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Topic #2449089
abbybb - jan asks apr, "Don't you think eric was bossy." Apr saying, "It's part of his job and he never gave me a reason not to like him" NT 0 Replies #2449089 9:44PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449133
abbybb - apr saying that jam told iv things and jan said jam told jan that they were going after her 0 Replies #2449133 9:47PM 10/09/2005
b/c they hated her b/c she looked at her hair too much. Jan says that was stupid.

Apr saying she doesn't hang around petty people but she's just as guilty b/c she sat there and listened to it.
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Topic #2449148
abbybb - apr saying she told iv that everyone blamed she and jen for Kay and iv said that was just part of being HoH NT 0 Replies #2449148 9:49PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449193
cussler - Ape covering her butt...Saying that the reason she talked *some* 0 Replies #2449193 9:52PM 10/09/2005
smack about Jan, is that she listened to all the other people in their group who were just saying such a lot of bad things...(ed: Geeze you would think Ape hardly said a word about Jan...)
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Topic #2449224
abbybb - apr saying, "What the f*ck are they airing? There's nothing for us to do." NT 0 Replies #2449224 9:54PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449241
abbybb - Apr: "Fight Jan. You better fight. " Jan: "I will but I just feel like I'm fighting for a lost cause." 0 Replies #2449241 9:55PM 10/09/2005
Apr: No you don't. You're gonna continue to fight
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Topic #2449256
abbybb - Jan says, "do you think I should still be nice to her (iv)?" Apr: "Yeah." Jan: I just feel like I've been nice to her and she's been horrible to m 0 Replies #2449256 9:57PM 10/09/2005
Apr says but she's been nice to you lately. Jan says, "Yeah, sometimes she's nice and then other times she's really rude."
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Topic #2449292
abbybb - mags comes out and convo btw jan and apr stop. Mags going to go to sleep. Apr will sleep in the Gold Member (??) room NT 0 Replies #2449292 10:00PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449330
abbybb - mags said, "You're feeling this way b/c you think you're leaving. But she (jan) is still playing the game." Apr saying "She has nothing to do w/ how 0 Replies #2449330 10:04PM 10/09/2005
I'm feeling."
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Topic #2449393
abbybb - apr telling mags she said things (ie. "smelly nelly comment") in the DR and she only has a few days left and she wants to do what she wants to do 0 Replies #2449393 10:09PM 10/09/2005
Mags saying, "I enjoy your company."

Apr: I know. But I've been on the edge with her for a couple of weeks.

Mags: I hate to see you spend more time with her (jan)

Apr: What else can I do. I don't wanna be around that (iv's negativity) for much. I've thought about the game and Jan is a person and she said she never went into the DR and talked badly no matter how badly Jam hated Mags and said bad things about her.

Mag: I guess I'm being selfish b/c I enjoy your company

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Topic #2449419
abbybb - jan thinks she's broken the HoH spyscreen remote. Apr says she's gonna hang out w/ Mags. Jan asks if she'll come up later and Apr nods yes NT 0 Replies #2449419 10:11PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449427
ferretkiss - APR TALKING about her regrets (to Maggie) 0 Replies #2449427 10:11PM 10/09/2005
this starts by apr saying she plans to sleep by herself tonight and maggie not liking to hear that.

apr: you know what ive been on my own for a while, since the last hour or so, and i just think i havent stood up for myself a lot, you know when you are leaving......

apr: ive started to look back on certain things ive done in this game, and certain things ive said, i just look back at certain things, anyway,

mag: you are going through xx because you are leaving, but i want yhou to keep in mind SHE is still playing the game.

apr: it has nothing to do with her. SHE knows she is not winning, all i can do is get her to pick you, im going to go back to sequester house and fight for you

mag: i just want to see you protected, and i just worry about you, i mean ive never talked to her [ed: true] but you say she has lied and you need to be careful talking to her.

apr: just talking to her, i can see that she hasnt lied, that is just how she is.

apr talks about how she regrets how she treated rachel, blames it on IVETTE talking in her ear about rachel, so apr went into the DR and siad things about rachel.

apr says she did the same thing about Janelle, adn she is very very ashamed. and apr says she told this to Janelle.

