering to Ivette and I cannot hear most of it but it ends with, 0 Replies #2441650 12:05PM 10/09/2005
Maggie saying I think Janelle wants April to stay and Ivette says "for sure" as she walks away and then says it again "for sure".
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Topic #2441671
Suzan - Maggie is walking around the barracks, keeps smaking her hands together, swinging her arms pacing (it's messing with the mic!) April 1 Replies #2441671 12:07PM 10/09/2005
is in the GR doorway and she's stretching. Maggie tells her the swinging the arms is getting the blood in the joints going. Ivette is walking around doing leg kicks.

Janelle is not seen on the feeds, she must be in HOH room.

Maggie announces she's off to pee again. Ivette and April are in the barracks alone not saying one word to each other.
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Suzan - Still without a word in the room, then April walks to LR and Ivette is digging #2441708 12:10PM 10/09/2005
in a drawer. Janelle comes into the LR and April is laughing about her having the gloves on. Janelle calls them her dancing gloves and starts doing her hands in dance moves. April talking about her wearing those in the water comp and did she think they helped? Janelle said no they didn't, she just likes wearing them.

April is against the wall stretching, Janelle is stretching and announces "now I'm ready". April asks if she'll take the gloves off if she doesn't need them, but Janelle is singing and doesn't hear the question. Janelle calling herself a dork for wearing the gloves, told April she wore them in another comp too. More stretching.
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Topic #2441691
bbaddict2005 - Janelle: putting on her dancing gloves A: I don't even know how you use those NT 0 Replies #2441691 12:08PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441707
bbaddict2005 - Janelle: I'm a dork, everyone has an inner geek (LOL) NT 0 Replies #2441707 12:10PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441735
Suzan - April just went up to Maggie and told her Janelle wore those gloves in the veto game and they do their grunts NT 0 Replies #2441735 12:12PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441750
bbaddict2005 - A: I hope it's a pretty fair event M: silly goose why would they start that now? NT 0 Replies #2441750 12:12PM 10/09/2005
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