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Topic #2448653
abbybb - apr talking about how Mag is in a great position and what a great person she is 0 Replies #2448653 9:12PM 10/09/2005
She said if it was her and Mags at the end and Mags won, she wouldn't be upset b/c she's so great.
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Topic #2448669
abbybb - jan asks if she should go off in endurance if they offer the combination of the safe. Apr saying no keep fighting for it NT 0 Replies #2448669 9:14PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448671
abbybb - apr saying the final HoH is going to be a dogfight NT 0 Replies #2448671 9:14PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448689
Veruta - Maggie in MBR admits to Ivette that she committed insurance fraud 0 Replies #2448689 9:15PM 10/09/2005
Admitting that when they got estimates on repairs on her car, she and Dave took the money and went on vacation rather than fixing the car.
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Topic #2448696
abbybb - apr saying she wanted to tell Rach she was the one going but Iv didn't want her to know. Apr saying it was the courteous thing to do NT 0 Replies #2448696 9:16PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448714
Mirage - Silver Bullet and Integrity...Silver Bullet was the name of a car that Maggie had... 0 Replies #2448714 9:17PM 10/09/2005
Mag is telling Iv stories about Silver Bullet. One included a hit and run driver of a government vehicle (she won't say which agency - Iv guesses the Postal Service). The driver eventually had to stop and Mag and Dave received $900 to repair the vehicle. They decided to spend the money on a vacation instead. So much for Mag's "integrity and honesty" in real life.

This is justified in a later story where a snow plow runs over the Silver Bullet and it is totaled. Mag is told that it was a snow emergency and they receive no money.
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Topic #2448717
abbybb - apr continuing to say they're at fault but they would have never come up w/ the Kaysar thing if it hadn't been for Iv NT 0 Replies #2448717 9:17PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448728
abbybb - apr saying jen took being up like a champ and she was impressed NT 0 Replies #2448728 9:18PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448751
abbybb - apr: "Before she left, jen said 'whatever the votes are don't get upset and don't take it personally." NT 0 Replies #2448751 9:19PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448790
abbybb - Apr: I don't think jen regrets what she did. I wonder if 'Amer is pissed off at her." 0 Replies #2448790 9:22PM 10/09/2005
(ed. LOL!!!)
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Topic #2448819
abbybb - Jan: Wouldn't it have been cool if we would have voted off Iv over Sarah. Apr: No b/c Jame would have come after me." NT 0 Replies #2448819 9:23PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448839
abbybb - apr saying that james said he was going after the people who got rid of Sarah and then Jan said he said he'd come after you guys.. NT 0 Replies #2448839 9:25PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448871
abbybb - jan said that when Jam was up w/ Beau for HoH, and apr was happy and then later hugged him, he wondered why she (apr) was happy 0 Replies #2448871 9:27PM 10/09/2005
b/c he intended to put them up if he won HoH.
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Topic #2448885
abbybb - jan said iv was dumb to say to keep jame b/c he was coming after you. You did the most logical thing NT 0 Replies #2448885 9:28PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448928
abbybb - apr asked what Jan would say about Iv and jan said "Nothing, but for the most part I was nice to her." NT 0 Replies #2448928 9:31PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448947
abbybb - jan says Iv looked after her and Beau's own butts and didn't care about anyone else NT 0 Replies #2448947 9:32PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448962
abbybb - jan saying it was jam that wanted eric gone. She said she thought he was on their side 0 Replies #2448962 9:34PM 10/09/2005
she said they decided to take down the leader and Jam was calling a lot of the shots b/c he was giving them information about who eric wanted gone
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Topic #2448971
Mirage - Iv tells Maggie that she couldn't have had a better dysfunctional family. They are very supportive. of her. NT 0 Replies #2448971 9:35PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448975
abbybb - apr saying b/c of iv she lost her partner, mag lost her partner ... NT 0 Replies #2448975 9:35PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448984
abbybb - apr saying that unless jan picks her iv will not get the $500K and that everything she does is wrong by iv NT 0 Replies #2448984 9:36PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448993
abbybb - apr saying she only has a few days left in there and she doesn't want to surround herself w/ Iv and her negativity NT 0 Replies #2448993 9:37PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449000
abbybb - apr saying that she now knows why Amer hates her b/c they hate Iv and she hangs around her and lets her influence them NT 0 Replies #2449000 9:38PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449021
abbybb - Apr: I've seen the biggest heart in her but this game has made her bad and that's what I've been thinking about since I know I'm going. NT 0 Replies #2449021 9:39PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449043
abbybb - jan wants to know who told apr that she was talking crap about her. Apr saying she'll tell her at the wrap party NT 1 Replies #2449043 9:41PM 10/09/2005
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abbybb - said she can't tell her b/c one of her partner's are here. Jan says, "it was Beau." and apr saying "Yes it was Beau." NT #2449062 9:42PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2449066
memyselfandi - April and Janelle still talking by hot tub: April says she'll bring "updates" back with her to sequester 0 Replies #2449066 9:42PM 10/09/2005
They are still discussing Ivette's behavior in the house.

Janelle is laying it out that Ivette and Beau were the primary targets with James and that Ivette used a lot of people in the house.

April agreeing with pretty much everything she says.

April: Kaysar was smart but I think he was more of a fair guy.

Janelle: Oh yeah he's very sweet.

April says it's just a game she can't be mad at Ivette necessarily and "because of her I lost my partner and because of her Maggie lost her partner and because of her I lost Beau"

Janelle: I just hope to God that girl does not win that money somehow.

April: You know she's not going to get the $500,000 unless you picked her. She would not get the $500,000.

I just can't do right by her anyway is always wrong and I tell her that and she says you just take it too personally. This is how I look at it and I mean this is I only have a few days left... I don't have to be in that situation anymore. she loves maggie to death and likes Ivette but she doesn't

April: God I don't want to be at the wrap party I'm sure her girlfriend is going to want to kick my ass (for what she's saying now). Janelle says "But what about what she said?"

April says she is realizing that America doesn't like her because she has let Ivette's negativity cause her to say such awful stuff in the DR.

Janelle: She's basically like trying to mindwarp people against me and it's just so silly.

April says Ivette does have a big heart but maybe like Janelle has said the game just got to her.

She says all day now that she's leaving she's been thinking about how she played the game and I started thinking and I have been somewhat manipulated. I was around negativity a lot. And yeah I let a lot of the decisions I made be based on what I heard on an in and out basis rather than getting information on my own.

More rehashing of past things that happened in the house... April finally coughs up that Beau was the one of the friendship that heard Michael/Kaysar/Janelle talking bad about Ivette.

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