apr talking about that she (apr) told janelle that her hair is pretty but then ivette started talking about jan having extensions so apr said mean things about her hair and she is so ashamed.

apr saying she went into DR and called Jan smelly nelly, how frigging mean is that, that is so rude. (said this about herself)

apr: what im trying to say is that i really want to enjoy, just have a peaceful few days, just doing what i want to do, i know ivettes a good person, i know she is giving, but i know there are two sides to her, and i had to be around her because she is part of my group. i dont want to be selfish, but i prefer..... i dont want to sound like i dont like ivette but ive been so on the edge with her....

mag trying to get april not to talk to janelle, saying she enjoys Aprils company. (MAG does not acknowledge what april is trying to convey, just talks about her not wanting Apr to hang with Jan.)

apr: i was laying in the goldmember room and SHE (jan) came in and started talking to me, what else can i do.

apr: i was talking to her outside and i realized she is a person and ive treated her like *****.

apr: i am not that type of person, i am not!!

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Topic #2449431
abbybb - apr now telling mag all about her revelation about how much she was affected by iv and jam b/c she listened to them too much NT 0 Replies #2449431 10:12PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449461
Timbo36 - April has an epiphany: she's been brainwashed by the NH....mad at Ivette. NT 0 Replies #2449461 10:15PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449491
abbybb - apr to mag: There's a reason why Amer likes her. I don't think she's going in the DR and talking smack about us like I have 0 Replies #2449491 10:18PM 10/09/2005
She says it's her fault but in the real world she would have never made fun about someone having extentions.

Mag saying she doesn't care about it.

Apr saying she doesn't want to blame it on anyone b/c she did it and she wants to spend the next 4 or 5 days redeeming Amer's opinion.

Mag saying but she likes to hang w/her b/c they talk about other stuff apart from the game.

Apr saying James started all this stuff. and she tells her that Jan told them eric left but if it hadn't been eric it would have been ivette
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Topic #2449497
ferretkiss - APR: there is a reason AMERICA likes her, and.... (TO MAGGIE, ivette not there) 0 Replies #2449497 10:18PM 10/09/2005
i believe she has not gone into the DR talking sh*T about people, and thats what ive done.

apr: i know i am nice to yall, its my fault i have seen things janelle has done, and in the real world i have never made sh*t about people having extensions.

mag denies it is important.

apr: i dont want to sit here and blame it on anyone but myself, but the reason ive done it is ive hung around that stuff [ed: referring to Ivette]

mag says she just enjoys aprs company that is all.

apr says james has gone back and told THEM (s6) everything.

apr says that jan told her that SHE (jan) is so pissed james did not leave when he was up with eric, and she (jan) wanted eric to stay (goes into a complicated story about it).

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Topic #2449545
abbybb - apr to mag: you know I haven't gotten along with Iv for some time and I just don't want to be w/her now. NT 0 Replies #2449545 10:22PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449566
abbybb - Mag: I'm surprised that you think you've gone to DR b/c of other people 0 Replies #2449566 10:24PM 10/09/2005
b/c I know that you feel the same way as I do about things and I haven't been influenced by anyone.
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Topic #2449567
ostra - A to M: (whispering ) her (Jan's) fans yelled 'Get Ivette out she's a liar', M: Holy sh.. NT 0 Replies #2449567 10:24PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449571
Suzan - April talking to Maggie about her regrets - 0 Replies #2449571 10:25PM 10/09/2005
Tells April that Janelle told her one of the fans yesterday yelled to her "Get Ivette out she's a liar". They are both stunned. Maggie questions whether Janelle is lying about that because she's still playing game.
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Topic #2449577
ferretkiss - apr: i lost my partner mainly because of HER (IVETTE).... 0 Replies #2449577 10:26PM 10/09/2005
apr: kayser never would have gone up if it wasnt for her (ivette).

apr is blaming ivette for getting jennifer to put up kayser, and apr then blaming ivette for jen going because of that.

mag saying that the reason kayser left was that it would secure the jury for them, that was her understanding of it.

mag: but kayser was their leader.
apr: it didnt matter because it would be 4-3

apr: dont get me wrong we all agreed.
apr: dont get me wrong you know i have nt gotten along with ivette for some time. after seeing, i understand, she felt like the house was against her, after seeing how she handled that today it makes me look at her diferently, i do. its my fault but in the end, outside of this, i would never sit there and talk total smack about someones hair and stuff...

and because i heard it all day, and i would go to the DR and say it, and next thing you know i was hating somebody. do you understand?

mag saying it is a surprise.

apr: when someone is yelling how "she is a liar" it makes me question a lot.. [ED: she whispered this part, and im not sure i got it exactly, but this seems to be something Jan heard at 2 1/2 men about someone - Ivette - being a liar, and Apr whispering because she shouldnt talk about it.]

mag: holy sh*t. could she be saying that because of the game.

apr: no she knows she is not winning the five hundred thousand dollars. and honestly she said i didnt do this for the money, she said im doing this becasue i love this show

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Topic #2449599
memyselfandi - April tells Mag a lot of the decisions she made in the game were based on what Ivette told her to do. 0 Replies #2449599 10:28PM 10/09/2005
Every person that we got out was the person that she wanted out.

I lost my partner mainly because of her. I fully believe that.

Kaysar would have never gone up had Ivette and Beau never mentioned that sh!t.

And Jennifer will tell you... I never would have said Kaysar if his name had been brought up.

It made no sense whatsoever.

Maggie: But I thought it was a wild card?

April: James was a wild card. Kaysar would have been on the jury.

April is saying that Jennifer secured the jury by getting HOH. April is explaining that the jury was secured even before Kaysar was evicted. It didn't matter if Kaysar or James went home.

Maggie: But Kaysar was their leader.

April: But it didn't matter because it still would have been 4-3.

April fesses up

After seeing how she handled it today it makes me think of her differently.

(She's also said she wants to distance herself from Ivette in her final days in the house "to redeem myself to America")

She totally regrets making fun of Janelle's extensions.

April: Does it makes sense at all?

Maggie: Yeah it does.

Maggie is surprised that she feels like she went to the DR to say things because of other people because she doesn't feel like she did it.

April tells long rant about Janelle might just let go in final HOH if she can get 3rd safe instead, but then she decided she just doesn't want Ivette to get any of the money.

April: James told her stuff guys. That is what's so screwed up!!!

April: I'm just looking at this I feel like I've been manipulated. I mean it's my own fault and I'm guilty for this too.

Maggie: I knew it.
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Topic #2449859
ferretkiss - looks like it is sinking in to MAG a little bit now, she just gave a big SIGH... 0 Replies #2449859 10:47PM 10/09/2005
apr: she is going to be talking sh*t about people, talking sh*t about janelle, and i dont want to do that, the type of person i am outside of here i would not have taken it and ran with it, as a person, and i did.

[prior to this mag had been trying to get april to not go down this line to thingking, just to keep things the same. and not talk to jan any more. now it seems to be sinking in (A little bit) ]

apr: be honest with me do you think its not a little bit rude
mag: i told her about it
apr: what did she say, she said she did not give a sh*t , didnt she.
mag: she said she did not mean it that way.

apr: i swear to god, every time she talks she is always right and i am always wrong; its just a battle every time i talk to her. i look like such a sh*tty person on television because ive been hanging around her.

mag: that mortifies me [ED: BIG MOMENT IN BB6]

apr: yeah, i mean

mag hanging her head.

apr:and that week that howie was bashing my ass, what did janelle tell me he was sayng, she would come up to howie, she was saying howie you need to be a little bit nicer (apr cannot figure out what she wants to say).

apr: she (iv) has not taken blame for one f*cking eviction.
mag: i know that. thats how i feel. james did a good job of blaming everything on me.

another big sigh from Maggie.
apr: you see what i mean im just starting to put things together......


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Topic #2449904
Timbo36 - April to Maggie in BY: If it's Ivette vs. Janie in the end, I'm voting for Janie and will root for support in sequester! NT 0 Replies #2449904 10:51PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449935
Rzy2 - April said that DR told her there is a reason that Janelle keeps winning AC NT 0 Replies #2449935 10:52PM 10/09/2005
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